Globe Cover: despicable photo of Shannon Price with Gary Coleman on life support

Gary Coleman
Shannon Price has achieved her objective and has sold photos of her posing next to a helpless Gary Coleman in the hospital while he’s hooked up to life support. That photo is on the f’ing COVER of The Globe, something that I hope prompts a massive boycott of the cheapest, most vile rag on the market. I don’t think even the now defunct News of the World would stoop to this level.

I am not telling you where I saw this image or linking to it, it’s frankly that disturbing. The thing is, this photo will be out on supermarket stands for the next week. It should come with a severe warning but it’s going to be out there for everyone, including little kids, to see. It frankly makes me want to cry and throw up at the same time. I still feel sick to my stomach.

This woman is despicable and the lowest form of trash. I hope that the judge ultimately presiding over Gary’s estate will hear all about this and ensure that she doesn’t get access to a dime of his money. That poor man – not to mention his friends and family! That’s got to break their hearts that Price put this picture out there.

Radar Online has some interviews with Gary’s ex costar, Todd Bridges. In one, Bridges discusses the deathbed photos and says “That’s insane. I could never imagine doing that… I would never be that mad at somebody to ever do something so dreadful and horrible to them.” Shannon’s rep has admitted that her client posed for the photos, but claims she never “intended” for them to be released. She didn’t intend for them to get out until the money was right. I heard that she’s asking more for the one where Gary is actually dead.

Update: Popeater reports that Price was paid just $10,000 for these pictures by The Globe. She sold out her husband’s last minutes for $10k.

Header photo from 1999. Photo below from 2008. Credit: PRPhotos
Gary Coleman

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  1. Samantha says:

    When she dies, I hope her family buries her under a fire hydrant placed in the middle of a giant dog kennel.

  2. bite me says:

    *goes in a corner to cry* this is so sad… omg i just saw the picture, damn am speechless

  3. Eileen Yover says:

    That is disgusting and revolting. What a “C-U-Next Tuesday”!!!!!

  4. Jack says:

    i am speechless. i have seen the picture as well and how she poses with him is just.. out of this world. this woman is a shame for human race

  5. Wendy says:

    Put this bitch in jail already

  6. Pogogal says:

    I hope she burns to death.

  7. Team Bethenny says:

    I don’t think Dante could have come up with a circle of hell for someone this despicable.

  8. Sarah says:

    This story makes me sick. Each little bit more that I hear makes me so sad inside. Poor Gary. Let his rest in peace already. That b*tch needs beat down!

  9. meme says:

    Hopefully I can avoid seeing the pictures and thank you Celebitchy for not posting them. Obviously that crazy cunt killed him. I hope they can prove it.

  10. Marjalane says:

    “When she dies, I hope her family buries her under a fire hydrant placed in the middle of a giant dog kennel.”

    What do you have against dogs?!

  11. Whatever says:

    They need to start investigating her. Seriously.

  12. autotron says:

    When I see this magazine in the supermarket isle you can bet everything you’ve got I will be banging on the manager’s door and demanding a boycott. Also, it would be lovely if all of those “Shape” magazines, tabloids, etc contantly focusing on plastic surgery and impossible, unsettling beauty ideals would be removed from the eye-levels of tiny little girls.

  13. zen says:

    I srsly hope the police and lawyers are investigating this scum. I cant believe such a thing is even legal. There has to be some kind of charges the beneficiary (which hopefully isnt her) can press to stop this kind of thing…disgusting ;/

  14. popcorny says:

    … I saw it too.

  15. texasmom says:

    THANK YOU for not showing it and THANK YOU for the warning. I don’t want my kids to accidentally see this at the grocery check-out line. I had to turn over a bunch of the Michael-Jackson-on-a-stretcher covers last year. Jesus, what is wrong with people to do these things and then take photos of it like they’re proud????

  16. Karma says:

    Thank you so much for not posting these despicable photos. Much respect.

  17. Lady D says:

    Thank-you Celebitchy for your tact.
    This broad makes that nazi ditch-pig McGee almost look good. How could anybody be so cold-blooded and heartless?

  18. Victoria says:

    Im glad you did not show the photo, I dont think you should show the photo. I DO NOT want to see it.

  19. Dorothy says:

    I saw this pics on another blog and found them very disturbing. I thank you for not publishing the pics and keeping your blog with class and sensibiltiy yet still funny as heck! KARMA IS A BITCH and trust me, his-ex wife will catch it.

