Chris Klein checks himself into rehab for alcohol, but not for drugs

Chris Klein.arriving at the Calvin Klein collection and LOS ANGELES NOMADIC DIVISION Present a Celebration of L.A. ARTS MONTH.Calvin Klein Store.Los Angeles, CA.January 28, 2010.2010 HPA / Hutchins Photo....

Last week, Chris Klein was arrested on his second DUI charge. Chris had been swerving and driving like a drunk a–hole when the cops pulled him over in LA, and TMZ later reported that Chris wasn’t just legally drunk – he was drunk as hell, with a .20 blood-alcohol level, nearly three times the legal limit. Oh, and the mother-cker had his dog in the car with him too! Why does that upset so much? I mean, Chris was so drunk he could have killed himself and many, many innocent people. But it’s the fact that he didn’t give a sh-t about his poor puppy that really makes me want to cry. What a jackass. Anyway, this a–hole is checking into rehab, his rep just confirmed:

Following his second alcohol related arrest, actor Chris Klein has voluntarily checked himself into rehab.

“After recent events, Chris was forced to take a clear look at a problem he has been trying to deal with himself for years. He understands now that he can not beat this disease alone,” his rep Jaime Primak tells PEOPLE in an exclusive statement. “He thanks everyone for their support as he takes all the necessary steps to deal with his addiction and asks for privacy while doing so.”

The actor is seeking treatment at the Cirque Lodge in Utah where he will complete a 30 day alcohol addiction program and has plans to stay longer if need be.

Last Wednesday the American Pie actor was arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of drunk driving when he was seen weaving on the Hollywood Freeway.

[From People]

My opinion is that Chris has even bigger problems than just his raging alcoholism. That video of his Momma Mia audition showed a guy with real drug problems, in my opinion. Cocaine, crack, whatever the kids are doing these days. The Lohan Special, perhaps. So while Chris is drying out, let’s hope that he doesn’t decide that he only needs to deal with his alcoholism and not his drug usage. Oh, and I hope one of his friends decides that Chris doesn’t deserve a dog, and keeps the puppy in the interest of animal rights.

22 April 2010 -Hollywood, California - Chris Klein. TCM Classic Film Festival - A Star Is Born -Arrivals held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Photo Credit: T. Conrad/AdMedia

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10 Responses to “Chris Klein checks himself into rehab for alcohol, but not for drugs”

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  1. Iggles says:

    Dude is so fug! What happened?

  2. Anya says:

    He had a promising career at one time but heavy alcohol and other drug use precludes one doing well in their work. Once drugs take control your job is out the window, and he has had little work offered to him due to his problems. I agree with you that he is in denial, but it is more PR career friendly to only say alcohol. 2nd arrest and a downward spiral for him. His life seems out of control at this time.

  3. Katalina76 says:

    This guy has such doucheface. And honestly, I was never blown away by his acting ability (see American Pie).

  4. El Predicto says:

    It all stems from the tragedy of watching his daughter Suri…being raised by aliens(Tommy Boy).

  5. Wench. says:

    Oh, God.

    That audition tape was 90% REALLY HIDEOUS and 10% oddly attractive. I love a man with problems.

  6. Karen says:

    @Wench – Please tell me you are kidding with finding Suri’s real dad 10% attractive. Don’t make me fly out to wherever it is that you live to slap some sense into you. I care that much for your well being 😀

    Although to be fair, I adore (in a non-romantic sense) singers with problems. I still like Courtney Love, George Michael and Scott Weiland *runs away to hide*

  7. lucy2 says:

    Glad he’s getting help – I hope it is for real and because he knows he needs it, not just to save public face and get the courts to go easier on him.

  8. katyalia says:

    That’s not Suri’s bio dad – Josh Hartnett is.

    @ Karen: I’m 100% with you on Scott Weiland, so let’s not hide!

  9. Tia C says:

    lucy2, you know he’s going just to save face and in hopes that the courts will go easier on him. He wouldn’t be going to rehab if he hadn’t gotten the DUI. But I applaud your optimism!

  10. Hugh Reily says:

    Addiction is a dark place and when addiction has consumed your life or the life of a loved one,