Woody Harrelson skinny dipped with Owen Wilson


Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson have a WEIRD relationship. And not a little weird, where maybe they call each other and talk on the phone for hours like teenage girls. But the kind of relationship where they strip off all their clothes and go swimming together. Well at least one of them does. Continuing on last week’s theme of the “bromance,” we have Woody Harrelson’s trip to visit friend Owen Wilson on the Florida set of “Marley & Me.” And what good is a vacation if you have to keep your pants on?

Woody Harrelson cools off in the hot Florida sun with an impromptu skinny dip with actor friend Owen Wilson. The Natural Born Killers star, 46, has been hanging out with the Wedding Crashers actor, 39, in Miami while Wilson films his latest movie Marley & Me in the Sunshine State. While Wilson seems content to bathe in his shorts, free spirit Harrelson strips off to his birthday suit as he leaps into the Atlantic.

On Saturday, the actors had front row seats to watch Serena Williams beat Serbia’s Jelena Jankovic, and reclaimed their prime position on Sunday to see Russia’s Nikolay Davydenko win against Spain’s Rafael Nadal. After spending hours under the blazing sun watching the centre court action, Harrelson couldn’t wait to get back to his Miami waterfront home and rid himself of his sweaty clothing.

After enjoying a dip in Miami Bay, Harrelson climbed out of the Atlantic for a naked work-out on his private dock. As he hoisted himself out of the water, Harrelson showed his tan wasn’t quite all over as he flashed his white backside. Despite his tan lines, the 46-year-old cut an impressive figure as he stretched and did press-ups in the nude.

[From the Daily Mail]

By pretty much all accounts Owen Wilson is doing much better since his suicide attempt in August. But I can’t help but think that seeing Woody Harrelson’s naked ass doesn’t help things very much. Harrelson and Wilson have been close for a long time, and both seem to share an equally laid back approach to life. When describing an average day in his life, Harrelson noted, “’Every day I swim, I surf, climb coconut trees, play with my kids, eat mangoes. There’s no form to it, which I kind of like.” He and Wilson really are the hippie equivalent of Clooney and Pitt.

Header image of Woody Harrelson at the “Semi-Pro” Los Angeles Premiere on February 19th. Owen Wilson at the “Wendell Baker Story” premiere on May 10th. Images thanks to PR Photos.

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  1. geronimo says:

    100% behind iheartlasagne here. Incredibly puritanical take on two guys hanging out. What’s the big deal here? Next.

    ps. iheart, I’m in there naked with you. Nothing beats naked swimming in the ocean. Nothing!

  2. iheartlasagne says:

    Oh geez…Nothing against you, Jaybird, but I wish we could all stop being such prudes. Obviously there is a time and a place, but what is the big deal? We all basically have the same stuff, one white ass is not so terribly different from another (notice I said different, not better/worse). Of course, I grew up in a very open household, and my parents were nudists for a while. For those who’ve never tried it, there is nothing like a nude dip in the ocean and enjoying nature and the sun in your birthday suit!

  3. cici says:

    yeah. i’m thinking it’s more about the freedom feeling and also, woody has always been very “earthy” and done his own thing so i don’t think he’s too concerned with appearances.

  4. Scott F. says:

    I guess women just think differently about this stuff than men, because I don’t get the big deal.

    Any guy that has ever played school sports, or goes with friends to work out at the gym, used a sauna, ect. have seen their friend’s naked ass before. After all that, it’s really no big deal to grab a swim.

    That being said, I wish Woody Harrelson’s naked ass on no man.

  5. anni says:

    those two are having fun, whats wrong about that? i won´t even call it weird, i cann it pretty normal. me and some friends (male and female) used to skinny dip in ozeand or lakes quite often. it´s wonderful!

  6. geronimo says:

    Sorry, scott F, don’t think it’s anything to do with men and women viewing it differently. I’m guessing but I think I’m right in saying that all the comments on here, apart from yours, are from females. I’d say cultural differences and upbringing are more likely to be the reasons.

  7. Scott F. says:

    Geronimo – I guess I have to concede your point there. My stepfather is a Brit, so I’ve been spending my summers across the pond since I was a kid.

    I still remember the first time I took my wife over and how badly she freaked out. It was her first trip out of the US and we were staying in a hotel in Germany, she flipped on the TV and was just shocked. Not to mention her reaction to all the ‘kids’ running around in the pubs.

    Sometimes it’s easy to forget I live in a country founded by people so damn uptight they got themselves kicked out of Europe.

  8. Bodhi says:

    Hehe. Don’t forget they were tax evaders too!

    I don’t see anything wrong with it either. Geronimo & iheart are totally right (as per usual), swimming nakey in the ocean is wonderful! Woody definately & Owen to a lesser extent are crunchy granola guys, skinny dipping just goes with the territory.

    Oh & woody’s quote is awesome. I’d love to live like that

  9. LANETTE says:

    clonney and pitt hippies—no i don’t think so and by the way..birthday suit is naked…

  10. Sasha says:

    “Not that there’s anything wrong with that…..”

  11. Emo says:

    …not to mention that (judging from some earlier photos of Owen swimming in the same place) this is actually a private house he is renting in Miami, not a public park or beachfront………so they were not exactly intending to flash it all out to the world at large….