Miley Cyrus: “I was always home-schooled”


These are an assortment of photos of Miley performing in London and Spain over the weekend. The ones of Miley in a black leotard, touching herself like it’s a public masturbation show, are from Spain. The ones of Miley in some kind of sketchy cut-out dress from the 1980s are from London, where Miley performed at G-A-Y, a club for homosexuals (if you couldn’t tell). Miley continued to “push the envelope” if “pushing the envelope” means “copying Britney Spears, Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga.” What? What am I saying? Miley doesn’t listen to pop music, and we need to GET OVER IT. The Daily Mail had some info about Miley’s performance at G-A-Y, plus some quotes from an interview she did where she’s talking about being “home-schooled”.

Miley Cyrus has gone to great lengths to shed her ‘good girl’ image and it won’t be long before we’ve forgotten about the wholesome teen who played Hannah Montana. The singer has been in London promoting her forthcoming album Can’t Be Tamed and she made sure that she lived up to the title of the new LP with an outrageous performance at G-A-Y this weekend.

Miley, 17, would have been made aware that performers at the club often put on their most raunchy routines at the infamous club which no doubt gave her the impetus to go that little bit further for the largely homosexual crowd at the venue.

Starting out in a Union Jack top, Miley soon found herself stripping down to her black dress, which had sections cut out both on the torso and at the top of her thighs. In fact witnesses at the club said her underwear was clearly visible during much of the energetic performance.

And, following her appearance on the Britain’s Got Talent when she pretended to kiss one of her female dancers, Miley once again grabbed one of her on stage entourage and proceeded to push her backwards leaning in for what appeared to be a kiss.

This week, the singer also revealed that she never experienced an ordinary life because of her famous rock star father Billy Ray Cyrus. She said: ‘I didn’t really know anything else. Because of my dad, I was always home-schooled, I would go on tour with my dad. I didn’t really know what a normal life was. So when people ask me if I miss it, you can’t really miss anything you don’t know.’

Miley said she felt proud of the way she has managed her work at such a young age. She explained: ‘I’m really proud of what I’ve done. I was a little nervous at first that it was going to be too much, but I’ve had a really good time and I think it’s been easier than I thought.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Does anyone else feel sorry for her? I mean, she’s trying, kind of. She’s trying to be an interesting artist, she’s trying to be a pop star (although she won’t admit it). She’s trying to break through from the teeny boppers and get a legit audience, gays first. She’s trying to shocking, although she won’t admit that’s what she’s attempting. Miley has this idea of who she is and what kind of star she’s going to become, it’s just that… her perceptions don’t match up to anyone else’s. Maybe I’m jaded, maybe I’m too old to get it, but doesn’t Miley’s act just seem tired, unoriginal and desperate?




Miley Cyrus performing in Spain on June 6, 2010, and in London on June 5, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Lori says:

    : |

    not even cute.

  2. Marjalane says:

    I see her working the peeler bars in a few years, then enjoying her retirement as a certified barfly. That is one hard looking seventeen year old!

  3. Leticia says:

    Unoriginal, ignorant, and so very desperate for attention. She bothers me way more than Heidi Montag because this 17 year old really thinks that she has something to say that is worth listening to.

  4. Mallory says:

    Does anyone else not remeber when Billy Ray Cyrus was a rock star?

  5. EMV says:

    This is just wrong on so many levels

  6. eggy weggs says:

    Eesh. I can smell the desperation from here! Such entitlement. In 10 years, she’ll wish she’d just taken the Hannah Montana money and retired.

  7. Oi says:

    That’s a horrible name for a club.

    I don’t think she’s been schooled at all.

  8. Whatever says:

    Unoriginal and desperate is right. Hannah Montana is coming to an end and she knows she will fade away, just like her daddy. She is trying to hang on to the attention as long as she can. Won’t be long.

  9. suz says:

    I love the choice of title picture on this post. She needs someone to help her rethink her fame strategy.

  10. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    OMG Miley is wearing my body shaper!!!!!! Or lingerie. :O I don’t have anything bad to say about her. Eventually all child stars, the females especially, go this route in terms of dress, trying to be shocking, and yea its normal. Do I feel sorry for rich people? Not really, unless something terrible happens. I certainly would love to be in her situation as I stare at my student loans…if only my dad had thought of a crazy line dance that people still do several years after it came out and my mom was like smart enough to put me to work at a young age. I could be her.

