Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony renew their vows, show off $10 million mansion

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony held a star-studded soiree on Saturday. The couple of a shocking six years held a party with the joint purpose of renewing their wedding vows on their anniversary and showing off their new home, a sprawling 17,129 square foot mansion in the Hollywood Hills boasting nine bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a media room, recording studio and guest houses. The couple sold their “Tuscan Estate” in Bel Air at the end of last year for $7.5 million, about $1.25 million more than they paid for it in 2005. They also own two mansions next door to each other on Long Island and a luxury condo in Miami. I can’t help but guess that they’re overextended. In 2007, Anthony owed $2.5 million in back taxes to NY State after failing to file for four years in a row. The couple want to show that their finances, along with their relationship, have been looking up though. This will be the second time they’ve renewed their vows:


It wasn’t just any housewarming in Hidden Hills, Calif., Saturday night. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were providing the heat, as the couple not only welcomed A-listers to their sprawling new San Fernando Valley residence but planned to cap the celebration by renewing their marital vows on what is their sixth wedding anniversary.

“They wanted to celebrate their new home and their sixth anniversary by renewing their vows,” a source tells PEOPLE. “They’re excited about their new life together as a family in California and wanted to kick it off with a great party.”

Among those on the 200-guest invitation list, says a source, are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

“Jen is very excited about sharing her special night with her family and friends,” the source adds. “The party will be spectacular. Guests will enjoy dancing until the morning hours.”

Like the invitation, the party features an art deco-theme with the colors gold and silver. The card, which features a large gold key, reads, in full:

with a

JUNE 5TH, 2010 AT 8:30 PM

Jennifer & Marc Anthony Muniz”

Renewing their vows is becoming something of a tradition for the couple – who got the ball rolling for the first time in 2008. That year – which also brought the February birth of their twins, Max and Emme – they also did it up big by joining New York Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran and his wife Jessica for a joint vow-renewal ceremony in Las Vegas.

As for their humble abode, it is anything but. Purchased by the couple earlier this year for just under $10 million, it is spectacular and ultra private. All told, within its three acres there are nine bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, panoramic city views, rolling lawns, a swimming pool and a tennis court. Also inside: a fabulous 20-seat theater, a recording studio and a wine cellar.

[From People via Gossip Rocks]

People Magazine has a photo of the party invitation and it’s very Gatsby style, which is what I assume they were going for. These two adore flashy luxury and suit each other perfectly. They can’t even celebrate their love without reveling in their wealth. Here are some photos of their home, which is just as over the top as you might expect. They need to keep the industry types entertained so they continue to afford the lifestyle that gives meaning to their relationship.

Event photos are from 5/24/10, credit: House photos from Shelterpop via Novice on Gossip Rocks


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  1. bite me says:

    love la lopez, skeletor scares me

  2. bellaluna says:

    What is it with these celebs renewing their vows every year or two? Especially when they’ve only been married a few years (Tori & Dean, I’m lookin’ at you). With Heidi & Seal, I kind of get it, since they’ve done it every year on their anniversary. But it seems to me the special meaning involved in the renewal of vows is being replaced and just becoming rote, or worse, trendy. Renewal of your vows is supposed to be special, signify something, not just the latest trend.

    When my husband and I are feeling nostalgic, we tell each other about how we felt when we fell in love with one another, when we got married, what we said to one another during our vows. It doesn’t require a ceremony or fanfare. It just requires love and communication.

  3. OXA says:

    Oh wow, Jenny from the block is now
    A Valley Girl fer shure!

  4. Green Is Good says:

    *eye roll* What kind of self-indulgent idiots renew their vows TWICE in SIX years? Oh, wait. Here they are. *eye roll again*

  5. Larissa says:

    @Green is Good: Heidi Klum and Seal renew their vows every year.

    Seriously though, I don´t even like these two, but they are more than entitled to spend their money the hell they want to, I mean they are not the only “rich” people in the world showing off, nothing new there.

  6. canadianchick says:

    I wonder how they’re bringing in money as aren’t their careers faltering a bit? Might as well as hide that with a splashy house and party. I want that man to eat some carbs at his party-maybe she’ll feed him vow renewal cake?

  7. Statler says:

    @bellaluna, Green is Good- With today’s short attention spans, I could (sadly) understand the need.

