Did Megan Fox marry Brian Austin Green because she’s knocked up?


I know the rumor has been floating around for the past few weeks, but Star Magazine has a piece that is making me wonder even more if Megan Fox is pregnant. The Star article starts out as just a recap of Megan and Brian Austin Green’s nuptials and honeymoon, with eyewitness testimony like, “No one has ever seen a happier, more tender couple than them.” Other people noted that Megan and BAG couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Then this:

Could it be because there’s more than just love in the air?

“It’s being whispered that they got married because Megan’s expecting,” a source tells Star.

A friend of Megan admits she’s “been trying to get pregnant.”

And Brian was spotted lovingly rubbing his wife’s belly. “He was really gentle with her, especially when touched her stomach. She was glowing,” says the source.

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Unfortunately, Megan’s rep just denied Star’s story to Gossip Cop (denial here – the rep just says it’s “not true”).

Personally, I think it would have been sweet if Megan and BAG were expecting. Now that I know it wasn’t a shotgun marriage, I’m back to thinking that Megan married BAG because A) She actually does love him and he puts up with her general idiocy and B) for her career, because she’s trying to change her image. For real – I think Megan realizes that her days as just “the hot girl” who just stood around pouting in action films is over. There’s a new generation of girls who do that with less attitude than Megan. So her career has to change – she’s now the “real” actress, the wife and the step-mother. And it looks like her publicity team is telling her to take it down a notch in interviews, which is probably the biggest help to her image. Megan is now and always has been her own worst enemy. But at least she’s not going to be somebody’s mother (for now).

Here are some photos of Megan Fox hiding her face and showing her ring in LA yesterday:



LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 18:  Actress Megan Fox (L) and actor Brian Austin Green arrive at the GQ Men of the Year party held at the Chateau Marmont Hotel on November 18, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for GQ)

Megan & BAG in Hawaii on May 29, 2010. Credit: Bauer-Griffin. Also, Megan on July 8, 2010. Credit: MAC/Fame.

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  1. skibunny says:

    She’s gorgeous!

  2. JaisyMaisy says:

    She’d be a lot more gorgeous if she didn’t look so trashy all the time. She always looks like she got rode hard and up up wet. Which is too bad, ’cause she is truly genetically gifted.

  3. JaisyMaisy says:

    She’d be a lot more gorgeous if she didn’t look so trashy all the time. She always looks like she got rode hard and up up wet. Which is too bad, ’cause she is truly genetically gifted.

  4. a says:

    getting a katie price vibe from her…

  5. Schozzle says:

    No, they got married because Vanessa Marcil just got married and Megan’s career is on the brink of…nothing.

  6. Jillian says:

    In People’s spread of their wedding, there is a pic with his hand on her stomach. It made me wonder if she was knocked up.

  7. mln says:

    She was gorgeous but she is ruining her face with all of the uneccessary plastic surgery. I don’t think anyone is taking her seriously as an actress and I hope that isn’t the reason why she got married. Some humility and acting lessons might help though.

  8. Marianne says:

    First off, she doesnt look that pregant with the flat stomach of hers. Secondly, knocked up or not, they have been together for years, which would make me think they got married for love.

  9. Schozzle says:

    Oh, I’m not doubting that they love each other. It’s just the timing (plus whoring out the wedding/honeymoon) that’s suspect.

  10. Leek says:

    @Schozzle — Did Vanessa Marcil marry that Jewish director or writer she was with? I love her! I wish her career would have taken off.

  11. onyx says:

    I think it’s really sweet that BAG can look beyond her horrible disfigurement that is her thumbs and ducklips, and want to reproduce despite the obvious physical flaws. such a good boy.

  12. mr. stinky fishface says:

    I dunno. There is just something about her that I don’t like and can’t get over.

  13. bellaluna says:

    Since her career is on the back burner, she had to do something to stay relevant. I said before she’d either get married or get pregnant – she got married.

    And OMG are those her wonky thumbs?! I’ve read what others have written about her thumbs, but I’ve never seen them before!

  14. RhymesWithSilver says:

    Does Megan Fox even have the body fat percentage required to menstruate? I guess I asked the same thing when Nicole Ritchie got pregnant, and her kids came out alright. Poor hungry fetuses…

  15. kelbear says:

    How come every time someone gets married everyone assumes the woman is pregnant. Can it be because of love?

  16. Bonfire Beach says:

    I don’t care for her but I really like them together. BAG seems like he really, truly loves her and that makes me like him more. Now they need to keep their marriage low-key and out of the spotlight so it works out.

  17. Hautie says:

    My personal bias opinion…

    She is such a pretty girl, with a truly unfortunate tattoo.

    I will never understand why any working actor would have such a huge visible forearm tattoo.

    Especially of Marilyn Monroe. It is just tacky.

    It reminds of me Henry Winkler and his Roy Orbison tattoo, in the movie “The Waterboy”. But at least his was on his ass.

  18. original kate says:

    hopefully the baby won’t inherit her bitch-face. or her thumbs.

  19. Sasha says:

    hey Snitch!…was just on ur blog lol

    BAG has the stupidest tatoos…esp the ones on his chest..WHY WOULD U DO THAT MAN???

  20. omondieu says:

    Not so much genetically as surgically gifted, in my opinion…

  21. nnn says:

    It seems like the skin has been tighten so much with all those plastic surgery procedures that she can’t smile properly anymore, like it hurts at opening wide her mouth

  22. constance says:

    Co-signed Kaiser. Same stuff I said in a previous BAG wedding post. She’s trying to do all this stuff to change her image and revamp her career. Unfortunately, one would actually need talent to do so… I figure she’ll have some kids and go back to living in FL because BAG can’t afford LA.

  23. Jaxx says:

    Being pregnant would be one way to keep herself in the tabs. The paps would be chasing her around all the time for belly pics so I’m sure she will be breeding sooner than soon. Of course the kiddo will look nothing like her since she has surgically altered her face beyond recognition.

  24. MrsRut says:

    I may be in the minority here, but I don’t think anyone ever says how smokin’ hot Brian Austin Green is…Look at him in that tux with her. Yummy!

  25. Shy says:

    But what will she do? She can’t act in a normal role. In all her three roles she looked the same. Transformers, Jennifer’s Body, Jonah Hex… She obviously can’t play a nice hometown girl in some rom com.

  26. nofreelunch says:

    I don’t really like either one of them, but together they are almost one likeable person. But OMG what is this toe-thumb business? She has lovely hands.

  27. Mouse says:

    He’s as big an idiot as she is, which should turn me off…but I can’t help it, he’s smokin’ in that tux. *drool*

  28. Mia says:

    Ew. The toe thumbs rumor is true. G-r-o-s-s.

    Well, carnie work in a freak show is always a career possibility now. They can say she’s talentless, they can say she’s not too swift, they can say she’s obnoxious, they can say no 24 year old should have Joan Rivers #’s of surgery.

    But no one can take away her carnie toe thumbs.

  29. LBees says:

    When I saw the first Transformers movie, I though, “where has this hottie been? I’ve never seen her before.”

    Now, I don’t even see the same girl. Too bad 🙁 Too much tweak and pluck, plump and shine for my taste.

  30. jazzazz says:

    Why is BAG the most eligible non-working actor that has EVER lived?? How does one, as a celeb as attractive as M Fox, look across the room and go “wow, he was on 90210 when I was still in elementary school, introduce me” ?!?!?!

  31. What The? says:

    How did dweeby David Silver end up with Vanessa Marcil and now Megan Fox?