Is all of the Mel Gibson & Oksana Grigorieva drama just about money?


The chaotic he-said/she-said between Mel Gibson, Oksana Grigorieva and their respective lawyers and PR teams continues to grow. Over the past few days we’ve heard everything from Oksana abusing their baby Lucia, to Mel punching Oksana in the face, to claims that Mel isn’t giving Oksana any money, to yesterday’s claims that Oksana has secret DVDs of Mel doing something that would damage his reputation. Today’s stories are just a continuation on those themes:

To prove that Mel did in fact hit her in January, TMZ’s sources are claiming that Oksana did go to the dentist the day after the alleged abuse incident, in which Oksana claims Mel hit her in the face and knocked some teeth out. TMZ reports: “Now we’ve learned there are photos of the damage to Oksana’s teeth and, we’re told, medical records showing she went to a dentist the following day. Sources connected with Oksana tell TMZ one tooth was completely knocked out and another was chipped. Sources connected with Mel, however, tell TMZ Oksana’s teeth were not damaged … just the veneers, and the source says Mel didn’t cause the damage.” TMZ’s source also adds, for comic effect it seems, “Mel has no idea what she did after he left the house.”

Mel’s lawyer, Stephen Kolodny, then took his story to Radar, where the lawyer claimed that Oksana has given “no supporting medical evidence” to back up the claims of abuse. Kolodny then said: “[It’s] not true. Her teeth are in her mouth according to our information. [It was a] loud argument, not violent.”

So that leaves the questions over money. Over the weekend, Oksana claimed that Mel had cut her off and that she was supporting herself with credit cards and debt. Kolodny also disputed that, telling Radar and TMZ: “Mel has generously supported Lucia and will continue to do so. Oksana currently lives in a four bedroom, multi-million dollar house with Lucia and her older son Sascha (from a previous relationship with actor Timothy Dalton) purchased by Mel. Mel also purchased a brand new car for Oksana. He provides health insurance for Lucia and has given Oksana tens of thousands of dollars to support her and Lucia over the past months. Through a mediation process supervised by two retired California Superior Court judges, one of whom was a family court judge for over 20 years and is considered an expert in the field, Mel and Oksana had reached a support and visitation agreement last month which provided very generous support payments, joint custody and eventually 50/50 custody for Lucia. It has been functioning during that time with Lucia making regular visits with Mel.”

Look, I know that Oksana is a gold-digger. There’s no doubt in my mind about that, and there’s no doubt in my mind that most of this current drama is mostly about money. However, I think it’s gross the way Mel’s lawyers are going after Oksana publicly. Maybe she’s a horrible person – but Mel is wading knee-deep in sh-t to get down to her level. Perhaps it comes from the perspective of Mel’s team that anyone will believe anything about Mel these days. Maybe it’s because the more Mel’s team goes after Oksana, the more I believe her claims. I don’t know. But these bitches need to take it down a notch.


Mel & Oksana on January 26, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Bite me says:

    Take the bitch down Mel

  2. gabs says:

    I agree. Neither are innocent and his team should act classy. Gold digging russians are the worst. However, Mel Gibson is getting his karma so im Team Oksana on this one.

  3. CathyT says:

    The only reason Mel’s lawyer told the world about her generous child support agreement is because Oksana went to the press with the claim she got bupkis. At least one party is lying. Gibson’s lawyer has only made direct responses to her allegations.

    Thankfully their child support agreement provides for a professional nanny.

  4. NayNay says:

    She most probably is all about the money. HOWEVER, abuse is never acceptable. Hitting anyone, especially the mother of your child is a disgrace. After Mel’s racial slurs, I certainly have no love for the dude, so it is hard to say whether or not he has a violent temper. Of course, I do not think any of us will ever really know the truth accept Mel, Oksana, and the kitchen sink.

  5. bellaluna says:

    Of course it’s all about the money…isn’t everything these days?

  6. Leticia says:

    yes, this is only about money. and both of these two are getting what they deserve.

  7. Whatever says:

    Well, I think it is about money, but not just about money. She pulled all this crap a few days before father’s day, knowing Mel was planning to spend the day with his wife, his other kids and the baby. Personally, I suspect this set her off. I remember reading stories before and again just after their split that said Oksana and Mel’s older kids pretty much hate each other and she wanted it to be just her, Mel and the baby and her kid.

    This is not unusual. I’ve seen it so many times where the dad gets a new woman and she doesn’t like his kids, which makes everyone miserable. It probably contributed to the split and the idea of her baby with the kids and Robyn pissed her off. She’s getting back at him.

