Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby registry includes breast pump & nursing pillow

E! Online blog The Hum had this video of 16 year-old Jamie Lynn Spears outside a Babies R Us store on Thursday with her cousin and what must be her cousin’s baby. Jamie Lynn stopped hiding her pregnancy behind big sweatshirts and was seen wearing a short sleeve t-shirt that said “The Rumors Are True.” Her t-shirt might refer to the stories about her engagement. She also sported a marquis cut diamond engagement ring, and her cousin confirmed to US Weekly earlier in the week that Jamie Lynn and Casey, 18, are engaged.

People Magazine notes that Jamie Lenn registered for her baby shower during that outing, and that her registry lists her boyfriend and maybe-fiance, Casey Aldridge, as the co-registrant with the “event date” as July 10.

I was able to find two registries on Babies R Us under those two names with the date given on People’s website. Here’s a link to the one that People cited. The other one seems to be a fake. It’s possible that this one is also a hoax registry, it’s just the one People.com mentioned on Friday.

I’ve taken screenshots of what People claims is the legitimate registry in case that link doesn’t work. Many items have already been purchased for Jamie Lynn and Casey including Pooh receiving blankets, an ultrasound frame, and a Leap Frog learning table. Jamie Lynn and her cousin smartly registered for some batteries to power all those baby toys. Jamie Lynn even registered for a breast pump and a nursing pillow, showing that she may plan to nurse her baby.

These photos are screenshots from BabiesRUs.com.

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  1. Anna says:

    If this is true, I’m disgusted. Why on earth would someone like Jamie Lynn Spears, who’s got millions in the bank (and many more to come, think of the hooha alone that will come with selling the baby pics) and who can also rely on the general family (Britney) fortune, register for anything??? Seriously, I think that’s the kind of stuff she should buy herself. Baby showers and registers like this were originally made to help out parents who couldn’t afford all of the stuff you need for a new baby. I think that was good the way it was.
    And I think Jamie is making a mistake marrying that guy. They’ll be divorced within two years tops and what for? She should have taken heed from “Juno” and given the baby up for adoption to someone who really needs/wants it. Or gotten an abortion, which is definitely what I would have done at her age (and also: the world does not need another spawn from the Spears family). Every thing I read about that pregnancy just gives me a bad feeling. I think it’s a lose-lose situation for all involved, including the unborn child.

  2. bjf says:

    Does anyone else think it’s horrible that she is being followed in Louisiana? It’s one thing when these celebs are courting the paps in LA at places that are known for being places to “be seen.” But, c’mon. This girl is just in a small town in middle America.

  3. anni says:

    saying she should give the child up for adoption is just plain wrong, anna. we don´t know her. she got pregnant and i guess she came to embrace it, no one can judge her or say that she won´t love the baby. and calling it a spawn? sorry. i am not a huge fan of the spears family, but be careful which words you use.

    but i agree on the register thing. she has enough money to buy all this stuff herself.

    is nursing the same as breatfeading? i am not a native speaker. my guess is that nursing is giving milk in a bottle, am i right? if that´s the case…hum. i think breastfeeding would be better, it forms a bonding between mother and child on a whole different level that feeding with a bottle

  4. journey says:

    anni, nursing is another name for breastfeeding. and i agree with you that it is up to jamie lyn whether she keeps the baby or gives it up for adoption. some children her age couldn’t handle it, but maybe she can.

    as for the baby shower list, i’m sure she has friends and family that want to give her a shower to celebrate the arrival of the baby. and at least the things on the list seem reasonable, pooh blankets and such. better than solid gold teething rings and platinum bottle warmers like some stars seem to put on their shower lists. especially since she’s back in louisiana, some of her friends and relatives might not be financially well off and worried that their gift may not seem like much to a hollywood sort-of-star, and sibling-of-hollywood-star-gone-wrong. but if they go to the store listing and see that, “gee, jamie lynn wants a pooh bear blanket, that’s really sweet, and we can afford it, let’s get it for her!” that is what showers are about, not getting gifts, but coming together as a community to celebrate a coming life-changing event.
    besides, what makes you think any of the spears are going to bank roll jamie lynn? and who knows whether she really is wealthy or if her money went down the rabbit hole like so many young actors.)
    sorry for the lengthy post, i swore off them, but sometimes the urge is too strong to resist!

  5. anni says:

    ah, thanks for the vocabulary lesson, hehe.

  6. daisy says:

    why does she have to give up the baby for adoption? she works makes her own money she can provide for herself and her baby, Why should she get an abortion? Its cruel to say that what if someone said the same thing to your mother?
    why should’nt she ask for certain baby gifts? Has’nt almost everyone here given a baby gift not matter the income level of the parents to be? A shotgun marriage rarely pans out, in this case the guy will make out great look at Kevin Federline.

