Elle Macpherson is a bitch, eats endangered rhino horns


Elle Macpherson is getting slammed by international animal-rights groups for a recent interview she gave to the Times Online. She was asked about her interest in Chinese medicine, and she described the taste and effect of powdered/crushed rhino horn. Rhinos are on the verge of extinction, mind you – mainly because they are being poached for their horns, which are extremely valuable in Asia and to select, ignorant rich bitches:

Witter: You’re said to be a great fan of Chinese medicine. What does powdered rhino horn taste like?
E MacP: A little bit like crushed bone and fungus in a capsule. Does the job though.

Witter: How do you know that it works? A lot of people say Chinese medicine is quackery.
E MacP: Put it this way, works for me.

Witter: Did you find your nickname “The Body” offensive? Sexist?
E MacP: Brilliant name. I trademarked it and built a business out of it. What part of that is sexist?

Witter: What’s the secret of running a successful business?
E MacP: I reckon the secret is passion. We’ve become a global brand, 300 doors in 11 countries during a recession.

Witter: Are you tired of the press? Is it anyone’s business whether you wear a cycling helmet?
E MacP: I’m sure I’ll be slammed again this summer for riding my bike around Notting Hill with a child perched on the handlebars.

Witter: We’ve also been treated to pictures of your cellulite.
E MacP: Thank you! What cellulite?

Witter: What would you have done for a living if you’d been born plug-ugly?
E MacP: Probably just the same thing. Right, little boy waiting at school gate without Mummy. Not a good look.

[From The Times Online]

The envirnomentalist site Mongabay details what’s wrong with thinking that Elle’s “it works for me” attitude is deluded and nasty. On the site, they also include a graphic, disturbing photo of a rhino slowly dying after his horn has been cut off (WARNING – photo here).

The consumption of rhino horn, which financially underpins illegal poaching, is both the historic and current driver behind rhino decline worldwide, and in the cases of four subspecies: complete extinction.

As well, currently four of the world’s five rhino species are threatened with extinction, three of these species are considered Critically Endangered. There are less than 50 adult Java rhinos in the world and less than 250 adult Sumatran rhinos.

Poaching hit a 15-year-high last year to keep up with demand for rhino horn. Poachers usually shoot or tranquilize the animal before sawing off its horn. Rhinos often die from bleeding to death.

However poaching doesn’t only impact rhinos, rangers who protect them are sometimes in the line of fire: last month a ranger in India was kidnapped by a group of poachers and murdered with two bullets in his stomach.

Powdered rhino horn, such as Elle MacPherson uses, is not cheap: last year one kilo was worth approximately $60,000, nearly $20,000 more than a kilo of gold.

While there have been discussions of legalizing the trade in order to draw down the price of rhino horn and use the proceeds for conservation, for now the sale or purchase of rhino horn products is banned worldwide by the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

[From Mongabay]

So basically, Elle probably takes it because it’s expensive and she thinks it’s awesome to kill off an endangered species so she won’t have laugh lines. I guess she never heard of face cream? Seriously, why? Why go out of your way to buy crushed rhino horn powder to increase your health?


Elle on June 30, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Dorothy says:


  2. Marjalane says:

    Don’t know about the rhino powder, but I do know that I saw her on a plane about five years ago and she had the skin of a rhino! I can’t believe how make up and photography can disguise sun damage- she was very pretty, but her face and neck looked like an old brown leather purse. I was shocked.

  3. lena says:

    I have a serious question here….are they able to grow the horns back if just a portion is taken off… like a fingernail? And I’m not saying that’s what happening in Elle’s case either…just wondering.

  4. Feebee says:

    Well we know she’s not stupid and ignorance to this subject is not an excuse – even people who live in bubbles know about this sort of environmental butchery. So one can only conclude she knows and just doesn’t give a stuff. What a bitch.

  5. popcorny says:

    Human beef jerky.
    Two asshole nutjobs in a row … keep’em coming, there’s many of them -and this is where they belong, for all to *admire*.

  6. Tuatara says:

    Ugh, Horrible.

  7. Dhavy says:

    I always knew she was a bitch especially after the stink she made when VS used The Body with Heidi Klum.

