Twilight stars will earn an estimated $41 million each


The young actors that make up the unlikely love triangle in the Twilight movies: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, will be set for life if they manage their money properly. NY Magazine reports that they’ll each get $25 million for the last two Twilight Movies, Breaking Dawn parts 1 and 2, plus 7.5% of the gross, which should add around $14 million on top of that. That makes their final take somewhere around $41 million each.

I guess the question is whether they’ll manage their fame and fortune as well as the Harry Potter gang. Judging from Kristen Stewart’s recent foot-in-mouth press tour I think the answer is “no.” She’ll soon have enough cash to retire from acting or stick to local productions if she’d rather avoid the pitfalls of fame. As for Pattinson and Lautner, they seem to be doing fine. It would be nice to see these kids go to college and focus on their educations.

As for the paydays of the other cast members, I recently read that Kellan Lutz and Ashley Green will each bank $1.25 million for the last two movies, having lobbied for higher pay. It hardly seems fair compared to the $25 million plus that the stars will take home. The lesser characters in the Twilight movies are replaceable, though, according to filmmaker Summit. They replaced actress Rachelle Lefevre with Bryce Dallas Howard when a independent movie she was making had a 10 day overlap with production. I’m sure that had a chilling effect on salary negotiations.

The latest Twilight installment, Eclipse, is cleaning up at the box office but still hasn’t surpassed New Moon. So far it’s earned $175.3 million in the U.S. since it’s opening last Wednesday and it was on top of the box office this holiday weekend. It’s still a few million behind New Moon’s six day box office numbers, but I’m sure no one is worried about that.


Taylor, Robert and Kristen at the Eclipse premiere on June 24, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. gabs says:

    oh come on. She needs some pr training but shes not a bad actress. She’ll probably dissappear by doing more indie movies since she obviously despises big mainstream studio stuff. She has the best resume of the three.Lautner has Tom Cruise written all over him ( not a good thing) and Pattinson is the one at most risk of being typecast like Orlando Bloom or Hayden Christensen. That franchise makes so much money that im not surprised by those figures. They put up with a lot so whatever

  2. Dorothy says:

    I saw it yesterday and It was good – NOT GREAT! I agree the lesser characters should make a little more, they were in this movie more than the other two.

    I did not like Brice Dallas in this one. Her wig was awful and I was distracted that she looked different.

    Robert Pattinson might have the best career when these are done. I think he is making good movie choices. Taylor I am not sure of he is cute with a super bod, but he has an annoying voice which could just be because he is young. I think Kristen is a bad actor. IMO she has no range and does not show any emotion!!!

  3. jen says:

    I saw it yesterday & thought it was better than the 2nd one. Kristen looks really beautiful in it.

  4. pooky says:

    So they need never work again? Brilliant!! I can’t imagine there’s too many roles out there for an actress who’s entire performance involves chewing on her bottom lip whilst staring whistfully into middle distance, anyway…

  5. mslewis says:

    It’s good that the three leads are making a lot of money since they have become such stars and are the reason the movies are such hits. I really don’t believe that EACH of the three will get 7.5% of the profits. That is a lot. That would mean about 1/4 of the profits will go to three people. That just doesn’t happen. But, I do believe the three will get a boat load of money.

    With enough money Kristen can do indie movies to her hearts content and Rob can do what Zac Efron is doing and accept movie roles that he feels suit him better. I have no idea what Taylor will do. He is much too young and pretty to be taken seriously at the moment. Whatever they do, I wish them luck. They all seem like nice kids.

  6. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Other movies I have seen Stewart in, she is actually a good little actress. I think too many people are stuck on her Twilight character.

  7. Nm says:

    jen: you’re kiddng right?
    Stewart dressed in that film like
    in in her real life, meaning like
    a homely houswife. Awful.

  8. Patty says:

    Stewart only plays depressed horny teens(Into the Wild the whole 10 min she was on screen or Adventureland), hookers(Welcome to the Rileys and now ON the road), promiscuous wannabe rockstars(Joan Jett was always about image than real substance just like her fan Stewart) etc.

    Regarding the money these “actors” get: they aren’t doctors or scientists contributing to the society they are “actors” in an awful franchise whose insane fans lack education, taste for quality and mental stability. The same goes for STewart fans who are far more dangerous and lunatic than the Twi-hards.

    The money they get is obscene and they certainly dont’ deserve it when all they do is pose, look dumb, stutter, blink, touch their hair and complain:
    “Leave me alone, I want my privacy, but take my pictures when I promote my ‘relationship’ and films in magazines” .
    “My life is so hard, I’m an artist, you little nerds don’t understand that”.

  9. Eileen Yover says:

    I think the franchise would have succeeded with or without these three as leads. It was going to be big regardless-so why they get so much more pay as the rest of the group doesn’t make sense. Yes they should make more-but 25 million??

  10. Lenore says:

    I’ve never understood people who complain about the money actors get. No, they’re not curing cancer. They’re standing around looking pretty and playing dress-up. I’m sure that, in objective terms, they don’t “deserve” forty million dollars or anything close to it.

    But the fact is, it’s a business. These movies make a lot of money. Someone, somewhere, has decided that it’s worth paying these teen hacks a huge amount of money (or giving them a big fat percentage) to enable the series to continue and make more money.

    No use whining about how unfair it is that doctors and scientists don’t get that kind of cash; a hundred million paying Twihards don’t get their jollies from the thought of curing cancer.

