Alex Skarsgard stars in a strange, homoerotic dance film

Dlisted’s Michael K got his hands (and other body parts) on the above video of Alex Skarsgard doing something naughty and strange. Much like my Daniel Craig gay fan fiction, this video is turning me on. It’s totally budget though – it’s not like Alex is doing an audition for some role where he plays a gay party boy who likes to dance and make out with asses. It really seems like Alex was drunk and he and his friends decided to make a funny video.

The guy Alex is dancing with is an English actor and comedian named Rhys Thomas. Rhys does not seem like he’s even half-way as into it as Alex. He actually looks like he’s fighting the Skargard advance. So now we know – Alex is not hot enough to turn a straight dude gay. We also now know that Alex is a big-time ass-man, and that when he gets drunk, he likes to dance and lick men and wear what seems to be a pair of Capri leggings(?). Well… now we know why Alex is with Kate Bosworth?



Alex on June 8, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Dorothy says:

    HOLY SH*T!

  2. Anon says:

    The best 2 and a half minutes of my life.

  3. snowball says:

    Uh. Okay.

    I must just hang with a repressed crowd, even back in college.

    I have to say, I’m not getting the Skarsgard thing anymore. The more I see of him, the weirder he gets.

  4. Schozzle says:

    You probably have to know a lot of Scandinavians to get it. When they get hammered, they tend to grope the closest available body. I have witnessed it often.

    And this was filmed in Greenland when the cast was stranded, hence the capri/long underwear stuff.

  5. Eileen Yover says:

    Best. Video. Ever!

    I emailed this to you guys last night because I knew fellow Eric fans would bust it! But I have no idea if you guys even check emails?

  6. lisa says:

    I don’t get the sexy from this man.. those sacks under his eyes and his too thin lips.. NOPE

    and that video sure didn’t help at all..

  7. Strawberry says:

    This is fantastic. And speaking as someone who has Swedish family on my mother’s side, not at all surprising. We like the vodka & spirits, and we love a drunken dance party.

  8. Kolby says:


  9. Schozzle says:

    What kind of soulless miser DOESN’T enjoy a drunken dance party?! And the more licking and human guitar playing the better, I say.

  10. Eileen Yover says:

    Schozzle: If I knew all it took was to get a movie role in Iceland and a case of vodka to get Alex to lick me I would have done it a long time ago! Excuse me while I renew my passport!

  11. BB says:

    Am I the only one who find this REALLY creepy? Isn’t the other dude mouthing “help” at some point and look horribly embarrassed?

  12. meme says:

    i totally don’t get the sexy of this man either. very creepy. his GF is creepy too.

  13. mln says:

    I think its hot. Scandanavians are sexy.

  14. sapphire says:

    Holy crap, that is the WEIRDEST video I’ve seen! I recall getting hammered in my 20s a time or 6,but nothing like that ensued!

  15. BB says:

    What creeps me out is that the other guy really stops laughing and seems like he is not enjoying it anymore. I don’t think that AS being “hot” is enough to remedy that :S

  16. Celebitchy says:

    That was awesome!

  17. Wif says:

    Pretty typical for a theatre party. Which is why I keep doing theatre.

  18. denise says:


  19. MymaJane says:

    Oooh, I hear “Queen: Live at Wembley Stadium” in the background! Maybe Freddie Mercury possessed him?

  20. I would like to have this video etched on my gravestone, thanks.

  21. mr. stinky fishface says:

    That was hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks for a great start to my day!

  22. scorpiogal says:

    Damn….why don’t the hot guys ever do that at the parties I go to??? Maybe too much beer and not enough vodka. That was AWESOME!

  23. Lisa S. says:

    Maybe because I am from Texas and I have just never seen (supposed straight) Texas men do that when they are drunk… I think it is safe to say from this video that if Alex was drunk enough, he would have noooo problem having some sex time with a man.

  24. Beth says:

    My God I bet he is really something else in the bedroom. It breaks my heart that I’ll never know. Breaks my damn heart.

  25. émerveillement says:

    Well, A.Skarsgard totally turns me off… I don’t see any appeal in him.
    Edit : Oh in Europe it’s not that much of a big deal!