    Killing animals for beauty is irresponsible especially an endangered species. She’s still fugly to me and she looks like she’s had work done anyway. I hope her flat ass gets hammered by the enviromentalists and I hope people spread the word and stop buying her expensive lingerie line

  8. Rachum says:

    seriously though, Elle is blasted for this (rightfully so), yet that ‘Chloe sevigny in bad drag’ Johnny Weir is praised??
    If you indulge in animal cruelty you’re in the same category as far as I’m concerned. Being camp shouldn’t be an excuse to get away with (literal) murder.

    Both vile.

  9. Ashley says:

    That’s just disgusting! And what is up with her red rashy arm, ewww

  10. Josephine says:

    I hope she gets gored by a rhino.

  11. S says:

    she’s had work done!! She’s got the Courteney Cox lip! You can’t hide the lip! When will these women learn?

    Plus, how idiotically arrogant and selfish do you have to be sound so blasé about using these products? it’s not a big secret about endangered species.

  12. XYZ says:

    Is that really ELLE? I have doubts. Either way, its beyond me why she was nicknamed “THE BODY”. Perhaps every long legged bitch should be called so, rite? It makes me sick.

  13. marge says:

    I hadn’t seen a picture of her in ages… she looks more than Kyra Sedgwick than the Elle McP I remember (and I saw A LOT of fashion shows back then)-no offense to KS by the way-, and her face skin tone doesn’t match her back… that’s beyond makeup and lightning
    and yes, she just doesn’t give a rat ass about endangered species. That’s not ignorance, is plain ARROGANCE

  14. Jag says:

    So supposedly rhino horn is for skin, and not a fake aphrodisiac, like so many of the products out there that are made from endangered and threatened species?

    Thank you for posting this, Kaiser. Now I know to boycott her and everything she touches.

    And to think that I was going to name my (future) daughter Eleanor after my mother, but call her Elle like this cretin. I can’t now, because every time I think of Elle Macpherson, instead of thinking of a cool ex-supermodel, I’ll be thinking of dying rhinos. grrrrr

  15. JC126 says:

    DISGUSTING. Rhinos getting pushed further to extinction because a bunch of superstitious idiots want to use it in their hocus-pocus? What is wrong with people? She’s a waste of oxgyen. I’m glad that billionaire Arki Busson never married her, she would have even more money to spend on rhino horn and probably shark fin soup!
    BTW she’s definitely looking like she had work done. Her face is different in the photos. And her neck looks TOO long in the first pic. Maybe a lion will mistake her for a giraffe and pounce on her.

  16. lisa says:

    Oh my.. are those recent pics.. Her arms,neck and back are not the same color, tone or anything in relation to her face. The skin on her arms and back look really bad. And I had never noticed before how long her neck is and the whole upper part of her body is really long. Can’t describe it better.

    I don’t know the picture is just off to me. It looks like they took her head and put it on someone else’s body.

    the rhino thing is bit sick. It just seems this country(US) has taken a wrong turn. It is all about looking younger. And any time we see a celeb with a wrinkle or that they actually look a bit older then OMG they get trashed…then the fools injecting all that crap in their faces either get praised or bashed. WAKE UP AMERICA.. WE ARE ALL GETTING OLDER.. JUST GO WITH IT AND THINK OF THE ALTERNATIVE. DEATH.

  17. mimi says:

    sadistic bitch

  18. ! says:

    Ha, from everyone’s comments on her appearance, I guess that rhino horn ain’t workin’ for her after all.

    She’s just one of the many who thinks that participating in your own subjugation negates the inherent sexism contained therein. “The Body” isn’t any less sexist because she trademarked it and marketed it herself. I guess it’s her business if she wants to be seen as a body and only a body, as women already are, but ffs don’t pretend it isn’t at least contributing to the “women are merely vessels for the amusement of men” dichotomy.

  19. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Maybe it’s just me, and maybe it’s because it’s the day after a holiday weekend, but does EM even EXPLAIN what the crushed horns are supposed to be good for?

    AS far as I’m concerned, SHE can become extinct and I would not miss her one single bit. BOYCOTT ON!

  20. Julia says:

    That “it works for me” attitude makes me sick. Critical thinking fail. Rhino horns are made from keratin. It’s basically hair/fingernail/hoof material. Know what else would provide supplementation of that (if you really feel like you need it)? Gelatin.