    And I don’t get Taylor Lautner, either. I don’t want to be cruel to a kid but look at that face. He looks like what happens to a Barbie when you squish its head between your fingers. No eyes, no nose, and a squishy little mouth that’s perpetually curled as if he’s smelling something bad. Sorry, this IS cruel, but I’m always distracted by how puggy this alleged teen-idol is. Is everyone hypnotised by his abs?!

  11. TG says:

    I also think their real life romance killed the chemistry between Edward and Bella. I didn’t see any chemistry between them in Eclipse, esp from KStew. I loved the first book and movie. The others are forgettable I have no desire to ogle a 17 year old kid. That is just too gross for me and he might have muscle definition but he is no man, he has not grown into that body, give him another 7 years or so and let’s see what he looks like.

  12. I Choose Me says:

    Saw it. My summation – wasn’t as bad as I expected. Kristen and Rob don’t have any onscreen chemistry though. She doesn’t have any chemistry with Taylor either. I liked that the fight scenes were so reminiscent to the books but overall they failed to translate the epic lurve that Bella & Edward are supposed to have for each other to the big screen. Dakota Fanning and Xavier Samuel (who played newborn Riley) did more emoting in their few minutes of screen time than Kristen & Rob did throughout the whole series. Of the two though, Rob is the better actor. I felt like he was trying not to show up Kristen but that’s just my opinion. Taylor Lautner needs to work on his line-delivery. He of all of them needs to take some downtime after Twilight and actually learn how to act.

  13. daisyfly says:

    Kristen falls upon the same supportive quirks to give her character believability: bite lip, push back hair, twitch head. She prefers the lip biting and does it excessively in EVERY GODDAMMED MOVIE SHE’S IN. Adventureland features her near face-eating expertise perfectly.

    As for Taylor & Rob, Taylor has a career as the next Dolph Lundgren. His acting bites (not as much as Kristen’s lip) but he’s got the pecs to pull off being the action figure so hey, good for him.

    Rob’s branching out into different roles, which is good for him but not so much for many of his fans, who cannot see him as anything other than Edward Cullen. Hopefully he can one day put being the sweaty, non-vampire vampire behind him and focus on being my third husband.

  14. PrettyTarheel says:

    I wonder if they negotiated as a block. If all three were holding their ground, I would imagine that everyone else was holding their breath. You can’t make a movie without those 3. (Part of my job in the real world is to negotiate with people who negotiate as a block, which is mentally draining since depending on the organization, it can get kind of wild in meetings.) I just think they had to be working as a group to really demand those financials IF they got 7.5% of the net profits(which, after the promotional expenses, probably isn’t a huge as it seems). Of course, that’s probably why the effects are so budget-they can’t afford anything nicer after paying those 3. Could also explain the budget weaves….

  15. PrettyTarheel says:

    excuse me, EACH got 7.5%.

  16. PrettyTarheel says:

    Reading comprehension is failing me today. 7.5% of the gross? Like, gross income? Seriously?

  17. Jaxx says:

    People complain about actor salaries and I just don’t get it. These movies make a huge amount of money. If they don’t get a huge wad of the proceeds then just who is supposed to get it? Is it all to go to the producer? The director? The writer? Charity? The actors make the film, they are the reason the seats are filled so why shouldn’t they get a big wad of the profits? End of story.

  18. dovesgate says:

    She looks too darn unhappy to be making that kind of money. I mean really.

    Kristen. Suck it up, smile for the cameras, pretend you’re enjoying being on the talk shows, and work it all you can while you have a huge fan base (even if the fan base is mostly for the boys and you’re just a little side dish – you dont see the other girls complaining do you?). Then you’ll never have to work another day in your life for something that you find as horrible as a blockbuster movie.

  19. Aussie Mama says:

    41 mill!
    well quite frankly they deserve it, they are the stars after all and the movies are huge all over the world.
    any one of them are irreplacable.
    the studios and bosses make enuf, so these guys should too.

  20. Missfit says:

    The movie was BORING, in my opinion. I kept YAWNING and wondering when it was going to be over, so I can come back home to my cleaning. lol The movie was the same was the first two. (Oh Edward, Oh Bella), lovely dovey mushy stuff. Yes, I like romance, but I get it, already, they are up each other’s ass in love, enough already, go on to something else. And I don’t mean sex, I am meaning, something more and better in the movie. It hasn’t improved by much or gotten any better. The only thing that really caught my interest was the fighting scene in the end and that was about it. And ya, maybe it’s a teen movie, but to be honest I’d still rather let my daughter watch this instead of True Blood, my kids shouldn’t have to watch anything with nudity or sex. But what I’m saying is, like Harry Potter, each movie has gotten better and improved throughout the years, and it’s a cool kid/teen movie, without “sex or nudity.” And although chivalry doesn’t exist anymore, it’s still nice to portray that message in Twilight for the young teen girls to have the hope of someone like that existing for them in life. I mean…”I want you to marry me first, stop trying to take your clothes off?” Wow, what happened to men being that way? lmao Anyways, it could have definately used some better action and story lines. But that’s just me, my opinion. 😉 Rosalie is my favorite character, I see alot of me in her and as for team whatever, I’m actually not for Jacob or Edward, I am for Carlisle. lol

  21. susique says:

    Every hater is jealous. Hahahha