Kate Middleton will probably wait another three years to marry William


Can you tell that the tabloids are really reaching for anything interesting to put on their covers this week? Yet another tabloid doing another “What if Prince William and Kate Middleton got married?” story. Note: they are not engaged, and William is still telling people that they’re going to have to keep waiting for a wedding. The story seems to be about how Kate’s life will change if she becomes a princess and actually has to work and do some public events and not just laze about, being the official girlfriend?

Oh, that reminds me, Kate just quit “working” at her parent’s catalog company so that she could go live with William during his RAF training in North Wales. She’s setting up house for him. A source tells The Daily Mail: “Kate no longer works on a full-time basis at the offices of Party Pieces as those closest to her feel it wouldn’t be fitting for a future Queen to be working on a family-run web­site. Kate used to be the photographer for Party Pieces, but they’ve hired Millie Pilkington to replace her and Kate is now focusing on her life with William while he trains at RAF Valley. William will be training for three years and they agreed that Kate should be closer to him. They go out to the shops in Blaenau Ffestiniog for groceries and she’s settling in well.” That’s a far cry from the glamorous life that Life & Style is promoting:

Speculation is swirling that Kate Middleton and Prince William will soon have their fairytale wedding. In an interview with Life & Style, giving exclusively to PopEater, British journalist Katie Nicholl details what will happen if the two wed.

“Her life will change the minute she and William are engaged,” Nicholl explains of Kate. “William will inherit the crown jewels, property and the royal art collection. Once Kate and William marry, the queen will give them a palace, and Kate will get a new Audi, the car manufacturer of choice for the royal family, and her own driver.”

Plus, Kate’s status as a fashion icon will skyrocket. Labels will be clamoring to dress her.

“She is sent bags of designer clothes every day as it is. Kate has proved herself to be something of a fashion icon, but a lot of her royal wardrobe costs will be met by designers desperate to dress her,” Nicholl adds.

What else will the couple gain upon their marriage? According to Nicholl, the assets the pair will inherit include:

An art collection worth $15 billion
The Crown Jewels
Castles such as Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Kensington Palace
310 Properties across the country

[From PopEater]

I’m sure it is a fabulous life, and I know Kate has paid eight years of dues to get the prize. But I’m still wondering if Waity Katy is ever going to get her reward. True, I don’t think she’s desperate enough to pull a rookie move like getting pregnant. But the press is beginning to ask some serious questions about William’s intentions towards Kate, and how the royal family has been treating her. The Daily Mail had another piece about why William is making Waity Katy be his beck and call girl (full piece here, and here are some highlights):

The worry is it seems this situation is being manipulated by William and the Palace to suit his desire to keep out of the limelight because he feels he is not yet ready for the full gaze of public attention to be turned on him. The thinking — and it’s misguided — is that for as long as he keeps his relationship with Kate unofficial, he can to a large extent remain a private individual. But William is wrong. He is our future King and what he does is vitally important. And there is a wider issue in that the rest of the Royal Family are treating this matter in a selfish and irresponsible manner.

Not only should they have done more to make Kate more welcome, but they should also have learnt from the criticism that they have quite rightly attracted down the years for the way they have treated non-royals who married into the family.

And there is another problem: Prince Charles’s selfishness. It is clear to me that he is increasingly unhappy at the idea of being upstaged by a more attractive generation of younger royals. All in all, it’s easy to see why poor Kate Middleton would be justified to feel maltreated.

[Prince William’s] Greta Garbo-like attitude towards public life (however understandable, in the context of his mother’s unhappy final years) is increasingly unacceptable. For his own sake and his girlfriend’s — and the country’s sake — it’s time he faced up to that.