  8. jover says:

    Interesting if a conservative CEO did this we know how badly they would be trashed for insensitivity to the economic times, etc. but Skeletor and JHo get a pass. Skeletor can sing but has a no talent self-absorbed diva ever gotten as far as JHO. To think that so many young talented female hispanic singers were passed over and neglected after Selena’s passing so that jho could have her “career” and inflict her “music” on the world.

  9. lucy2 says:

    I could see renewing on a big anniversary, like 25 or 50 years, but twice in 6 years seems a little odd and random. I suspect they just like the attention, and the idea of a party celebrating them.
    The house looks pretty. I can’t imagine having ONE house that big, let alone several, but I don’t have their money either. I think he still does OK with music, and though her showbiz career has kind of tanked, I think her clothing line and stuff still do well.

  10. Skins says:

    Renewing vows = selling pictures to magazines for money. Who cares about these 2 anyway?

  11. Kevin says:

    Her little Rico Suave’ skeletor is the worst of all the men she has been with. Chris Judd was better than this cat. I miss the old Bennifer days.

  12. lena says:

    He’s still fairly popular in latin countries, plus he’s been in the business a very long time. He’s established.

    And who cares what they do with THEIR cash? It’s not others people place to pass judgement on how they spend their money.

  13. ogechi says:

    Oh Jenny from the block got it all. Beautiful family and nice home. This is every woman’s dream- maybe my dream’. May their marriage live more years to come.

  14. Maritza says:

    These two nuyoricans were meant for each other,they seem very happy so good for them.

  15. Miranda Ann says:

    Lena, right, Marc is a very popular and established performer in the Latin world. He’s probably quite rich and still in demand. Also, Jennifer may not have had a hit movie in quite awhile but she is still paid well to make them. I seriously doubt they have any money problems.

    I think the marriage vow renewal is kind of silly but it’s an excuse for a party so, whatever. (I can’t believe Brad and Angelina were there. I want to see a picture of them at this party. I just can’t imagine they are close enough to Jennie and Marc to go to a housewarming.)

  16. Dingles says:

    Divorced in ten years.

  17. Just a Poster says:

    Is it just me.. or does this house look rather generic?

    Yes I know I will never own a house this big.. but from the pictures it looks rather track home.

  18. Cinderella says:

    The inside is probably quite nice, but the front exterior looks like a 1980’s townhome complex.

    Either way, it’s their money, or should I say, it’s their big, fat mortgage loan.

  19. Just a Poster says:

    Cinderellea! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

  20. Fae says:

    Something that’s always been a question for me is how the woman’s not worked in a while but still needs nannies to take care of her spawn.

    Same goes for most monied parents actually. If you can’t be bothered to raise your children don’t bloody well have any.

  21. juliana says:

    I can’t help but compare these two to the RHONJ family that just declared bankruptcy.
    Makes me wonder how far JHO is overextended?

  22. Tia says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz they are trying soooo hard

  23. Camille says:


  24. Beth says:

    I don’t recall anybody selling their renewing vows photos, although Tori and Dean may have. There’s not much value in doing so. I think Heidi and Seal are sincere when doing so every year. I think Marc and Jennifer just wanted to have a party showoff their house.

  25. Elle says:

    The house looks old and outdated. The description (from their publicist) made it sound so spectacular than it really is.

  26. Aspen says:

    Fae, you can’t expect her to be that fabulous if she is taxed with raising icky babies.

    She NEEDS the nannies to watch them right now. They would mess up her hair, and you can’t have toddlers on your lap when you’re wearing sequins.

    Be serious.

  27. Emily says:

    I think that when Heidi and Seal do it, it’s a low key thing where they write their own vows, and maybe include their kids? No way JHo could ever do something that low key.

    @Fae, ITA. I just don’t understand why anyone would even WANT to entrust their children to someone else when they’re perfectly capable of looking after them themselves.

  28. qb says:

    I like Marc he has an amazing voice.

    I’m not going to comment on the ugly house or his no talent wife.

  29. lauren says:

    He looks so well in this pic… i mean people sais he is UGLy but come on . give him a break. I love this couple, he is soooo talented and charismatic. She is a latin beauty. 6 years is a record for Jennifer hahha.

