Lauryn Hill is ready for a comeback


She was one of the most popular voices of the ’90s, as the lead singer of The Fugees and then as a solo artist, but Lauryn Hill made a sudden, unexplained departure from the music industry for over a decade. Now, Hill is making tentative steps toward a comeback, including a few live concert dates and even some media interviews. The notoriously reclusive singer says the time off was largely dedicated to raising her five children and to taking care of herself after several years of touring, recording, and living a very high profile life.

Lauryn Hill is back — sort of.

Celebrated for her work with the Fugees and her classic solo album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” the Grammy-winning hip-hop/R&B artist has barely been seen or heard since 1999. (Despite universal accolades, she only released one album after 1998’s “Miseducation”: 2002’s “MTV Unplugged.”) Some wondered whether the erratic artist — who demands to be addressed as “Ms. Hill” — had a nervous breakdown.

But Hill, now 35, finally explained her mysterious absence to National Public Radio’s Zoe Chace, who scored a interview with the artist following a rare performance in Santa Rosa, Calif.

Why did she stop recording? “There were a number of different reasons,” she explains.

“But partly, the support system that I needed was not necessarily in place. There were things about myself, personal-growth things, that I had to go through in order to feel like it was worth it.”

The platinum-selling star also takes aim at the music industry, suggesting it didn’t nurture her with enough care or patience: “Oftentimes,” Hill says, “the machine can overlook the need to take care of the people who produce the sounds that have a lot to do with the health and well-being of society. … And it’s important that people be given the time that they need to go through, to grow, so that the consciousness level of the general public is properly affected.”

Not that Hill hasn’t kept herself busy the past 11 years.

“I don’t know if you know this, but I have five children,” she tells NPR. Her children’s dad is Hill’s longtime love, Rohan Marley, son of the late reggae legend Bob Marley.

“The youngest is 2 now, so she’s old enough that I can leave her for a period of time and know she’s going to be okay.”

“I think it’s just time,” to start performing again, she adds.

“I’m starting to get excited again. Believe it or not, I think what people are attracted to about me, if anything, is my passion. People got exposed to my passion through music and song first. … And I think that can be infectious.”

[From MSNBC]

I would love to see Lauryn put out a new album- her unique R&B/soul voice would be a welcome breath of fresh air in the world of auto-tuned teen-bots. Hopefully, she is in a better place mentally than when she first hit the big time. She performed a few scattered concerts back in 2007 that were rough – her voice and demeanor were off. Maybe the time off has helped. I think the music industry is tough for people who don’t want to be “handled” by record executives and managers – and Lauryn has never been one to sit back and do what she’s told. But I say, welcome back!

LAS VEGAS - JUNE 30:  Singer Lauryn Hill performs at the Red Rock Casino June 30, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - MARCH 02:  Singer Lauren Hill poses at the Tinseltown To Gotham Pre-Oscar Event at the Regent Beverly Wilshire on March 2, 2006 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 06:  Musician Lauryn Hill performs at Current TV 'Take Back TV' launch celebration at Central Park Rumsey Playfield October 6, 2005 in New York City.  (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images)

Header: Lauryn performing with the Fugees in 2005.

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  1. scotchy says:

    i know someone that produced some tracks from her hit record, and she was a nightmare to work with,
    i hope time and growth has made her a better person, because she was great, and it’s about time, genuine musicians, started making a come back.

  2. Ralph says:

    Crazy is, as Crazy does…

  3. Victoria says:

    I think she has a beautiful voice and she’s got an ageless face. I wish her luck.

  4. Victoria says:

    I think she has an ageless and very pretty face. Just like Sleeping Beauty! 🙂

  5. a says:

    maybe see just needed a break. hopefully things will work out better this time.

  6. susanne says:

    I loved her and her music- I feel like she was the soundtrack in the early days of my relationship with my husband- sigh.

    I think she has some pretty serious mental health issues, and I’ve got doubts she can do this. It’s just not worth it if the price is too high for her and her family.

    I wish her the best.

  7. Luci says:

    her solo album was
    I am so excited to hear her new work!

  8. serena says:

    I loved her, I’m glad she’ll do a comeback. And I didn’t know she has 5 kids.. woah, now I understand the time off.

  9. Angel says:

    Very very happy when I heard this. I adore this woman!

  10. Lita says:

    Hers is the only r+b album I ever bought (not usually my thing). Wish her well.

  11. roxi says:

    “her unique R&B/soul voice would be a welcome breath of fresh air in the world of auto-tuned teen-bots.”

    I love her music and can completely understand her need to step back and take care of her 5 kids. I’ve got 1 and cannot imagine him x5. Also, love her ‘fro.

  12. partygirl says:

    Its been years since I’ve heard of her again. Good luck!