So is marriage still possible? The problem is that the couple could be falling victim to the house of Windsor’s tradition of wanting to elaborately stage-manage the timing of big occasions. As a result, any wedding plans would have to be accommodated alongside other ‘big-platform’ events that are scheduled for the next two years: Prince Philip’s 90th birthday in 2011, and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 (as well as the London Olympics). This would suggest that any arrangements to walk Kate Middleton up the aisle of St Paul’s Cathedral would have to wait until 2013. But by then, William and Kate will have been together for more than a decade.

In addition, Kate will by that stage be 31 — many years older than most young women would quickly want to start a family. It’s fair to ask what advice Prince Charles is giving his son. Should he not be thinking ahead on William’s behalf, applying the wisdom gathered by his own experience as monarch- in- waiting and as a husband and son?

There’s a theory that Charles prefers the status quo, with Kate Middleton not being part of the Royal Firm. If and when she marries William, the concern is she could turn into Princess Diana Mark two — an object of worldwide obsession who’ll eclipse all those around her, including William, Charles and — especially — Camilla. Such a prospect worries the Prince of Wales, whose turn at being sovereign is probably still many years away. More than anything, he’s a man who loathes being upstaged. And so he remains happily unopposed to the idea of William and Kate remaining unmarried and, relatively speaking, out of the spotlight.

[From The Daily Mail]

There’s more in that piece about how the royal family ignored the Middleton family at Ascot this year, and how the Middleton’s are desperate for William to just propose. The feeling is that Kate and her family have been shunned in large part by the establishment, perhaps because of class (the Middletons are nouveau riche), perhaps because William has sent the signal that Kate is the “Just For Now” girl. Should Kate be happy with the fact that she’s shacked up with William, with no promises of an engagement? Or should she cut her losses? She won’t, just because of the fabulous prize she might get for waiting.



Life & Style cover courtesy of CoverAwards. Additional pice from May 10, 2009, credit: Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. Eileen Yover says:

    Hmmmm if she is happy just hanging in there than wait it out, but if she’s wanting to settle down and wants a stronger commitment than I think she should take off. He seems in no hurry to make an honest woman out of her.

  2. bellaluna says:

    I don’t care who he is, I wouldn’t wait for 11 years. Hell, I wouldn’t wait for 8. If they love each other and want to spend their lives together, sh!t or get off the pot.

    And Prince Charles is in absolutely NO POSITION to give relationship advise. If he tried to me give relationship advise, I’d laugh and tell him to get bent!

  3. YT says:

    My money is on a signed contract for a marriage on a specified date. They can enjoy their lives now without the spotlight marriage will bring. If they are married in three years, expect the quick arrival of two or three children.

  4. Obvious says:

    some people just arne’t ready to get married and are happy not being. look at kurt russell and golde hawn. they’ve been together of ages and aren’t married, who0 said she’s desperate. maybe she’s saying no because she doesn’t want to be royal but loves william?

    i know i know i’m playing devils advocate but after awhile I feel bad for Kate, because everyone all over the world is constantly picking on her.

  5. snowball says:

    I’m sort of a semi-stalker of royal gossip and I used to be pretty pro-William and Kate, or at least pro-Kate. I hate the whole, “Waity Katy” label, I think more likely that priggy William has been stringing her along with a LOT of promises he’s not living up to and somewhere along the way, it sort of ended up being one of those point of no returns for her.

    She really, really ought to cut her losses. If anything, Diana was a prime example of what can happen when you don’t. I don’t think marrying into that cesspool is worth it, at least not until that asswad Philip croaks.

    Ooooh, an Audi!

    It sounds like William is starting to take after his milksop father. What a pussy. If he wanted her, he’d marry her, I don’t get this weenie of a father whining and moaning that he doesn’t like it when those wascally kids are pwettier than he is (like who wouldn’t be).

  6. denise says:

    I really don’t understand what is on her head on that magazine cover.

