Chace Crawford arrested for possession – of one joint

Actor Chace Crawford was arrested by Texas police in the early morning of June 4th 2010 and charged with possession of less than two ounces of marijuana

If I was to place a bet on which young Hollywood star was going to be arrested for possession, Chace Crawford wouldn’t have even made my top ten list. Kristen Stewart would have been number one, actually – you know it’s just a matter of time before the police come knocking on her door. But Chace? Mister I’m-A-Perfect-Texas-Gentleman? Eh. Of course there were signs that he was a bit more hardcore in real life. He and Ed Westwick were roommates for several years. And Chace dated Shauna Sand. That should prove he’s capable of anything:

Busted. Chace Crawford was arrested early Friday in Plano, Tex. for marijuana possession, has confirmed.

The Gossip Girl actor, 24, was cuffed just past midnight in a Nissan parked outside Ringo’s Pub, carrying less than two ounces of the drug.

TMZ reports that the star — a native Texan who now lives in NYC — was with a friend when cops discovered one unlit marijuana joint.

Bail was quickly posted for Crawford on his misdemeanor charge.

Crawford’s rep had no comment on the incident.

Ironically, Crawford plays a drug dealer named White Mike in the upcoming film Twelve, in theaters July 2.

[From Us Weekly]

One joint? POTHEAD! Seriously, one motherf-cking joint? That’s kind of sad that he got busted. Maybe it’s a Texas thing – hardcore cops who will bust a guy over one joint – and he wasn’t even smoking it, it was just in his pocket or his car or whatever. I’m also shocked it’s a misdemeanor – but that’s just my view of Texas. In my mind, they throw you in jail forever over something like one joint. Long-term, though, the pot bust might even help Chace’s image. It gives the pretty boy a sense of danger.

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  1. Boombeeba says:

    That’s messed up! They couldve took the energy it took to bust Chace Crawford for some pot & channel it into busting a meth lab or something! It does def give him major cool points tho (o__~)

  2. Anon says:

    Maybe I’m slightly biased, because in my town possession of small amounts of pot is legal (as long as you’re not caught buying or selling it) – SO WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?!

    He had ONE joint on him. ONE. And all of a sudden his reputation is ruined?

  3. GatsbyGal says:

    It IS a Texas thing, Kaiser. I live in Austin, which thankfully falls in Travis county (our cops are pitiful). But the next county north, Williamson, is full of strict cops that will bust you in a heartbeat, and the judges are hardcore and love to give out extreme sentences to make examples of regular people.

    There’s a great rumor I heard once that a dude was speeding through Austin (Travis county) with several grams of coke in his car. A police officer saw him speeding and pulled him over, and then ended up finding the coke. The guy was scared, but knew that since this was an Austin cop, he wouldn’t be looking at much of a punishment. But when he finally realized that he had been pulled over just over the county line by a William county sheriff, he started sobbing like a little girl.

  4. mslewis says:

    It sucks to be famous sometimes!!! Chace was arrested because of who he is, not because of the ONE joint found on him. This is totally ridiculous. Seriously!!

  5. Ashdin says:

    Thank God I live in Amsterdam :).

  6. Bubbling says:

    You get busted for one joint? One joint, ONE?! Bi%$* please!! Don’t search LiLo ever, she’ll get 25 to life….

  7. Vibius says:

    So much for freedom in Texas

  8. Wench. says:

    Hang on.

    I’ve read he had one unlit joint but two ounces with him.

    So, y’know, two ounces. A fair whack.

  9. Wench. says:

    Oh wait, my bad. Possession under two ounces.

    Wow, I’m hungover.

  10. CC says:

    No it was less than two ounces. That’s the law he got busted under “mutual possession of less than two ounces” It means they didn’t know if it was his or his friends so they charged them both!

  11. NancyMan says:

    WOW, thats a hot mug shot! The camera just loves him…

  12. Shane says:

    Either he mouthed off to the cop or he encountered the biggest asshole cop on earth. One joint and he booked him into jail? He had to have said something that really pissed the guy off?

  13. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    I could care less about pot and all, but hey, at least it is a celeb that gets in trouble just like the rest of us. If I was caught with a joint, I would have been arrested, so it is nice to know that somewhere celeb justice isn’t at play.