    Hey, Elle, I have a stapler on my desk that repels tigers. Sure, there’s no proof that staplers repel tigers, but I have this stapler and I don’t see any tigers in here, ergo, pay me $450,000 for it and we’ll call it a deal. Asshat.

  21. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    I love how everone is so outraged over Elle and the rhino horn consumption, but no one cares about Johnny Weir wearing fur. He is cool, she is a bitch. Hmm, funny how that works.

  22. a says:

    her arms and shoulder have some major sun damage… she must have some pancake make-up on her face… how could someone pay that much money for rhino horn yet not wear sunscreen?

    also, i agree with @S (especially in that first picture) there is some funky lip injection mess going on…

  23. J says:

    In the first picture, she looks giraffe-y. Like one of the Padaung tribe women with the rings around their necks.

  24. mslewis says:

    What are we supposed to boycott? I mean, what does this woman do? I don’t remember ever seeing her line of underwear in the States.

    Anyway, she sounds uncaring and uneducated and quite ignorant. Not a person I would want to know, actually.

  25. Jocelina says:

    Oh God, that picture. D: So sad! I wonder if Elle McPherson has seen that? If she has, and she still takes powdered rhino horn… well, she’s a bad person.

    I am confused, though. I did some Googling, and as far as I can tell, Chinese medicine uses powdered rhino horn to treat fevers. Not that there would be any justification for her (or anyone else) to use powdered rhino horn for any purpose, given the consequences to rhinos, but my mind boggles at the thought of someone using it for THAT purpose when there are so many safe, effective antipyretics out there that don’t result in the death of living creatures.

  26. onyx says:

    she should really put some snakeoil on her burned to the crisp skin to go along with the the rhinohorn powder and wash it down with a shot of baby koalablood right after she takes a bath in maori blessed whale sperm.

  27. Persistent Cat says:

    Haha mslewis, I was thinking the same thing. I don’t know what to boycott. I won’t watch her old Friends reruns. Nah, I don’t anyway, she sucked in that.

    But I do want that tiger repelling stapler. I don’t have $450,000 but I have a basket of bunnies and kittens I can throw in a river. Does that work for you?

  28. Katherine says:

    The human flesh is one of 500 animal and herbal properties used in Chinese herbal medicine.
    Her arms look like beef jerky.

  29. GatsbyGal says:

    It’s helping her face…but the rest of her body looks like overtanned leather and it’s a completely different color. What a huge bitch…this is like 1000x worse than wearing fur, in my opinion. Why anyone would admit to this is beyond me.

  30. Solveig says:

    What an a**hole…
    Considering the state her skin is I suppose that the poor rhinos’ horns aren’t for skin cure.
    Dumb, snotty bitch.

  31. grace says:

    I strongly believe that the life of only one of these rhinos is more valuable than the lives of all the idiots who don’t have envirnomental consciousness or intelligence to kill animals for such a superficial reason. I hate how some people are cruel, selfish, shallow and ignorant. From now on, I will never buy or see anything that she is related to.

    Btw, there is a reason for her to be known as “the body” and not “the face”. She looks like Steve Tyler.

  32. Mouse says:

    Thanks for sharing Kaiser. I know this sounds shallow and petty, but I used to hate her because my fiance who claims he hates blondes had pin up pics of her in his office. This gives me a much more legitimate excuse to try to set her on fire with my mind. ^-^

  33. Arrow says:

    Looking at the rhino photos makes me cry, what a CUNT! People like this disgusting excuse for a human being should be wiped out. This is one of the many reasons we as humans don’t deserve to live in the company of nature because we do not appreciate it. All we want to do is capitalise of off things that other asshole people will buy into. I am so embarrassed that i am 22y/o and this woman is old enough to be my mother yet her thinking is so juvenile and without merit. “Works for me” maybe you should try rubbing your own shit on your face…i heard thats a huge thing in china, BITCH!!!

  34. Laura says:

    Omg, Grace!!! Roflmao! I saw a pic of Elle a few days ago, and then this one today, and my thoughts exactly were that she was really looking like Steve Tyler! Disgusting bitches, both her and Johnny Weird!

  35. The Truth Fairy says:

    WOW, that interviewer was so rude! WTH? If I were her I wouldn’t have continued.