  7. Lisa Turtle says:

    Three more years sounds about right. I think that William is dithering and Kate is waiting. I also think there must be something real there- 8 years is nothing to scoff at. They must have a real connection and a good relationship. Still, I certainly don’t think William will marry Kate anytime soon. I don’t think he wants the publicity, I think he is enjoying being young. For all intents and purposes she is a wife to him, except in the public and legal sense. 3 years + they may get married. Or they may both move on.

  8. meme says:

    i’ll take hot harry on a horse over wills any day.

  9. Julie says:

    As long as Waity Katie continues to wait, I will continue to call her that. What does she do all day? She would marry him at noon today if she could. I simply don’t buy the she’s the one who doesn’t want to get married theory. I also think this whole string her along game is exactly what William wants. He has found someone who has given up her whole life to wait for him, flatter him, coddle him, and treat him like a “king”. Says more about him than it does about her. He is in control and getting more like his father every day. I’m beginning to think they deserve each other.

    Also- until they are formally engaged, the royal family does not owe Kate or her family anything.

  10. YeaRight!!! says:

    Ha Ha. Katie will end up being the Camilla Parker-Bowles of this generation.

    Prince William will be forced to wed a virgin….as their laws require. She will give him an heir and a spare.

    Kate will end up marrying another man.

    Wills and her will continue to have an affair….and eventually ruin the marriage of William and his “virginal bride”, along with Kate and whoever she ends up marrying.

    The virginal bride will end up growing a spine and divorcing Wills, and die in a fiery crash years later.

    History does repeat itself.

  11. Danielle says:

    I’m with meme :)

  12. Bill Hicks is God says:

    If she’s smart she’ll run as far as her legs will carry her from that family of dingbats.

  13. manda says:

    I still just can’t get over how they live, and that it is financed by the people of England (or Great Britain, sorry, not sure). If I lived over there, I would be SO annoyed that my tax money (or whatever) supports those people, who really have no purpose but to attend photo ops and to exclude “common folk” and just feel great about themselves. How antiquated. Kate’s family isn’t good enough, yet they have actually worked for what they have, as opposed to it being handed to them on a platter? I’ll take the Middletons over the Royals anyday.

  14. mimi says:

    Love the last 2 photos – stunning couple.

  15. Feebee says:

    The obsession continues. A shame for them but there are obvious perks to the life. The idea of marriage as be all and end all isn’t for everyone and I imagine William is under slightly more pressure than the average 28 year old.

  16. qb says:

    Kate get a job and stop waiting and making yourself so available for him. This is not a good look for someone with the intention of becoming a princess.

  17. danielle says:

    She could be staying because she’s in love with him not because of “the prize”. Also, they could have a private agreement of where there future is heading. I think people pick on Kate alot, and she could be useless, no one knows for sure. She certainly keeps her mouth shut to the press, so thats a plus.

  18. Strawberry says:

    She has a job working with her mother as party planners, right Kaiser? Or is that on hold while she continues to wait on that elusive engagement?

  19. Pete says:

    We have to realize: not many women from the upper-classes want to marry William. Seriously. No one in their right mind wants to marry into that family. It’s not worth it, even in terms of pedigree. The Spencers, Diana’s family, had better lineage than the Windsors. I think the only fool that’s respectable enough to marry William is Kate.

    It’s clear as day that he doesn’t want to marry her. It’s also clear she’s in it just for the crown. I agree with another poster: they really do deserve each other.

  20. Stella says:

    Waitey Katie is a disgrace to the UK. What a piss poor example to young women! Prince William PLEASE give us a better queen than this WAG!

  21. Leslie says:

    she is not even pretty? how did she get a prince? what has she acomplished in life? nothing? does prince william have his head on straight? so many fascinating women to choose from and this is it?

  22. Tuatara says:

    Damn, these two are boring. He needs to find someone like his mother and really bring back the crazy.

  23. Mare says:

    Maybe she loves him? Marriage will definitely change their life so maybe they don’t want that just yet. I really hate what you write about her, she is a normal girl, nobody knows if she is “waiting” for him or why. And obviously she’s not his “Just For Now” girl, they’ve been together for eight years, if he doesn’t love her nad won’t marry her why is he not leaving?

