Madonna to adopt Indian girl


I really don’t believe anyone as frigid as Madonna should be allowed around children. I’m afraid her stare might turn them to stone or something. But unfortunately Madonna doesn’t have to check with me before she does things (I know, I know, it stresses me out too) and according to The Sun, she’s decided to add another kid to her brood. She really must not like all the positive press that gets thrown Brangelina’s way.

Rumors have been floating around for more than a year that Madonna was trying to adopt a Malawian girl named Mercy – but several sources confirm that she has stopped adoption proceedings, due to the girl’s family’s objections – and mountains of red tape. Instead, Madge has decided to get herself an Indian girl, and apparently husband Guy Ritchie is on board, after lots of convincing.

Sandip [Soparrkar, a Bollywood choreographer who spoke with Madonna] said: “We spoke about how there are so many children in India who need homes.” Madonna – who has given up her attempt to adopt a little girl from Africa after growing frustrated with the process – and Guy initially clashed over the idea but they have now decided it will be good for the family.

A source told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “Madonna was very taken with Sandip. He told her there were orphans who would melt her heart. Guy was against the idea, but when she wants something, she gets it. “After the stress of adopting David, Guy thought Madonna was mad to want to go through it all again. But they talked and talked and decided adopting a baby from India would be easier.”

[From Monsters & Critics]

Madonna’s adoption of David Banda was just officially approved last week, after more than two years and multiple trips back to the country – along with a ton of bad press. If nothing else, I will say that it says something about Madonna (though I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad something) that she stuck with the adoption proceedings despite the mountains of red tape and all the bad press. Either she really loves that kid or is incredibly stubborn.

Adding one more adopted child to their family might make things feel a bit more evened out, a la Brangelina. Though I’m not sure that’s the best reason to add a kid to the family. And Guy Ritchie’s reticence sure doesn’t sound like a good thing. Do you really want to convince your husband to add another child to the family that he doesn’t want? Hopefully that was embellished to make a good story. If Madonna does adopt again, that will be one financially lucky kid. But on the other hand, he’ll have to live with Madonna.

Images of Madonna and David on their trip to Africa last April.


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  1. Scott F. says:

    Seriously, I’m not some jingoistic flag-waver, but what the hell? Can’t some of these people who’ve benefited so much from this country financially choose to give back by adopting an American child every once in a while?

    We have children sitting in foster care for the better part of a decade, and they need parents just as badly as an Indian child does. I’m not saying American children should be given preferential treatment or something, but something like 100% of the celeb adoptions in the last few years are foreigners.

    New Orleans is experiencing a critical shortage of housing for an ever swelling number of orphans, why not adopt one of those kids? Oh I forgot, that won’t grab as many headlines.

  2. iheartlasagne says:

    I like Madonna less & less these days, but she really is an amazing…well, she’s ‘something else’, as we say in these parts. Despite being a monstrous bitch overall, I think she is probably a good mom, and loving, if not strict. I’ve read that she’s very strict, but I would have expected it anyway.

  3. Bodhi says:


    Now theres a great SAT word for ya!

    I totally understand where you’re coming from Scott & I tend to agree with you. But I guess there is some little still-warm spot in my cold dead heart that likes to think that celebs who adopt kids from different countries do so because they fall in love with that little kid, not just for PR

  4. Bodhi says:

    And yes, those who would call me such, I know I’m kind of naive…

  5. Kait says:

    Celebs and non celebs alike are put off by the process here in the states. IF you can find a child that is legally able to be adopted (a lot of those foster care kids still technically have parents unwilling to surrender rights) and IF you can find a child that hasn’t gone through God knows what in terms of abuse, neglect, etc and IF you can get the judge to agree that there is no way a biological parent will ever step up, then maybe, just maybe, you can adopt an American child.

    And that’s just for an older child! The process for an infant or toddler can take years, sometimes decades, and sometimes never happen at all.

    It’s cheaper, faster, and easier to do an international adoption.

    All that being said, I think Madonna as a mom is frightening, but whatever. Her kids seem happy, healthy, and fairly normal. At least this time she’s adopting from a country with a real international adoption system set in place. Not quite as many rules for her to break.

  6. geronimo says:

    bodhi, you big softie!

    Seriously, although I think Madge is majorly up her own arse when it comes to her music and film career (ahem) and her Kabbalah (sp?) malarkey, I do feel she is, at heart, a good mother with good intentions.