  36. Mairead says:

    I would posit that the chemical peel(s) she’s had work far better than the rhino horn. I mean, EGAD, the texture of her skin on her arm! Even George Hamilton would consider it crispy!

  37. Beth says:

    Sorry to be superficial but Elle looks really weird in these photos. Her neck looks super long and she’s two different colors. Her face is white and her body is brown/orange.

  38. maria says:

    Whatever filler/botox/surgery she has had done to her face has made her look like a muppet. She lost her cheekbones somewhere in the process.

  39. Jules says:

    Give up the horn bitch, it doesn’t look like it’s working.

  40. Wif says:

    It has been asked twice on this thread why people are irrate about this and not Johnny Weir. The difference (although I didn’t read the J.W. thread, so maybe I’m wrong here) is that fur-coat animals aren’t endangered. They are farmed, there’s lots of them. While there are many people that don’t have issue with fur, it takes a truly self-absorbed narcissist to drive a species to extinction.

  41. lala says:

    There are 7 southern white rhinos on the whole planet. Two of them are at the San Diego Wild Animal Park , 5 in Africa. All are to old to breed. So because of this absurd practice they are basically extinct.
    Shame on her!

  42. Mistral says:

    Disgusting!!!!!!! Poor rhinos. Chinese medicine is mostly quackery, and fuck all of those who use it (when it involves animal parts from endangered species/abused animals, or endangered plants)—especially for cosmetic purposes.

  43. Paula says:

    This speckled two-tone freak is dumb, dumb, dumb. A rhino horn is just a bone located on the face. Bones are rich in minerals, but a rhino horn is no more nutritious than an oxtail, which can be bought from a local supermarket for $6 a pound. I don’t know what problem she was trying to fix, but bone minerals won’t do anything for her leathery, freckled skin. Incredible that the woman with the worst skin of any ex-supermodel is pushing a line of skin care products.

  44. Nibbi says:

    i feel like i should actually thank her for reminding me not to neglect my neck, shoulders, and arms when applying sunscreen. maybe i should tape the second photo of her to my bathroom mirror for the duration of the summer. thanks, elle!

  45. original kate says:

    she’s a fucking bitch for eating an endangered animal. hope she chokes on it.

  46. Crash2GO2 says:

    She does look just like Kyra Sedgwick now with all the filler in her lips, probably to help mitigate the wrinkles around her lips. As to the 2-tone skin – ugh. That is something that I have to watch out for now that I am in my mid 40’s. At least use fake tanner on your face, or get body peels as well, or something! She looks truly scary.

    And she is stupid. Stupid for thinking that crushed rhino hair (that is what horn is made of essentially) is going to do anything for her. And stupid to have admitted that she uses it – she’d better be ready for a HUGE back lash.

  47. Mandhy says:

    Marjalane! good one! You can see the wrinkles being etched out in the photos. What a moron she is. I always thought she was quite stupid, now I know….

  48. OC lady says:

    I saw her pics the other day & thought she was looking ok. Now, I see her w/ that horrifying image of the dying Rhino in my head & she looks ugly to me. Way to go Elle. You used to be called “The body” in the 1980s, from now on you are “The Rhino killer.” Looks w/out a heart can turn the prettiest person into an ugly beast 🙁

  49. Cinderella says:

    Not sure what she’s done to make a living in recent years except crank out a couple of kids with a rich man, who by the way, wouldn’t marry her and her leather elbows.

    I don’t like her now.

  50. Tina says:

    She’s always been a bitch, and she always falls back on that “I’m a businesswoman” line to pretend she’s smart. No Elle, if you don’t make the business decisions you are not the businesswoman, you are just a hagged old, plastic bitch who blew every agent in Sydney to get a start in modelling.

  51. friendlyskies says:

    Yech. Maybe it does work, but jeez, they’re just wrinkles. Oh yeah, I forgot, you lose your husband and job if you get wrinkles. Never mind. Anyway, I’m absolutely disgusted, but least she admitted that she’d rather drive rhinos extinct than lose her man. And frankly, she probably would. But I bet there are all sorts of even creepier beauty treatments that these famous women (and men) will never ever tell us about, because they know they’d be Mel Gibsoned in a heartbeat.

