Britney Spears is still crazy, still making a ton of money


These are some new photos of America’s Princess, Britney Spears, acting like the batsh-t crazy sweetheart we all know and love. Are we letting the social workers see these? Fame Pictures notes that Brit’s “hair extensions, underwear, body parts and erratic emotions all hang out” and they even did their infamous red circles around her cellulite, because I guess this girl doesn’t have enough problems. So what caused this flurry of hilarious/crazy/sad expressions? Fame: “When her bodyguards lead her the wrong way past her car, Spears put on a display of unflattering facial expressions and growled in frustration.” That’s right, bitches, when Brit gets upset, she growls. Do you have a problem with that? Also, everyone seems to think that getting a visit from the social workers might have set her back. You think?

As I mentioned before, Britney Spears cracked the top ten on the Forbes Magazine Celebrity 100. Meaning that she’s one of the most “powerful” celebrities in the world, and is still raking in the money:

When Britney Spears popped up at no. 6 on our Celebrity 100 list, we too thought it must be some sort of technical glitch in the number crunching process. What else could explain the placement of the former head-shaving, umbrella-swinging, rehab-visiting pop-tart near the top of a list of the world’s most powerful stars? Could this one-time train wreck really be that rich or that important to the entertainment business?

The answer is yes. The Britney Spears who made our list was not the tabloid target whose frequent meltdowns only two years ago relegated her to our infamy index. Instead, the 28-year-old that clocked in in our top 10 was the chart-topping songstress whose past 12 months included the 5th highest-grossing tour of the year. According to concert trade publication Pollstar, “The Circus Starring Britney Spears” tour grossed more than $130 million. Spears took in still more from tour merchandise and another greatest hits album, “The Singles Collection.”

Like her savvier Hollywood cohorts, she has been similarly busy building the Spears brand, extending her fan-base –and wallet—with a host of top-selling Elizabeth Arden fragrances, an endorsement deal for Candie’s and a fashion collection for juniors. She added the latter last month, and will sell her designs exclusively at Kohl’s.

But for her to land as high on the list as she did, she needed to garner as much fame as she did money. She did. In fact, the mother of two ranked third overall in Web mentions (behind Lady Gaga and Beyonce, who banked an estimated $62 million and $87 million, respectively, during the same period) and second in a social media metric that factored in both Twitter and Facebook followings (Gaga has her beat with nearly 10 million Facebook fans).

Still more impressive: in May, Spears overtook Twitter king Ashton Kutcher as the most popular celebrity on Twitter. At last check, she had 5.2 million followers, a group with whom she responds to and frequently updates.

So no, Britney Spears is far from through. If the last year is any indication, she’s just getting started.

[From Forbes]

Yes, she looks like a woman who is in total control of her career, what with the flying budget weave and the growling and the underwear hanging out of shorts. I’ll give it to Brit – her “comeback” has been pretty well staged, considering I’m not convinced she’s anywhere close to functioning sanity. People want her to do well and get better, and that’s what Brit’s management team has used to rake in obscene profits on the back of this poor woman. Oh well. I guess it’s good news overall. Free Cheetos for everyone!




Britney on July 1, 2010. Credit: Fame.

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  1. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    That top picture is just like OMG crazy. Jeez. LOL

  2. Gail says:

    What. The. Hell?! When they lead her the wrong way??? Lead her. And there is a right and a wrong way to walk past a car? Somebody put her down, rabid animals aren’t supposed to be allowed to live. But nooooo, we throw money at this one.

  3. Larissa says:

    Poor Brit! Look at what cost came her “success”! I just hope it will serve as an example to girls trying to go on the same path of rich & fame.

  4. Pogogal says:

    I think it was windy and she was yawing or something.just wrong angle photos making it look like something else.

  5. bite me says:

    well shes wearing underwear and a bra…poor things needs a nice long vacation to the funny farm

  6. Pogogal says:

    and I think that cellulite is shopped because the underwear picture doesn’t show any of it in the back.

  7. Dirty Martini says:

    Have cameras zoomed at your face taking rapid speed shots of you for hours on end whenever you are in public, and I’m pretty sure they’ll get some b@t$hit crazy looks of yours too.