  7. Trillion says:

    Good for her for breastfeeding. At least that’s one major plus the baby will have. Maybe she’ll be a great mom. Who knows?

  8. summertime921 says:

    My 2 cents is: although personally I would have probably had an abortion in her situation it is important to remember that this is HER choice, not ours. She chose to have the baby and to raise it herself, and though getting pregnant at 16 wasn’t the smartest move, we should respect her choice, since it is her right.

  9. evie says:

    Anni, just so you know, according to dictionary.com, spawn in this context means offspring (definition 4). It isn’t really derogatory.

  10. anni says:

    but the connotation, at least in my perception, is negative.

  11. Mairead says:

    Sorry to correct you Evie; yes technically spawn means off-spring, but it is a shortening of frogspawn and is traditionally used in a negative sense for humans “the Devil’s spawn”, so it is indeed meant in a derogatory manner.

    To be fair to the girl, she’s wealthier than most 16 year olds, but how likely is it to be “millions”? Especially if she isn’t earning at the moment? And I while I’m not the biggest fan of baby or indeed wedding lists, it is a godsend for those who want to get a new parent something useful that they would like and need.

    As for whether the child should be adopted – if the crux of the argument is that it should go to someone who wants it, that presupposed that Jamie Lynn doesn’t want it. A bit presumptuous no? The abortion thing is a whole other issue – whilst people like you and I, Anna, would probably see it as a sensible thing to do, others choose not to. The most sensible thing would have been to cross one’s legs and take contraception, but that ship has sailed.

  12. headache says:

    Giving baby gifts is not about whether the parents can afford things themselves but a wish to welcome the new baby. I don’t think she is out of line to sign up for a registry particularly if she’s constantly being asked what she needs or wants for the baby and if the items she is registering for are practical, affordable and for the baby.

    Abortion/Adoption are personal choices and she does have the wherewithall to raise her baby but emotionally and monetarily so why shouldn’t she?

    In any case, I hope she doesn’t compound the mistake of getting pregnant so young while not in a committed, healthy long term relationship by marrying so young. Maybe they will have a nice long engagement and if in 4 years or so they still want to get married, then they can go for it.

    Being married to unwed parents is so much better than having to watch your parents go through a divorce.

  13. lola lola says:

    Its ok to comment on her possible marriage but not on the possibility that she should give the baby up or have had an abortion? Sorry but I agree with Anna. The registry is cheap. There are other ways to welcome a baby. Give money to a charity in her name, or give baby items to homeless or poor mothers. It reeks of greed to me. So what if spawn if used negatively. She’s not saying bad things about a baby that hasn’t been born yet–but commenting on all the ridiculous Spears-baby drama..which we are ALL sick of.

  14. na says:

    I know this isn’t concerning the post directly, but since it had been brought up, I thought I would throw this in.

    I was barely seventeen when I got pregnant, so at least emotionally, I can understand a bit where she might be. I was with someone who everyone, myself included, thought was a great guy, but it was still a scary time, and a lot of decisions can be made from that fear. One of the most amazing things that my parents (one of Catholic faith) ever did for me was put their foot down and refuse to sign for me because of my age when we were considering marriage. Of course, I was upset at the time, but considering how things worked out, I am eternally grateful for them enabling me to have the cool off period and see the reality of the situation. It has been seven years now since my son was born, and I can honestly say (after seeing that guy show his true colors) that if my parents hadn’t stepped in, mine and my son’s lives would have been ready made for a Lifetime original movie… and not one with a happy ending.

    I know everyone’s situation is different, and I hope that her’s is one that will be filled with sun shine, but I can only hope that her parent’s help her to have the time to see what may or may not be a decision based purely on pregnant emotion.

  15. daisy says:

    Its not up to You to decide whether someone should Abort . Adopt out or how they should spend their money.
    What if someone had the gall to suggest that to you? you would’nt like it.
    Leave the girl alone she’s not the first nor the last 16 year to have a baby wheather she is rich/poor married or unmarried. Jamie Lynn is far away from crazy Los Angeles just trying to have a normal time in her life she’s not out in LA mindless driving or shopping trying to get media attention. She shows some signs of maturity that have escaped her older sister.

  16. Cindy Kennedy says:

    I totally disagree with saying Jamie “should” give up her baby for adoption – that is ridiculous. Its not easy to just give away a child. And some times teenaged moms can be better mothers than adult moms. Also very asenine to say she should have gotten an abortion – its her body and she gets to decide if she wants to have that baby. She has the right to give birth to that child and keep it.

