Kate Middleton might defy her ‘Waity Katy’ moniker, dump Prince William


A little while ago, I gave some excerpts from a Daily Mail piece about how the royal rumors are swirling that Prince William is going to make Kate Middleton wait another three years before he’s prepared to settle down. Most of the piece was based on how the Middleton does and should feel “wronged” by how the royals are treating them, and how William is about to begin a three-year military helicopter training program. Of course, Kate is going down to Wales with William to set up house. Because that’s what she does. She puts her life on hold for him, always. She even quit her job! So what is she going to do for three years, with no job and no ability to get pregnant to force William into marriage? Note: I’m saying she won’t get pregnant because that would be a dumb move, not because she can’t. Well, Star Magazine’s source claims that Kate is getting really tired of this “Waity Katy” moniker, and if William doesn’t get with it soon, she’s going to be the one to dump him.

Nicholas Davies, a polo player and author who was friends with Princess Diana, claims that William’s indecision is “tearing Kate up.” He goes on: “She must be in turmoil wondering what happens next. William can’t leave this poor girl in limbo much longer. It’s really crunch time for William and Kate.”

Making it even worse, Kate and William are setting up house at the air base in Wales, where William will spend the next three years trining as a helicopter pilot. Insiders say that Will’s nagging doubts about making Kate his princess grew stronger during a recent trip to Africa with his brother, Prince Harry.

“William sees the uncertainty in Harry’s love life right now, and it leaves him with a lot of questions about his own future. The most important one: Is it too soon to get tied down with a wife, children?”

While Kate truly loves her prince, she won’t wait for him forever, says a source.

“She hates the ‘Waity Katy’ nickname, and I don’t believe she’ll hang around much longer to get rid of it. She’s told close friends that she’s tired of the uncertainty. She’ll be kissing William goodbye if he doesn’t make up his mind very soon.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Would I love for Kate to grow a pair and dump William, and let him get some bad press for leading her on for years? Yes. But I also think that getting dumped by Kate is pretty much what William wants at this point. He really is starting to look like the dude who is too pussy to actually dump a girl, so he just starts acting like a tool so she’ll dump him and he can be the wronged one. All that being said, I don’t think Kate will dump Will, because (once again) she’s got her eye on the prize. She knows if she just sticks with it and hangs in there (FOR THREE MORE YEARS!), there is no way he can’t NOT marry her. I know that was a double negative, but you know what I mean.

LONDON - JUNE 27:  Kate Middleton attends the 46664 concert in celebration of Nelson Mandela's life at Hyde Park on June 27, 2008 in London, England.  (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

LONDON - JUNE 27:  Kate Middleton attends the 46664 Concert In Celebration Of Nelson Mandela's Life held at Hyde Park on June 27, 2008 in London, England.  (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)


Kate & Will on March 14, 2010 & May 10, 2009. Credit: Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. jen says:

    He should get married while he still has hair for the wedding photos.

  2. buckley says:

    Yikes, she’s looking rough.

  3. Persistent Cat says:

    Hahahahahaha Jen, that was funny. I was wondering about the hair, too. And she should really tone down the eyeliner.

    I find this whole thing ridiculous. It’s just non-stop speculation. No one really knows what’s going on and people talk about it like they know all the details.

  4. denise says:

    She kinda reminds me of Fergie the duchess , no? She looks old.

  5. Sumodo1 says:

    @jen — you MADE my day!

    She looks quite rough. Why would William even think of wanting her as his royal consort when the Scandinavian princesses are hot, hot, hot and available? And, would be able to be coronated, not serve as Princess Consort in the event that William becomes king. His Scandinavian wife could be a future queen

    He may be getting advice like this, because Prince Charles will never be king, and to restore the monarchy, and project it into the future, it would make sense to link with Norway, Denmark and Sweden, with one of their princesses.

    Did I mention those girls were hot?

  6. snowball says:

    She looks exhausted. I’d quit his ass. No amount of celebrity or crapass fashion (really, do they dress THAT well?) is worth dealing with Princes Philip and Charles and all the rest of the junk that goes with it.

    I’d rather get a normal job, find a normal guy and live a normal life. She’s a beautiful woman, she’s not stupid or old, she’s got plenty of time to still get a decent education and decide on a career and settle down with someone.

    I’d tell him to bite his ass with his horsey teeth and enjoy finding someone else to sit around waiting for another ten years.