    She told TMZ she has pics an medical evidence, but neither TMZ or Mel’s lawyers have seen it? Come on, that would be part of the filing with the court, if it were real.

  8. denise says:

    I think it’s about money, but I also think there was some level of abuse going on.

  9. Schanuzers!!! says:

    Sounds to me like Oksanna was jealous of the relationship he has with them and he and his chidren will be lucky to be rid of her. Not that I think Mel would ever turn his back on his children, regardless…but they are lucky she will soon be out of his life.

  10. Annie says:

    Gabs- Absohorkinlootly. Karma is a bitch.

  11. k says:

    She’s just pissed she never could get Mel to marry her, so she will only be entitled to child support. She was wanting a share like Robin got. So I don’t believe a word she says. Mel owes support for Lucia, but does not owe supporting Oki for the rest of her life.

  12. hanh says:

    I think Oksana just wants more money. Mel is obviously a huge A-hole, but in this one they are both equal. Its too bad they didn’t work it out. They both deserve each other so well. I just feel bad for the kids caught in the middle. Thank goodness for a nanny!

  13. Lantana says:

    I’ll bet he’s glad he left his wife and 7 kids to go thru this hell. We reap what we sow.

  14. Liana says:

    I think it’s gross the way Mel’s lawyers are going after Oksana publicly.

    OK, Mel is a douche of epic proportions, but so far, his reps have only responded to HER public allegations. She claims (in public) he beat her, they responded. She claims (in public) that he gives her no money, they responded. Doesn’t seem like they are going after her, merely responding to her allegations.

  15. Lucinda says:

    What I find interesting is that ex-wife is saying nothing. If he is an abuser, you can bet your bottom dollar that he abused ex-wife too. Maybe there is an iron clad confidentiality agreement in the divorce settlement but I just think that there would be other evidence popping up by now.

    If she was abused, I hope she takes him for everything. Given that the allegation is now out there, I kind of hope it’s true only because I hate to see one more woman cry abuse falsely and make it so much harder for true victims of abuse.

  16. Feebee says:

    Isn’t it always?

  17. amanda says:

    I hope the ex-wife is really enjoying this spectacle. She deserves to.

  18. jc126 says:

    I agree with K and with those who say she’s just ticked he didn’t marry her. She’s all about money.
    And really, effectively, the amount of “child support” that she and other gold-diggers get is enough that they don’t have to do a damn thing like work ever again.
    I don’t recall ever reading a peep about Mel abusing his wife (although did read a lot about him liking Thai prostitutes), but I could see him as someone who screams and yells at his spouse a lot, totally.

  19. jc126 says:

    Wanted to add, if I were super-wealthy and felt like someone was just with me because they wanted some of my cash, I wouldn’t want to give them too much, either. Yes, rich guys should get a vasectomy or wear condoms, but no one wants to feel like they’re just being conned by someone who pretends to love them. It must be quite difficult to discern who’s for real and who’s not when you have that kind of money. Look at Paul McCartney getting married to that Heather Mills sleazeball.

  20. Jeri says:

    Kaiser your last paragraph described it perfectly. Cannot think of anything to add.

  21. carrie says:


  22. Joanna says:

    I don’t understand why he didn’t see what was coming. Come on, a woman 30+ years younger, dating a older rich guy, gets pregnant? Come on, Mel. Goes to show you what men think with.

  23. Joanna says:

    I wish I was that good at manipulating men, I’d never have to work again. Then again, I have a conscience.

  24. Joanna says:

    Oh, yes,also, can somebody please teach Mel what a condom is or get him fixed? Because you have money to support eight kids, doesn’t mean you can give all of them the time and attention they deserve.

  25. Uzi says:

    IMO this is not just about the cold hard cash. Oksana has lost two things she values dearly: social status and a luxurious celebrity lifestyle. No more accompanying Mel to premieres, parties and pricy restaurants, traveling the world on private jets, promoting her “music career” and having her every need met by Mel’s “people.” When she signed the child support agreement last year Oksana probably assumed all the perks of being Mel’s significant other would continue. That all ended in April and now she’s pissed.

    I’ve always gotten the impression that Oksana never grasped the fact that she was essentially the “hired help,” a mistress paid to provide the sex and companionship Mel wasn’t getting from his wife. He was obviously very fond her, or he wouldn’t have made a fool of himself by bankrolling her make believe music career. But did he ever actually tell her he loved her or that they had a future as a real couple? Oksana had a good gig and she blew it. The irony is that had she not gotten pregnant, and had she played the mistress role a lot better, she might have made the arrangement last a lot longer and reaped more financial benefits. I hope Team Mel puts her in her place during the July 20th court hearing!

