Sienna Miller cut Sadie Frost’s daughter’s hair & Sadie is pissed


Sadie Frost and Jude Law have three biological children together – Rudy (7), Iris (9) and Rafferty (13). By all accounts, Jude is a very devoted father to these children (not so much with his daughter Sophia, with crazy one-night-stand Samantha Burke). Jude generally doesn’t introduce his kids to his ladies, although in the years since Jude and Sadie divorced, Jude has only been serious about one person – Sienna Miller. They dated and got engaged in 2004-05, and they are back on right now. So, Jude lets Sienna hang out with his kids, and they seem to like her, and Sadie seems okay with it. Until now. Apparently, Jude and Sienna took his kids out for a holiday, and while vacationing, Sienna decided to let Iris get a haircut. Sadie was pissed.

SHOCKED Sadie Frost tore her hair out when her daughter Iris’s stepmum-to-be Sienna Miller had the little girl’s locks chopped off. Sadie left nine-year-old Iris with her ex Jude Law and film beauty Sienna, who are due to wed soon, while she went to the Isle of Wight rock festival.

Sienna, 28, took the girl to a hairdresser’s. And actress Sadie returned to find Iris, who had a long bob style, with a boyish elfin cut.

The mum of four, 42, was so annoyed that she ranted at Sienna on Twitter: “I think ya should get ya own child and then cut their hair!”

A friend said: “Sadie had a great time at the festival but it was all forgotten when she saw Iris’s hair. It’s not that the style doesn’t look nice – it does – but that it was done without her permission. I’m sure Sienna was just trying to be nice. But Sadie doesn’t want Sienna playing mum to her kids.”

Jude and Sienna also took Iris and her brother Rudy, seven, on a Eurostar trip to Paris, where Sienna and the girl held hands. Another pal said: “The kids love Sienna, especially Iris.”

[From The Sun]

Was Sienna rude? I’m not so sure. Sure, Sadie and Jude should be making the decisions about their 9-year-old daughter’s hair, but for Sadie to place the blame entirely on Sienna seems strange. Jude was there too – on vacation, I mean. Maybe he didn’t know Sienna was taking Iris to the salon? My guess is that Sienna was just trying to do something cool for the little girl in an attempt to buy her love, you know? My verdict is that Sienna definitely should have known better, but Sadie overreacted a little. Plus, Jude should have kept a better eye on Sienna and his kids.

Here are some photos of Jude, Sienna and the kids on holiday, before the haircut. Iris is the little girl in the red-and-white striped shirt.




Header: Sadie Frost on Dec. 4, 2009. Credit: WENN. Also, Jude, Sienna and the kids on June 11, 2010. Credit: Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I LOVE Sadie Frost’s dress/sweater in that pic.

  2. No name says:

    sometimes my mom cuts my nieces hair without my sisters permission and trust me, she freaks out!

    what is it about moms and their kids hair? i dont know really… but i even know you shouldnt give a kid a haircut without the moms ok.

    moms are special that way!

  3. Oi says:

    This seems really trivial. I mean REALLY trivial. She’s 9. The haircut is appropriate for her age, looks good and is even practical. At 9 years old I could choose my own haircut at the salon, and even went on my own (it was within walking distance of my school). Maybe its just me, but I think Sadie is overreacting big time.

  4. meme says:

    @Oi – those pics are BEFORE the haircut so maybe she has reason to be pissed.

  5. e says:

    That haircut in the photo is not the haircut sienna took her to get. It isn’t the end of the world but Sienna should have known better. I am not a mom but most moms I know don’t like to feel like they are being replaced or undermined. She should have just bought her a new bathing suit.

  6. Maritza says:

    Sadie should be happy that her kids are loved and cared for by their future step mom that’s not always the case.

  7. MeMyself says:

    My mother would FREAK whenever my Grandmother (I miss her!) would have my hair cut.

    Silly as it is, there is something about a child’s hair, especially a daughter.
    I wouldn’t like it if someone cut my own two girls’ hair. No matter who they were.