    Hmmmm I think kids should enter the job market early, omg if I had baby it would at a modeling agency right now. My fam makes ultra cute babies.

    This is my student loans talking, sorry.

  11. bellaluna says:

    Weren’t Britney and the Lohans also home-schooled? And we see how well that’s turned out for them…

  12. LolaBella says:

    Um, she really seems to like touching her boobs; are they new?

  13. lucy2 says:

    She just reeks of trying too hard. If she weren’t such a snot about it, I’d feel bad for her, but her attitude prevents that from happening.

    I’d love to know who homeschooled her – did they have a professional tutor or someone like that come in, or was it her parents? I know a lot of parents do a great job homeschooling their kids, but let’s be honest – I don’t think the Cyrus’ would be all that good at it. I could see the mother handing a kid a Cosmo magazine and saying “OK, here’s today’s reading lesson!”

  14. El Predicto says:

    “her famous rock star father Billy Ray Cyrus.”

    In what universe was her father a “rock star”?

    He’s a country hick who had one big hit song. Achy Breaky Heart was as far from rock as any song could be.

  15. sasha says:

    “I was always home-schooled”

    I’m sorry but didn’t she have some sort of memoir out whining on and on about having been bullied in Tennessee at … erm … school?

  16. jover says:

    Agree Leticia. Questions: who would actually admit they went to a Miley Cyrus “concert.” Interesting, she’s touring in europe because no one in the US would pay to see her and her Hannah Montana fans have dropped off. Re the outfits – didn’t Madonna about 20 yrs ago among many others do all this. Whatever you got it right – its all coming to an embarassing ignominous end no serious music fan would be caught dead at a miley concert and she’s just flailing about like a spastic monkey trapped in a zoo cage too long Sad on many levels but no one has any sympathy for the brat.

  17. yeah says:

    I think I can see her vagina in the pic where she’s wearing the union jack top.

    Or nude panties.
    Smart choice Cyrus, nude panties? Ugh so desperate.
    The best part is she’s nasty. I don’t know a SINGLE person that likes her right now. NO guy thinks she’s hot, except for Liam…but come on…he has more class than her, I wonder how he feels about these pictures…

  18. Riley says:

    Homeschooling by Billy Ray: “Kids, this heres what you call a mullet, but in French it is pronounced mule-lay. Repeat after me, mule-lay.”

  19. Leek says:

    She was home schooled?? It shows.

    Is anyone else getting so sick of celebs trying to shock us with their fake lesbian make out sessions? It’s so lame and if I were a lesbian I’d be getting a little insulted.

    I won’t be surprised if we have to watch a 90 year old Madonna go at it with Britney in her 60’s and a strap on. The world should end in 2012 if that’s what’s ahead.

  20. meme says:

    homeschooled in what? how be a prostitot? PROSTITUTION WHORE *flips table

  21. Maddy says:

    Didn’t she say in her autobiography (HA!) that she was bullied in school? Hmmmm….

  22. Jackie says:

    I just wish her parents would stop for a second and maybe reflect on Britney’s and Linday’s life. I know its not fair to compare Miley to them, since she hasn’t gone there yet – but that is the point, maybe instill some principles in her before its too late, and set these examples to prevent it from happening. At 17 she is too young and too impressionable to know any better and in Hollywood of ALL places.

  23. Angel says:

    I kinda dug Miley for a bit around the time The Climb came out. I liked her subtly edgy look in the video, I liked the way her unique, raspy voice belted out the style of song it was. I thought it fit and was a step in the right direction. I really believe had she kept going in that direction she’d have found the audience she is so desperate for. Hope she realises that before it’s too late.

  24. erika says:

    Just because Miley was home schooled doesn’t say anything about the value of home schooling. I was home schooled, and I went to college when I was 16. I’m not bragging – it’s not that unusual – but, seriously, what does being home schooled have to do with it? Unless we’re focusing on the fact that Miley is almost exclusively a product of her weird, borderline incestuous family.

  25. denise says:

    “I was always home-schooled””

    what she is trying to say is that she learned to be a whore from her parents.

  26. canadianchick says:

    @riley bahahahahahhaha thanks for the Monday chuckle.

    @erika-glad homeschooling worked for you. I have cousins and known others who’ve been homeschooled-smart enough but weird people skills.

  27. GatsbyGal says:

    Home-schooled, eh? Yeah, not surprising. Home-schooled kids are weird.

  28. ella says:

    Too bad that no one really cares about her since Taylor Swift and Bieber came out.
    Never really interested to these teenage star, but at least Taylor can write songs and behave nicely in the media til now.

