Dean McDermott quits dirt bikes, saves marriage to Tori Spelling

Last week, Hollywood husband Dean McDermott ended up in ICU with a collapsed lung after his second crash while racing dirt bikes. The husband of Tori Spelling even had to be outfitted with a catheter- which he Tweeted about. Now that Dean is home and recovering, sources report that he has banned the dirt biking, much to the relief of Tori. Anyone who watches their reality show knows that the activity was becoming a major source of strife within the marriage, so maybe the crash was a good thing.

Dean McDermott’s recent motorcycle crash did what months of nagging by his wife Tori Spelling couldn’t – it caused him to give up a sport he loves.

Dean, a speed enthusiast, was rushed to the ICU of a Los Angeles hospital on June 29 after crashing his dirt bike – his second crash this year. He suffered a punctured and collapsed lung, which left him unable to move and bleeding heavily from his right side.

A panicked Tori, 37, rushed to his bedside – and begged him to give up the dangerous sport for good, say pals.

The couple, who married in 2006 and have two young children, have admitted that their relationship is sometimes rocky. And one of their most contentious battles has been over Dean’s obession with motorcycle racing, revealed the insider.

After Dean’s crash in January, in which he fractured his shoulder, he agreed to ride only as a hobby and to give up professional racing.

But after seeing Tori’s anguish over his injuries from his most recent smash-up, Dean, 43, agreed to stop riding dirt bikes altogether.

“He’s done tempting fate and ready to recommit himself to Tori and the kids.”

[From The National Enquirer print version, July 19, 2010]

Well, I’m glad Dean agreed to cut out the foolish, reckless behavior. But now he is going to have to find something else to fill up his time, and let’s face it- that won’t be his wife and kids. His “obession” with dirt bikes, in my opinion, is a signal that he’s bored and unfulfilled. But what else is there? His acting career is kaput ever since he married Tori. If it weren’t for the reality show and Tori’s books, they’d have no work at all. Maybe he needs to get out there and start reviving his acting career so he can stay out of trouble.

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  1. bellaluna says:

    She probably threatened to divorce him.

  2. Lesley says:

    Hate her but love, love, love the pink dress that she is wearing with the ruffled neckline.

  3. denise says:

    Dean needs to concentrate on his family and Tori’s well being, she’s been looking really unhealthy lately.

  4. Sigh. says:

    ITAWY, MSat.

    He literally had some sense knocked INTO him. ::snicker::

    But like you said, he’s getting rid of the symptom, not the disease. When they don’t have the distraction of motorcycles to fight over, maybe they’ll address whatever issue(s) had him out there to begin with (and her at home NOT eating).

  5. TQB says:

    @Lesley, yes, that dress is great – can someone photoshop it onto someone more appealing? Like the Angel of Death maybe? Really, anyone would be better.

  6. malachais says:

    @TQB LMAO..
    Poor Tori, she is looking like a tranny with her boney self. She should really eat. Something. SOON before the wind picks her up and send her to bulimic hell.

  7. malachais says:

    In all honesty, she is a sweet person that needs to get it together. But yeah, for the love of GOD EAT

  8. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    Dean has little beady eyes that are too close together. It’s very unattractive. He’s also 30 pounds overweight (for an actor). His 90 lb wife makes him look even fatter. What he should do I’d become Tori’s manager and take 10% off her income. Then maybe he’d get off his lazy ass and hustle up some work.

    I don’t believe that once a cheater, always a cheater. People mature and change. My husband left his first wife, but that doesn’t mean he’ll leave me. Past behavior is often the best predictor of future behavior, but that would mean we are all hopeless to change and just mindlessly repeat our mistakes.

    I hate Dean because he’s a self centered jerk, not because he wronged Mary Jo Eustace.

  9. original kate says:

    the picture of dean reading to his son from tori’s book is awesome. what do you think that story was like?

    “once upon a time there was a big-headed,untalented hollywood princess who got a career because of daddy’s name. one day she met an equally untalented pauper/actor with eyes like a pitbull. they fell in love, apparently. they were each married to other people, and the pauper even had a pauper little boy, but those people weren’t important enough, no sir; they cheated on their spouses and got married. then they had a little prince & princess of their own and got a reality show! and they all lived happily ever after…until the show was cancelled. the end.”

  10. mojoman says:

    LOL Original kate, that was awesome! I really enjoyed your bedtime story, please do tell more :-) . On that note, can we please stop reporting about these 2? I mean, really what is the market value and appeal with them?

  11. gg says:

    Boring couple.

    Also, @ Ms. Odie 2 – “Dean has little beady eyes that are too close together. It’s very unattractive. He’s also 30 pounds overweight (for an actor).”