  13. annaloo says:

    I want her back! Absolutely! But those brows….no no no….

  14. lena says:

    Her MTV unplugged perfomance was on heavy rotation when it first came out…played that more than the miseducation one. Hopefully she is all there mentally… The music needs you Lauryn! First Sade, then Maxwell, and possibly Lauryn Hill! Now all we have to do is get De’Angelo on the come back road.

  15. shorty40 says:

    “Shiver”…that is one uuuuuuuugly mug.

  16. e says:

    Hopefully she is not bat sh*t crazy anymore.

  17. Iggles says:

    roxi – word!

    She has real talent. Something many of the younger bunch don’t know about (Lady Gaga, Bieber, Keisha, etc). Hope she can keep it together though..

  18. denise says:

    Lauryn can sure bring out the crazy.

  19. Holly says:

    I absolutely LOVE her. And in her day, she was THE most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Arguably one of the greatest natural voices ever. Go Lauryn!

  20. Viktor says:

    Yeah, she has an AMAZING voice…. but too bad she’s racist. Shes even gone on record saying that she would rather her AND her children STARVE before having a white person buy her records.

  21. Deb says:

    Yea, Viktor, THAT is what I remember about her and why I turned a blind eye to her and I will never look back.

  22. jc126 says:

    I read a fascinating thing about her, can’t remember where, but it said that with her first pregnancy, she was involved with both Wyclef Jean and Rohan Marley, but it was Wyclef she was really hoping was the dad, and she was always pining for WJ.
    I know the quote about white people was an urban legend, but that line she’s got about “hair waves like Europeans” still makes me wonder if she’s not bigoted. I think there’d be a reaction if some white singer had a line in a song that referenced some alleged tendency of Africans. When you refer to people as a group, and not even from a country, but a continent, it sounds rather dismissive.

  23. Jennifer says:

    Re the racist comment, check out what says about that: .

  24. lena says:

    Viktor, that “quote” was proven false

    @jc126, I think you have, actually I know you have misconstrued the message from that song. She was referring to the large number of black women wearing their hair like europeans…long straight weaves/wigs/extensions…not loving themselves, trying to obtain the european standard of beauty etc…Now go look at the post on naomi campbell’s hair line and you’ll see the damage that can happen when SOME women don’t care for their hair properly while rocking the european standard of beauty on their head. I know I sound a bit snippish, but it’s not meant that way at all. 🙂 Oh and her song Ex-factor was supposedly about Wyclef

    beautiful song

  25. original kate says:

    i’m ready for lauryn’s comeback, too…love her.

  26. Strawberry says:

    I think Lauryn Hill is one of those artists who like Kanye West is a little too in love with their self-importance. Love the music, don’t love the artist.

  27. Whitey Fisk says:

    I love her music, and think she’s wonderful to look at (even all the photos above are scary!). I also heard that she’d rather see her children starve than see a white person buy her music. Thanks for the clarification, I am happy to hear that she doesn’t hate white people. I won’t feel guilty listening to her tunes anymore since it’s likely she’s not actually a racist.

    P.S. What is the correct punctuation to use with parentheses (see my first sentence)? Um, also the sentence I just wrote. I seem to use an awful lot of parentheses…

  28. Ron says:

    She may be ready, but seriously who cares? I love it when these “artists” leave for 10 years and then suddenly decide that the planet needs their voice again. I hate to break it to you Lauryn, but your a pop musician and that field moves at the speed of light now. You were very talented, but your moment is gone.

  29. Morgs says:

    The Fugees tried to reunite and do a new album. It was such a clusterfcuk that Wycleff called it off.

    “We went in the studio and recorded a couple records that were incredible. But, to put it nicely, it’s dead,” Pras told back in July of ’07. “Me and Clef, we on the same page, but Lauryn [Hill] is in her zone, and I’m fed up with that sh*t. Here she is, blessed with a gift, with the opportunity to rock and give and she’s running on some bullsh*t? I’m a fan of Lauryn’s but I can’t respect that.”-Pras

  30. lena says:

    LOL @ 29

    Can you at least wait till she drops her first single to come to that conclusion? I know many people, myself included that are ready for Ms. Hill to come back. Look at Maxwell and Sade…not a peep out of them in nearly 10 yrs and their CDs sold in the millions. Maxwell has sold out concerts which I attended by the way…he’s awesome! I think people can make a distinction between real artists and manufactored ones, In my opinion Ms Hill was/is one of the real artists.

  31. Ralph says:

    She already did one come back in 2007 dressed as a clown, that didn’t go very well.
    Having babies by married man, will drive any woman crazy. Get your own man and put the pipe down, then maybe you can rebuild your career Lauren.

    The first step in recovery is admitting that your have a problem.