  14. mln says:

    Texas is pretty bad I have heard horror stories about people being in jail for 20 years or whatever for pot…I’m glad he is only getting a misdemeanor charge

  15. Lindsay says:

    Did the Nissan have a high school parking sticker on it? If it did completely unsurprising. You will get less attention writing “I’m a serial killer” in blood. But there is (or at least used to be – now that the harder drugs aren’t coming from South America and Mexico it may have changed it) a abnormally high overdose rate. It used to be considered the heroin capital of the world. One of the closest places to where the drugs were coming from with kids with too much money and too much time.

    Myself previously included. It was less jarring than it should have been to hear a kid from the same school/area died of an overdose. So they really take looking for any type of illicit substance in that case.

    If it didn’t have a high school stick (even an out of date one) then I think Shane is correct.

    @ Fluffy Kitten Tail- Or the cop doesn’t watch Gossip Girls and has no idea who this kid is and doesn’t really care.

    “In my mind, they throw you in jail forever over something like one joint.” You can get the death penalty over four though. 😉

  16. ligeia says:

    only in texas.

  17. michelle says:

    Nobody should ever be arrested for pot!!!

  18. loca says:

    I love how he was arrested, but people like Lindsay Lohan walk free. Oh the irony.

  19. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Well Michelle, it’s illegal, people know that and when you are in public with it, you run the risk of trouble. Do something to get it legalized if it bothers you so.

  20. e.non says:

    better be extra careful driving thru ohio. just imagine what the police will do with their newly expanded and unchecked police powers.

    TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) – The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that trained police officers can ticket drivers who they think are speeding without using a radar. Some Ohio officers are now trained in deciding when a car is speeding using only their naked eye.


    show me your papers.
    the officer said so, so it must be true.

    gotta love the smell of freedom.

  21. mwaha says:

    Thank God I live in Denver.

  22. Melanie says:

    **They don’t want to legalize it, because we could grow it in our backyards, and where would the taxes, legal fees they collect come from then?
    **Long, one sentence rant.

  23. gg says:

    If they legalized pot across the US, still not everybody is going to be growing it, and they could still tax it.

    Maybe he needs to live in California.

    It’s still stupid to drive around with it in your car. And if you smoke while driving, that’s really risky on many levels. In addition to being DUI, other people can smell the smoke you blow out your car window in their own cars, even if their windows are rolled up, unless they have their air on recirculate. If you’re going to be a pothead, do it at home.

  24. machiavelli says:

    Publicity stunt for his upcoming movie.

  25. Oi says:

    As a life long resident of Texas, thanks so much for your stereotypical view of Texas law, Kaiser. Once again stereotypes are A-OK when they suit your needs. That’s an offense of some kind anywhere. I think his arrest has more to do with the fact that he was in Plano. If he’d been in Denton he wouldn’t have been arrested. Guess it can’t be his fault at all that he was dumb enough to get caught over something so trivial. Its the cops fault for enforcing the law.

  26. Trillion says:

    Having driven across the US at least 25 times, I can say from personal experience that there are 2 states where you really do NOT want to encounter cops: Texas and Arizona.

  27. ! says:

    Trillion is right. This is because it was Texas. One of the most-cited cases of cruel and unusual punishment in the case of weed possession comes from Texas, that of a man who had less pot in his pocket than he did pocket lint. He spent his life in jail. Fuck Texas. Seriously.

  28. Kel says:

    I was born and raised in Plano, still living in the DFW area, and I think that the fact that he was in Plano had a lot to do with it. They’ve always had a drug problem out there with the rich kids, especially heroin, so they take any kind of narcotics seriously. If it would have been a different town it might have been a different story! It just depends on the officer you get no matter where you are!

    And yeah, it might have just been one joint, but he was dumb enough to get caught with it. Really? A joint? That’ll teach him to eat the damn thing next time. Hahaha. I’m sorry, I had to.

  29. erika says:

    I’m from Texas – born there, spent most of my childhood there. Austin is the only city in Texas where I feel truly “safe.” Maybe because that’s where I’m from. Now, I really love Texas – but it has one of the scariest judicial systems in the country. So the stereotype fits in this case. Granted, there are plenty of other states where he would have been arrested for possession, regardless of quantity or “intent.”