    It’s all I see when I look at this pig-eyed dumb looking creature. He looks as dumb as a bag of rocks. Especially when he tries to look “cool”.

  12. RobN says:

    Guys who need the adrenaline rush of racing cars or motorcycles will find it somewhere else when they have to give it up. Or with someone else. Tori should be careful what she wishes for.

  13. guesty says:

    let’s see what “sport” he takes up next???!!!

  14. jen says:

    original kate-LOL!!

    “Once upon a time there was this horse-faced little girl…”

  15. Doseofreality says:

    Their struggles are not dissimilar to thousands of couples all over North America. I even know some that behave just like they have a camera on them at all times, behaving outrageously, saying hurtful and spiteful things, disregarding the mental and emotional health of their children. I am just at sea with them as I am with couples like Tori and Dean. I have a feeling that they feel their success is due to the abnormal interest in their relationship, good or bad. Apart they are nothing, together at least it’s a paycheck.

    How sad to live a charade, all because it’s become an employment opportunity. When it does inevitably implode, expect extreme collateral damage (children, careers, any lingering self-respect). The s**t will really hit the fan.

  16. Leticia says:

    he’s a silly selfish man-child. he will replace dirt bike racing with something equally destructive. so glad that these two found each other. their exes should be relieved.

  17. snowball says:

    Don’t you ever feel a little sorry for her? She didn’t exactly choose her face when she was gestating, although she did make some attempt to fix some parts of it with a nose job.

    If I had to deal with Dean’s juvenile attempts to get out of dealing with his day to day family responsibilities, I’d be a stick thin nervous wreck too. She’s the sole money maker, the main parent, she’s got her own issues with her mother to deal with, not to mention she’s a neurotic mess.

    I just look at her and pity her and want to smack the shit out of Dean.

  18. Jeri says:

    Thank God for Happy Endings. (smirk)

  19. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    I also hate the way Dean resolves the kids’ sibling squabbling in an overly tyrannical, punitive way. He just takes stuff away from them and makes them cry, and he’s the big tough Daddy problem solver. He’s just insensitive.

  20. Doseofreality says:

    Michael K has some new photos of Tori on Dlisted.

    Any woman that can go out in public and purposely wear a dress that displays her sunken chest, stick thin arms, obvious over-sized implants and skeletal back is crying for help.

    Either that or she needs psychiatric help for her extreme body dismorphic disorder.

  21. Really says:

    Just say no to Collagen! Those lips look ridiculous!

  22. ghostbuster says:

    i dont get the tori bashing. i think she comes across as very sweet and kind. its great that she has a business based off of her name. she grew up in elite hollywood and then got booted out. i think that makes a good story. dean does seem a bit lame, but she says shes happy. i just wish she was happy with a guy who wasnt married when they met.

  23. Julia Sugarbaker says:

    Oh, what will Dean do now? How much
    longer can he hang out w/the “guncles”?
    Dean is a very veril guy and Tori is
    really a whiney, frail chick. I bet he
    is bored to death on a day to day basis.
    He always feels insecure around Tori
    and spends most of the show talking about it. It’s sad. What was wrong with his 1st wife? She is so pretty and bright. He needs to get an acting job, but no one wants all that reality drama around. I know they will have another child, but I give the marriage
    a few more years.

  24. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Hmm. Two crashes in one year, that’s intense. Maybe when this show ends, he can get his own reality show called ‘The Skill Hunter’. Acting didn’t work, racing didn’t work, and with all of these little peaks into his inner world, I don’t see him having the same luck with putting himself out to stud as he did in the earlier days. If in the future it comes to that, I’m thinking it might not work again. That would be a shame, actually, because he has been quite good at marrying (comparatively) much more famous ladies.

    Any suggestions for White Steadman?

  25. ghostbuster says:

    wow original kate! that was beyond mean and snarky. you must be a very sad and bitter person.

  26. GatsbyGal says:

    He’s going to find something else, like hang-gliding or rock climbing. Or hell, I’m sure he’d take up knitting classes if it would get him out of the house away from Tori.

    Jesus, man…can you imagine what it must feel like to hug that woman? All fragile bone and sinew, her only soft parts being the huge fake knockers sticking out of her chest like the bulging eyes of a bullfrog that got run over by a car.

  27. ctkat says:

    In the first season of the show, when Tori was pregnant for the first time, Dean was obsessed with scuba diving. He spent all of his time and money on scuba, and this was when they were definitely hurting for money (this was before the books and reality show money, which is their sole financial support now).

    He’s been pretty self-involved and checked out from the beginning- he always has some obsessive hobby that he focuses on while Tori handles…well, everything.

