“Dita von Teese stars in the sexiest ad ever” links

Dita von Teese stars in the sexiest ad ever. [A Socialite Life]
Jackie Stallone is a hot mess. [Dlisted]
Halle Berry sure has been getting pap‘d with Nahla a lot lately. [Pop Sugar]
Marion Cotillard looks good, finally, and she‘s still with her bf. [LaineyGossip]
Meghan McCain interviewed Snooki. Sounds… ugh. [Gawker]
Lost fans are ridiculous. [Agent Bedhead]
New trailer for Eat Pray Love. [I’m Not Obsessed]
More on Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s Jack Goes Boating. [PopBytes]
Kim Kardashian‘s ass looks even bigger. [I Don’t Like You In That Way]
Review of The Girl Who Played With Fire. ZOMG! [Pajiba]
Coco actually looks kind of normal in these photos. [Hollywood Rag]
Tila Tequila dropped out of Celebrity Rehab. [ICYDK]
Heather Graham in a little pink bikini. [INFDaily]
Carlos Santana is engaged! Congrats, dude. [PopEater]
Kelly Brook as Princess Leia. She actually looks cute/sexy. [Celebnewswire]
Jon Bon Jovi is no diva, and that‘s why we like him. [Evil Beet]

French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier (R) and burlesque model Dita von Teese present fall winter 2010/2011 collection during the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris, France, 07 July 2010. Photo by Christophe Guibbaud/ABACAPRESS.COM Photo via Newscom

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  1. maria says:

    Sexiest commercial? I think the old spice dude still has her beat.

  2. jen says:

    I love Dita’s style!

    Meghan McCain & Snookie-No thanks. I already know where to get a good cheeseburger.

    Disappointed about Tila-was looking forward to seeing her on TV with Shauna Sands.

    Kelly Brook looks gorgeous-my nerdy Star Wars loving hubby will love those!!

  3. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Dita’s face looks so bloated lately to me.

  4. Tia C says:

    I don’t think there’s anything remotely sexy about that bizarrely pale, bizarrely dressed woman. Wish she would go away and never come back. Bo-ring.

  5. Canucklehead says:

    I’m with Tia on this one,

    Years ago Dita was really hot, lately she looks like a reanimated corpse.

  6. snowball says:

    Dita – 14:50 and counting, I really am sorry, Kaiser. I know you have the love.

    Ha, anyone who reads Tila’s Rotspot knew Tila wasn’t going to be on Rehab. The Hogul needs to milk her Army some more and she can’t do that if she’s getting called out on TV.

    @Pajiba – they won’t like the third much either. Larsson died before truly finishing Hornet’s Nest and I may be mistaken, but I’m not sure it was meant to be a trilogy. I haven’t gotten that far along in the books.

    I dread the Fincher treatment, whether it’s Portman or Knightly or whomever they give Salander to.

    ETA – OH HELL – check out the “Daniel Craig photobombs Taylor Swift” in the Featured Links section. buwahaha

  7. Kim says:

    She has a decent albeit fake body but a very ugly face. Not sexy at all – shes to masculine goth looking.

  8. california angel says:

    I am Perrier addicted lol I buy some at 7-11 everyday hehe, definitely not as classy nor as risque of a process as the commercial denotes : )

  9. popcorny says:

    Her face ruins the whole thing.
    Way too Morticia on that one, way too pancaked white.
    And her moves were a bit awkward.
    A good rack, I’ll give it that, but that’s it.

  10. marge says:

    I think she’s gorgeous, classy in her very own way and VERY stylish

    …but how does this sell a concept? a lifestyle? WATER????

  11. ligeia says:

    i don’t get this add. she look hot and all, but pouring some sticky beverage all over her chest is just…weird? she pours water all over herself in her burlesque routine, so i guess it makes sense from that point…but still…*shrugs*

  12. mollination says:

    I think Dita is the type of woman other women like to say is sexy because she’s not threatening. Women know that men don’t really go for her look so it’s okay to like her and think everything she does is sexy.

    You would be much harder pressed to find a woman who will admit (albeit begrudgingly) that Megan Fox or that chick who is going to replace her in Transformers is a knock-out because they don’t want to like them.

    Dita is meh for me. When I saw her grocery shopping in some ridiculous get-up involving heels and and a dress I was just like, “ok, we get it.”