  24. Bill Hicks is God says:

    If Kate’s not a virgin, there’s no hope in hell she’ll ever be the wife of the future King of the UK and various former colonies. That’s how it is and that’s probably exactly WHAT it is.

  25. Josi says:

    Hi :) I’m new to posting comments, but have been lurking for a while

    They can’t even write a story about William and Kate without arguing that an engagement is imminent.
    William should marry her because he loves her, wants to have a family with her and grow old with her.He shouldn’t marry her because they have been dating forever.

  26. Josi says:

    Mare:Maybe she loves him?
    Marriage will definitely change their life so maybe they don’t want that just yet”

    Maybe, or …

    just a story of an opportunist girl who will not let go of her ticket to celebrity/priviledge and an indecisive guy who can’t stand being alone.

    Anna sloane. She rejected him.Isabella e Arabela too. Because your life, due to his future royals = restricted and are not private citizens

    PW was either be alone or be with someone and he chose the latter.
    so after uni he and kate kept going. Kate wouldn’t be the first woman to put all of her eggs in a basket and it doesn’t end up at the altar and she wouldn’t be the last.

  27. benny says:

    No one who ever married into that family has been happier for it. Some things just aren’t worth it, no matter how rich they are.

  28. Julie says:

    Pete: You are exactly right. I don’t think anyone other than Kate even wants him. He is becoming less and less appealing with every passing day. And I’m not just talking about losing his hair. He can’t help that; that’s just genetics. He’s dull, wishy washy, uninspiring. If memory serves, he was convinced to stay at St. Andrews by Kate. He wanted to bag the whole thing, but she talked him in to staying to get a geography degree. Maybe she has done him some good.

  29. Mare says:

    Maybe she really is an opportunist girl, I don’t know but to me it doesn’t seem like that. Her family is very very rich so I guess she’s not doing it for money. Maybe for the crown? Maybe. But to me they just look like normal couple. And if he ends up alone, he wouldn’t stay that way for very long, of course some girls rejected him, no one in the world can’t have everyone but he is future king and he can choose, there’s no doubt about that. If he didn’t love her, he would leave and find another one in a second.

  30. Jeri says:

    For her sake I hope he doesn’t meet & fall into love with someone else & leave her.

  31. Iggles says:

    @ Lisa Turtle:
    I also think there must be something real there- 8 years is nothing to scoff at. They must have a real connection and a good relationship.

    I disagree.
    Just because you been dating someone for a long time (or married for that matter) doesn’t mean you have a good relationship. Some people can complacent. Others become co-dependent. Some guys repeatedly cheat over the course of a relationship.

    Time spent together does not automatically mean you “have a real connection”.

    If a couple looks bored together or spends excessive time apart usually that’s a sign that something’s off. But you never know. A relationship can look flawless from the outside, yet be completely broken or toxic for those in it.

  32. LondonLady says:

    Manda, the UK is something like the fifth highest recipient of tourist revenue in the world + the Monarch continuos to have responsibilities all over the world, from diplomacy to the territories. In fact, the Prince of Charles has radically reduced his spending in the last year. In contrast, all the revenue from estates owed by the crown- that is the monarchy- goes to teh Government. Trust me, we get our money’s worth form the Royals, in fact, we get the plush end of the deal.

  33. Julie says:

    LondonLady, I love your typo: the Prince of Charles. I’m not being sarcastic; I think it’s adorable. Good point, too, about the Firm, as Philip calls it, which does bring in the tourists and their wallets. Cheers.

  34. Anne de Vries says:

    He always gives the impression like he knows he’s got her for however long he wants her. And like he needs a good dumping.