    She’s so painfully thin, so scarily unhealthy looking now- I truly believe it is because she’s stressed and terrified: she’s the sole breadwinner, raising two young children as a single mother, her husband is MIA (and she’s always got a watchful eye out for cheating, so that must feel lovely), and there’s the whole mother thing.

    Dean sucks.

  28. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    gg, he does have a pig-eyed look, but pigs are very intelligent.

    Tori would improve her looks a million times if she’d stop doing that awful straw yellow color! I watched the episode of her reality show that Candy was on, and her blonde looks a million times better than Tori’s. She needs a softer, less brassy blonde and some soft layers. She can’t do anything about the pug dog eyes on the side of her head thing, but the hair is completely within her control.

  29. Cirque28 says:

    I hear she married him because his wee little close-together eyes balance out her large, far apart eyes in their gene pool.

    I actually Tori looks pretty in some of these pictures. Softer hairstyles which cover a little more of her face suit her. (Hmmm. I guess that isn’t the most flattering compliment… “You look lovely when we can’t see as much of your actual FACE.” Oh well.)

  30. snappyfish says:

    Dirt bikes?….don’t you mean dirt bag?

  31. Ruffian9 says:

    ghostbuster: It’s called CeleBITCHY, genius. Orig kate rocks.

  32. Liana says:

    wow original kate! that was beyond mean and snarky. you must be a very sad and bitter person.

    Or a very funny one. I vote for funny.

  33. mrsodie2 says:

    I totally remember the scuba diving thing! He was all about the scuba diving. I agree that he’ll pick something else next. Likely something that involves a lot of specialized equipment that he can look at on-line all night (so when he’s up all night looking at porn on the computer, and Tori is all “whatcha doin’, babe?” he can quickly click on a link to some piece of equipment for his (insert expensive new hobby) that he’s bidding on on Ebay).

  34. LindaR says:

    I agree with Snowball. This chick’s made a bad life choice and saddled herself with an opportunist extraordinaire. She will always look for love in all the wrong places.

  35. original kate says:

    @ ghostbuster: which mean, snarky part is untrue? they did cheat on their spouses, he does have crazed pit bull eyes and tori’s head looks like eric stoltz in “mask.” true story.

    now, if you’ll excuse me i have to go down to my basement to cry my sad and bitter tears.

  36. Conando says:

    Thank god her cleavage is covered in all these pictures.

  37. malachais says:

    Banning a man from one of his favorite hobbies is like killing a man’s ego… Although it seems he is stupid because he keeps hurting himself on the damn dirt bike.

    These two are really starting to look like famewhores, finding sh-t that will place them in magazines, ugh.

  38. Steph says:

    I remember the scuba diving thing too and like a lot of the others have said, even if he gives up riding dirt bikes, he will take up another activity, whether it be for the adrenalin rush, shirk domestic responsibilities or just to have something to do…

    I understand that he needs to cut out the spending for her wellbeing and the sake of his family but I recall Tori asking him to stop scuba or at least do it somewhere else because of his relationship with his scuba instructor….

    Either way, I don’t see this marriage working out because she’s forever going to be insecure that he’ll cheat on her and end up with someone else, the same way their relationship started and someday, he’s going to take up a new hobby that he won’t want to give up for her sake.

  39. karaokegirl says:

    Of course he’s bored and unfulfilled … can you imagine being a fly on the wall when those 2 attempt to have a conversation? The poor fly would kill itself out of boredom. Dean is scum for running out on the daughter he was in the midst of adopting. He and Tori deserve each other. Mary Jo is better off with her 2 cute kids and no Dean.

  40. Amanda says:

    Mrs Odie-
    RE: your comments about Dean’s parenting.

    I think that Dean is BY FAR the more down to earth parent. I have no doubt that Tori loves her children dearly, and she seems quite devoted to them. However, she uses them to make money, affords them ridiculous luxuries, throws them birthday parties far beyond what any normal child would be happy with (and ironically mirrors her own childhood in which she complains she was pampered and never taught how to deal with money), and provides very little in terms of the word “no”. Dean didn’t grow up rich, so I think he has a different, and more realistic view of parenting. Primarily, that the word “No” is a good thing sometimes. I doubt Tori has figured that out yet.

  41. Carol says:

    ALL of you people are pathetic and obviously have some issues yourselves! Anyone who makes fun of other people and wishes ill will to others usually have their own little (or in your cases, big) insecurities of their own! And Dean did NOT have an extra-marital relationship with the scuba instructor, so get your facts straight before you attack people’s characters! Tori was jealous of the instructor, so he gave it up for her, idiot! You people need psychological help and need to GET A DAMN LIFE!!!