  30. Roasted says:

    Move to the Netherlands. You can smoke marijuana, without police/government caring.

  31. caroline says:

    i’m from dallas, and last week when my friend was driving me home from a bar a cop pulled us over. they weren’t exactly super friendly, of course, but to their credit when they asked if we had any weed in the car my friend admitted it and told the guy where it was, and the cop tossed it in the trunk and said “i’m going to forget i saw this.” my friend got a public intox, but it could have been a whole lot worse. i live in plano right now and as a whole, cops here are like cops anywhere– some can be cool, but a lot of them are just bullies with guns and a superiority complex.

  32. Bodhi says:

    Trill – South Dakota, too. They can arrest you for ingestion. INGESTION! So ridiculous (& scary!)

    I got popped with simple possession & possession of paraphernalia in SC for a teeny tiny bag & I know kids here who’ve gotten popped for one unlit j. Such a stupid law…

  33. Katija says:

    I know someone who was deported for one joint. They were here on a school visa. Because, you know, it’s REALLY important that the cops are spending their time busting the filthy pot smokers instead of fighting, like, you know, real crime.

    This makes me like him more. I WOULD say that he looks sexy in his mugshot, but if you look at his eyes, it looks like he was crying. LAME. Be a man, Chace!

  34. London Lady says:

    Very handy that nice bit of publicity before Twelve opens, especially since it has not had good reviews, despite being a best seller..

  35. lio says:

    Texan taxpayers must be so rich and Texan cops must be so bored with their texan-crimeless cities to bother to arrest one guy with one joint!

    @gg: “if you smoke while driving, that’s really risky on many levels (…) other people can smell the smoke you blow out your car window in their own cars”. Lol, thanks you so much for the laugh because… you were kidding, right?

  36. Lindsay says:

    @Roasted – Why would he give up the probably huge GG paycheck for being able to smoke pot legally?

    In that area it really is a big problem. It is a pretty safe area. Drugs are a “real crime” and a real problem in the area. The harder drugs are the dangerous ones but still they take it seriously. Too many lives of young kids have senselessly ended by drugs and it is one of the biggest problems in the area. Being so tough on drugs has probably saved lives. Only problem is the unfairly target high schoolers. In other areas where the problem isn’t as bad they may be a little more lax.

  37. Carrie says:

    This is one of many reasons why I moved from Houston, Texas to Portland, Oregon.

    Possession of less than an ounce of pot in Portland results in confiscation. That’s right, the cops take your weed (although sometimes they don’t even do that)- no charge, no jail, nothing else. Ah, the advantages to living in a state that has legalized medical marijuana!!

  38. Shannon says:

    I’m so glad I’m in Minnesota. Here, if you have under an ounce you just get a ticket, it’s the same as getting a speeding ticket. And they don’t even bother giving you one most of the time, they just tell you to go home and not smoke in public. The Minneapolis cops have better things to do with their time than bust happy stoners.

  39. Lady D says:

    When it comes to pot, tax it and sell it liquor store style. You get a variety, you have to show ID, and have DUI laws applied. Its just not cool to indulge and then drive. I have nothing against pot, (it lets me sleep after the nightmares.) The stuff’s also a billion dollar industry here in B.C. and our govt. needs the money.
    In addition to giving officers time to work on real crime, it would cut gangs off at the knees. It’s a major source of money for gangs here in Canada. They either trade weed for guns or they trade it for coke and its like ilk. Legalize it already, they’re fighting a lo$ing battle trying to stop it, and only criminals are getting rich.

  40. MissyA says:

    mwaha – Hell yes!

    I never knew what love was until I moved to Denver.
    I love you, Mile High. With all of my heart and carbonated lungs.

  41. Roma says:

    @Katija: You say crying, I say high.

  42. Anon says:

    I agree with you, number 38. I’m also from a Canadian city, and I think since pot has become legal here, people are definitely carrying less of it, and actually obeying the law.
    People are also abusing pain medication, like oxycotin, a lot less now too.

  43. Trillion says:

    His image could use some “roughing up”. Maybe this is a good thing for him in the long run cuz he looks like the guy that knocked up that Kardassian sister. Not good.