    I don’t see why marriage would automatically have to mean lots of public attention though – over here in the Netherlands the crown prince married and though they did the big commitments like Queen’s Day, the queen kept running the shop so that they could settle down and have children (and actually enjoy the early years relatively out of the public eye) and so they could grow toward the job. But then, we have a tradition of abdication. When the crown prince feels ready, the queen will retire and spend the rest of her days eating popcorn and heckling :-D Seems a better arrangement than the poor UK queen who will probably keep going until she croaks..

  35. Mistral says:

    Wow. Maybe she doesn’t care about getting married and is content to be in a long-term relationship with a boyfriend she loves. Or, maybe she’ll dump William in the coming years for someone else. These tabs make her look/sound so pathetic, and she doesn’t strike me that way. She looks like a young gal having a good time.

  36. Bill Hicks is God says:

    LondonLady, England doesn’t have any “territories” anymore.

    Yours truly,

    Everybody from the former colony called the Dominion of Canada who haven’t been British citizens since 1946.

  37. Amy says:

    They have to be virgins when they marry? Who actually believes that Harry and William are virgins? You don’t stay with someone for 8 years and not sleep together!

    I don’t care when these two eventually marry but at least they will have a good foundation for their relationship when/if they do. Charles and Diana barely knew each other when they got married and we all saw how that turned out (plus Diana was so so young!).

  38. LondonLady says:

    The UK has actually has 14 remaining overseas territories….better do your homework next time “Bill Hicks is God” before you start pontificating on the web.

  39. snappyfish says:

    They seem like a happy well adjusted couple who unfortunately have to live in a fishbowl. I wish them the best and when the time is right for them, and not anyone else, they will wed if they so choose.

    I like that they are comfortable together and it seems they truly care for the other. Something that none of the other English Royals can say about their mate.

  40. Bill Hicks is God says:

    LOL! Okay Madam “Prince of Charles…”

    Little bits of rock here and there flying the Union Jack hardly count when compared to what the crown lost like India, Australia etc. The sun’s set on the Empire, lets all move along.

  41. Crash2GO2 says:

    Why is the focus on them getting married? I find it antiquated. They obviously love each other and are chosing to be together. big deal.

  42. sdca says:

    To me, he looks totally into her in most photos…i think they have genuine chemistry and love….but they met so young and you know how things get old over time???
    time will tell, anyway………
    so, does anyone think ‘wills’ will be the next King of England, as per predictions that the queen will outlive charles?

    also, i’m sure they have their own wealth and investments at this point,b ut no doubt some of it is financed by taxpayers-certain ‘expenses’ are paid for by the govenrment.

  43. Jacqueline says:

    I think he could do way better. I guess its true how the tabloids porttray her-she never works a proper job. I know she’s rich, but still.

  44. Lulu says:

    That poor girl!

  45. Cheyenne says:

    Ten dollars says he will get married within the next two years — to somebody else.

  46. ferni says:

    William should have ended it for good when he dumped her in 2007, because his reason for dumping her was that, he did not love Kate enough to marry her. He should have stuck to his decision back then and moved on in 2007. All he has done is drag this out, with no engagement, while her reputation is in tatters ,but her image is her own responsiblity. Kate may have thought he would marry her just out of University. She has put all her eggs in one basket and she may be sadly dissappointed.

    William is 28, she is his first serious girlfriend, he does not have to marry her at all, the press needs to stop pressuring him. Both should have dated a few others perhaps.
    I hope he does NOT marry her at all. She seems pathetic and lazy. Her Waity Katey name is well deserved.
    Time for Kate to give up on the Golden fleece. He’s just not into her if it’s taking so long.

  47. Barb says:

    It seems Kate’s a nice girl but her entire goal is so OUTDATED AND ANTIQUATED – to “marry a rich guy.” That would be OK — IF — IF — she had other INTERESTS — WORK, ETC… it seems she just wants to TAKE from everyone, and GET STUFF and party…. she needs to grow up because she will “have a job” when she marries him.