Trainer calls Demi Moore “thick” and Naomi Watts “fleshy” before his program

Personal trainer to the stars Rob Parr has a new book coming out called “Star Quality: The Red Carpet Workout for the Celebrity Body of Your Dreams” The way Parr describes some of his celebrity clients when he first started working with them is not flattering at all. Perhaps he’s trying to explain that you too can have a celebrity body, or maybe trainers regularly talk like that, but the way he disses the “before” bodies of some celebrities is just plain mean:

Demi Moore needed some major work to turn herself from a fat-kneed, thunder-thighed girl into a ravishing knockout, according to Robb Parr, her former personal trainer. In his upcoming exercise book, “Star Quality,” Parr writes: “[Demi] lacked a defined waist, carried too much meat on her thighs, and was, by movie-star standards, thick overall. To taper her waist, we decided to accentuate her shoulders, creating a V-shape. We trimmed her thighs, shaving off some of the excess fat from above her knees, and accentuated her butt, further emphasizing her waist.” As for Madonna, whom Parr also whipped into shape, “When [she] and I started working together, she was very soft . . .” As for Aussie cutie Naomi Watts, she came to Parr “fleshy, and we needed to trim and tighten so that she would fit the mold of a bikini-clad babe.”

[From The NY Post]

This guy’s book could also be called “You’ll never fight flab in this town again,” because he’s not going to win any business in the future by being so rude about his clients. Some programs work better than others, but Parr is fooling himself if he thinks that his routine is so unique and worthwhile that stars are going to keep seeing him after he talked smack about his clients. Celebrities expect some kind of discretion and privacy in the professionals they work with. Maybe they gave him permission to mention them in his book, but it’s doubtful.

According to Amazon, Parr’s book classifies the female stars into different body types to help you achieve their slender and defined physiques:

Success is in the stars with this proven celebrity-based program that offers lasting transformation in 90 days. Instead of the standard apple, pear, or celery stick body shapes, Rob Parr presents body types based on some of his most famous celebrity clients, so that readers can identify with, aspire to, and work toward a body shape like Madonna’s (athletic), Demi Moore’s (hourglass), or Naomi Watts’s (long and slender). The plan is easy to follow and has a lot of variety to keep routines from getting dull, plus celeb secrets, motivational tips, and Hollywood stories to keep things fun and interactive.

[From via Huffington Post]

One of the best and easiest diet and exercise programs to follow is the now-classic “Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength.” (It’s easy to follow, but the work is hard although definitely doable.) Another one I recommend is Don Lemmon’s Know How – The Truth About Exercise and Nutrition which is also very effective but not as easy to learn. Overall it’s all about getting your butt in the gym and lifting weights and eating less. For me I need a formula to follow and don’t like to count calories or weigh food.

There are plenty of excellent programs for losing weight and firming up and it’s all about picking one and getting motivated to follow it most of the time. I don’t want some arrogant trainer telling me that Madonna and Naomi Watts used to be fat at some very brief point in their lives, though. That really isn’t going to make me want to buy his book.

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  1. elisha says:

    That seriously calls Demi Moore “fat-kneed?”

  2. headache says:

    I don’t think Demi will mind. This little dude’s claims only give creedence to te idea that Demi owe’s her phenomenal figure to hard work and exercise instead of plastic surgery as many assume.

    And of course Naomi was fleshy. Alexander was a big boy! I’m sure she’s proud that she nourished such a healthy baby to term.

    This dude is a sleezebag though.

  3. ER says:

    Wow, if he was that insulting to ‘already fabulous looking stars who wanted to tone up’ I can’t fathom how cruel he’d be to a common person like me!

  4. iheartlasagne says:

    It reminds me of the Bowflex commercial where the guy lost like 60 lb or something, yet states “I gave all my fat clothes to my fat friends!” Irritates me everytime, and makes me wonder; doesn’t seem like a person who was recently overweight would say such an ugly thing.

  5. Bodhi says:

    No joke! I’d love to be able to afford a personal trainer to get me going, but certainly not one who made me feel awful about myself!

  6. snappyfish says:

    Demi Moore had MAJOR plastic surgery while out in Idaho. She had lipo on her thighs (that is how he trimed that fat down) She had tummy tucks, breast implants, butt lift.

    Please. She is a beauty but this guy who wrote the book may indeed be her trainer now. But he is not responsible for triming down the thick plank of a body he claims she had.

  7. I choose me says:

    It reminds me of the Bowflex commercial where the guy lost like 60 lb or something, yet states “I gave all my fat clothes to my fat friends!”

    iheartlasagne I think I love you. I have been trying to express to friends why I loathe this commercial with the fire of a thousand suns but none of them quite get why it pisses me off so much. It feels good to know I’m not the only one who thinks that is an incredibly insensitive and demeaning thing to say.

  8. anni says:

    demi moore is thick? naomi is fleshy? has it come to this now…and what, prebaby nicole richie is curvy? somethings wrong woth society and its views on figures. he´d call me a wale if he saw me and i am avarage weightwise.