  20. djork says:

    You know what other magazines are published by AMI, the company that publishes The Globe? SHAPE, Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Fitness Hers, FLEX, Natural Health, Fit Pregnancy, Men’s Health, and the National Enquirer. Boycott all of ’em.

  21. e says:

    STOP CALLING HIM HER HUSBAND! They were divorced and she is a f*cking user and a piece of trash that does not deserve to be called his wife.

  22. Oons says:

    How can people be so dispicable??? There really are no morals left.
    I also find it creepy that the same thing happened with his co-star Dana Plato on her death bed. Her Fiancé took photo’s of her dying and recorded her death throe’s then tried to sell them. He also went to her funeral and took pictures of her in her coffin. Even the National Enquirer refused to publish them because they said it was offensive…I guess standards have slipped. I feel sad for any genuine friends he had, and also his family.

  23. buenavissta says:

    Add my gratitude to everyone else. This is not the first time you’ve chosen not to post certain photos and I really respect that.
    Man, no groceries for the kids next week…

  24. Lem says:

    *last moment* ?

    they have the smoking hot Pink cover behind a black cover at Kroger (with just her head sticking out)
    Hopefully they will take the same approach with this. Although, as noted, they did NOT cover MJ photos.
    I guess Kroger finds sexy women more controversial than dead childhood icons

  25. Green Is Good says:

    That MURDERESS should be arrested STAT. She’s pure EVIL.

  26. Lem says:

    She would not have hired a production company. She would not have posed for photos. She would not have shopped them. Had she not fully intended to release them.
    Who has photos taken of a dead/dying loved one. No one I know. Grandma’s sick; grab the camara? sick. sick. sick

  27. snowball says:

    Did they show her chewing off his flesh like the zombie ass cannibal freak that she is?

  28. Persistent Cat says:

    Lem, that’s what I was going to ask. Who brings a camera into a hospital room?

  29. zen says:

    I just saw this story on another site and the ironic thing with that cover story and the pic on the Globe is the headline that ‘he was murdered’. the pic is beyond disturbing and I regret clicking on the link but I almost had to after I saw the the headline that went with it. There was a caption that said forensic investigators determined he was in fact murdered after studying the blood splatter. I hope this means they are still investigating her. Im thinking they just needed enough evidence to prosecute and in the meantime that thing just sealed her fate with her selling those pics. we can only hope. I hope everyone boycotts everyone of this company’s magazines.

  30. Belle Epoch says:

    THANK YOU for taking the high road. I love CELEBITCHY!

  31. Celebitchy says:

    @Lem – Kroger does get the tabloids the quickest, that’s where I’ll be getting mine later today when I get out of the house. I’m glad it’s being covered at Kroger and hope that’s the case for all the stores.

  32. bellaluna says:

    Thank you, Celebitchy, for not publishing the photos or the links. I am saddened and disgusted by this whole thing. I adored Gary Coleman as a child, and his EX-wife sickens me. There’s a special place in Hell for people like her. I hope it finds her sooner than later.

  33. d says:

    Thanks for not posting the photos. I will be avoiding other sites that likely have them. The poor, poor man. What hell his life must have been with this witch around. I hope and pray he’s in a better place. I want to imagine that an angel has enfolded him lovingly in its arms and that they are now far, far away from the human species wrecking life on Earth.

  34. TxGal says:

    She never intended for the pictures to be out there. But they are so please stop with the lame excuses for your client.

    What she did was disgusting and heartless. The woman is soulless!!

  35. Falliblehuman says:

    The photos are out there because there is a market for them. Anyone who buys the Globe is complicit in this despicable act of his ex-wife.

  36. Weeble says:

    Thank you for not posting those pics. It breaks my heart Gary Coleman was surrounded by such vile people.

  37. anon says:

    @ Lem and PC:

    I was JUST talking about this with a co-worker. My grandfather died in similar circumstances (he was on life support, we took him off, family around the hospital bed watched him pass) and there is NO WAY IN HELL I would have EVER thought to take a picture!!! That is NOT how I want to remember him. Not to mention that I was, you know, consumed with grief and not thinking about anything other than “OMG my Pop Pop is dying right now.” What kind of sick f*** does that…

  38. ViktoryGin says:

    Seriously, who the fuck does a photo op with an unconscious, dying man? That’s really unconscionable and low.

    Someone’s life is slipping away and you think, oooh….let’s immortalize this moment? I guess you do, if in your “grief” you’re lucid enough to know that it could fetch you some $$$.