  7. mimi says:

    Ok, here’s the deal. Kate is pushing 30. So was my friend who wanted to marry her bfriend of 1 1/2 years. So, I told her to tell him he’s not giving her what she needs and the inevitable breakup followed. She then starts dating other guys which he watches in panic (they lived in the same building). She keeps her self-esteem and gets to have fun at the same time while possibly meeting a “better” guy. Guess what? Boyfriend proposed. They’ve been happily married now for years with 2 kids. Lesson..once you get into your 30′s, the pool of available men definitely thins, ladies. Kate needs to do the same. If he loves her, he’ll marry her. If not, she’ll find someone who does. Time is up, William.

  8. Phantom Goddess says:

    I think William would love to be another Prince Albert. Rule single and dating as many women as he wants.

    Which will never happen!

  9. blue planet says:

    I bet they split, he meets or takes up with someone almost right away and then marries that one after a six months.

  10. Sumodo1 says:

    Thanks, I corrected that mess. Hahahaha!

  11. toto says:

    marrying anyone rather than kate .i am 100% sure he will divorce his whatever beautful princess ( recall diana beauty) and go back to kate . no one spends most of his youthwith one girl and get over it easy there must be so much realthings between them and real understanding . one more if he marry anone else just relace camlelia with kate :)

  12. Iggles says:

    Sumodo1 – Haha! That would be something wouldn’t it? These days not many Royals marry other Royals (or Nobles even!). Would be awesome to see a double Royal wedding!

  13. TQB says:

    my only response to this is that neither one of them is getting any younger. They are both beautiful kids, but let’s get this show on the road whilst we can still take pretty wedding pics, K?

    For the record, I think she’s aging better, but still – they both look 35, min.

  14. LolaBella says:

    LOL@jen’s comment!

    Thanks, I really needed the laugh.

  15. hellen says:

    Kate looks more like she’s pushing 40. And William looks like a “before” photo in a Hair Club For Men ad.

  16. andrea says:

    mimi – get a grip. this is not 1951. im 34, there are single men everywhere, tons of ‘em. my aunt is 64 and single (widow) – tons of single men for her too.

    agree with others that kate is looking kinda beat.

    these two both seem so dull.

  17. Kevin says:

    If she dumps him there will be a line a kilometer long waiting to service the Royal Scepter, believe it. She is about to go from waity to weighty.

  18. Leticia says:

    @Jen, hilarious comment!!

    Kate’s expression looks grim these days. It reminds me of the expressions on those fishermen who compete for prize money and hook a shark on the line and fight with it for 24 hours.

    I do think he is trying to force her to break up with him, but she will wait forever.

    I wish she would do something risky and shock everyone, like running off with a mafia don or oil sheik or something.

  19. mimi says:

    tons of single men for a 64 yr old woman – give *me* a break. Not trying to start a fight – just saying from experience that dating gets alot tougher once you get into your 30′s.

  20. Lady Jane says:

    I think it is possible that she just loves him? I mean ok, he will be king, and that is a big deal. But can’t she just be a girl in love with her boyfriend? Maybe she isn’t in a hurry to get married. Maybe he asked her and she said, “not yet”. We don’t know anything. And I think she is pretty. People saying she looks rough are way too used to airbrushed models to remember what a real, down-earth, non-surgically enhanced, pretty girl looks like.

  21. Strawberry says:

    @ Sumodo1: Not so many Scandinavian royals are left either, Madeleine (Sweden) who would be rebounding hard after her 6-yr relationship ended in broken engagement. All the others are preteens, ewww!

  22. MoMo says:

    @Leticia Omg, if she were to do that- hit the highway with some foreign billionaire- she would be my hero! Lol, and that of scorned women everywhere!

  23. Julie says:

    What a load of garbage. Kate is not going anywhere. She has invested way too much time in bagging William to give up now. Looks like the well oiled Middleton PR machine is working overtime to put the pressure on old Willie to commit. She gets little sympathy from me. She already has an education, which she has done nothing with for the past five years. She could have had a career, but has had no real job either. Just not buying it. She deserves the Waity Katie moniker. I’m not so sure that William is all that great a prize anyway.

    Lady Jane: yes, I believe that she may indeed love him. But, he is obviously not that into her, if he simply will not commit to her.

  24. Chrissy says:

    I’m with snowball. Who would want to be a part of the crazy royal family? Yes, they are fun to watch but to be part of that fishbowl??? No, thanks. Look at what everyone put Diana through and that started way before the age of 24/7 media and internet that we are living with now.

  25. Jen says:

    What’s stopping her from having a job and a life while she’s waiting to get married, to him or someone else? She’s putting all her eggs in one basket and that’s just never smart.

  26. Julia Sugarbaker says:

    Kate is so stuck between a rock and a bald place!! I feel for her, but not really. She totally gave up her life for him and she is stuck. She should not live with him in some isolated place where she will never see him. This is a good time for her to demand a ring, get it or make a break. Look,
    we all loved Diana, but she married the worst possible person for her. However, she was stuck too. She wanted to be queen and married a guy who never made a good husband. Diana spent her entire married life miserable, alone and trying to find love. It was sad!
    I hope Kate doesn’t make the same mistake, but Will’s not asking for her
    yet. Kate, you should give Will a deadline and then go.

  27. TG says:

    @Leticia – I laughed so hard reading your comment! Too funny.

    William is not attractive at all to me anyway. Didn’t a Scandanavian just get married to her gym trainer? She wasn’t very pretty neither was he so where are these hot princes and princesses everyone is talking about? I have yet to see one.

  28. Ellen Evans says:

    We have all been hoping and praying for just that, and not for her sake, but for his. The very strong rumour is that he’s been trying to get her to go for quite some time. But she has her ticket to fame, fortune, tiaras and rings and she just wouldn’t go. He has just had to wait her out that’s all.
    She has always been completely unsuitable and always will be. I feel no pity for her. She knew what she was getting into but she has hung on and clung on. One thing he must never maintain a friendship with her, let her go Wills. There are many better choices for you and she never was the right choice.
    Ellen Evans,

  29. Nuharoo says:

    She brought that moniker on herself, she could have gotten a solid job/career and done some charity work and then the press wouldn’t have DARED called her anything.

    She has no business modeling lingerie, living an idle jet set life, and then whining about the press giving her an unflattering label. She has no business complaining as she has made her choices.

  30. snappyfish says:

    Why does everyone think that she wants to be married? Maybe they like their arrangement. They seem to clearly care about each other and like spending time together. Why must they marry now or at all?

    I think that when and if William gets married it will be to Kate. I just think they have already decided to be mates. They probably have a much happier life as it currently stand than when and if they marry. At the moment they still have a relationship that is theirs and not one that belongs to England

  31. nina says:

    @mimi – dating gets tougher when you are in your 30s not because there are less guys available, but because you become more picky once you hit 30. Plus you get the “second wave” – all the guys who got married, young, divorced and now are perfectly domesticated. And the ones who never married because their insecure GFs nagged too much, and now would like to. 30 is the perfect age to date. Oh, and I just had lunch with a 64 y.o. friend – she gets ton of attention from men too. They are everywhere. Like 50% of the population, you know….

  32. Angel says:


    Well said, mate.

  33. Wresa says:

    @ blue planet: I have always had the exact same assessment, that they will break up and he will marry someone else right after he meets her. Of course, I often hope that it is a 25-year-old girl from Ohio aka me… ;)

  34. Everest says:

    I think Prince William has probably never made a real decision in his life and the royal aides can’t tell him how to dump a the girl after she’s been sticking around forever so he’s stuck.

    This is going to end up one of two ways:
    He’ll finally grow a pair and cut her loose or he’ll settle, marry her and have mistresses on the side. He can get tips from Daddy on that.

  35. Richi says:

    She looks old & rough!!!!!

  36. P.J. says:

    The reporter says Kate “must be in turmoil wondering what happens next.” In other words, this is sheer speculation, the reporter has no idea what Middleton’s feelings are.

    What we do know is that she has moved in with William, which is a huge step, so that would indicate they are getting closer, not further apart.

    Prince Albert of Monaco just got engaged after dating Charlene Wittstock for 10 years! And nobody gave her a hard time about “waiting.”

  37. Andrea says:

    I wonder if part of his hesitation in getting married is due to the fact that he hasn’t had many examples of happy marriages to follow. He’s probably gun-shy.

    His parents had a spectacularly unhappy marriage, both his aunt and his uncle divorced and the queen and Prince Philip have a cold marriage, at best.

  38. Cindy Kennedy Highland says:

    William might follow in the footsteps of Prince Albert, and wait until he is 52 years old to get married.

    Kate should dump him while she is still young.

  39. Wayne Coxcsmith says:

    Kate might have a better time in a haybarn shagging with a commoner in the haybales.

  40. DiMi says:

    If he doesn’t want to marry her, he should have the courage to let her go instead of wasting her youth.

  41. jazzazz says:

    @blueplanet — EXACTLY what will happen… he’s too much of a puss to break up with here. It will happen eventually and he’ll be engaged w/in a year. Happens errrrry time

  42. BlackMamba says:

    @ Jen…He should get married while he still has hair for the wedding photos.

  43. BlackMamba says:

    Prince William should get with Charlotte de Monaco. While he’s not looking too good right now with the hair and stuff, it would be nice on paper to have the most visible prince is the world marry such a beautiful girl as Charlotte.

  44. hanh says:

    William of England and Madeline of Sweden would make an amazing looking couple! Can you imagine that wedding? wow. I’m all for it. Its obvious William doesn’t care that much for Kate, he’s just stringing her along too wimpy to break up with her.

  45. Anne de Vries says:

    I hope she does dump him, and goes on to have a career and meet someone wonderful and have a far happier life than she would have had.

    Don’t think it’s likely though. And I think her sticking around is probably less to do with ‘eye on the prize’ (like marrying into that fucked up family is such a prize) and more with having pictured her life going a certain way. She’d pictured being with him for what, 6 years now? And more than with any other guy being with him revolved around his role. Letting him go doesn’t just mean being without him or not becoming his wife, but it means an entirely different life, one she probably hasn’t ever really imagined in a serious way, because she’s with him. She’d really have to redesign her life, and I can imagine with that alone it is easier to stay just a little longer.

  46. Julie says:

    Anne de Vries: interesting comment. I recall reading recently in one of the British tabloids (believe it or not-reader’s choice) that Kate has admitted to friends that all she wants from life is to be married and live in the country with some dogs. Fair enough, but I think she might actually be visualizing her life with William as just that. She can live comfortably in the country with her dogs and not have to work. Not have to perform any role or function besides showing up occasionally in a tiara and the obvious baby making. And why not-Camilla (minus the baby making-of course) doesn’t do much either. They have been together for 8 years (including University time) and she has not done anything besides some time filling made up jobs since graduating from Uni. Maybe that’s really how she thinks married life with William will go. Maybe she believes that once she gets William to the alter, she can call the shots. Maybe she can!

  47. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    How long would you wait if the prize were marrying the future King of England? Could you live with the “what ifs”? What if I’d just been more patient? Williams grandma isn’t going to live forever. Charles is in his 60s. William won’t be king for 20 more years, at least, but still… I don’t think she’s going to do better.

  48. India says:

    I think that if William doesn’t marry Kate, he’s in danger of making the same mistake that Charles did with Camilla the first time around — taking his beloved for granted, and then losing her.

    And it’s true that a girl’s choices are sharply narrowed after age 28 or so (that’s how old Kate is right now.) Many of the quality guys get snapped up by then. Kate is probably watching her girlfriends get engaged or married. It’s not an easy thing to watch when you don’t have a ring on your own finger.

  49. Sara says:

    Double royal wedding, Royals marrying royals = Hemophilia So I don’t advise marrying just any “hot” royal you find, if that is your crowd you want to branch FAR away from it so you don’t end up with a corgi for a child that is a free-bleeder.


    Prince William and Kate will marry on the fiftieth anniversaary of my emigrating to the USA from England. Should I try and get an invitation to the wedding? I think I will write to them. They can only say no! I sat on the sidewalk all anight to watch the Queen going to her coronation, also Princess Margaret going to her wedding. Third time I’m hoping for an invitation!!!

  51. Sheree says:

    Who cares whether Kate gets dumped or not, she’d probaby be better off every marriage in the Royal family has been a disaster, Hope she doesn’t meet the same fate as Diana, I don’t think Diana’s sons are a douche like their father, i think Kate will speak up & not let these snobbish royals run all over her, I hope they are happy & live their own lives away from the
    queen & all the pomp & waste of money consumed by this miserable lot,

  52. I do not even know how I ended up here, however I thought this post was good. I don’t recognize who you’re but surely you are going to a popular tumblr if you aren’t already ;) Take care!

  53. jordan says:

    Bet ya’ll are sickened now , they got married and neither looked anywhere near the age of “40″ . Kate looked absolutely STUNNING!