  8. KittySchmitty says:

    Oh please! Get over it Sadie! It’s hair, it’ll grow back.
    Yes, maybe Sienna should’ve known better, but Jude was there. Also, maybe the little girl actually wanted her hair cut. Maybe she asked for it.

    Oh wait, I totally forgot, when you cut a little girls hair in a boyish way, it must mean she is going to become a lesbian.. We can’t have that now.. 😛

  9. Jeanne says:

    I would flip out if somebody cut my daughter’s hair without my permission. She’s only 2.5, and so a 9-yr old probably has a lot more to say about her hair, but still. Getting a kid’s hair cut without the Mom’s permission is a big no-no in my book!

  10. journey says:

    perhaps sadie is worried about that slippery slope, today a haircut without permission, maybe tomorrow a hoochie dress, the next day a snort of coke, the day after that fixing her up for a date with john mayer. when it came to sienna miller babysitting a child i’d be leery too. safer to start saying no loudly and forcefully now.

  11. Arbencita says:

    My husband cut my three boys’ hair while I was sick and sleeping and I briefly considered divorce. Of course, his idea of cutting hair is a buzz-cut with the clippers. I can feel Sadie’s pain here.

  12. jamie says:

    i would be super pissed at BOTH of them!!!!

  13. Bella Mama says:

    this is a total no no. absolute, total no-no.

  14. Ro says:

    I’m with the slippery slope idea. Sadie should be a lot less worried about a haircut and more worried with the fact that she has little girls that spend time with Sienna Miller. I would absolutely die if my ex started a relationship with an obviously hideous individual and then my girls grew up to think like that person. This is why you need to be more careful of who you marry and think twice before getting a divorce(even though she obviously had every reason to)

  15. guesty says:

    maybe it was iris’s idea.

  16. Watcher says:

    Look, there are just a few things you don’t ever, ever do. Wear white to a wedding (unless you’re the bride) and get a kid a haircut unless you are their mother. This is should be a law. Can’t explain why, it just is the way it is. Especially (only?) for little girls, but really for boys and girls.

  17. leelee says:

    having to share your kids with another women can bring out the worst in you – it’s hard. I understand why Sadie was upset and I do think Sienna overstepped her bounds – I am sure there is a lot more going on than just the haircut, it’s probably not the first time Sadie has felt undermined. I consider myself well adjusted, nice person – but when my child’s step-mom signed my daughters report card and never told me it was sent home – I was pissed! I would be mad too in this situation.

  18. lem says:

    i don’t understand most mother’s obsession with their daughter’s hair. i think its weird.

  19. WTF?!? says:

    Taking someone else’s kid for a drastic hair makeover or piercings (ear or anything else) is verboten.
    What a bit¢h Sienna Miller is. Next she’ll be getting the girl a tattoo.
    Everybody has a cell phone, why not have the child call her mom and ask if it’s okay? Because she knew her mom would say no.
    Sorry, Sienna, but Jude WILL cheat on you again, stop using another woman’s children to mark your territory.

  20. lisa says:

    Jude is he Dad..I guess he didn’t feel he needed permission. His child too..Maybe the girl wanted to look like her mom. Divorced parents have to understand that Dads do have some rights too. Wonder if she would have been pissed if Jude had taken her. I get her being mad, but Sienna is the woman in Jude’s life. And like it or not she seems to be there to stay.

    These are things that happen when people are not together raising children in two separate homes/cities/states/countries. She should talk to Jude.

  21. mary jane says:

    I’m with a lot of these comments. I’ve got 4 daughters and I too would freak. They are MINE and those body part types of things and decisions get run by ME first!!

    That said, MY girls would know that there’d be some intense conversation about WHY I wasn’t called first! So, I think the 9 year old should have given a call to mum. Maybe the little one knew what the outcome would be so didn’t want to involve her mom.

    Sienna gets on my nerves anyway.

  22. Kelaa Khaa says:

    When I first read the threads, before the coffee started kicking in, I thought that Sienna cut Sadies hair and was thinking wth? Also, I hadn’t realized that Rafferty is a girl.