  32. sdca says:

    yes, the song about ‘look at where you be with hair weaves like europeans, fake nails done by koreans’…is how folks look outside of themselves and their culture/race, which is why she says ‘come again’…you have to listen tot he whole song to get the message she is giving, and that one line has nothing to do with being anti white.

    in fact, i take it to mean anyone who looks outside themselves for satisfaction is barking up the wrong tree and there’s a tendency to lose oneself in the process…

    maybe i’m fantastizing, but as a white person, i like to think her music applies to everyone, even if she is singing about her culture/racial background.

    and, if she is as spiritual as she sings thru her music, she would not be racist. she does sing about the true power group in the world, and the lies that are spread, which affect all of us, black or white…
    so…i dunno.

    her voice is virtually in a league of it’s own, however.

  33. sdca says:

    @ralph-marley is married?
    i wonder if she just wanted his Genes?
    I mean, she wants to create a new royalty, african ancestral royalty, through music-what better way than thru bob marley’s son?

    maybe they have an agreement.

    anyway, are you also saying she’s a crackhead?

    Her quote in this article about ‘affecting society consciousness in the appropriate way’
    I do think she sees herself as ab it of a healer/savior’ type…separate from others, adnt hat it is her duty or service to the world to change mass consciousness. she’s a bit full of herself, though I agree with her that vibration thru music and lyrics certainly impacts us all, whether we like it or not.

    She was interviewed once and said she ‘almost became a civilian again’.
    how weird???
    she doesn’t see herself as ‘one of us’.
    yea yea, i get it-these celebs and elite live a different kind of life-but honestly, to refer to yourself in that way-a bit self-immportant,non?

  34. Sincerity says:

    It would be interesting to see what she has to offer as an artist since she’s been “out of the loop” for so long. She’s never been a “superficial” person and takes her musical messages very seriously. Her return to the music scene may inject some badly needed thought provoking commentary.

  35. Saz says:

    Saw her live this year at RAGGAMUFFIN. She was amazing but apparently an absolute diva. Wanted 5 hours for hair and make up and only played a like half hour set.

  36. Bopa says:

    June 29th, 2010 at 12:55 pm I think Lauryn Hill is one of those artists who like Kanye West is a little too in love with their self-importance. Love the music, don’t love the artist.


    I don’t think that’s fair to say in her case. Since she’s been gone she got married and had children. I think her children are probably more important to her since she’s put her career on hold to have and care for them. Other than being in the music business I don’t think they have much in common.

  37. MissyA says:

    I heard this piece on NPR and all I have to say is if Lauryn Hill is crazy, then she’s my kind of crazy.

    . . .MSat you really chose some unflattering pictures of Lauryn.

  38. Confuzzle says:

    Her unplugged show was epic in its insanity. Ten minute long crying jags pretending to be singing 😀 Love it.

  39. kim says:

    ya heard that she said something like she’d rather have her baby starve than have white people buy her CD? Then she was suppose to be really bitchy to work with.

    IDK I like her songs. Love the fugees and her solo. Can’t forget the love for her from sister act 2 role. Love whoopi dressed as a nun and a slightly slutty jen love hewett*sp?oh off subject. All i’m saying is i’d give her a listen. People change.

  40. Anne de Vries says:

    She pretty much provided the soundtrack to my late teens. Come on back Lauryn, I’ll listen!

  41. Mistral says:

    I hope she makes a comeback. She is so gorgeous and talented. It’ll be good to have someone with real singing talent back in the spot light, when so many of today’s stars are just pretty faces with average/crappy voices and stupid/meaningless songs.

  42. Bopa says:

    June 30th, 2010 at 12:57 am ya heard that she said something like she’d rather have her baby starve than have white people buy her CD? Then she was suppose to be really bitchy to work with.


    No one has been able to produce the article or tv show she supposedly said it on. This rumor came out when her CD was selling like hot cakes so I wouldn’t be surprised if another label put that in the air. As far as bitchy to work with I don’t know. I do know that she was sued by some of the musicians she worked with after the album released.

  43. maria says:

    The comment hair weaves like Europeans means that black people are under pressure to conform to white standards of beauty. Long flowwing locks incase you dont already know black peoples hair grows upwords in an afro. In places of work black people with afros or dreadlocks are not offered jobs so they must get weaves to conform tot eh white standard of beauty. Lauren hill is not being racist she is just stating how annoying it can be when people tell you why dont you perm your hair straight? Its like asking a white person why dont you make your hair afro to look like me

  44. Meanchick says:

    @ Maria, ‘black peoples hair grows straight up into an afro?” LOL. I know you mean well hun, but that is not true. We all have different textures of hair and the last I checked no one’s hair grows straight upwards. Hair is hair. It all grows the same way.