  52. Henriette says:

    I met her once at a party almost 2 decades ago (she was there with Tim Jeffries). She was rude – only cared about hob-nobbing with folk who could do something for her – and she had these manly shoulders with a tiny, wee head on top… looked totally weird. I’ve disliked her ever since. Doesn’t surprise me to learn she’s now a braless, crispy-skinned rhino-killer.

  53. snakey says:

    Rhino horn isn’t even bone…it’s modified keratin. Deer antlers are bone, but rhino horn is not; it’s made of exactly the same stuff as our hair and fingernails. She’s participating in the bloodthirsty extermination of irreplaceable wildlife for what amounts to GROUND UP HAIR AND FINGERNAILS. As you might expect, ingesting an inert substance like keratin does exactly nothing metabolically, only taking up room in the digestive tract until it is passed through, probably intact. Whatever “results” she thinks she’s getting could be gotten as easily by sterilizing, grinding, encapsulating, and eating her own fingernail clippings–disgusting to many, true, but not as gut-clenching to me as watching wild animals bleed out. We as a species really need to stop doing things that are as wise as pissing in our own drinking water, and those who think a little biodiversity lost here and there will make no difference to the future are going to eventually really regret that mindset.

  54. original kate says:

    “a braless, crispy-skinned rhino-killer.”

    thanks, henriette, i will always refer to her that way from now on.

  55. Selah says:

    I’ve been telling people to boycott her businesses since I saw pics of her wearing the Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton messenger bag made with entire real foxtails. The tails are dyed candy colors. She is awful. The rhino horn thing is sadly no surprise.


  56. kim says:

    Shes a washed up alcoholic with Rhino skin. Damn this girl needs to wear sunscreen! Her skin looks like a 75 year olds! Whatever she is ingesting ISNT working.

  57. wordsMatter says:

    does anyone have an actual list of her company’s products and names of those products? also, the companies that she shills for? no looking the other way here. that picture was just wrong.
    thanks for posting this kaiser, rhino picture link and all.

  58. Alipop says:

    Rhino horns DO NOT grow back, just as elephant tusks do not. And they die because of it.

  59. Ashryn97015 says:

    I should have taken the warning seriously, because the minute I opened it & looked at the pictures, I was in tears. How friggin HEARTLESS of her! As somebody else posted, maybe she SHOULD see these pictures & others of what these people do to animals to get what they need. Hey Elle! WAKE THE F-CK UP & GET A CLUE!!!! You’re killing animals to supposedly look better. Maybe someone should rip out all YOUR hair & fingernails & then maybe you might get an INKLING of what these animals suffer through just so you can “look pretty”. GIVE ME A BREAK!

  60. bellaluna says:

    EM is so, SO horribly vile! I cannot bear to even click on the link to those pictures. Just thinking of consuming ANYTHING from an animal murdered in cold blood triggers my gag reflex & turns my stomach.

    How horribly arrogant some people are, to think that just because they’re a person, they’re more important than an animal or an ENTIRE SPECIES! That is why humans will end up extinct.

  61. Jillian says:

    Oh my. The difference between her face and arms/back is startling.

  62. Jessica says:

    Say what you wish about her in regards to the horns, but sheeeeeeeesh, people. Stop being so catty, you just sound jealous! She’s 47!!!! No other celebs look that great at 47… Go Aussies!

  63. Aussie Mama says:

    look at the Kabuki Doll white face, compared to the rest of the skin!
    elle’s definately had lots of work done, very recently. Her face has gotten that unaturally tight, face lift look and she has become just another celebrity obssessed with no lines. looks weird, grow older gracefully and naturally. rhino horns, whale snot, bat cum, virgin blood, what will they think of next?

  64. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Good point arrow!

  65. Mrs. D says:

    Well this is what gives Chinese Medicine a bad name. Rhino Horn which is endangered and not used in modern times was classically used to stop bleeding. It can also help with skin rashes, heat spots on the skin that sort of thing, but it does not I repeat does not make your skin nice or make your virile or any other thing. Maybe she has a REALLY bad nose bleed.
    P.S. It is substituted with Water Buffalo Horn in modern times and she could just have a really shady herbalist who is lying to her to make money.

  66. aury says:

    what a total & complete cunt. i just lost what little respect i had for that nasty bitch.