  44. Obvious says:

    he broke a law. i see nothing wrong for him getting arrested for it. it’s a broken law.

    however i will say i am disappointed in kaiser for perpetuating the sterotypical view of Texas. I live in Cali but am a frequent visitor in TX, nd the people down there are some of the friendliest i’ve ever met, and in some areas they’ve cracked down hard on everything, including underage smoking (cigs), they need to.

    would you be saying this kind of thing if someone finally busted racoon eyes for her under age smoking or anything else (still think going pantsless everywhere should be a crime in her case)

  45. Aspen says:

    I am 100% for the legalization of marijuana – cultivation, sale, use, and regulation.


    It’s not legal. Badmouthing Texas or cops or anyone else to justify your own dabbling with an illegal drug doesn’t change that fact. It’s against the law.

    He was an idiot to drive around with it in the car – especially in Texas. Drug laws are not the only laws enforced in Texas and Arizona. They have the reputations they have because they enforce them all, and they do it with energy.

    No sympathy from me.

    And…I wish like hell Lindsay Lohan had driving through Texas with a car full of cocaine. She sure as hell wouldn’t be playing footsie with a judge over drunk class attendance and wearing a scram bracelet. Her ass would be clean and sober in a world that doesn’t treat her like something special because she was in a couple of children’s movies a while back.

    The reason you don’t like this is because you smoke pot yourself and are made uncomfortable by the mental comparison stories like this naturally conjure or you have a loose idea of an individual’s obligation to obey the laws of whatever society she occupies. Name-calling or lashing out at the authority and culture which produced the law you dislike doesn’t accomplish anything, and it puts you in the position of hurting others to make yourself feel better.

    I read this over and it sounds like I’m pounding someone in particular. I’m not. It’s the generic “you.” I’m not targeting any of you in particular. I was just shocked by the number of cop-haters and justifiers. It sucks that he got busted for one joint, but he did SOMETHING to get his ass pulled over and he had pot in the car in Texas. IDIOT! Don’t bash an entire region of people. Bash the idiot who behaved in an unbelievably stupid manner. It’s not like he going to do jail time…so calm down. That’s my point.

  46. Lindsay says:

    @! – What is your source for that story. It is impossible. If he really had that little on him it would be a misdemeanor and no matter what you don’t get life for that.

  47. Emily says:

    @Roma, I’m with you on that! And the grimly set mouth looks like he’s still stoned, and trying really hard to not giggle.

  48. Isa says:

    I can’t believe people are getting so worked up over this. Yes, he may have only “just” one joint but it was still against the law.
    Everyone always complains about celebrities getting away with too much.
    I won’t get into the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana because it’s pointless and honestly I don’t care too much either way.
    If he didn’t want to get arrested for breaking the law he should’ve just stayed at home instead.

  49. Persistent Cat says:

    Pot is not legal in Canada, it’s not even decriminalized. You wouldn’t get arrested for possession of a small amount but not because it’s legal but because it’s not a priority or worth it.

    Also, stop with the Lindsay Lohan comparisons. There’s a difference between being arrested and tried and sentenced.

    Of course he’d look hot in his mug shot. He’s so pretty.

  50. gen says:

    This actually makes me like Chace Crawford more.

  51. hmmm says:

    why is Chace only one charged if two people in vechicle? It does not sound like POT was on Chace personally but in the car. Is Chace taking a rap for abnother person? Who’s car? Should they not be charged for having it in there vechicle? Story still developing maybe?
    Are there COPS to be bought off in TEXAS?

  52. Lita says:

    @hmmm I think it’s more that nobody cares about the other guy (if it were a femme it’d be news) because the other guy? He doesn’t have that eye thing working for him. Seriously,never knew anything of this guy before but who looks good in a mugshot? Well done, Chace!

  53. lucy2 says:

    I’ve never smoked pot, but compared to alcohol, it’s hard to understand why one is legal and the other is not. But as of right now, it is still illegal, so if you’re going to do it, stay home. And if you simply must drive somewhere with it in the car, don’t speed or break any other traffic laws!

