Jon Gosselin gets a giant dragon back tattoo, mocked for Ed Hardy-like design (update)

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Radar Online has photos of Jon Gosselin’s new tattoo, a giant sad but angry-looking dragon that runs nearly the entire length of his back. The dragon is clutching a scroll that has the dates of his children’s birth along with their names in Korean. Jon’s mother is Korean and was raised in Hawaii, according to reports.

Jon, 33 going on 18, told Radar that he has a life coach and enthused about some personal achievement program he’s sinking his tabloid money into. He explained that the dragon is something he’s wanted for a while that “resemble[s] a rebirth or a change in me.” Jon’s ex girlfriend Hailey Glassman gloated to Radar that the dragon resembles the Ed Hardy T-Shirts that Jon forced TLC to blur out before he was cut out of his family’s reality show.

“I think congratulations are in order. He has successfully turned his back into an Ed Hardy t-shirt,” Glassman giggled to on Monday. “It’s what he always wanted [to look like Ed Hardy]…so mission accomplished!” was first to publish photos of the former reality star’s new body art, which features a gigantic and intricately detailed Korean dragon across his upper back. Gosselin, 33, told that he’s wanted the tattoo for years.

“I wanted something that represented a rebirth or a change in me,” he said. “The dragon is all encompassing. It has all parts of the Zodiac.”

The tattoo was designed at Never Say Die Tattoo parlor in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Jon’s first session was three weeks ago for six hours, the second took place a week ago and it was eight hours long.

[From Radar Online]

14 hours sounds like an awfully long time to sit for a tattoo, but it’s not like Jon has a job to go to. He also proved in his last relationship that he’s able to passively accept pain for relatively long stretches.

I googled “Ed Hardy Dragon” and the images that came up weren’t much different from Jon’s tattoo. It also reminded me of an episode of the Simpsons when Homer tried to help Selma adopt a baby from China. He got drunk on the plane coming back and hallucinated about some dragons, who sang a wacky song “The Man Who Broke a Dragon’s Heart.” (That video is below.) Congratulations, Jon, you’ve signified your rebirth with a giant indelible Ed Hardy T-Shirt. You’re so bad ass.

Update: Jon’s manager tells US Weekly that the tattoo also features the name of Jon’s new girlfriend, Ellen, in Korean. That’s a wise move considering that none of his girlfriends post-split have lasted more than a few months.

Jon Gosselin is shown on 6/16/10. Credit:


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38 Responses to “Jon Gosselin gets a giant dragon back tattoo, mocked for Ed Hardy-like design (update)”

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  1. Maritza says:

    Just what he needed, a tattoo to complete his fugliness! He’s just happy to be back in the news.

  2. lisa says:

    Jon is the poster boy (man) to me of why people should keep their asses off Reality TV. It has destroyed so many average people. They get a taste of fame and don’t know what to do when it leaves. Jon is so desperate to get back in front of the camera it is beyond pathetic. Kate is so deep in she would sell a child to stay on the tube as well. YOU see this over and over. Look at all the Bachelors and Bachelorettes, Million Housewives shows, The Kardashians and Jersey Shore people.. YUCK to all of them.

    These people are famous for nothing but the ideal of being famous.
    I will be so glad when this madness ends. PLEASE make these people go away. Make it stop. In a few years more of them will fall away. Unfortunately a new batch of idiots will take their place.

  3. Kaboom says:

    That will certainly toughen him up.

  4. partygirl says:

    I don’t like his picture here, reminds me of a bullfrog when its inflating his mouth.

  5. JaisyMaisy says:

    I wish you’d just quit writing about both of them. They won’t go away until everyone days, and they don’t deserve any form of fame. They’re dispicable.

  6. Persistent Cat says:

    “33 going on 18″ and him having no job to go to made me laugh. But yeah, I agree, if we stopped looking, they’d go away.

    Why is the ex-girlfriend being asked for a quote. Radar Online is pretty much TMZ, isn’t it?

  7. Wisteria says:

    …why is his face all scuffed up…?

  8. bellaluna says:

    @ lisa – Co-sign! I hate reality TV with a fervency usually reserved for telemarketers. I refuse to watch ANY of it.

    @ Persistent Cat – I think ROL is actually National Enquirer, but I’m not sure.

    Oh, and this man-child is absolutely disgusting!

    And seeing as his ex-side-dish is engaged to Michael Don’t-Mess-with-Me-I’ve-Recorded-Your-Ass Lohan, I don’t think she’s in a position to laugh at ANYONE!