  26. Sincerity says:


    You and I think so much alike. Could we be related? LOL, just wishful thinking. From what I’ve observed, smart mistresses collect 401(k)’s — not babies! Unnecessary complications turn them into “headaches” instead of “interesting diversions”. High profile married men aren’t looking for headaches. If you have the time, you may want to read “Mr New Orleans” by Frenchy Brouillette & Matthew Randazzo V. It’s an absolute hoot!

    In spite of his obvious flaws, Mel Gibson made a concerted effort to privately negotiate a very sensitive matter with some class. Oksana decided to disregard the agreement she signed and Mel’s people had to “take the gloves off”, so to speak. She looks bad because she has not acted “in good faith”.

  27. Aussie Mama says:

    he was never a scab with his own wife, she amicably received half of his fortune and they are still great mates. this is heather mills. she has gotten so much already, but the goldigger will never be satisfied. these women would suck blood from a stone, vile, disgusting, putrid human beings. the pregnancy was just a meal ticket. mel is the richest man in hollywood, thanks to passion of the christ. you think she didn’t know that? common people!

  28. Aussie Mama says:

    Yeehaa, someones awake, awesome and spot on!

  29. Debbie says:

    Uzi,Cathy T whatever

    Agreed totally, Nothing but a nasty vicious piece of shit. Very Jealous of Mel’s and Robyn’s friendship, I too think the thought of Mel Spending the day at Robyn’s with there children and Lucia, really threw her loopy.
    There are so many interviews done where she speaks so highly of Mel and He can do nothing wrong

    “A BIG KID” I remember her saying .
    When she done the interview with Hello magazine she said She couldn’t believe she was a single parent again. That speaks volumes to me.
    I Can remember her saying too how good it was to be a family with Lucia, her son and Mel, she was quite rude and I believe nasty to Mel’s kids as well, so again speaks volumes to me.
    She wanted a wedding ring on her finger she wanted it all as Uzi and others have said, I believe somewhere she tried this shit on with Dalton and told her family he had beaten her as well.

    Her story’s change every interview I like others have in the past been critical of Mel over these last 18 months of so BUT I’m on Team Mel’s side on this case.

    The only thing that makes me sick is she is using the Baby at every opportunity to get back at Mel, Her lies will catch her out in the end they are beginning to now, The proof of Mel paying child support and for a nanny.

    She told the world she is a musician, Model whatever, I just read on one of the UK sights were her CD has barely sold anything.
    So why not get a reality check and get a real job. The only problem with her is she knows no better It’s her lifestyle, so used to relying on richer men with $$ being in the limelight being waited on hand and foot. Now everything about her plan had backfired and come home to haunt her.
    Quite frankly it couldn’t happen to a nicer person


  30. CathyT says:

    Uzi, did you see Bill Zwecker’s column today? A few people shared with him some of the exaggerations/lies that Oksana told them in social settings. Her celebrity status as Mel’s arm candy wasn’t glamourous enough because she would made up stories about having famous people over for dinner and performing in European opera houses.

  31. Sincerity says:

    @Cathy T:

    OMG! I read the column you referenced. No wonder Mel Gibson felt compelled to distance himself from her. Why lie about things that can be easily verified? A mature, stable person knows better. She’s much too old for this kind of stuff. Doesn’t she know all of this is going to come out during the court proceedings? She has another child to consider. What was she thinking? She’s blown her chance of working with other professionals in the entertainment industry.

  32. Uzi says:

    Cathy T…Yes, I read Bill’s column. I know you’re not a fan of the tabloids, but I really hope they expose more of Oksana’s b.s. I’d also love to hear more from her ex, Nicholas Rowland, the British citizen she married in order to gain UK permanent residency. From a “Daily Mail” interview last year: “Asked what sort of woman Oksana was, Rowland replied, ‘You should ask all the other men – there were enough of them.’” He referred to their “marriage” as “a period of my life that I would rather forget.”

  33. Debbie says:


    Cheers Cathy Read the column what a manipulative bitch she is. Liars always come back you haunt you. Told you Oksana
    (Just in case she on the net surfing to see what we all are saying about her)
    I also cracked up about the comment Mel’s lawyer said about not knowing what she did after he lest the house.

    You know I really wouldn’t put it past her to try and injure herself to try anything, But still nothing happened.
    As Someone said earlier and I agree, I reckon it was Lucia spending the day with Mel at Robyn’s house with there kids that sent her loopy

    I would love to hear other people come forward and tell us what other story’s she has told, I really can’t imagine those two on any boat entertaining, let alone having anyone around for dinner.