    I’m Team Brit. She is who she is, she stays true to herself, she’s hit rock bottom, and she is getting back up, with the help of her family and even that funky Federline character gets those kids need mom and she needs them as well as motivation to pull out of it.

    Dirty Martini approves.

  8. Marjalane says:

    Where is her big money coming from?? Are people still buying her music, or is it from her new line of clothes at Kohls? (which if you missed it, Chelsea Lately did a HILARIOUS bit about last night) This is just a pitiful example of fame destroying someone- is her mother unable or unwilling to help “lead her”?

  9. guesty says:

    such a mess!!

  10. Shut Up Already says:

    My thought EXACTLY pogogal. You don’t have cottage cheese in the front and then have the the sexy legs she does in the back. Either the concrete is reflecting a shadow or they faked it altogether.

  11. Hautie says:

    Seriously cellulite?

    As much as she is photograph in short-shorts without a hint of cellulite, now they give her a full front leg of it?

    What sorry b*stards work at Fame.

    I am even more annoyed that sites pay to show off these photo-shopped pictures.

    Was it not good enough for Fame, that she left the house in that outfit with her hair looking like that. But to imply she is covered in cellulite is just cruel.

  12. Jen says:

    What I do get is that some pics of her from the front don’t look like that (cellulite) at all. I highly doubt every magazine airbrushes the cellulite out. So what’s with these pics?

  13. Stephanie says:

    ummm.. its obvious shes hamming it up for the cameras.. gimme a break.

  14. Jen says:

    And, TMZ has a pic of her and it looks nothing like this. Poor girl.

  15. Anonandonandon says:

    I think she was photographed mid-yawn. Perhaps she’s as bored with herself as we are. Honestly, what’s with the constant influx of pictures of Britney walking to her car?

  16. shorty40 says:

    Those “cellulite” pics are totally fake. Her legs do not look like that at all. And I agree with those on here that said she’s hamming it up or whatever. I do not think this girl is crazy…sad and depressed maybe, but not crazy. She’s probably fed up with stuff, as I would be too. I’d be growling at those damn cameras always being around too!

  17. Larissa says:

    I think her tighs just smashed against eachother and that produced the unfortunate pic, my cellulite only appears when I squeeze it, true story! lol When your weight bounces like crazy there is no exercise that can recup your skin.

  18. eva says:

    Those bullies! its mostly the sun playing tricks, because even her face checks appear to have cellulite.

  19. andrea says:

    her life is a circus, she seems to have legit medical mental health issues – i would be freaking the hell out too. i cannot grasp how it is possible for her to manage to almost *never* look remotely pulled together – i mean, forget makeup and fashion statements, even just brushed hair in a neat ponytail, a clean tank top, some breezy linen pants, sandals and some shades. easy peasy. she’s got a nice figure, a cute face, her skin is looking much better – it wouldnt take much for her to look passable. i went camping last weekend, didnt shower for 3 days and looked more pulled together and clean than multimillionaire brit. this, her total lack of concern over her appearance, to me says how unhappy she is.

  20. Larissa says:

    Seriously tho, can´t she just brush her hair before leaving home? Or someone who is able to? She is looking like she is been hanging with the Twisted Sister´s lead singer.

  21. Ruby Red Lips says:

    I really feel for Britney, she obviously has serious mental health issues, but I hope that by not brushing her hair and by wearing exactly what she wants she is saying ‘f’ck u all, I’m being me’, and this is not a result of her mental health

    Agree with the poster above, not many young stars make it out ok with the level of fame that Britney has experienced

  22. bellaluna says:

    I feel so badly for her. I truly believe she was pushed into her “comeback” far too early in the recovery process. She needed more time to really get her head on straight, and be confident in her health – mental & physical.

    Britney may be a commodity to some, but she’s a human being and a mother. I hope the greedy butt-heads around her are pleased with themselves.

    I really never cared much for Britney before her meltdown, but it endeared her to me; I became concerned for her and her sons and I wish her well.

  23. Hugh Betchya says:

    I think she is like a lot of celebrities these days; completely conflicted with and obsessed by how the fame game is currently played. There is absolutely no reason for a celebrity of her status to be in a parking lot with a Starbucks beverage unless she wants to be seen/photographed/documented. Seriously, what has this world come to when a celebrity’s relevance is supported by how many frappacinos they drink in a week??