  9. LindyLou says:

    It’s good to see he’s spending what little money he has on something useful….ugh

  10. MayBelle says:

    I don’t care for this guy but its hardly unheard of for someone of Asian ancestry to have a dragon tattoo. And Asia was making dragon tattoos like that way before Ed Hardy was. Even if he did inspire it in the case of this dude.

  11. Eden says:

    His big tattoo will compensate for his little teeny….

  12. denise says:

    He looks like a bloated frog in that pic.

  13. Bodhi says:

    14 hours is nothing when it comes to big tattoos. My friends have done ones that take way longer

  14. Whitey Fisk says:

    Someone needs to tell ol’ Toad that all the dragon tats in the world can’t make a pudgy, middle-aged father of eight a badass.

  15. Whatever says:

    Aren’t we done with this douche?

  16. hanh says:

    ugh when is the 15 minutes of fame over? Please?

  17. Kelaa Khaa says:

    I wonder if any of the kids have the green eyes?

  18. Liana says:

    he really ended up being a jackass, didn’t he? And Haley Glassman, she of the falling into potted plants, is giggling at something? Shut up.

  19. Feebee says:

    The man with the dragon tattoo?

    Why is Hayley Glassman still talking?

  20. original kate says:

    hmmm…for people with no jobs jon & kate manage to spend money on the most ridiculous things: spray tans, tattoos, designer clothes, etc. i don’t want to hear either of these grifters whining about how they have no money. ever. again.

  21. logan says:

    You poor, poor, poor man child.
    WAKE UP!!! As my wonderful gammy would have said “Quit pissin’ your life away”.
    Gammy was always right.

  22. Corina says:

    Remember on Friends when Phoebe would get distressed about something and say “ohhh NO”? That’s all I can say about this business right here. :)

  23. mai tai says:

    Jon is the CEO of stupid!

  24. MissyA says:

    Was it 14 hours straight, or 14 hours total? Because a lot of really big, beautiful pieces take a lot of work – but generally it’s over the course of a few weeks/months.

    If he sat for 14 hours straight, a) the artist probably isn’t that experienced and it’ll show and b) Jon was probably on pain killers. (I can’t imagine dough boy sitting for that long without whining.)

    That being said, I love tattoos and the tattoo culture. But I would snicker out loud if I saw a permanent Ed Hardy tribute. Gross.

  25. Just a Poster says:

    Well reading this article equals 2 minutes of my life I will never get back :/

  26. irishserra says:

    How silly. What is he going to do in a few years when the brand goes out of style? He’s just dating himself.

    @MissyA: I agree. Remember the tramp stamps and the barbed wiring around the bi/tri-ceps? I snicker when I see fools stuck with those. LOL!!!

  27. umabrasileira says:

    Maybe the girlfriend paid for it… he had to acknowledge the sponsor.

  28. Ling says:

    Ugh. Don’t credit Ed Hardy with that. Please. I grew up with dragons looking like that, it’s a part of Chinese culture, not that pseudo Asian-Japanese style that the douche copies. Hell, we have rice bowls with dragons like that all over it. Try searching Google images with “yakuza tattoo”.

  29. Ruffian9 says:

    Could dude BE more unattractive?

  30. Camille says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more lisa!

  31. Alice Tripp's ghost says:

    Jon Grosslin’s birthday is April 1st. Yes, he’s an April Fool. ‘Nuff said.

  32. MissyA says:

    irishserra – I know, right? Although, I’m personally a fan of blotchy black tribal and “trailer trash” with kanji.

    Ling – You know that, and I know that, but are you really going to credit Jon for knowing that? At best, he saw the design on a t-shirt, and vaguely remembered it from childhood. Still.

  33. For Sooth? says:

    It looks very Asian to me so why wouldn’t he incorporate it? And I think that having a life coach has kept him on the down low for a bit. If so, he is baby stepping in the right direction, but please keep on going Jon.

    And yes, I think that at least one of the kids has green eyes.

  34. MooCowhead says:

    What a pathetic looking man :/

  35. mags says:

    when it said it had his kids’ names in korean i thought it meant like the kids had been given korean names (by one of his parents or something) but it is totally just their names “hangulized”…not that cool.
    but it does look like the work of a decent artist so…why do i care again? damnit brain cells dying!

  36. LindaR says:

    Imagine being the tattoo artist that had to deal with Gosselin’s back fat. So gross. So not time to eat my lunch now.

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