    That’s funny – when I read he and Ed Westwick were roommates for several years, the word “roommates” instantly had quotations marks around it in my mind! 😀

  54. Heather says:

    I agree, nobody should be arrested for pot. It only wastes tax dollars to put somebody in jail for marijuana and the overcrowded jails do not need to be filled with people who enjoy marijuana and who are otherwise law-abiding citizens. I went to college at the University of Michigan and it’s decriminalized in Ann Arbor. For a first time possession, it’s only a $25 fine.

    It bothers me when people say “It’s illegal therefore you should not do it.” I’m not a rebel by any means, but it bothers me that I have to follow a law where marijuana (in my opinion) is still illegal because of politics and misinformed citizens. Especially when even worse drugs are legal, such as alcohol and cigarettes. I don’t feel like I need to obey an erroneous law just because it’s still illegal and the man tells me so.

    Okay sorry for the rant but this is something I’m really passionate about!

  55. Texan36 says:

    I’ve lived in Texas all my life and I’ve never run into anything as bad as the Plano Police. I lived north of Plano for the last 10 years and they don’t play around no matter what you’re stopped for. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the kids who feel they are above the law but this area is also a major thriving auxillary of the “bible belt”. It wasn’t even legal to drink in this area until a few years ago unless you registered yourself. Liquor stores were few and far between. We basically had to go 3-4 cities over to buy hard liquor. He’s from Texas and he’s old enough he should have known better!!!

  56. Isa says:

    Heather- It’s fine that you have that opinion. But just because you think it’s a stupid law doesn’t mean it’s not illegal. You don’t have to abide by the law, but when you don’t you run the risk of getting arrested.
    It’s not a waste of tax dollars when the cop is doing his/her job.

    I really don’t care if people smoke pot, just please don’t get messed up (with ANY substance) and be out on the roads.

  57. Fae says:

    Thank God I live in the UK. Coppers over here would take it off you and tell you to piss off home. Sternly, but still. There’s real crime going on, they’re not going to waste shitloads of taxpayers money on miniscule tomfoolery unless someone gets mouthy.

  58. Heather says:

    Isa, I understand that it is illegal and understand the consequences of getting caught with marijuana. I don’t think the cop did anything wrong in arresting Chace and I know it is his job, I just believe that our priorities in this country need to be shifted. And yes, in my opinion, the fact that people get arrested for marijuana and are held in jail is a waste of taxpayers’ money.

  59. Fae says:

    Sorry, I have to say this even though I know it can be a sensitive issue…

    I have issues with a country that thinks marijuana possession is something to worry about, but gun possession is fine.

    I’m sorry, and I’m not being an American hating Brit (which seems to be fashionable now) because people are people no matter where they’re from. The gun thing’s just always got me.

  60. Persistent Cat says:

    @ Heather, well said. I 100% agree. I don’t smoke it anymore, I prefer alcohol. I don’t see a difference with alcohol and marijuana.

    @ Isla, I disagree with you. But in an intelligent way, not in a “FAIL” internet way 🙂

    I think it is a waste of taxpayer money when that money could be used in different ways. Busting someone for a minor drug offence costs how much? I’m certain there are better ways that $$$ can be spent.

    I do agree with your argument in the sense that, I don’t think the speed limit should be 100/km an hour but if I get pulled over for speeding, I don’t argue the ticket.

  61. Naye in VA says:

    Kaiser i thought you lived in Virginia???

    because they defenitely do that here. They may not take you straight to jail, thats def a Texas thing, but yes one joint, even half a joint, even a roach, will get you a misdemeanor in VA. just in case you were wondering

  62. Camille says:


    I’m guessing this was to try and roughen up his image a bit. His handlers could have done a better job though, this will be forgotten about in 5 minutes. The guy needs to take a leaf out of Angie Jo’s play book, the woman hasn’t been able to live her past down (she also probably doesn’t give a sh*t).

  63. Aspen says:

    @Fae: A lot of people feel that way, Fae, and though I disagree with you quite vehemently on that point, it doesn’t make you an America hater to hold that opinion. At all. I hope you haven’t had someone call you that. From a big 2nd Amendment American, I’ll tell you that I don’t think of you that way at all. 🙂

  64. Bart Simpson says:

    texas law isn’t as much about law as it is about profit.

    don’t fuck with texass.