  29. Poopie says:

    can’t we all sign a petition and make this awful girl just GO AWAY? who ARE the people who would actually pay to go see her perform (if you call it that). go back to your double wide miley and take your fugly family with you

  30. Devries says:

    “gays first”

    And her career is doomed. Everyone knows that blatant pandering to The Gays is the last refuge of a washed-up, aging starlet.

    See also: Lady Gaga’s fame disappearing within the next year.

  31. bizzy says:

    it’s kind of post-modernist, the way she’s a seventeen-year-old trying to come off as a forty-year-old trying to come off as a seventeen-year-old.

    also, yes, every home-schooled student i’ve ever meet went hog-wild once they got away from home.

  32. J W says:

    that explains a lot of things

  33. bizzy says:

    @leek, yes, i’m a lesbian and a little insulted by the ‘fake-lesbian-kiss’ thing. i trust someday it will seem as dodgy as white singers putting on blackface to sing jazz. like, ‘i’m not gay but i pretend to be on stage because pop is gay’.

  34. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I’ve known people who were home-schooled, and for the ones who turned out to be successful in adulthood it was due to a really large and intricate system of networks monitored by various school boards (based on locations, cirricula). They had all of the same textbooks, assignments, presentations exams and term papers as did any of us studying at public institutions. Same went for sports education and artistic development, and a whole whack of fora dedicated to forging connections with others being home schooled, their instructors and the board governing councils communicating with each other to ensure that everything was up to scratch, regulated and consistent, and putting a really heavy emphasis on social development as well. Can you imagine having to send every single item for marking to a faceless third party? It’s good for objectivity, absolutely, but that would’ve scared the crap out of me. What doesn’t, though? I’m not American, so we don’t have SATs, but for kids who were home-schooled, they would undergo a similar process if they wanted any post-secondary admission, so if you spent four years (or five when I was in high school back when they had grade thirteen), just talking about Tiger Beat, you’d be done by grade nine Christmas.

    Funnily enough, when I was in university it was one of my home-schooled friends who gently nudged me into recognizing and confronting my crippling shyness and social anxiety. So there’s public school for you (semi-facetiously). Most people I have known who were home-schooled ended up this way. Of course, there are also the stage parents who say ‘auditions are our higher education’ or some such and a lot of stuff gets neglected, you’d better hope that little Escapade is top-notch talented. Also came across a lot of pompous twits who were such ‘great minds’ that their parents would pull them away from the proles and into…ultimately nothing.

    Isn’t BR Cyrus’s Achy Breaky thing a cover song? That would put the kibosh on that whole line dancing pioneering bio.

  35. Taylor says:

    @El Predicto
    THANK YOU!! MY thoughts exactly, glad to know I’m not the only one who saw that BS

  36. standards says:

    Mamma Besser: I don’t know what kind of home schooling you’ve seen but we have more freedom in America and I’ve never heard of any parent who home schools like that here.

  37. Rose says:

    Wow at all the key board mingers calling a 17 year old entertainer a whore just because she’s wearing slghtly racy stage clothes. Grow the hell up. Misogyny is so utterly ugly.

  38. Oi says:

    @ Mama: Home schooling in America depends largely on what state. In some places you don’t even have to report what texts you are using to the sate, but you do have to guarantee that schooling is going on. Doesn’t having the exact same curriculum as all the other schools defeat the purpose? Are all the textbooks the same everywhere where you are, or does it vary by district?

  39. MSat says:

    Why is it that all these young girls who want to be thought of as “grown up” think that being a woman means dressing and acting like a slut? Being a woman doesn’t automatically mean being a ho-bag. Have some respect for yourself and stop acting like a dog in heat. Does she – or her management team – really think this makes her look like an adult?

  40. gg says:

    Billy Ray was a country singer. Country singers rarely write their own material. There are legions of people who do nothing but write country music and get paid for it.

    I don’t believe she had any schooling, unless she’s lying about going to public school. Also, that’s no leotard, it’s a body shaper from the lingerie department at Macy’s.

  41. HotPockets says:

    She is trying soo damn hard to be sexy and in the process, she fails so bad. I guess it’s not as disturbing at that girl from Gossip Girl, but common.

    I’m sick of the pant-less look, it is not flattering on anyone!

  42. gg says:

    Msat, is your avatar what I think it is?