  67. mojoman says:

    All that Rhino horn she took, still doesnt help with her jacked up face. Plus her skin looks like my 72 year old MIL (no offence to my MIL)

  68. mojoman says:

    Oh and by the way, she reminds me of that chick in Housewives of New York..Kelly whatshername! that cant be good!

  69. Aussie Mama says:

    Mrs D; didn’t know that, knew that salt stops bleeding.
    Tonnes of salt around, cheap as chips and you don’t need to kill an enormous animal for it either.

  70. mollination says:

    You could really dissect every line of that interview. She comes off as a denfensive, arrogant c*nt. Let’s talk about that too. Man, boycott elle is right. I had no idea.

  71. moocowhead says:

    Holy shit she looks like a roast chicken!

    And yes, what a stupid woman. As far as i’m concerned if you couldn’t kill something yourself then you shouldn’t eat it – we have a conscience for a reason.

  72. Kiska says:

    There is a lot of poaching that goes on for Chinese medicine. Rhino, sharks, bears etc. It is horrific and needs to stop.

  73. frewt says:

    I read a long and detailed magazine article about her a couple of years ago that ran in Australia’s longest running and most respected women’s magazine. the journo was very diplomatic about it but it was clear that the message between the lines was that she was a diva bitch and I wasn’t the least bit surprised.

    I have never bought a single piece of Bendon Lingerie because of my disdain for her and never intend to.

    The woman has been an anglophile and Eurotrash for the last 20 years hobnobbing with European royalty and putting in the odd wooden television or film appearance. She doesn’t have any talent to speak of apart from getting her kit off and looking photogenic. Evidently, she’s ignorant and totally lacking any social conscience to boot.

  74. frewt says:

    Oh and by the way, she reminds me of that chick in Housewives of New York..Kelly whatshername! that cant be good!


    Funny that Mojoman, given both Kelly and Elle were married to the same French man – Gilles Bensimon! He obviously has a penchant for skinny, arrogant brunettes.

  75. gen says:

    I hate her & I signed the petition. I hope I run into her so I can punch her in the face.

  76. embertine says:

    Chinese medicine of this sort is ALL quackery. As a couple of people in this thread have said, there is absolutely no way this stuff could have any effect on her body without changing the laws of the universe.

    Even if rhinos weren’t endangered, this would still be as dumb as a bag of rocks.

  77. Shay says:

    Chinese medicine = rubbish that is the cause of the deaths of animals ranging from rhinos to tigers.
    These bitches, including Naomi Campbell and her blood diamond, should be held up as terrible examples for women around the world. What does Elle think she is doing? Selling rhinoceros horn? She doesn’t have enough money?
    There ought to be a campaign along the lines of ‘Elle for the extinction of the rhinoceros.’ Maybe that would jar her into reality.

  78. V for Vienetta says:


    I’m not too sure where you get your information from, but I know for a fact that there are more than 7 white rhinos. We have 3 right here in the Singapore zoo. They are adorable. Also did you know that white rhino rhinos are exactly the same colour black/regular rhinos?


  79. Meanchick says:

    Hello! Finally! People who agree that being a supermodel does NOT equal being smart! If this was some old lady with a wart on her face, she’d be called a witch and burned at the stake by PETA. If the silly model wants them, she should have them, she should have to be the one who slaughters them just for their horns. How many do you think she’d sell then?

  80. Xiufetish says:

    She was interviewed many years ago for an Australian newspaper magazine.

    The journalist walked through her flat and slowly realised there was something missing – books! When the journalist questioned the complete absence of any books in her home, Elle responded that she only read what she herself wrote! They must be some seriously fascinating shopping lists…

  81. anna says:

    Anybody who got a good view of Elle’s long flat ass would always wonder why she got that nickname. Stephanie Seymor made her look like the buttless wonder from down under.
    If the quackery really worked, she wouldn’t be frequenting her dermatologist’s and plastic surgeon’s offices for the last 10 years.

  82. Sunny says:

    Regardless of how she looks now, it does not take away from the fact that she is willfully participating in, and condoning, the mutilation of an endangered species. Quite honestly I don’t know if the horns are simply keratin, grow back, do not grow back, etc. but what I DO know is that it is an ILLEGAL practice that perpetuates the belief that humans are entitled to anything for the right price. This stupid powder is not curing cancer, HIV, or preventing genetic disabilities. How horribly selfish and entitled does one have to be to think this type of behavior is acceptable? Generally speaking, you CAN judge a person based on certain belief and morals. How could this woman possibly be anything other than a pretentious, horrible woman with no respect for international law, animal rights, or common decency?