  39. josie4444 says:

    djork – thank you for the list. I will definitely be boycotting them all. How horrible! I hope there are reprecussions both for her and the magazine who bought/published this.

  40. Dawn says:

    Thank you for the class for not showing the photos or the link. If I walk into any store that has the cover,I’m going to raise holy-hell about removing the magazine. Hopefully, The stores will put this under the counter.

  41. WTF?!? says:

    What does this mean?

    “She sold out her husband’s last months for $10k.”

    Were there older pictures of him on life support as well, from a previous hospital stay?

  42. Wif says:

    I don’t want to see it, but I admit to being curious about it. Is there anyone willing to tell me what she is doing in the photo? If it looks all staged? Is she pulling crocodile tears, or smiling or what? I don’t want to see him dying, but I am a little compelled to study the depths of her dark, ugly, soul.

  43. JuiceinLA says:

    BRAVO! Good for Celebitchy NOT posting the photo. Love the integrity- something we get far too little of in this world. I think I will go buy something from one of your sponsors now, just for effect. Crest 3D white, here I come.

  44. Rachel says:

    Thank you for not showing the pictures but still covering the story.

    You have shown real integrity.

    Thanks again love your site!

  45. Jeri says:

    Money-grubbing B–ch!! How can she live with herself.

  46. Lemon Drops says:

    Thank you so much Celebitchy, for not posting the photo, for the next couple of days this will be the only blog I read so I can avoid the photo. This is a horrible situation and surely there must be some laws against taking pictures of the dead or dying in a hospital.

  47. Bopa says:

    This is horrible. I say when you go to the grocery store and you see it turn the first one around. Save everyones eyes and hopefully lower the number of people who might try to by it after they see it.

  48. Leticia says:

    Celebrities and others are now being very respectful of Gary Coleman in his death, but I wish that they would have shown him this level of respect and sympathy when he was still alive and would have appreciated it. He was exploited by his parents and his wife, but always seemed to be a nice guy…

  49. Katija says:

    Grrr…why the hell did I go Google this awful picture? I should listen to Celebitchy…

  50. HS says:

    shank her ass.

  51. jc126 says:

    I’m glad you guys didn’t show it.
    She’s a dirtbag.

  52. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    I never call women this, but this one is the very definition of a c*nt!

  53. GatsbyGal says:

    That photograph is obscene. No way in hell did she love him, and I now firmly believe she was responsible for his death. Burn in hell, bitch.

  54. ChinaCat says:

    OMFG! Is Hell e’en bad enough for this person (for lack of a better word)? COLD-HEARTED F*CKING B*TCH!

  55. Bopa says: showed the pic and had it on their main page. It was still up about 1:00 pm. When I checked back at 6:30 there is now a message that says:

    This site has been suspended!”

    I wonder if people complained and got them shut down.

  56. gee_gee says:

    Thank you for not posting the pic and thank you for telling us that the pic was not here. If I thought it was here I would not have clicked the link.

    This woman clearly needs her dosage adjusted.

  57. Moocow says:

    I don’t want to see them either D:
    What a vile human being! ick

  58. My2Cents says:

    Is there no respect left in this world? Thanks CB for having some morals.

  59. mai tai says:

    Thanks Celebitchy for NOT using those images of Gary!!!

  60. ViktoryGin says:

    @ Wif

    Yeah…I pretty much feel like a lowlife looking at it, but I got too curious and took a peek. I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say that it’s VERY staged, and because the pic smacks of strategy there’s no way I’m believing that she hadn’t meant to cash in. Yeah, I’m in the wrong for looking at it, but posing with a dying man like the two of you are exhausted from a full day at Disneyworld is just something that you don’t do.

  61. thanks for not posting the photo! I think for the next week when I’m in the grocery store I will flip The Globe issue backwards in it’s rack.

    Poor Gary Coleman…..

  62. gen says:

    I want this woman in prison. I don’t care if she didn’t do anything illegal. What she has done is immoral. The pictures, the not helping him while he’s bleeding, she makes me sick. He was so against people using him & then he married someone who is one of the biggest users of all time.

  63. Aspie says:

    What goes around comes around…Shannon will get hers someday for the evil that she’s done.

  64. Borat says:

    She is either a sadistic narcissist or straight up psycho. People like that should be moved to different planet.

  65. stop fascism says:

    I don’t care how the others who commented here are feeling about your article – I still like it.

  66. bestelkado-1 says:

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