    I am not saying that we should boycott the entertainment media that feature (or rely) on such mundane captures of middling celebrities, but let’s never forget that we are all participating in this charade as well. We wanna see the zoo animals (for lack of a better analogy) so we expect the keepers to parade them around in their “natural” habitat whenever we want. Those that don’t come out hiding… well those exhibits don’t last very long, do they?

  24. Electric says:

    @ Hugh Betchya: I agree 100%. If you don’t want to be papped getting your daily frap, SEND SOMEBODY ELSE TO GET IT.

    Please, retire this bitch already. Let her get fat, live in Louisiana, smoke ciggs all day and be sane. This is no life.

  25. d says:

    I’m convinced she makes faces and doesn’t bother looking put together on purpose, as a way of having some control, esp. when she goes out and is hounded by the paps, who often do things that bother her but are beyond her control. I really think it’s her way of saying eff u. And I also think she does it to maintain a separation beyond the famous beautiful Britney and herself, a way to say “that image is not me, this is me.” It’s a bit effed up, but I can kind of see it.

  26. Tazina says:

    There’s nothing wrong with Britney. She’s doing just fine but is obviously fed up with the paparazzi in her face. She can’t walk anywhere in public without these money hungry paps in her face. It would drive anyone crazy after a while.

  27. d says:

    Lainey has a video of “behind the scenes” Britney and it makes me feel bad for her and mad that Lainey posted it, because what I got from it, is that anxiety is a part of Britney’s life. I don’t think she likes doing the commercials, being filmed, having to fake things. Ug. I swear, I really think she hates her life.

  28. TeeTee says:

    she just couldn’t put on some jeans and a t-shirt and pull her hair in a ponytail??

    she is crazy but the machine needs to eat..her outfit speaks volumes.

    reminds me of the movie “whatever happened to Baby Jane?” with Betty Davis and Joan Crawford.

    I would not want to be this guy pictured, I’m sure she cussed him out good.

  29. katie says:

    There is NO WAY the pic of the front of her legs is real. I just saw pics where her legs were relatively looking good, and the fat in that pic is too outrageous.

  30. N.D. says:

    she’s obviously mentally ill. It’s awful that there is no way she could be really protected from this intrusion into her life, her personal space at such a difficult time. Yeah, she’s rich and all but have mercy, leave her alone now.

  31. Synthia says:

    Has anyone ever read about Clara Bow, if not it is a great read about mental illness. Clara Bow was really the first woman to be slaughtered at the alter of fame (rumorus of sex with her beloved Great Danes could depress anyone). The stories are almost similar,(both are/were mothers to two boys) Clara finaly found her feedom in exile by not leaving her house ever for decades.
    I do not wish this on anyone but sometimes it is the only way to maintain their (those who have clinical mental disorders) own sence of sanity.

    Brittany is truly a sad sad story as well, I hope she finds peace.

  32. original kate says:

    looks like brit just had a big plate of crazy, poor thing.

  33. Angel says:

    I am thinking this looks like a big ass sneeze. How fascinating.

  34. hmm says:

    I feel bad for her because it’s obvious that her camp is only interested in riding the gravy train regardless of where it eventually leads. And her fans don’t really care about her because they seem really invested in making excuses for her bizarre behavior and unkempt appearance. She’s fine, really she’s fine. It’s just the paps and an unflattering picture and it’s perfectly normal that a grown woman is ALWAYS in the company of a handler who LEADS her places. mmkay.

  35. bewilderbeastie says:

    I agree with Dirty Martini – think of all the faces you make during the day, and imagine people following you around with cameras constantly clicking on “consecutive shots” settings. It’s just convenient for them to sell the shots where she’s making faces because it perpetuates the “crazy” image she’s gotten. Plus, I bet a lot of the random faces she makes are in response to the things the paparazzi are shouting at her. If you’ve watched any videos of these instances, you could easily see how that would come into play. Not that I don’t think Britney has some mental issues, but I think it’s unfair to single out her silly facial expressions as a sign of the mental illness. That’s hardly a way to diagnose someone.

