Naomi Campbell hurled racial slurs at British cops

Last week, Naomi Campbell was hauled of a British Airlines flight after throwing a shit fit when they lost one of her bags. It was first reported that Naomi was then arrested in the first class lounge, but it appears that she was actually dragged off the airplane by police. Which makes me really happy, because I have this image of four cops against one Naomi Campbell, and it’s still barely a fair fight. Since then, it’s emerged that Naomi threw out some racial slurs at the cops as well. Because she can never just go out graceful.

Bucking clothes horse Naomi Campbell has been accused of hurling a torrent of racial abuse at a woman cop during her arrest at Heathrow last week. The supermodel later claimed police only nicked her because she was black. Now cops claim she called a WPC a “white ****” and a “white s**g” as she was dragged off the LA-bound jet in handcuffs.

The police source said Naomi continued, screaming: “f***ing white honkeys” at the officer and her colleagues. Those anger management classes have clearly been a great success, then. Campbell went berserk when she discovered one of her bags was missing at Terminal 5 last Thursday, allegedly spitting at officers who approached. Senior Scotland Yard staff were furious when Naomi later claimed police only arrested her because of her colour.

[From the Sun via the Huffington Post]

I took a criminology course in London four years ago during which time I learned just how serious the British criminal justice system takes racial slurs. One of the professors gave the example of someone yelling at a bouncer who kicked them out of a club, and the bouncer was Indian. If the guy called the bouncer a jerk and walked away, nothing would happen. But if the guy called the bouncer a jerk and mentioned his ethnicity in any way, that would be considered a hate crime and he could be arrested. I have no idea how often people are actually punished for it, but they made it sound like it was a pretty serious offense that they dealt with harshly.

Hopefully Naomi Campbell will finally do some real jail time. I doubt it’ll be anything legendary in terms of length, but anger management and community service clearly hasn’t done a thing for her. She still thinks she’s mightily entitled to do whatever she feels like and treat people like crap.

Here’s Naomi Campbell at the Led Zeppelin Concert “Tribute to Ahmet Ertegun” at the O2 Arena in London on December 10, 2007 . Images thanks to PR Photos.

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  1. Sasha says:

    Stupid Spoiled Whore 2.0

  2. elisha says:

    What is a s**g?

  3. Megan says:

    She is such a stupid bitch. The models and actresses with such enormous egos all need to go do some jail time to knock their egos down a notch.

  4. Cindy Kennedy says:

    I agree, she is already a HAS BEEN in the modeling world – same goes for Kate Moss, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington. Their day has come and gone. They are considered old hags now in the modeling world.

    These antics of Naomi’s are probably a desperate bid for attentions, since she is getting OLD and not getting as many modeling offers any more.

  5. xiaoecho says:

    If some-one called me a white honky I’d burst out laughing

    She needs to be accountable for her aggression – I wonder how far she would get calling someone a white honky in prison – laughable as the expression is

  6. cc says:

    Please, can we make a list of celebrities we want to go away and then, everyone in the world can vote and the top ones, we have to relegate to some remote island where they must fend for themselves, they aren’t allowed to have mirrors and no hope of rescue.


  7. snappyfish says:

    coming soon: new pictures of Naomi leaving sanitation department in a Marc Jacobs evening gown.

  8. OXA says:


  9. lulu says:

    how funny that she claimed she was being mistreated just because she is black, yet she was the one yelling racial slurs against whites… what a stupid bitch!

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Mairead says:

    I … hate … this …. woman.

    Nothing to do with colour, but everything to do with her being a vicious piece of work.

    Jaybird is right, in Britain any remote shade of discrimination of any type is seriously dealt with – which of course means that no-one knows the differnce between racism and Xenophobia. But I digress..

    Intitially I wasn’t going to assume that it was truely racist – as people who are angry will use any physical trait as an insult during a tirade – e.g. white could have been interchanged with ugly/fat/short/lanky/bald/bug-eyed/four-eyed/black/Pakistani/goth/chav/scanger etc. etc. I am lumping them in together in that they’re not often meant in a truely racist way. If they want to call you a bastard they’ll call you a bastard. When they’re calling you that for no other provocation than they don’t like your ethnicity – then it’s racist/xenophobic/prejudical etc.

    But it’s obvious here that she meant her tirade specifically as a verbal attack that was racially motivated.

    Lock the bitch up and throw away the key please.

  12. major says:

    yeah but she dates nothing but white guys.

    huh? zero points for that.

    and the walking out of jail in a designer dress bit is laughable.

  13. Moo-cow says:

    She would look lovely swinging from a tree in my back yard.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I have never been impressed with her a model. Just never got what the talent agents saw in her other than her height and figure. Her personality makes her downright ugly. Someday she will meet her match and it ain’t gonna be pretty……

  15. headache says:

    Girl needs more than anger management, she needs fricking Xanax and a minder. She’s clearly a designer’s model. Real people find her to be an insufferable bitch.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Take the weave off and she will look like a man.

  17. whattheheck says:

    How sad to be so beautiful on the outside, but so ugly inside.

    I know, she and Heather Mills can be new BFF!

  18. kissmyivoryirishass says:

    Please, somebody knock her fucking teeth out already!

  19. Sandra says:

    I’m an American black woman and I would love this bitch to get in my face and get disrespectful–I would wipe up the floor with her ass!!! I mean, really, who does she think she is? I’m sorry, but she is a washed up model whose day has come and gone. I hope she goes to jail and becomes somebody’s Biattch in there! I guarantee you, girlfriend, no one in prison is going to be impressed with your super-model status… 😈 😈

  20. blue says:

    Naomi is an embarrasment to women, she is a spoilt bratt, an aggressive bitch, a try hard, and as far as I can see a thicko. In her position as a ‘ Super Model'(!!) she campaigns for folks less fortunate than herself, but I would imagine it is for the same reason most celebs do it . . .it’s tax deductable! She is in need of a reality check – Let her try throwing a mobile phone or hitting someone that she is not paying to be her skivvy and see what happens, these people shouild not be indulged.