Heath Ledger has potential love child

Late actor Heath Ledger is said to have had an affair at the age of 17 with a 25 year-old woman in his native Australia. The woman was in a relationship with someone else at the time and everyone assumed that the baby she had after she and Heath broke up, a girl, was the other guy’s daughter. The child would be 12 this year and one of Ledger’s uncles, the same one who was talking trash about Heath’s father’s ability to handle Heath’s estate, confirmed that the girl is potentially Heath’s.

The Hollywood star is believed to have been 17 when he had an affair with an older woman.

The mother – in a relationship with another man at the time – is thought to have only learned she was pregnant after the affair with Ledger ended.

Ledger’s uncle, Haydn Ledger, yesterday confirmed there was a “real possibility” his nephew had fathered a girl with the woman.

Family sources said the girl was raised by the woman and the other man, although there were suspicions about the child’s father.

Ledger’s parents Kim Ledger and Sally Bell yesterday refused to comment on the latest scandal.

If the claims are confirmed, it could split his multi-million dollar estate between daughter Matilda Rose and the love child…

Heath was still at school at Guildford Grammar when he began the affair with the woman, then aged 25.

Yesterday another family source said: “She had the baby. Everyone lived under the assumption that she was the daughter of the mother’s boyfriend and that is how she has been brought up.”

The woman is now married with a young family.

[From News.com.au]

Heath’s will was drawn up in April, 2003 before he had Matilda. His father, mother and sisters were listed as beneficiaries and he had only $145,000 in assets at that time. Many news outlets were confused by this number, and assumed Heath squandered his millions before he died. It is assumed that he did have millions in the bank and that $145k represents his savings in 2003 when the will was written.

Heath’s father, Kim, has said that his son’s one known daughter, Matilda, will be taken care of. Kim’s brothers question his ability to handle the multi-million estate, and cite his mishandling of their late father’s estate in the mid 80s. Kim Ledger squandered over $2 million of his late father’s money, leaving his brothers with nothing. He was eventually removed as executor by the Western Australian Supreme court.

If Heath has a 12 year-old love child this could get interesting. Matilda’s mom Michelle Williams has a thriving movie career and her daughter will hardly suffer if her grandfather doesn’t leave her the bulk of the estate. This other woman could potentially gain millions if her daughter is Heath’s. It’s not going to happen without a drawn and highly publicized legal battle, though.


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  1. ANON says:

    He sure got around. Didn’t he date Heather Graham?

  2. geronimo says:

    If paternity is proven, then both children should benefit from his will. Other than that, I see it as a completely private matter that shouldn’t really concern anyone other than the people concerned.

  3. Rianna says:

    IF the child was fathered by Heath, it is up to the Mother of the young girl to file on behalf of her daughter, who according to this report has a young family and may not want the attention on her family at this moment in her life.
    I am absolutely sure that even if Matilda does not get a look-in at the will and monies from her father’s estate, her mother is very sure to set her up well into her future life. Heath also had a lot of well known and big named friends who would be more than willing to help out. Look at Francis Bean Cobain. Didn’t Stella McCartney give her an internship at her fashion house?
    I am sure she will be absolutely fine whether this half sister has claim on the estate or not.

  4. headache says:

    Why do they call them “love childres”? Wouldn’t “lust child” be more appropriate?

    In any case, it really is a simple matter. Do a DNA test and if she is his, split ledger’s estate 50/50 between the two with 50% of each invested with a reputable firm handling it. That should more than cover anything those girls need.

    As for scandal, what scandal? He wasn’t dating anyone at the time of this girl’s conception so big woo. The only scandal would be if she was conceived while he was with Michelle Williams.

  5. anonyvent says:

    Frankly, I’d be more suprised if he didn’t have a love child.

  6. Anna says:

    I think it’s a bit disrespectful of whomever leaked that info to come out now, after his death, to try and get millions. Also, I can’t imagine what it must be like for the husband of that women, to be publicly humiliated like that. I feel for him. However, the story might not be completely untrue: Heath had said, in various interviews, that he liked dating older women because they were more mature and more knowledgeable.

    It’s sad too though, because if this is true, maybe Heath would have liked to know about his other child.
    I think it’s scandalous in the way that these people (if the story is even true) are trying to make money off of a tragic death and won’t let the family, Matilda and Michelle rest and mourn properly. I think it’s low to cause them more grief.

  7. Bodhi says:

    Technically Matilida was/ is a love child too, seeing as how Heath & Michelle weren’t ever married.

    IF this 12 year old is Heath’s daughter why did no-one come forward sooner, like say, at the height of his fame.

    I don’t know Australian probate law, but it seems to me that this “other daughter” wouldn’t be entitled to any of Heath’s estate because Heath never supported her.

    I don’t know if that makes any sence, but I can try to explain it better

  8. UrbanRube says:

    Heath’s father and uncles are beginning to creep me out. His family were so admirable, I thought at the time, immediately after his death. But all this squandering-inheritance and pointing-fingers and mentioning-previously-unknown-illegitimate-children-to-the-press stuff is downright tawdry.

  9. anni says:

    well, if she is his daughter…i hope the whole money/legal thing goes down smoothly. i believe the family will support her if her maother proves to be in financial trouble or broke.

  10. wif says:

    “IF this 12 year old is Heath’s daughter why did no-one come forward sooner, like say, at the height of his fame.”

    Probably because she was afraid that with his money and status he could easily take the daughter away. She may have been wanting to tell the daughter when she’s an adult, but now that he’s dead, the time to do DNA testing etc. is right now.

  11. anni says:

    i don´t think he would´ve taken her child away. i think she did´nt know as she was with another man and thought it was his, but the resemblance shows just now. dunno.

  12. Bodhi says:

    Probably because she was afraid that with his money and status he could easily take the daughter away

    Why would he have done that? Take a child away from the only family she’d ever known? He was a decent guy & its highly doubtful that he’d do something like that.

    I call BS on this whole story until the child’s MOM comes forward.

  13. wif says:

    “i don´t think he would´ve taken her child away.” I’m not saying he would have. I just think if that were MY situation, I would be afraid of that as an outcome.

  14. MonicaBee says:

    I agree 100% with Bodhi.

    If it’s proven to be Heath’s kid, I don’t think she should get squat. He was never involved as her father, apparently through no fault of his own. Why should the “love child” benefit from any of it? Or the mother?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Would it not Matilda be called a love child as well? So they are both in the same boat.

  16. headache says:

    Although if she was 25 and he was 17, it’s no wonder she didn’t tell him he had a child.

  17. Ur A Loser says:

    geronimo I agree with you.