Adam Lambert’s new video: Miley Cyrus, without the bird fetish


God knows I’m not an Adam Lambert fan. I find that he tries too hard to be controversial and edgy, and falls flat almost always. But he’s been keeping a lower profile for a few months, so I hoped he would come back stronger and more original than last we spoke of him – during the crazy time when his raunchy, crotch-grinding American Music Awards performance got him somewhat half-heartedly blacklisted from several shows. The last time we spoke about him was to mention a particularly fabulous outfit he wore, back in March. So what was I expecting from Adam’s new video? Not much.

But is it supposed to remind me of Miley Cyrus’s “Can’t Be Tamed”? I mentioned before that Miley seems to be pulling less inspiration from Gaga and more from Glambert as of late, but at this point, what’s the difference between the two? Miley has more feathers and a bird fetish. Adam has more party boys. That’s about it.

Since I’m too bored to do a full-on breakdown, I’ll just mention the highlights all at once: Mad Max drag queen, a fancy top hat, a lyric about boys wearing stripper heels, I think, something about an orgy in the wilderness. Ooh, his fabulous spiked outfit is back! Ugh, are those white jeans? Yeah… that’s about it.


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  1. d says:

    I was all prepared to defend Lambert (b/c underneath the showbiz crap, I believe he’s a decent guy) until the white jeans part. No. Just, no.

  2. Li says:

    Well, at least he has a better singing voice than the Miley-bird.

  3. dre says:

    I like Miley way better!!! This guy is a freak!

  4. Bellatrix says:

    The problem with Glambert is that he’s been handing out dated material since he started his solo career.

    Everything just seems so old with him. The beat, the lyrics, the “melody”, the visuals (studded is so 2004; guy-liner also goes a few years back now), the clips.
    I’m not even bothered by the white jeans. Because that’s also dated.

    He needs to swim naked through some undersea world filled with mirrors and lighted by stroboscopes to try and be a little relevant in nowadays “music” scene.
    He can even have a studded white leather merman tail if he wants…

    Don’t care for the “artist” but the Glambert seems to be a decent and nice guy underneath the dusting powder so I’m willing to cut him a break and give him some advice.
    How kind of me.

  5. judyjudy says:

    It seems like everyone is trying way too hard these days. I miss the music videos of the ’80s.

  6. marie says:

    I still like the hair xD and his voice. Cant say anything bout the song, I have to read lyrics to fully understand it..

  7. krissy_kitty says:

    d, I totally agree with you! I think Adam has a good heart and really enjoys what he is doing. With every song that he releases I like him a little more.. This song and video are fun. You totally get a feel for who he is as an entertainer.. Even though I am waaay beyond my club days this song brings out the club kid in me!

  8. Jen says:

    Call me crazy, but I kinda liked it. It was cheesy and over-the-top and a waste of his talent, but he’s cute to look at and has a nice voice. For what it was worth, it was entertaining to watch.

  9. Cam says:

    I don’t think he’s trying too hard.
    He’s a freak, for sure, everybody knows that; but that doesn’t stop him from being awesome.

    The video is great, I just love everything that he does, he’s got such an amazing voice.

  10. gg says:

    re that top photo – Elphaba!

  11. jane16 says:

    Ewww. And I don’t like his voice. I know lots of people who can shriek as well. I think these insipid reality shows are making stars out of people with marginal talent but lots of over-the-top theatricality. In the good old days, singers/musicians made it when you heard their songs, not saw them.

  12. ohmegod says:

    I don’t care what he does or doesn’t wear unless he SINGS! His voice is E.P.I.C!

  13. Alexa says:

    It’s gettin’ HOT IN HEEERRE!! Adam is on MEGA-FIRE which makes anyone irresistable! I love him and I’m relieved to read that others are lovin’ him too. YAY!!

  14. jane16 says:

    Ok, just watched it again. His voice has a tinny, vibration quality to it. Compare his voice to someone like Jim Morrison of the Doors people. I can’t stand listening to Milley whatshername either.

  15. snowball says:

    Ace Frehley silvery platform boots, Boy George hair and makeup, white jeans, Mad Max industrial wear, those Madonna fingerless gloves – I feel like I’m having a flashback.

    With the volume off, when the scene with the top hat starts and you get a shot of him with all those necklaces and the makeup, I can almost hear him start singing Karma Chameleon.