  36. viper says:

    I honestly got


    LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!!

    from those pictures.

    Oh the silly redneck.

  37. The Bobster says:

    Just who is buying the trash’s trash?

  38. Leek says:

    She’s starting to look like someone who caught on fire and a bystander put it out with a chain.

  39. kim says:

    um I think she may still believe she’s 16 and posing for Rolling Stone.

  40. Katija says:

    She looks skinny and toned. She is obviously in great shape. Why can’t she make the hair, clothes, and makeup match her fantastic figure?

  41. Marianne says:

    What is up with her skanky hair? God its a mess. At least she managed to put on a bra for once.

  42. Jeri says:

    Poor Brit Brit. Life can be a b-tch at times. We get it.

  43. Wiley says:

    The Circus tour sucked, no one wants her merchandise, and she’s already re-released her old stuff so what will she do next year? She cleaned up on what she had left and now has blown the whole wad. Notice the tour “grossed” 130M. Only a fraction of that actually gets to Brit and she has to pay her expenses out of that. I believe the list of highest earning music people put out earlier this year estimated that she netted about 3.5M last year. That’s probably not even enough to cover her expenses for the year. Unlike a lot of bands, Brit has to buy her music and pay for lyrics and that ain’t cheap.

  44. d says:

    @ wiley: That would explain why she’s still in LA apparently working on the next album instead of retiring (which is what she clearly seems to prefer to do); she’s got to pay for all this stuff. But it’s a never-ending cycle because there’s an endless list of things to pay for, always. how can she ever catch up? Ugh. Who sees a way out if it? Is it even possible to pay off debts, simplify her life, fire 99% of people around her, and just retire and live off the Candie’s income or whatever? It’s mystifying as to why she can’t/won’t just retire.

  45. cruiz2 says:

    Love her balls for reality! Could be paps just closing in though, no real story here. I think she has great potential as future something? Girl is not done.

  46. susan says:

    that pic of her is so ugly she needs to take a chill pill

  47. Helen Anne says:

    It is not nice to have photographs of you with cellulite looking worse than it is.
    i exercised my cellulite off by signing up for TheBestCelluliteCure dot com because a photo of my cellulite showed up on a friends facebook photos and i felt so self conscious and i am not even famous. Cameras can catch you at so many wrong angles and portray you worse than you are.

  48. Seer says:

    Some day in the future when she loses some of her luster, she’s going to get her act together and you know what they’re going to say to explain her erratic behavior? “Prescription drugs” and “bipolar”. Yeap, those are the new illnesses for the new breed of Hollywood celebrities. Why? Because it looks better than saying they were suicidal psychotic alcoholics.

  49. The Bobster says:

    There’s a libtard posting on this site who doesn’t like the use of the word “crazy”. Well, crazy is as crazy does. And Britney and Dave Chappelle are crazy. Screw the PC terminology and those who want us to use it.

  50. margo says:

    ok let’s start small, doesn’t she own a brush

  51. Aussie Mama says:

    and that is the reason they keep her drugged, controlled, sounding unstable, using her kids as blackmail…it’s all about the $$$. when she stops bringing in the cash, (450,000,000 last year alone), you watch, they will let her have her kids, her life and dump her.
    all she wants it out, and to be a mother. anyone denied this, would be crazy, helpless and trying to bring attention to the situation.

  52. Amy says:

    I am a fan, she is alright in my book.

  53. Jasmin says:

    Im a Britney Spears fan and I went to see her circus tour and it was fab she looked really tonned sexy and pretty again. Yes I do agree though that I dont’ think she is completly better again but she has made a lot of prograss and I have been a fan since I was 8yearsold so I will allways love her and support her because I fell in love with the girl who gave us baby one more time and slave for you not the mentally ill one who shaved her head.

  54. Beck says:

    If she is as miserable and sick as she certainly seems to be, I don’t understand why her family doesn’t get her out of LA. She needs to get out of the limelight and try to lead a somewhat normal life. I would think they could pay the ex-husband enough money to follow her so she could still see her boys.

    I don’t understand why people still buy her stuff. I really don’t get all the twitter followers. But, then again, I was and will never be a fan of hers.