  26. Sumodo1 says:

    This is why Kate Bosworth DOESN’T make sense. If it had to be a girl, it should be somebody with a flair for homoerotica, right? And, Anna Paquin is taken.


  27. Twez says:

    >>What creeps me out is that the other guy really stops laughing and seems like he is not enjoying it anymore.<<

    It’s not Skarsgard’s fault that guy forgot the safe word.

    I think it’s hilarious. Thank you god that video cameras weren’t ubiquitous when I was drinking like that.

  28. gg says:

    I agree with the Lisas. Alex looks like he probably wouldn’t mind romps with guys.

    Oh, and Dear Alex: Please shave.

  29. Schozzle says:

    “If it had to be a girl, it should be somebody with a flair for homoerotica, right?”

    I grew up in Mass around where she lived and when Blue Crush came out there were plenty of “I heards from so and so” that she was into kinky shit in high school.

  30. Norge says:

    Totally agree on the crazy drunk Scandinavian thing. We like to drink and we like to party!

  31. Renee says:

    Oh my yes! It actually does remind me of a party I went to last week, I mean a long time ago. My 30’s are turning out to be Awesome! That was funny and hot.

  32. juiceinla says:

    Oh I love when someone outs a Euro’s batshiz kinky side. In my book, this sort of thing actually gives him more depth…(if you will allow), makes him less a product of some Hollyweird PR machine.

  33. juiceinla says:

    Also, anyone else notice they seemed to have “barred” the door with chairs?

    its a nice touch I think. Welcome to the Hotel Stockholm.

  34. Gwen says:

    Ehm – he’s acting. He has been in a movie called “Beyond the Pole” where he plays a gay Norwegian – this was filmed when they were doing the movie.

  35. Elise says:

    Jeez, y’all act like you’ve never been silly once in your whole life! Ain’t anyone been stuck somewhere with nothing else to do but hang out and drink and act a fool? I think he’s hilarious and not in the least gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉

  36. Jeri says:

    Is this the Rhys that used to be with Jude Law’s girlfriend Sienna? Inbetween the Sisters & Brothers actors (actually 2 of the brothers) and the Jude hook-ups.

  37. Schozzle says:

    No, that was Rhys Ifans.

  38. Newyorking says:

    Seriously loosen up people. That was hilarious. So what if its with a guy? Who cares? I love that he was totally into it and just having fun.

  39. Shy says:

    So it is true… He is gay after all and Kate Bosworth is his beard. I actually started to think that way after he basically throw Kate to us as his girlfriend. All those concert pictures and then endless street candids screamed: “Look at me people, i have official girlfriend. I’m not gay”… All in this video screams that he is gay. Straight men will not do this. And the second guy is probably straight. He got scared when something was started as joke but Alex started to throw himself on him. And guy new it was filming and felt embarrassed.

  40. Leek says:

    That made me uncomfortable. He is super cute…until he smiles. Like a lot of the Victoria’s Secret models. Before I get yelled at, I am just saying most of them are much prettier without smiling.

  41. Crash2GO2 says:

    I agree, they were just hammered and horsing around. Pretty funny. lol

  42. Styx says:

    It was obvious everyone thought it was hysterical. Yeah the guy in the jeans looked surprise but he didn’t look unhappy, he laughing too.

  43. Tania says:

    I love how Skarsgard made Rhys his bitch. It was like watching a prison movie. Not sure Rhys loved it as much though.

    Hilarious stuff. Totally Scandanavian behaviour.

    P.S. You’re never too old to make an ass of yourself. 🙂

  44. Schozzle says:

    “So it is true… He is gay”

    Nope, not at all. Lots of (European) guys get like this. I know Americans don’t really get it, but it’s not unusual. But c’est la vie, it doesn’t sound like you’d ever get it.

  45. hotfun says:

    “What kind of soulless miser DOESN’T enjoy a drunken dance party?! And the more licking and human guitar playing the better, I say. ” Agreed. He’s having fun lol. It’s not like he isnt a normal person inunderneath.. Some people expect other things from him but he’s no George Clooney, thankfully. it’s turning me on lol too when he acts like a goofy T-Rex doing fun stuff and being an enjoyable, real person. And the Capri pants requisita btw, not frat wear.