    The song sucks. The first song of his wasn’t awful and I liked the second one quite a bit. This one is terrible and he can do better.

  16. Lawrie says:

    Gosh, I loved it

    so sue me, I like his videos,and his music

    he’s entertaining and fun to watch

  17. Isa says:

    jane16- I so agree with you. I hate his voice.
    He is lacking an essential element of fabulousity. Makes me cringe.

  18. annie22 says:

    Kaiser..maybe you should listen to the lyrics before you start quoting them!

    And to those of you that think he shreiks when he sings, well you are tone deaf or just idiots.

    @jane16….EWWWWW to you.

  19. curious says:

    It s fantastic from A-Z. Period.
    Great job on ALL production levels.
    Highly entertaining.

  20. Lucinda says:

    Meh. I liked it. It was fun and didn’t require a lot of thought.

  21. Wicked Glitter says:

    Your right, you are a bitch. I can just see you sitting there with your sour, smug face judging others who are more talented than you.

  22. Natalie says:

    Those who say he’s too over-the-top or trying too hard and hate his voice haven’t taken the time to research his acoustic renditions of his songs on YouTube. This is a music video. It’s supposed to entertain us. And being OTT is his “thing”. It’s fine if it’s “not your cup of tea” but give him some credit for having the gonads to do something totally campy. He has way more voice talent than Miley, in my opinion.

  23. jover says:

    Judyjudy I agree but vids in the 80s were better because MTV was young, new, creative, and playful – even the cheesy, campy vids were fun those days are long gone and maybe videos themselves are passe. Perhaps “artists” should actually concentrate on the songs, singing and live performances not talk show appearances and vids. Sad to say Adam Lambert’s career is not going anywhere. It’s been a year and his songs haven’t made any impact. Rock, urban, and CW stations won’t play him, the cool kids have no interest in him and hes boxed himself in a style/genre that has been done much better (English glam rockers/Bowie, etc.). He needs to go to Broadway/theatre.

  24. cathrine says:

    he reminds me of what liberace would be like if liberace was a self conscious hipster

  25. curious says:

    in fact those who sound bitter here are all just jealous- the guy has it ALL.
    Plus theres really some TALENTED crew behind the scenes.
    People, chill, discover your own talents and go for it!
    This whole piece is fantastic!!!!!!!!

  26. Confuzzle says:

    Excellent, his sparkle cow army has shown up to defend him 😀

  27. Lynda says:

    I get dizzy watching the scenes flip. I liked the high boots with the jeans but they werren’t shown enough. Don’t really like him (or anyone in modern music) but if I must choose, I’ll take Adam.

  28. snowball says:

    @Confuzzle, iced coffee isn’t as refreshing as you’d think it’d sound coming out of your nose.

    “sparkle cow army” lmao

  29. GeekLuva80 says:


    Confuzzle: Thanks I needed that. :0

  30. Richi says:

    He looks creepy!!

  31. Bella Bella says:

    It’s just a fun song with a fun video to go with it. He doesn’t have to save the world every time he releases something.

  32. Lrayne says:

    Adam Ant meets Boy George. And they did it WAY better.

  33. original kate says:

    he is like the male version of lady caca – both try waaaaay to hard to be edgy to make up for lack of talent. *yawn*

  34. gg says:

    His voice doesn’t bother me in this video. The stupid gloves and the guyliner and the awful spikes do though.

  35. paige says:

    WTF, you got the ‘lyrics about boys in stripper heels’ thing all wrong!!! The actual lyric is: ‘GIRLS in stripper heels, BOYS rollin’ in Mazarati’s..’ At least get the facts right. OH, & you shouldn’t bag on someone like that, all Adam ever tries to do is make music. (& he’s doing a hell of a job, too.) Also, he has worked really hard on his album & the videos for the singles. So let me ask you: if you worked for months and countless hours on something that you want people to like, & right outta the box some scum like you is all like ‘oh, that’s so old, spikes are gay, yada yada yada..’, you would be upset. But then again, he shouldn’t be upset if YOU criticize it, because after all, why should he, Adam Lambert, who is WAY hotter & much more talented than you’ll ever be, be upset that some half wit that sits on his ass all day complains aboout the video? Pwned.