Lady Gaga gives epic performance in the rain for her ‘Today’ monsters


I saw this morning that the Today Show was about to have a major Gaga moment, but I had to work so I missed it live. You know there was some very sad monsters getting up early this morning just to have their daylight Gaga moment. Apparently, it was the biggest outdoor audience for the Today Show, beating Justin Bieber’s performance. Unfortunately, for the first part of her performance because Gaga’s fog/smoke machine seemed to be going a bit haywire. I do like her old-school cover of “Someone To Watch Over Me” – after that, she goes into “Bad Romance”. Here’s the video:

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She looks almost pretty, doesn’t she? Like, traditionally pretty and cute. I like her little feathered cap thing. And I could have done without the little crosses on her bra. But there were little children in the audience! OH NO. Ha, they look like “WTH?” during “Bad Romance”. Like, “What is this ‘I want your revenge?’Entertainment Weekly has a little more about Gaga’s appearance here.

Here’s Meredith’s interview with Gaga on-stage. You know that Lauer probably wanted it!

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And here’s Gaga performing “Alejandro”. This one kind of sucks, and I actually like the song. You can tell she’s getting a lot of help from her backing vocals.

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Then the rain came. And Gaga was a pro, she didn’t diva out, she performed in the rain for her next song, “Teeth”. She looked pretty spent by the end, though. You know she was worried about her makeup (which held up surprisingly well!)

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That’s not a bad song, actually. TEAM GAGA.


Header: Gaga this morning, July 9, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. bite me says:

    i used to like her before she became a fad and now i can’t stand to look at her smug, pretentious face 🙁

  2. Dizzybenny says:

    she almost looks human….almost

  3. denise says:

    hahahhhahhaa The Lord rained down on Gaga. I live in NY and it did not rain where I’m at. (though I hope it would, it’s hotter than the devil here)

  4. malachais says:


  5. Heiyah says:

    it makes her pretensious because publications pay to buy pap photos of her? People are making a living off her, man. Let people live! Anyway, she has tallent, yadda yadda we know she ain’t the best in the world, but screw off!

  6. Heiyah says:


  7. ViktoryGin says:

    No matter one’s opinions of her talent and relevence, what is indisputable is that she’s diligent and puts in the work. And that’s more than I can say for MOST of these pop acts.

  8. C-DUB says:

    Just when I thought she was doing too much…you know..going to baseball games in her bra and panties, wearing the beekeeper outfit to her sister’s graduation, etc. Ga Ga comes out and kills it! Never really liked Alejandro but she is giving it to you with her other two performances! No lip syncing, in the rain, with high heel boots on. That bish better work!

    More performances, more music, and A LOT less crazy!

  9. LILO - donotpassgo-donotcollect200$ says:


    Well said!

  10. gg says:

    I’m glad she toned it down a bit on the silly clothes for this gig. She doesn’t need em and I’d rather see her looking comfortable than fighting the cheap, heavy attachments usually pasted all over her outfit, and the handicap shoes that make me wait for her to trip and half kill herself.

    Now if she could refrain from the “take a bite of my bad girl meat” lyrics I would feel better. Because the visual I get from that is way TMI. I gotta wonder what the kids in the audience think that means.

    And I’m even a fan.

  11. snowball says:

    Hm. She danced in the rain on what looked like a slippery stage (they kept squeegy-ing it off), she didn’t lip synch one bit (only 2 backup singers), her makeup was waterproof (so she wasn’t exactly worried about that), her voice was fine, she played the piano damn fine, she wore pants (!), she went out on that little platform and smacked hands with the crowd a bit, stood there and sang in the pouring – and it was pouring – rain there at the end.

    She sang it all, a LOT more than Xtina did, and you know she’s got some pipes.

    You don’t have to be a Gaga fan to at least give her SOME props for having gone out there in shit conditions and performed. In pants, no less.