  23. L says:

    I’m with the slippery slope idea. Gotta nip that stuff in the bud now, or else when she gets older she going to run to her ‘cool mom’ for anything that she wants that Sadie says no to.

  24. Electric says:

    Um maybe the little girl wanted her hair cut. It’s a dumb thing to be mad about.

    I can’t believe someone would even make an issue of it. Do you mom’s out there really have the final say about the length of your daughters hair? Geezus get a life.

  25. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Also, in the second photo with the kids I spot a mustache on Sienna, or maybe she was just drinking chocolate milk?

  26. Eileen Yover says:

    I think Sadie has been pretty darn understanding and laid back to this point with Jude’s choice of women. I’d be furious if some chick who’s banging my ex-husband has decided that MY child’s hair doesn’t suit her and have it cut without my permission-whether my child wanted it or not. Its the mother and father’s decision not the other women. Same with getting her ears pierced or dying her hair.

  27. Lola says:

    what happened to the lower half of sadie’s face? trout pout and sharp angles. and she was so pretty before…

  28. bellaluna says:

    Sienna over-stepped her bounds. I’d have killed my kids’ step-mother if she touched (or allowed anyone else to touch) my kids’ hair when they were younger. Since they are now 16 & 19, if they want their hair cut while they with her, I really don’t care. I trust their judgement, and it is their hair. But I’d also like to believe she wouldn’t let them get anything inappropriate.

    Maybe Rafferty wanted that cut and Sadie had already told her “no.” Kids are EXCELLENT manipulators when it comes to getting what want from divorced parents and/or their new partners.

  29. Whatever says:

    I never would have cut my step daughter’s hair without her mom’s permission. Once she wanted it done and I had her call her mom to get the ok before I took her.

  30. Mouse says:

    I’m childless, but I understand that a child’s hair and everything else in that department is a MOM’S prerogative. Something about that woman (Sienna) creeps me right the heck out and she’s overstepping her bounds as Jude’s girlfriend/potential stepmom. But then it really doesn’t seem like she’s ever respected boundaries or other women’s territory. Regardless, that was a really disrespectful thing to do to Sadie.

  31. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Sienna is the woman in Jude’s life, lisa, but Sadie Frost is the CHILD’S mother, and that’s the issue here. it has zero to do with who Law is currently boning.

    in the grand scheme of things, her haircut is not a big deal, when taken at face value. HOWEVER, as some have said, it’s a matter of respecting the mother AS the mother, and recognizing that the MOTHER has primary custody, and should be the one consulted about things like this.

    also agree with the slippery slope thing…who knows what might come next? a tattoo or piercing, like someone said?

    look, if she wanted to do something girly with Iris, and bond somehow, go for a mani/pedi…don’t cut the hair. Watcher is right…there are somethings you just don’t do, no matter how silly it may seem.

    EDIT: L and bellaluna said it well. children are manipulative, and children of divorce know how it can be easy to get what you want from your non-custodial parent and/or his/her piece.

  32. Rosanna says:

    Parents are delusional. Cutting a child’s hair a major drama????? Get over yourself. Your child isn’t your possession! AND there is nothing dangerous in cutting hair (it’s not a tattoo, a drug or even a “dangerous” book).

  33. Sandy says:

    Skanky Miller has no boudaries. No one can tell her what to do. I agree that Sadie should step on that right now. The worst thing that could happen is that Sienna has any influence on these childrens’ moral structure.

  34. Baghag says:

    Why do all of these silly celebrities take any issues they have with a person to Twitter?? Be an adult and talk to someone face to face!

  35. N.D. says:

    Rafferty isn’t a girl, it’s a boy, their first son (together). Iris is a girl and she always had long straight hair.

  36. bellaluna says:

    Jeez, I just read my post and obviously I haven’t had enough coffee. Look at all the spelling errors! Yikes!

    @ Praise – I totally agree with you about the piercings and tattoos. I’m not worried about those because my ex would never allow it.