  30. WTF?!? says:

    Whenever they need some press, they renew their vows, completely diminishing the meaning of the act.

    He is a creepy, creepy guy and she just needs to retire back to “the block” and stop limelight-seeking now.

  31. cprincess says:

    “Just a Poster is it just me.. or does this house look rather generic?
    Yes I know I will never own a house this big.. but from the pictures it looks rather track home.”

    You are so right-it looks like a freakin track home…..
    I also seriously doubt that Brad and Angie would bother with them-seems like they would have zero in common….
    Lopez had limited talent to start with and is a total has been but Mark Anthony is a huge star in the latin world and is constantly touring so Im sure hes the one bringing home the bacon-hope so-the less we have to see of her the better…

  32. Frannie says:

    Okay, what is up with this celebrities renewing their vows every year, regardless if its every year or twice in 6 years. This is so pathetic, why do you have to renew your vows yearly? Is this just a reminder how miserable your lives are being married that you want to renew it every year so you wont go off with the next chik or next guy and divorce. Cause Jlo do u rembr how u got to be the ‘wife”., you were the mistress at first. Marc, do u rembr she had just broken up with Ben just 2 weeks before she hooked up with u. Come ‘on, u were sniffing Ben’s body fluids while u were screwing her and Jlo was sniffing Dayanara’s body fluids since they were still together when u were screwing him around. PLZZZZ! The couples that renew the vows each year dont care about the marriage-only cares about publicity and showing off their love, when in reality they want to run off with the next person and go off and get a quicky divorce, right Marc! U dont have to keep reminding each other every year about ur love. I can understand if its 20, 30, 40, 50 yrs wedding anniversary but every year plz… Pathetic!

  33. Frannie says:

    Two things my mother taught me as a kid and I have seen it with my own eyes as an adult with celebrities and with regular people. Here it goes…When a couple shows off their unconditional LOVE, how much they love for each other and brags about it. IT means that couple is miserable as HELL.
    When people show off their money, it means that they are broke, struggling and need the attention so they can get paid and get more money so they can continue to live the expensive lifes.

    You dont see Goldie Hawnn and Kurt Russell show off thier long time commitment/relationship for one another or Denzel Washington and wife for their long marriage. I mean, these couple have stayed together for a very long time, 20 years and more and they seem to be more happy keeping it private than the couple that keep renewing their vows. PLZZZ!
    All these houses that Jlo and Marc own, why dont they sell one and pay his 4 million dollars taxes that he owes to the State of NY? New York needs that money my brother! If Marc n Jlo have so much money then why dont they get that big ass bill and pay the damn taxes CASH. All the things that celebrities buy it’s all in loans, they dont have cash, just loans and credit cards.,thats why they end up in bankruptcy, if they had money they would not owe so much to the state or filed for bankrupcy. Paparazzi magazined are so stupid, buying expensive pics about these stupid celebrities. In a couple of years I will see them and others “it” couples on VH1 Behid the Music or True Life of: xxxx. I dont spend my money anymore on these bunch of losers…

  34. Frannie says:

    We the people are the ones that are paying theses stupid single/couple celebrities lifestyles and rehab. People buy their clothes lines,perfumes,cd, purses, bookbags and watch their movies, I mean, come’on movie theaters tickets are 11.00 per ticket, popcorns are like 8 dollars and coke is about 8. Just 4 people u end up paying over 100.00. Now I know why bootleg movies and bootleg cds were born, cause people got tired spending their hard ass working money when the celebrities get pay a lot of money to just show off in appearances and tv shows. Basically the public is buying their mansions and paying for these celebrities rehab and outragious lifestyles. If the people continue to buy Jlo and Marc Anthonys cd, go to their concerts we will continue to buy them their million dollar mansions all and with our money, they will have a mansion to show off in every state of USA. Im not spending no more money on celebrities…NOPE! I work to damn hard for my money.

  35. dina says:

    don’t know about the taxes. but, am 100 percent sure marc makes milliones with his concerts. also in real life he doesn’t look ugly at all. and who cares??? he has the most incredible voice ever. just check him out singing in spanish. wowwwwwwwwwww. would like to see what ur husbands or wives look like. plzzzzzz people get a JOB!!!!!!!!!! And a life!!!!!!!!!!