  17. Cindy Kennedy says:

    I also do not think its “greedy” to register for baby stuff, no matter what your situation is. She may simply want to have a big shower and celebrate her baby being born. No one is obligated to buy a baby gift, and let me tell you, these days, many people don’t anyway. A lot of people seem to resent pregnant women for some strange reason.

  18. nonentity says:

    I think it’s nice that she registered at a place her friends and family can afford instead of at Petit Treasor or whatever. Guests tend to demand to give things. 😉
    She shouldn’t be running around blowing cash extravagantly though. The money may have to support her and the kid the next twenty years or so, and then there’s retirement.

  19. Scooter says:

    I won’t jump into the discussion about keeping the baby/abortion/adoption, but I will say that marriage isn’t always the best option when there are two young people with a baby on the way. A friend of mine got married at 18 because of an unplanned pregnancy; she is now 20 and divorced. Marriage can be the right thing in some cases, the wrong choice in others.

  20. ACK! says:

    I’m certainly not an opponent of abortion, adoption, or keeping one’s baby no matter what age you are. I do find it disturbing that this barely legal pregnant girl is flouted all over the media like having a baby is just the best thing ever and what a “brave” decision she’s made. Get real! A baby is a huge responsibility and a very expensive one at that.

    The reality of teenage pregnancy is NOT one of fancy gift registries and freedom from parental rule. Not by a long shot. It’s more often than not a one way trip to extreme hardship, poverty, and endless reliance on welfare. That’s real.

  21. Cindy Kennedy says:

    my relative married at age 16 and twenty years later, they are still together and have 2 kids.

  22. lola lola says:

    Cindy, I think I can say with definite certainty that that is not the norm–nor, good God, would I have ever wanted that for me or anyone in my family. 16 is simply too young to fully understand what you are getting into with a baby and a marriage. And as for resenting pregnant women, speaking as a woman currently pregnant, I also resent pregnant women seeking special treatment. I don’t need a special parking space just cause I’m pregnant. Pregnancy is NOT a disability. That kinda stuff makes people resent pregnant women.

  23. Cindy Kennedy says:

    It wasn’t long ago that many 16 year olds got married and had kids. This was the norm. There is nothing wrong with it. Then high school became compulsory, then college became a “must do”…and you have people not getting married until their 30s. By this time, many people find out they can no longer have children.

    Whether its right or wrong, the ideal time for a woman to bear children is in her teens and early 20s.

  24. ACK! says:

    Um, Cindy K, who/what is your source for your last statement?

    “…the ideal time for a woman to bear children is in her teens and early 20s.”

    I’m no medical expert, but I am a mother who had her only child at 30, and I can assure you my body functioned just fine. Not to mention my maturity levels, financial affairs, and everything else was much improved over my teen/early 20’s. Plus, I got to have a fantastic time being young, single, and pretty carefree. It’s kind of called “growing up” and it’s really, really worth it.

  25. Syko says:

    I think gift registries are an excellent idea. That way, everyone can know what you need/want, and possibly you won’t get many duplicates which you’ll have to return, or green and purple striped towels that are someone else’s idea of attractive.

    As for what to do about the pregnancy, that’s the pregnant woman’s decision. I definitely don’t think she should be getting married because of the baby, but possibly she has a few old-fashioned morals left and wants the baby’s parents to be married when it’s born.

    Whatever. It’s her business.

  26. Bodhi says:

    Ditto Syko.

    Its no ones damn business whether or not she keeps the baby or if she gets married or not. We aren’t the ones footing the bill for any of it & I think if she needed some advise she could probably call Oprah & get some

  27. Anonymous says:

    I think that it is horrible what people do just to get some *dirt* on celebs…. They really need to back off on the Spears family and get a god dam life!

  28. wif says:

    lola lola, I don’t know how pregnant you are, but when I ways 7 days overdue with a 9 1/2 pound baby I was VERY appreciative of the “pregnant parking”. I’m glad that your pregnancy is going well, but there are lots of pregnancies where the mothers suffer from hypertension and need a closer spot. If people resent a pregnant woman (who in North America will be pregnant only a couple of times, statistically) for having access to a prime parking spot for a handful of months, then they are a lazy arse. I say, “get yourself to the back of the parking lot and walk!!!” Seriously, if I don’t have my 2 small children in tow, I always park at the back of the lot to give myself exercise and not take up a good spot that someone else who has mobility issues or children may appreciate. I have NEVER in my ENTIRE life resented a pregnant woman, a parent with small children, an elderly person or a disabled person from having a good spot.

  29. Reality says:

    Why don’t you all just mind your own business and not worry or judge what she wants to do with her life? It’s her life, it doesn’t matter what you think or what you would do. If you all care sooooo much about this child’s well being, then you should leave them alone and stay out of their lives! MYOB!

  30. Gerina says:

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