  83. Frybread says:

    Look at the leather that is Elle’s skin. This is how so many young women today are going to look like in 10-15 years with all the tanning they do.

  84. Alex says:

    The comments of this torch bearing mob are no less vile and disgusting than she might be. #18 is right but this crowd of women seems to believe women are not oppressed by such sexism, though the shrill comments would prove otherwise. Disgusting language by women to another woman.

  85. CB Rawks says:

    Ugly soulless bitch.

  86. jane16 says:

    I don’t believe for a minute that crushed rhino horns would stave off aging. She’s ridiculous, she is aging badly becuz she has massive sun damage. Look how weird these pix look…her body is super tanned & her face looks white. Yuck. I think she looks terrible, the rhino is not “working for her” & yes, she’s a bitch to take that stuff and then brag about it publicly.

  87. skeptical says:

    let me see if i understand this right…

    this woman is willfully participating in the systematic murder of an innocent and ENDANGERED species just so she can feel like she looks younger?

    wow.. not even Lindsay Lohan is THAT entitled and arrogant.

  88. M says:

    I looked up to her as a model because she carries herself so gracefully, but now I want to slam her face into a curb. I’ll never understand small minded twats.

  89. Shay says:

    The other reason why Elle is aged is because (that Australian journalist also noted in their interview) she smokes (in the interview, she vehemently denied it,but it’s crap, others who know her know she smokes like mad) and she (she has been quoted to say this, being the spin-doctor she is, always on the lookout for endorsements: she is just a glamourised whore) that she ‘tans safely’, so in the summer, she is on the French riviera (although she has already slept with every wealthy tycoon there is) sunning herself to death.

  90. Kelly says:

    I have always detested this stuck up cow and her me me me dumbarse attitude, and I hope Im not the only one. And look at her FACE! WHAT? Why is? WHAT???

    Look at it this way- if she wasn’t making f*ck the world comments to random interviewers, who would know she was still alive?

    The people who earn every cent working for her, probably, is about all.

  91. Ashley says:

    I definitely won’t be buying any of her products. I liked some of her lingerie but anyone that supports such cruelty doesn’t deserve a dime.

    I love how she boasts about it like it’s something to be proud of. I don’t need to see the video of the dying rhino to not feel extreme sadness for their plight. The fact that people would do something so heinious is beyond.

    I hope someone gets the cops round to her house. She just admitted to using an illegal substance. Wonder how she’s getting her hands on something that isn’t allowed in any country?

  92. TheSerenityGarden says:

    Heather, I signed your petition also. You did an excellent job in writing the petition.

  93. OC lady says:


  94. original kate says:

    “The journalist walked through her flat and slowly realised there was something missing – books!”

    i don’t trust people with no books in their home.

  95. Fae says:

    Filth. Simple as that.

  96. Cyndi says:

    The laugh lines are not as bothersome as her hunchback and different skin tones. Seriously? Who in the hell has a ghostly face with an all over tanned body? OMG, and that ET neck – phone home, Elle!

  97. gaia says:

    She’s THE BODY, not THE BRAIN…

  98. angelika says:

    Are there Rhinos in China?Wow,i refused to use EMU oil after i learnt how it is made..So she must be just cruel,egocentric, selfish woman..

  99. CB Rawks says:

    Soulless piece of crap.

  100. Martin says:

    She would probably gets a kick out of seeing a dead bloodied female rhino with her horns cut off and a baby calf running around bewildered, dying a slow hunger death.

  101. Zombie says:

    Ya, she’s a bitch alright! And what about that no talent nut job Kyra Sedgwick… and she’s so damned ugly!

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  103. Jason says:

    The Western Black Rhino has just been declared extinct. Ancient “medicine” is ancient for a reason — they didn’t know what we do now. However, people are still obsessed with RIDICULOUS claims. Homeopathy, faith healing… FML

  104. syedalirehan says:

    i hateeeeeeeeee herrrrrrrrr