  46. Lauren says:

    Oh stop with the “this is okay because he’s European/Scandinavian/etc.” It’s so lame. This is Nelly Fang acting out with a guy who appears uncomfortable and less-than-willing. He needs to stick to having sexy times with random guys on his jogging trail.

  47. NicoleAM says:

    The funniest video ever. I wouldn’t expect many American men to pull something like that since they’d be too afraid ppl would think they were *gasp* gay! This makes me want to hang out with him even more, clearly he likes to joke around and have a good time. And he doesn’t seem to have any hang-ups about his sexuality. Go Alex!

  48. Tania says:

    Oh Jesus H. Are we still on the Nelly Fang thing? Are you guys really that gullible?

  49. jazzazz says:

    I guess because I’m used to Alex turning me on as a vampire, his flagrant homoeroticism can have a pass for now…

  50. Camille says:

    That was hilarious! Thanks for the laughs Kaiser.

  51. wouldn't you like to know says:

    i think it’s well funny lovin it bosworth obviously isn’t doing her job well enough if skarsgard is that desperate to lick a guys ass by choice!!

  52. Annie says:

    Alexander is such a funny guy! 🙂
    This is humour!

    And nah Swedish ppl who are drunk is not groping other ppl more than others.

    Alexander is not strange, he is humble and have his feet on the earth.

    I have meet a few times in Stockholm.
    Very polite, funny and gentle!
    Kate B are VERY lucky!

  53. jc says:

    Four years ago I would have been totally weirded out by this. However, since then I started dating a Scandinavian guy, and yeah this is pretty normal drunken party behavior. It’s not gayness, it’s just for fun. And Scandinavians really love being naked.

  54. sophie says:

    holy shit! i just found out about this video! i’m european and i’m not quite sure if it shows gay inclinations. i think we can all see clearly that skarsgard was pissed to death, he couldn’t even walk straight. it’s kinda gross, i think, not the gay-part, i really don’t care if he’s gay, bi or straight, it’s just the humor about it that i’m not really getting.
    either way, a rather unsexy image of normally sexy alex. maybe he’s still a kid, idk. love him anyway.

  55. Cleo says:

    I bet this went over big in Japan.

  56. DannyJane says:

    What do we learn about Alexander Skarsgard from this video?

    –First, we learn that to hang with Skarsgard we need a really robust and somewhat crude and primitive sense of humor. Also, a high tolerance for booze.

    –Second, we learn that Skargard likes to drink and party when he’s trapped in a frozen wasteland with nothing else to do.

    –Third, we learn that Skarsgard has REALLY long arms and that gives him awesome leverage.

    –Finally, we learn to NEVER allow Skarsgard to get behind us when he has been drinking.

  57. Cleo says:

    The way that they are laughing it’s as if they have a clear premonition of just WHO would be enjoying this video way too much once this video goes public.

  58. Cleo says:

    He look like and sometimes TALKS like kd lang (also Bill Pullman and as noted by others, Jim Carrey.)

  59. TEXASSWEDE says:

    1. Rhys never stops and walks away so mouthing “help” is all a part of the act.

    2. You did hear QUEEN in the background. Anyone remember Freddie Mercury or ever see any of his stage antics after he “came out”?

    Alexander has a very wild sense of humor and when I first saw this video the moment he started moving his shirt up and down I felt a “Freddie” coming on.

    His character in “Beyond the Pole” was gay. And this was the group from this film. We weren’t there. We will never know what kind of game it was they were playing but it is obvious to me it was some kind of set up game.

    I care not if he is gay straight or bi. He is one hell of an actor and I admire the young mans talent and do not think it should be judged on his sexuality.

  60. AlexSkarsgardAddicted says:

    For @lisa… Yes, maybe he’s not one of the most beautiful men in the world… But he’s got charm… And charm, in a man as in a woman is probably the most important thing to look fascinating to other people… If I have to be honest, i think that, for example, Jhonny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt,Justin Timberlake are really mooore beautiful than Alex, but with his naughty, he makes me HORNY more than all of the men above.. 😉