  43. Carrie says:

    I think the problem is that Miley is following the Britney/Xtina model of growing up (act like a sexed-up tart, shock people, titillate much older men) and times have changed. Taylor Swift and Rihanna are the new model: either owning your sexuality outright, from the beginning, with no apology or big show, or playing the sweet good girl.

    The oversexed pop tart feels tired because it IS tired. It’s about a decade of tired, really.

  44. Kelley says:

    Home-schooled? LOL, THAT’S why she can’t spell !!

  45. benny says:

    She looks loaded (or does she always look like that?).

    “Miley is following the Britney/Xtina model of growing up (act like a sexed-up tart, shock people, titillate much older men)” — yeah, except Christina actually has talent and a strong voice. Miley has the notoriety of being Hannah Dakota, or whatever, and that’s about it.

  46. MMF says:

    She is a hard 17….

  47. Jessie says:

    @ Oi

    I should hope they have to learn the same curriculum as in public school! The curriculum is just the “what” you learn, like multiplication, state history, or physics. Home-schoolers should (theoretically) only decide “how” to teach it.

    That said, Mama Besser’s system sounds better than what you see sometimes, if only because there’s feedback they’re getting what they need. Home-schooling parents in my state threw a fit last year because they were going to be asked to file records showing what they were teaching their children.

    Hate to say it, but there was a chunk of hardcore anti-evolution Christians from my school district that were flipping out about it. Turns out they were choosing not to teach most of the science curriculum, and were mad they’d have to lie about it, or get in trouble. So at that point, it’d be nice to have people just check in…I mean, a kid with no science, or math, or something else? Good luck!

  48. Mairead says:

    God love her; a serious case of the blind being led by the terminally dim.

  49. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    That’s another reason as to why families were frequently having to touch base with the county. There is the very real risk of being saddled with parents who can’t handle the education demands or won’t comply with them.

  50. original kate says:

    @ msat: thank you! yes, most women don’t go around caressing their boobs, at least not me or any of my friends. and i always manage to wear panties and keep my legs closed in public. why do all these little chickadees equate being an “adult” with being an “adult film star?”

  51. Eileen Yover says:

    I feel icky just clicking on this post. She is still legally a child and this is just gross to look at. I must be getting very conservative in my old age of (35).

  52. sally says:

    Christ Miley, I don’t need to see your labia.

  53. crash2GO2 says:


    *Ahem* Sorry about that. The sight of a little ring nicked, chipmunk cheeked child caressing herself and making a sexy face got the best of me for a second.

  54. Aitch says:

    uhhhhh…. Madonna did it better 25 YEARS AGO!!!

  55. Missfit says:

    Skank, skank, skank, no clothes for a minor teen. And when she does become of age, she’ll be worse. Already looking like a prostitute on the streets, hmm, her parents must be SOOO PROUD!

  56. Jillian says:

    She was homeschooled! That explains why she thinks her outfits and behavior are acceptable!


    Seriously, no one her age likes her. NO ONE. I don’t know why she’s doing this bullshit.

  57. Nancy says:

    I was interested in the comment “I was always home schooled”, but she did not explain what exactly she means by the statement. I think the title was to grab us to read about her performance in Spain.

  58. mojoman says:

    If you look at the header pic, how ironic is it that she was fondling herself in public while wearing a cross necklace..

  59. NayNay says:

    I give her six months before she is knocked up. If her parents home schooled her, then I completely understand her behavior. She parents, in particular her father, is only interested in her money, nothing else.

  60. Danielle says:

    I wonder if the people at the gay bar bothered to tell her not to shave, but wax her bikini area before she wears skimpy outfits. My eyes have been forever scarred by the tanlines and stubble. She gets paid enough to do electrolosis hair removal. WHY, MILEY, WHY?

  61. Vicky Corday says:

    By “home schooled” she means stuck in front of the boob tube watching Sesame Street for 14 years, until she dropped out (found the power button on the remote). Maybe someone should have turned on the Learning Channel for her once in a while. The bullying she is talking about is probably when she thought Oscar the Grouch was being mean to her because as we can see, her thinking/behavior is not reality based.

  62. nickynoneck says:

    So shes gonna end up a very jaded 23 yr old like lohan , I dont understand the state of popculture when its ok for a 17 yr old to act and dress like that i am 26 yrs old i dont agree with this …am I prude ? I dont even think spears acted like this when she was 17 she danced and stuff but she didnt dress like that at 17 it was when she was in her 20’s she did that .

  63. xxx says:

    she looks ugly. o.0