  9. KC says:

    I just have to chime in here and say that I’ve met several people who have worked their butts off, lost a bunch of weight, and then have really no sympathy for those of their friends or family members who have chosen not to do so. One of those happens to be my hubby – he lost about 45 pounds cycling and is now SO HARD on people who don’t work as hard as he does. He is now a competitive cyclist and has not one iota of sympathy for people we see at restaurants (they are eating WAY too much, he says to me) or out on the street (he might say something like, she should NOT be wearing those shorts!) I think it is a reflection of the fact that they are so unhappy with the way they used to look and they don’t want to go back there, and they don’t understand why everybody doesn’t want to do the hard work they did. I’m not saying that kind of attitude is right, it just seems to be something I’ve noticed lately. However, if my hubby were to be interviewed for a Bowflex commercial on camera I think he would be a lot nicer and wouldn’t phrase it like that jerk did.

  10. KC says:

    Also, regarding the book – I would much rather pay someone to be my personal trainer who is going to be honest, scare me just a little, and most importantly, piss me off, so that I would work harder. Who needs a trainer who is going to be nice to you and tell you how great you look before you even start? For me, it’s about finding the optimal balance between reward vs. payoff (the same trainer would have to reward me with positive feedback when I do something right, or it wouldn’t work either). I take a spin class from an instructor who, despite her tiny size, really scares me. And I work harder in her class than in any other.

  11. Cindy Kennedy says:

    Naomi Watts has never been “fleshy” in her whole life – she is a goddess.

  12. headache says:

    Agreed, Cindy. Naomi is who and what Nicole Kidman wishes she was.

  13. Arwen says:

    Wait, what? Since when is ‘fleshy’ a negative thing to be? Does he prefer people who look bony or something? She’s a human being, we’re SUPPOSED to be fleshy.

  14. Jesse says:

    I think that all this does is show that you need to do some hard work in order to look like a celebrity. Many of them lie in interviews and say that they just eat everything they want and play with their kids, but you’re silly if you think that. I think “thick” and “fleshy” are relatively kind words to describe a larger body. How much more kindly do you want him to word it? Or would you rather he lie as well? I think lack of self control and will power is a major problem in this country. We can shame people for smoking and doing drugs etc. because it’s bad for their health, but if you merely suggest that someone not each so much you’re suddenly a hateful person (before anybody brings up people with diseases that can’t control their weight–that’s not who I’m talking about). If someone can be motivated to change because they admire a celebrity who worked hard to change, I’m fine with that. His language wasn’t perfect, but he conveyed a message. I wish we could all be a little less sensitive about health-related issues and learn to deal with reality.

  15. Sasha says:

    Ashton Kutcher likes to play ‘find the liver spots’.

  16. frewt says:

    Agreed, Cindy. Naomi is who and what Nicole Kidman wishes she was.
    headache | 04.07.08 – 3:48 pm | #

    Cate Blanchette, I reckon.

    As for Demi, she may have had thousands of dollars of PS but she’s also worked out hard to get that GI Jane and Charlies Angels body – you can see it in her musculature.

  17. saintdevil says:

    I don’t think being insulted by mypersonal trainer would help me lose any weight.

    As for Demi, how exactly does she have an hour-glass figure?
    She is very fit and trim, but not curvy. With her fake boobs, she looks more like a board with balls stapled to it!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Plus, how could Demi Moore epitomize an hourglass figure when earlier in the article, the trainer-author is quoted as saying that she lacks a defined waist? A small(er) waist is a primary requirement for an hourglass shape!

  19. headache says:

    If any actress out there epitomizes the hourglass figure it’s either Catherine Zeta Jones or Salma Hayek. Demi’s is not bad, it’s just more of a long, lean, athletic build than hourglass.

  20. FF says:

    Meh, this is just another form or appropriating women’s bodies.

    Not everyone is going to be motivated by someone saying how “thick” and “fleshy” your body is – the method of training is largely dependent on the person.

    I personally find it obnoxious but I’m aware that some people are highly motivated by that kind of talk. Depends on who you are: some people will push harder with the cardio/weights, some people would end up eating chocolate, and some people would just kick him in the nuts.

    What I don’t like about it is him seeming to imply that insulting a clients body is *the* method that works. I find it a bit disturbing when these people lose sight of the fact that it’s a person’s body they’re talking about – you know, a person with feelings – so that everything becomes like dismembered body parts. It’s creepy.

  21. AA says:

    For all you softcocks that think Rob Parr is rude & insulting about his comments of celebrity clients,the fact is these particular clients were exactly as he describes them when they first came to him,maybe that’s why they hired him.As for his comments,if you can’t handle that then you will be in therapy if you ever hear what the majority of men say about overweight women as a whole.They don’t look at you and think “Damm! can’t wait to get Free Willy in the sack!” No they laugh at you behind your back( so you don’t have a breakdown over the truth) and the jokes are fast furious, and deservedly so.Voluptuous,cuddly,curvy and any other delusional adjective you want to use all mean lard/fat/overweight!To let yourself get to that point is a lack of respect to yourselves and your partners,it screams I don’t care and your not worth it to both your partners and your kids.This book is not only quite stark in comment but it’s workouts produces the results bigtime!.So, for all you lardasses who aren’t going to buy the book “because he’s rude & arrogant!” don’t!, have another cupcake while your partners are probably getting a bit on the side from some slim stuff! For those of you who want to do something about the state your in then I say you can’t go wrong,follow the steps grit your teeth and stick with it!You will see changes within two weeks,good luck to all who have the drive!

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  23. I am a personal trainer based in Manchester, UK. This behaviour seriously puts us guys and girls out there doing a good job passing on great knowledge, motivating people to change their lives and achieve their goals. This guy is not what we are all like, we do not abuse or put down our clients!

    Please don’t judge us all by this one guy!


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