  7. iheartlasagne says:

    I understand the argument for helping kids in the US first, but I am of the opinion that helping a kid is helping a kid, no matter where it occurs. I know very little about orphanages and the intricacies of the care for foster children, but I also tend to believe that orphans and foster children are cared for better in this country than in third-world countries, not that that means American kids don’t deserve loving homes as well. I also may be being very naive.

  8. Cindy Kennedy says:

    It should not matter what country that someone adopts a child from – its totally irrelevant.

  9. headache says:

    The adoption process in the US is a veritable nightmare for anyone brave enough to go through it. That is the reason so many in our country adopt abroad. It’s expensive but quicker and there is less of a chance of the birth parents either backing out or the courts giving them an eleventh hour second chance to not burn their child with a cigarette after their 3rd stint in rehab.

  10. mollination says:

    I cannot stand Madonna. The only one who strikes me as having a bigger head than her is Justin Timberlake, and it’s no small feat that the two of them can even fit in a recording studio together. She seems to be obsessed with him because he’s young and hot, and he with her because she is a legend who offers him more seniority/cred/staying power.

    A kid is a kid is a kid, no matter the country. I just hope they are being brought into a LOVING home for the RIGHT reasons.

  11. journey says:

    look at the children in the u.s. who were adopted, everything was official, everything signed and sealed. the child was their’s forever after, and living happily with their adoptive parents for three years or more, then whammo, some crazy judge decides to return the child to the birth parents, no matter how abusive they were, no matter how unconcerned about the welfare of their former child until for some whim or another they decided to sue to get the child returned. there was a swarm of these cases in detroit awhile back. and in most cases, within a year or less, the child was dead, beaten and abused. and there have been higher profile cases other places where happy three year olds have been ripped from the only parents they’ve ever known and “returned” to complete strangers who only happen to share dna with the child.

    that doesn’t mean that loving people shouldn’t adopt u.s. orphans, just that the justice system needs to put the needs of the child first.

  12. Sasha says:

    Hey kids, are you homeless, dirty and starving in America? Well too damn bad, it’s your own f*cking fault, because the rich and famous will only adopt you if you live in some third world desert piss-hole !!

  13. valentina says:

    I don’t really care where she gets it from. A child is a child. Heaven knows millions of poor little girls in India need a lot of help. Those that actually make it to be born (if they’re not aborted first from Ultrasound results) are either smothered at birth, starved to death or dumped off by their parents on a mountain somewhere to die. Some are lucky enough to be put into chutes at missions to be are found by the nuns the next morning.

  14. quirkygirlkitten says:

    i wonder if this “orphan” will also have biological parents. i’m just saying…

  15. rlr260 says:

    “Orphans that will melt her heart.” Sounds like she’s picking out a puppy.

  16. 123 says:

    she is a anjelina jolie wanna be!

  17. Breederina says:

    Scanning so fast read rlr260’s comment as “orphans that will melt in your mouth”. Add the Madge factor & still repressing urge to giggle uncontrollably.

  18. MaiGirl says:

    Normally, I applaud this sort of thing, but Madonna does not do ANYTHING unselfishly, which is what makes it unseemly. I hope it isn’t true.

    I saw her and Guy on TV recently. He was asked a question and she answered it and kept talking before he got a word out. I don’t know how he deals with her.

  19. Cindy Kennedy says:

    I have read recently that some of these children in orphanages are not really orphans, their parents may have left them there temporarily due to poverty. The parents are tricked into believing its only temporary. Then, the children are adopted out without the parents knowledge. This is wrong and should not go on. Adoption is a billion dollar industry and there are a lot of unethical things that go on. Adoption is not always the hunky-dory thing that its made out to be.

  20. Anastasia says:

    The big question is why? The only good answer is because they BOTH want another child to love and raise. And I don’t really see that here. I know I’m not privvy to any of the background information, but it seems sort of random, like “well Malawi is too hard, let’s just try India.”

    David is a cutie. But what Madonna is doing does strike me as…insincere. Or odd. Or something. I don’t know. I don’t get the same vibe off her adoptions as I do other people. Can’t really put my finger on why. It really DOES seem like she went “HEY, I can do that, TOO, you know!”

    Hope I’m wrong.

  21. velvet elvis says:

    To the person who wrote the first post…seriously for real. How about if Angelina or Madonna or somebody adopts one of those homeless kids from under the I-10 bridge next time they’re in New Orleans. I mean…they collect exotic orphans like they’re souvenirs…charity begins at home people.

  22. Bex says:

    She knows that she’ll be like, 70 when these kids graduate high school right? That’s something worth considering…