  13. popcorny says:

    Mollination, you may have hit the nail on the head there.
    I see Dita as looking “aunty” and dowdy, very bland. Always have.
    It’s not due to the era she’s trying to emulate either, as women like Bacall, Hepburn, Page, etc., were smoking hot.
    Dita just comes off insecure and one dimensional. That’s not sexy.
    She moved like a robot and that turn and bend was embarrassingly unflattering, as was her rub-up and exit.
    Maybe it looks better from far away, like when she’s on a stage (her moves and shtick).
    And maybe if it weren’t preempted with “sexiest ad ever” it wouldn’t have been such a jarring disappointment.

  14. abbydoom says:

    Really? Please stop making blanket statements about women and what they find threatening. Maybe some women are insecure and feel that way but many more do not.
    BTW I definitely think Megan is sexier than Dita.

  15. Djen says:

    I didn’t see that as sexy, either. She just looks sorta ill. And like she’s wearing old lady underwear that doesn’t match.

    But, no ones asking me to model in my skimpies, so who am I to say?

  16. judyjudy says:

    This is the first time I have heard Dita talk. She is much sexier when she isn’t speaking. I love her look but her voice sounded so pedestrian. Not that I really know what I expected her to sound like…

  17. mai tai says:

    Looks pasty, and it tries way too hard to ‘be something’.

  18. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    @mollination, I agree with you completely. Women admire classy, beautiful women, and men like slutty women. My husband has 2 masters degrees and I have one. He thinks Helen Mirren is beautiful and classy and really likes Tina Fey. But you know who’s in his Google search history? Let’s just say NOT THEM.

    I don’t even know who this Dita lady is except from D-Listed. So if a gay guy is obsessed with her, straight men don’t care.

  19. Paula says:

    Love Dita, but the commercial was disappointingly unsexy.

  20. FUTURESTARdelux says:

    STFU losers Dita is hot! this isnt as hot as her Wonderbra ad though.

  21. Isa says:

    I love Dita’s skin. It’s so beautiful.
    I’m pretty sure that picture of Daniel Craig photoboming Taylor is old, but I still love it.
    I think Megan Fox is beautiful, even though I don’t like her. She does need to stop with the plastic surgery.

  22. Mia says:

    Strippers = No class

    Sexual, not sexy. Time for women to evolve and represent. And The Girls Next Door are hooking in a dirty, shriveled up old geezer’s harem and anybody who made their name by releasing No Budget porn and showing their no clASS to the world in dirty mags (Kardashian skanks) also get no respect. That’s why they let people urinate on them, they know they’re skanks too.

  23. d says:

    there are any numbers of ways they could have filmed that to be sexy – that was not really sexy. the camera was too far back, the movements too fast. i would have used several cameras, close ups, etc. if this is a real ad, it’s a joke. Or, I suspect, they were under strict guidelines to not make it too sexy, so they ended up making it like sexy, but not really sexy. and that is the most number of times I have ever used the word sexy in a paragraph, ever! I am blaming it on the mojitos…

  24. hannah says:

    soo…the idea is that you role dice, if you get two perrier you take off your clothes and dump the stuff on you? what happens if you only get one? what is on the other side of the dice? is perrier a body wash? so many questions!

    I do realize most commercials are unrealistic, but that one doesn’t make any sense at all. I get that sex sells, but they didn’t even try to make it about the product.

  25. Kiki says:

    I kind of agree with mollination,i always feel the same way when people go on and on about how women like Dita and Jennifer Aniston are ‘hot’ and bash Meagan Fox’s looks. But at the end of the day,beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.Personally, I don’t see anything sexy about Dita, but that is just my opinion

  26. Shay says:

    Perrier must be pretty desperate. No amount of cheesy porno-Dita ads will make me drink carbonated mineral water. I’ve always hated it.

  27. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I really wanted to think it was sexy, but it just seemed really awkward. All I could picture was some guy standing just off camera saying stuff like, “Ok, now stand up, look sexy-no, sexier-now start pouring. Don’t forget to look at the camera! Now, make sure to rub it all over, honey. Look at the camera!” Kinda like I imagine a porno director would be. Creepy, but not sexy…

  28. gg says:

    I’m not surprised, although I hate to admit I found the pouring of Perrier on her boobs interesting (I love sparkling water).

    Anyway, this is what she does onstage that has made her the big bucks, folks. Pose and remove and pour. She’s a sex doll. I vote for creepy.

  29. orion70 says:

    Yeah, that was awkward and stiff, not sexy.