  37. lem says:

    whoever said that sienna didn’t like iris’s hair? this notion that she took the girl to the hair salon and demanded her hair cut a certain way is asinine. sadie should be mad at jude if she’s upset with anyone– not sienna. and also, if she’s the parent with primary custody, that means she gets to make decisions like MEDICAL and EDUCATIONAL decisions– getting to decide how your child’s hair is cut isn’t really something the court cares about.

    and i agree, if sadie was upset, why not act like the mature mother and talk to jude and sienna— not post it all over twitter for the world to see.

  38. Ann says:

    Geez. Mothers are weird. The girl is NINE. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t taken to the hairdresser and had her hair cut against her own will.

    Ridiculous storm in a tea cup.

  39. Feebee says:

    I understand Sadie’s reaction but it should be an initial reaction, not one still simmering enough to post something on Twitter. She fails to take into account Iris’ desire to get her hair cut. My five year old told me she wanted to get her hair cut shorter and while I liked it longer, even at five they know their hair. She’s much happier with it short.

    Maybe Sadie wouldn’t allow the pixie cut and Iris took advantage of Sienna. Before the eyes start rolling don’t be naive enough to believe little girls aren’t that cunning.

    We don’t know that Sienna didn’t tell Jude and he okayed it. I high ly doubt it was Sienna’s idea and she snuck Iris away without Jude’s knowledge. I do get Sadie’s anger, I would have felt it but I also know that I would be being unreasonable.

  40. mary jane says:

    OK Ann I find PET owners really weird sometimes too.

    Picture your dog or cat being taken to the dog groomers while you’re away on business. You come home and Sheba looks different. Oh, and no one asked your permission.

    Hope that helps.

  41. mary jane says:

    Sorry Rosanna but all MY children ARE my “possessions”.

    And, this may come as a surprise to some of those w/o children…kids want that bond.

    My husband couldn’t give a sh– about the neighbors kids but he’s so very territorial about his own. And my kids thrive on that.

  42. gwen says:

    Sienna should have stayed in her lane. When it comes to other women’s children you don’t: 1) Cut their hair; 2) pierce anything; 3) tattoo anything; or 4) let them see R-rated anything if they’re under 17. Re Jude: Like most dads he probably doesn’t see anything wrong with 1-4. Sadie was right to go off on Sienna (and I bet she also went off on Jude). That way, Sienna learned.

  43. bellaluna says:

    @ lem –

    Actually, if Sadie has primary PHYSICAL custody, it means she has physical possession (for lack of a better term) of the children the majority of the time (or whatever was decided upon in court). LEGAL custody is where the child/ren’s religious, educational, and medical decisions enter into the picture. I don’t know how it works in the UK, but it takes an Act of Congress in the U.S. to get sole legal custody.

    Sorry about confusing the names earlier – as I said before, I hadn’t had enough coffee (still haven’t, in fact) and I’m operating on very little sleep this morning.

  44. jc126 says:

    It’ll grow back, but it’s the principle of not stepping on toes, really.
    Plus, some people use these seemingly small gestures as ways to play games with people. Don’t know if that’s the case here, obviously.
    Tweeting about it is stupid, too. Really immature.

  45. cakes says:

    Its hair. It will grow back. Its really not that deep. What’s more upsetting is that children are being referred to as possessions. They are people not things. Just my opinion so don’t attack me for it.

  46. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “She fails to take into account Iris’ desire to get her hair cut.”

    not necessarily. even if it was Iris who instigated the cutting, SOMEONE (Jude is the ideal but Sienna asking would have been OK, too) should have consulted with the girl’s mother.

    I don’t have kids but believe me, I understand COMPLETELY when it comes to territoriality. MY OWN SISTER freaked out when I disciplined (did NOT hit him) her child for throwing sand and hitting his cousin with a shovel. the kid DESERVED to be punished, but I “didn’t do it right”, and my own flesh-and-blood freaked out.

  47. peggy says:

    Jude should have known better and should set boundaries between his GF and his kids. The kids should come first and he should have told Sienna not to mess with his kids. I feel bad for Sadie and I think this is the start of Sienna’s bad influence on his kids. I don’t think Jude will win best Father of the year if he act this way!!! He cares more about his GF than his kids.

  48. morgan says:

    Um, some of you are being psychos…FYI your children aren’t your property. You don’t “own” them like possessions. Sienna is tacky and doesn’t have the best judgment, I don’t think that’s exactly news, but to hear people say their children are their possessions (it’s hair people!) that is just disturbing!

  49. Gwen says:

    I’m on the “I’d freak out too” team. It’s not really about the hair obviously – it’s about boundaries. I wouldn’t blame ANY woman for questioning Sienna Miller’s atitude towards that and I wouldn’t trust Jude’s influence on the subject either.

  50. mary jane says:

    And some of you clearly can’t distinguish the difference between being the mother of a nine year old and the responsibilities that incurs and needing to voice YOUR needs to be autonomous from YOUR parents.

    My children BELONG to me and their father. They are mine. They take comfort in that knowledge. I am not wishy washy with regard to that fact. They ARE mine.

    That concept does not in any way insult their boundaries. They are unique individuals …..vocal, argumentative, healthy, recognized and respected.

  51. Taya says:

    It’s not about the hair it’s about the disrespect to the mother. When it comes down to it, a stepmother is not their real mother just someone who is boning their father. Stepmothers need to know their place; period.
    If I was a stepmother I would never walk on their real mothers toes. Her child, her decision.

  52. gg says:

    She should never have posted that chavesque tweet on Twitter, ffs. GROW UP SADIE.

    The girl’s hair was short to begin with, but Sienna should have phoned, or had Jude phone her mother.

    I can relate a little to Sienna’s position, though not as to a haircut. I painted my ex’s child’s toenails a nice buff color because she wanted it and I wanted to bond with her, but the controlling mother had a fit, and made sure the child (age 7) was covered in messy bright red nail polish over the modest color, just to “get me back”. After her stalking me and other weirdness, I broke up with the ex. Too many women use children to hurt their ex partner’s current, and fight through the kids – it’s a sad way to live. Of course the kids are in therapy now, several years later.

  53. Brittney says:

    Who is the other girl with them? Sadie and Jude have two sons and one daughter, but here there are two girls and one boy. Confused.

  54. original kate says:

    i have the feeling that iris is more mature than either sadie or sienna.

  55. BeeCee says:

    This is insane!

    Sadie is freaking nuts. Ummm hello??! Jude was there on vacation with them and Jude is Iris’ FATHER. Saying that it should be a law that a child’s hair can only be cut with the MOTHER’s permission (@Watcher) is freaking horsepoop. Most of the comments here are pretty much stating that men don’t know sh!t about hair and aren’t allowed to make a decision about THEIR CHILD’s appearance.
    This doesn’t say anything about if Sienna just up and took Iris to the salon and forced her to get a haircut. No-one at this point knows if Jude was aware or not about the cut and maybe just maybe Iris asked Jude (HER FATHER) if she could get her hair cut and Jude said sure but he was too tired to take her and Sienna offered to… (Let’s just throw that senario around)
    Iris is 9, she is at the point where she knows what she likes and doesn’t like. If she ultimately likes her new hair cut then that’s all that matters and Sadie needs to realize that and grow up.

    …I’m not defending a father’s rights because I’m a guy, because I’m not, I’m a woman but to say that it’s up to the mother, and the mother should know first, and it’s the mother daughter’s hair, and the daughter is a part of the mother, and it should be a law that the mother is the only one who makes the decision regarding the appearance of her children is stupid immature and sexist. A man is completely capable of making those decision when it is his children too.

    Also; Jude and Sienna are in the entertainment industry who both happen to be fashionable….. do you honestly think that they would want their child/step-child wondering around with a horrible haircut?????

    ….That’s my rant for the day….

  56. Spring says:

    I would be LIVID.
    I have just gone from thinking Sienna is a twit and a slight waste of space, to thinking she’s a complete b!tch.
    She knew exactly what she was doing.

  57. Cinderella says:

    I’d have to slap a bitch.

  58. jane16 says:

    Ridiculous. Who cares? Dads have parental rights also. This woman sounds like she has severe jealousy problems, which will be hard on the poor kids.

  59. Cindy says:

    Sienna is not their stpmother. They are not married. I would guess that one will cheat on the other before they ever get there.

    Sienna has horrid judgement. I would never allow that stupid twit to make any decision regarding my child. Jude is a moron for having someone of her character around his children.

  60. jen says:

    i feel sadies point…kids are like mirrors to thier mothers!, who wants thier hair be cut without knowing it?

  61. jane16 says:

    If this was about a piercing or a tattoo, I could see the mother getting upset if she wasn’t consulted, because those are permanent. But a haircut? A haircut is part of normal grooming. And if the silly mom hated the haircut, she should have spoken privately about it to the Dad, not made it a public issue. I feel sorry for the kids. Much ado about nothing.

  62. Seer says:

    People are very territorial when it comes to relationships (family or even friends), so it comes as no surprise that Frost reacted like this.
    Sienna Miller has Frost’s ex-husband’s love and affection, and now her children love her too, and she’s doing “mommy things” with them. That’s like a double whammy!

  63. Sugar & Spice says:

    First, I have to say that I think Sadie overreacted, most likely due to jealousy that she has competition as a mother to her kids. No mother likes to share their kids with another woman.

    Secondly, I completely understand Sadie’s reaction, it must have something to do with having only one daughter, since I totally freaked out over my daughter’s haircut. When she was 12 her dad took her brothers to the barber for their haircuts and she wanted to go along. I thought it was fine, I’d have a little alone time for once. Never in a million years would I have dreamed that my sweet little girl with waist length hair would come home with a short bob, which wasn’t even cut properly. I was horrified that a.) her hair was cut at all (I never gave permission!) and b.) it looked like the barber was drunk when he cut it. I had to take her to my hairdresser to get it fixed, which meant it ended up even shorter. I made her promise that she would never cut her again until she graduated from high school. And I never again allowed her to go with her dad to the barbershop. Yes, I overreacted, but as everyone kept telling me, It’s Only Hair – It Will Grow Back. (Oh, and the day after she graduated from HS my daughter got her hair cut, it actually looked cute, but she decided that she liked it long after all and has kept it long since.)

  64. tammi says:

    Iris is 9 yrs old and can’t really make her own decisions. If she wanted a tattoo would sienna have let her get one? Sadie is Iris’s mother and has custody of her. Which means that until Iris is 18, Sadie has to be involved.
    Sienna is GF and should know her boundaries. She is not the childs mother and has no rights on this child. She needs to stay in the background and consult Sadie when it comes to her kids. Hope Sadie ripped Jude a new one for letting this happen.

  65. Jeri says:

    Most Moms would be pissed – def stepping over the line. Doubt it was done on purpose but Sienna should think before taking action on someone else’s kids.

  66. Kim says:

    I did the exact same thing Sienna did when my step-daughter was 5. Her mother was so pissed at me and screamed me right in front of our daughter. After that my step-daughter hated her haircut, which was adorable. She is now 15 and to this day I will not touch her hair. We are all on good terms now but in retrospect I think it was wrong of me to cut her hair. Mom should not have acted like that in front of the child though.

  67. aury says:

    i remember when i was around seven or eight, my brother’s (first) ex-wife decided to chop off a lock of my hair. my mother got there just as she cut it off, & the bitch almost took a tumble off the fifth floor balcony.

    needless to say, i can understand sadie’s point of view. it would certainly piss me off if someone, i don’t care whether they’re close to me or not, decided to cut my kid’s hair w/out checking w/ me first. that’s just something you don’t do.

  68. buckley says:

    Guess I am in the tiny minority here.
    What’s the big deal. It will grow back.
    There’s so much more to be concerned about, so methinks there’s something more to it than just a haircut.

  69. Kim says:

    Sienna obviously has no brain. She is marrying a man who is currently and has always cheated on her. A man who just had a baby that he doesnt acknowledge. He is scum. Either she is dumb as an oaf or doesnt care. She is not this girls mother and should not have taken her to get her hair cut – thats stepping way outside of proper dads “girlfriend” boundaries. I would have smacked her if i was Sadie!

  70. Kim says:

    Would Sienna be ok if her exes current flavor of the week took her daughter (if she had one) to get a haircut? No Way! She ha dno right to do this. Jude didnt take her – Sienna did and the parents should concur not just one does what one feels is right so even if Jude took her w/out the mothers knowledge and approval it would still be wrong. This is what happens when a scumbag hooks up with an imbecile!

  71. Aussie Mama says:

    she should have asked!

  72. sonola trip says:

    Have I missed something? Since when is Sienna a stepmother? She’s Jude’s g/f for the time being. That’s about it. Iris is not her stepdaughter.

  73. GatsbyGal says:

    I’d be pissed too…Sienna definitely crossed the line. It’s one thing to buy her a new outfit or let her wear make-up, but a hair cut is overstepping.

  74. Ally says:

    Perhaps the notable thing here is that Sienna is the nanny now — preventive measures on her part?

    Depressing but predictable that tweens and younger would look up to a pert tabloid starlet. I guess they’re too young to remember that she helped break up their parents.

  75. Amy says:

    I’m thinking it was Iris who wanted to get a shorter haircut and Sienna simply encouraged her. When I was young, my mom was not allowed to touch my hair. I wanted long hair and I kept it that way. No one was able to convince me to cut it shorter (besides regular trimming) until I made the decision on my own in middle school.

    Anyways, it’s hair, it will grow back. Mothers don’t own their children’s hair. Your child isn’t a possession.

  76. DiMi says:

    Sienna crossed the line. Hair decisions are often important within the parent child relationship, especially with same sex parents. Not only did Sienna cross the line, it sounds like it was done to make a statement.

    The bottom line is this kind of behavior just hurts the kids.

  77. frewt says:

    Its a very political situation being a step mother trust me. The last thing you should do is undermine the biological mother’s role in any way. More proof that Sienna is an immature, thoughtless bitch.

  78. nana says:

    my mom practiced on my hair when i was in 4th grade and after more than an hour with scissors i found out that i had only about an inch bangs left hanging on my forehead. i look like dumb and i really really hate it. i cried a lot and my classmates said i look like a puppet. At least Sienna took her to stylist and not cut the child’s hair herself. It will grow back anyway!

  79. Bex says:

    I wonder how Sadie really feels about Sienna. Sadie is one of Kate Moss’s best friends and I don’t think Kate likes Sienna over the whole Rhys Ifans business, could be that there is a lot more to this.

  80. Jazz says:

    Geez, it must be confusing for those kids. Having their dad’s gf around – then she’s gone – now she’s back and there’s a new little sister as well!

  81. jsan says:

    My friend has a 9 year old daughter and her ex’s new girlfriend got her a haircut without permission. WOW was my friend furious. I couldn’t understand why since I don’t have kids, but apparently it’s a real no-no.

  82. DiMi says:

    Clarification – when I wrote aove bthat the hair issue is most important with ‘same sex’ parents, I didn’t mean LGBT couples,I meant parents who are the same sex as the child: Mother-daughter hair dynamics and Father-son hair dynamics.

    Other thoughts:

    1. Cutting the hair of somebody else’s kids is an implied critique of that person’s parenting – It’s like saying, “Your child needed a haircut, and I had to take care of it because you are negligent.” This sounds like something done for one-up-womanship, using the child.

    2. Another thing to think about – if the cut was unattractive, Sadie may have felt that Sienna was trying to make her daughter less attractive, another problematic thing. Giving another woman’s daughter a “boyish” haircut is more significant than just giving her a “girlish” one.

    3. Sienna already has boundary issues so this is as symbolic as anything else. It’s like saying “I took your man. Now, I’ll take your kids.

  83. malachais says:

    Moms are protect of their children, that’s why she freaked out. I can imagine she got more pissed if Sadie and Sienna don’t have a fantastic relationship. I know I’d be f-cking pissed if my ex-husband’s fiance cut my child’s hair without my permission. Its just common-courtesy, as mum first.

  84. Abhi says:

    Its ok