    Oh, and that new song (the one on the piano) was great. 🙂

  12. ugh… i have such a like/hate relationship with gaga, i guess i like the REAL gaga which there were glinses of.
    I thought her performance of “Someone to watch over me” was really good and closer to the real her and she does have a voice that reminds me of Judy Garland or Liza. I also liked her performance of “you & i” even though it sounds a lot like “brown eyes” and she said her new stuff was completely different and a social phenominon or some such garbage.
    “bad romance” was an ok performance but for me “Alejandro” was kinda lame, she cannot do a spanish accent it sounds like a Russian accent and makes it annoying.
    I will however say that her performance of “teeth” was amazing she killed it with that 🙂

    p.s @Snowball XTINA SAAAAAAAAAANG! Gaga put on a good show and sang great but XTina sang her under the table (as ever) that isn’t a dig at Gaga it’s just that not many have XTina’s voice.

  13. buckley says:

    God help me, I’m thinking of getting some of her music.

  14. gg says:

    Xtina does have pipes on her records. But she lips live performances, at least on the award shows I’ve seen her on, which is BS, so, ::BUZZER!::, Nextina.

    Also, Gaga’s singers on Today were the tape. She usually sings to tapes with the backing vocals and synth only.

  15. a says:

    good for her!

  16. Kimberly says:

    I just KNEW she was going to use the rain to her advantage , definitely added a little drama for the last performance.

    I adore Lady Gaga .

  17. Riley says:

    I love Gaga. Not so much her music, which I am starting to like more, especially when I am on the treadmill, but mostly who she is as a person and a celebrity. She seems very genuine in her love and respect for all types of people. And while I see similarities between Gaga and early Madonna, Gaga is definately her own performer. Maybe I like her because she does remind me of Papa Don’t Preach Madonna, my favorite Madonna…

  18. TQB says:

    Epic is the right word. Love it!!

  19. sunnyjyl says:

    That was amazing, and she was beautiful throughout.
    Some Marlene Dietrich vibe there with the husky voice and oversized suit. Loving it!

  20. gg says:

    Gaga on the treadmill is the only way to go. 🙂

  21. buenavissta says:

    Not a fan at all but I totally respect her commitment to her performances.

  22. LOL XTina has lip synked like twice in her whole career lol did you see her on Idol?! #Siddown

  23. JJ says:

    Wow – I’m usually indifferent but big props to this performance.

  24. ghostbuster says:

    perfectly said riley. thanks

  25. Kevin says:

    She’s a jerk. If Jerry said it, it must be true. Also, his wife didn’t steal that cook book idea. YEAH RIGHT!

  26. InVain says:

    Lady Fabulous. I understand that people don’t like her and they have their reasons. But at least respect her…she does so much more than the average pop star…writes her own music, can play an instrument (not that you have to), and has a great voice. She works hard, and I can appreciate that. She gets annoying but I still love her.

  27. InVain says:

    …I also wonder how many bras this woman owns. Yes, I said woman.

  28. DetRiotgirl says:

    How refreshing to see Lady Gaga not dressed like some kind of fancied up rubiks cube for once! I’m beyond sick of her, but the fact that she looks half way normal for a change has improved my opinion of her today.

    Honestly, I think she’s reasonably talented. She writes her own songs, she can sing and she dances well too. In theory, she’s fun. It justs that she’s everywhere and her “shocking to be shocking” routine has gotten pretentious and boring.

    So, this is a welcome change! If she surprised us with new and different things like PANTS more often, she would have my attention back. I like Gaga when she’s not trying so hard to prove she’s a walking museum of art.

  29. LolaBella says:

    Love Lady GaGa!

    I really like the song Teeth and that performance.

  30. RHONYC says:

    fug soundin’ ridiculous, but…i wanted to cry by the end.


    no one has ever had such an amazing stage at rock plaza, nobody.

    -phenomenal stage design. the white w/ blue lighting & smoke. gorgeous.

    -lovely rendition of a classic. yes people, she can sing.

    -the harp. lovely & badass.

    -the white prince/elvis pants.

    -lovely shout out to lady starlight & her crew who ‘knew her when’. super humble & sweet.

    -fantastic performance of new song ‘you & i’.

    -her slide across the piano. W-O-W!!!

    -her amazing dancers (especially the black guy with the permanent orgasm face…i luv him)

    -her crazy holy-ghost dance and then catchin’ the ‘holy-spirit’ on the floor of the stage at the end of teeth (my favorite jam off f.m.)

    she wants it so bad that you can feel it and is so genuinely grateful to her fans.

    breathtaking, really.

    lady gaga is simply the best.