    How would you manage that when they never lived together?

    I reckon she mental,crazy, Oh hell she already is.


  34. Frieda says:

    For Oksana it’s about money and – love Uzi’s post! – the loss of social status and celebrity living. For Mel, it’s about Lucia. He still has plenty of money to spare, this is a drop in the bucket for him. Oksana simply isn’t going to get to share in any large part of it, even if Lucia does.

  35. Clarify says:

    Uzi’s post is dead on. I think she analyzed Oksana to a T.
    What a shame this gold digger is dragging her poor baby through this. I am glad little Lucia is too young to understand what is going on.
    I hope and pray her mother does the mature thing.
    Like, get a job??

  36. angelika says:

    But she is blackmailing him with those DVD’s..Isnt she? Dont people go to jail for blackmailing?I wonder if she had done same thing with all her married lovers?Maybe she makes a living out of it..

  37. Sincerity says:


    Before it’s all over, she just may have to! From what I understand, she’s somewhat lacking in the “marketable skills” department. However, it’s not always about “what you know” as opposed to “who you know”. If she was “half way” intelligent, she wouldn’t be so “recklessly burning her bridges” behind her. With her “shaky” past, she’s going to need HIM and HIS FAMILY long before he’ll need her. Perhaps if she would have accepted their split with some class, in time, bygone would have been bygones and everyone involved would have looked upon her much more favorably. Even many of his detractors would have a difficult time dealing with her because she lacks the ability to acknowledge “the invisible pecking order” between wives and mistresses which exists within many cultures. Even in her native, Russia, pulling these antics would have cost her and her family, dearly. She figured out a very long time ago, that men outside of her native country are easier to manipulate and not as vindictive. She’s had the luxury of using and discarding men while moving up “a higher rung” on the socioeconomic ladder, so to speak. Realistically, we all “reap what we have sown” and her callous disregard for other people has come back “to bite her with a vengeance”.

  38. Uzi says:

    To those who gave me a shout out: thanks! I’m just calling it like I see it.

    @Sincerity…Yes, our great minds do think alike, and I’ve put “Mr. New Orleans” on my reading list (hope it’s set in the Big Easy, one of my favorite cities). I always love your comments, so insightful and intelligent, as are those from some of the the other regular posters. Yes, I too hope Oksana will reap what she has sown for so many years. I can’t imagine what it must be like making your way through life by whoring and using people. And the older she gets the harder it will be to charm her potential sugar daddies. I agree that if she had dealt with the breakup with class, like Robyn has done, she might have been able to move on with her life in a better way. I feel so sorry for her 13-year-old son. Hopefully he’s spending most of his time with his father.

    @Angelika…Yes, this sounds like blackmail/extortion to me, and maybe Oksana has done it before, or has filmed/taped stuff as insurance policies. She may as well have “grifter” tatooed on her forehead! I sure hope Mel calls her bluff, even if the “evidence” is leaked to the internet. His reputation has been so trashed over the past few years that I can’t imagine what could possibly damage it further!

  39. Frieda says:


    That was a very well thought out post and I agree completely.

    It will be interesting to see what “news” tomorrow brings. Hopefully she’ll try to pretend she has class and let the lawyers work this out (and quit breaching agreements!) for her children’s sakes, not to mention her own. She’s lit herself on fire and is going down in flames, trying to burn everyone else she can on the way.

  40. angelika says:

    @Frieda..Well she is pretending to have some ‘class’,just read latest of what HER lawer had to say..I like specially saying’ unlike Mr Gibson’..Besides being so many awful things,SHE is a big time hypocrite..She is an embarassment to Russia..She is from Soviet Union since she left in 1989..She has soviet mentality (recording DVD) multiplied by american materialism..Please dont stereotype Russians by this woman..We dont judge American women by Monica Levinski..Sorry, Mel Gibson has to go throu this..Despite of many bad things said about him in press,i do believe ,he is kind human being and talanted, brilliant director..But he is just a lost soul..He ll put himself together and emerge out of this stronger and better person..It is kind of wake up call for him..Things always happen for a reason..
    From Russia with Love From All Our People..(please dont be sarcastic)we really love his movies

  41. Uzi says:

    @angelika…Sorry that so many people are trashing Russian women because of Oksana. I work with two Russian women, both married (to regular guys, not rich movie stars!) and one has children. They are lovely, hard working, decent people. To all my fellow American posters: let’s not forget that Rielle Hunter and all of Tiger Woods’ and Jesse James’ skanks are American. Sleaze knows no nationality!

  42. angelika says:

    Uzi..Thank you!