    *sigh* 🙂

  31. pebbles says:

    She’s got an incredible voice!
    Fabulous outfits
    and she sent pizza to her fans……
    does it get any better really?

  32. emv says:

    I usually don’t like her, but i do have to say i think it’s cool she sang in the rain. I also really appreciate when an artist says thank you to her fans. Because without them she wouldn’t be doing what she is now. she seems genuine in that sense.

  33. Vanessa says:

    Ugh I hate her.

  34. Mia says:

    She and Bieber are the record setters for getting an audience? That’s fitting, they’re in the same category to me. Two people with a pinch of talent and five million pounds of annoying promotion. I’ll pass on both.

  35. p3rp3tu4 says:


  36. KO says:

    @emv – Very true. I can’t stand this woman, but I really loved her “Someone to Watch Over Me”. She has a lovely voice and displayed it well.

  37. will people please look into the fact that gaga doesn’t write her own songs she “co” writes 98% just like most other singers.

  38. jr says:

    really, she is still copying Madonna…and her new song sounds alot like Elton john! where is Britney or Rihanna…more interesting,and at least not a straight out copy-cat…it is depressing.
    Hopefully Madonna will come out with sonething NEW soon.

  39. original kate says:

    her voice & piano playing are ok, but she sounds like any other piano player/singer in a cocktail lounge. she’s all image.

  40. Trillion says:

    Anyone who thinks Justin Beiber is in the same category as Gaga just doesn’t know much musicianship.

  41. Kim says:

    She is such a Madonna wanna be 30 years to late.

  42. tuts says:

    ugh… such a music about nothing!

  43. beautifuldisaster says:

    xtina’s voice is good but not as good as some people believe. And i personally think that gaga’s voice is better. Her voice, she could sing any kind of music.

  44. Conando says:

    Gaga’s got a good voice but it’s not that versatile because of her limited vocal range and Christina has actually covered many genres of music from singing with Andrea Bocelli to Tony Bennett to The Rolling Stones, to name a few.

  45. lisa says:

    A lot of people say she’s lookin’ like Madonna circa early 90’s…

    I say she looks like Liza Minnelli circa…now.

  46. Rachel says:

    I was there and it was nuts. Lots of 15 years olds from out of town and dehydration. So worth it though!

  47. Jover says:

    Second your comments futurestar; google her discography and you will see she “co-writes” songs with Redone etc. How much she actually writes is questionable. And she copies everyone from Kiss, Elton John, Bowie, Cher, Boy George to Madonna. Alejandro stinks; it isn’t a new single its from her second cd released last November. She’s timing the release of these songs to stretch out her fame. As I recall Carlos Santana sold 1 million copies of his first three albums with none of the incessant promotion that CaCa needs. That’s talent not pr.

  48. Stephy2485 says:

    She looks gorgeous.
    Love the pixie cut.
    Love the pants.
    And she DOES look like she put on some much needed poundage.
    She looks svelte but healthy, too.

  49. apsutter says:

    She looks much much better….my mom even noticed before how skinny and sickly she looked but it looked like she gained some much needed weight. Her voice sounds kinda tired and I think she needs to take a break but great performance chick!

  50. The Bobster says:

    Dressing weird to get attention is not new. Think Elton John in his early days. If you really have talent, you don’t need to do that.

  51. lucy2 says:

    I will give her credit – she really performed, and she sounds good in person – much more than can be said for a lot of other popstars.
    Not a pretty girl, though, IMO. But I’m glad for once to see her wearing pants.

  52. L says:

    Good voice (still no christina, but I’ve got my own issues with christina right now), but for the love of god. Her look is TOTALLY early 90’s madonna right now. Those performances totally look like they were lifted off of the express yourself video.

  53. Ktd says:

    There’s an interesting video on GaGa’s record-breaking Today Show performance at The video shows a clip of her “You & I” song and shows a bunch of different opinions on GaGa’s performance itself (especially in the rain), the vast number of fans (20,000) that showed up for the show, and whether or not she conducted herself well during the show.

    It’s worth watching/commenting on if you have a few minutes: