Is ‘Inception’ going to be awesome, or is it just over-hyped?


I really want to see Inception this weekend. I’m not as excited about it as Salt, but there’s a good chance I might see both films in the next week and a half, and I rarely go see new movies, so that’s saying something. At first I thought Inception was going to be one of those creepy, bizarre films that only geeks would pretend to “get”. But it seems like most critics and preview audiences are totally in love with this film. Rotten Tomatoes has it at 84%, and the cast alone is enough to sell me on it – in addition to the “leads” of Ellen Page and Leonardo DiCaprio, the film has a supporting cast that includes: Michael Caine (awesome), Marion Cottilard (hot), Joseph Gordon Levitt (adorable), Tom Hardy (The Sex), Ken Watanabe (amazing), Cillian Murphy (creepy hot) and Pete Postlethwaite (awesome). So what are people saying?

Max Reed at Gawker:

It’s good. Really good, maybe. The script is pretty awkward, and manages to still be confusing despite 70 per cent of the lines being expository. (Like: I think there is a huge plot hole, but I might just think that because the script under-explains at least one important plot point.) The attempts at comic relief, with maybe two exceptions, fall horribly flat. The emotional center—the main romantic relationship in the movie—is completely blank. The plot is, despite what people seem to think, pretty simple. DiCaprio and a motley crew of dream thieves (they have these awesome, blunt spy-movie roles and accompanying titles, like “The Architect” and “The Chemist”) are given a seemingly impossible task (you know it is impossible because like six friggin’ people say “that’s impossible”): Instead of stealing an idea from their mark, they’re going to plant one. This is called “inception” (OH I SEE) and it requires this whole complicated dream-within-a-dream setup to accomplish. Obviously, things go wrong in unexpected ways, as they tend to do, in movies.

The whole movie is, more or less, one ridiculous set piece after another, as the characters move from dream to dream, and Nolan handles each new scenario with such brutal confidence and efficiency it’s kind of frightening. The script is smart (or at least, the ideas in the script are smart, mostly) but there’s almost no time to think about them. Or breathe at all, really.

The script isn’t even that stilted. Inception is like half pulpy sci-fi stories and half Jean-Piere Melville heist movies, and its characters are efficient professional assholes, who only say things that have direct impact on the plot. Even Ellen Page manages to go the whole movie without Juno-ing it up once, which is relieving.)

[From Gawker]

Elizabeth Weitzman at the NYDN says:When “Inception” ends and the lights come up, you’ll be sitting in your seat, staring at the screen, wondering what the hell just happened. No synopsis could possibly do justice to the complex universe Nolan fashions as we go deeper into each visually ornate, emotionally intricate dreamscape. Granted, not every element works perfectly; Cotillard’s storyline feels underdeveloped, and the action could have been tightened up. But the ambition on display is so huge, and the filmmaking so intelligent, you’ll emerge feeling as if you’ve just watched an entire season of the greatest sci-fi series never made.”

Roger Ebert at the Chicago Sun-Times:Here is a movie immune to spoilers: If you knew how it ended, that would tell you nothing unless you knew how it got there. And telling you how it got there would produce bafflement. The movie is all about process, about fighting our way through enveloping sheets of reality and dream, reality within dreams, dreams without reality. It’s a breathtaking juggling act… We are always in the Now. We have made some notes while getting Here, but we are not quite sure where Here is. Yet matters of life, death and the heart are involved–oh, and those multi-national corporations, of course.”

After reading all of these reviews, I think Nolan might be winning a Best Screenplay Oscar this year, I really do. He should have won it for Memento, but that was the year A Beautiful Mind won (… the hell?).

Here’s one of the trailers for Inception:

Cast member Leonardo DiCaprio attends the premiere of the film Inception in Los Angeles on July 13, 2010.   UPI Photo/ Phil McCarten Photo via Newscom

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 13: (L-R) Actress Ellen Page, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, actress Marion Cotillard, and actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt arrive to premiere of Warner Bros. 'Inception' at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on July 13, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 13: Actor Tom Hardy arrives to premiere of Warner Bros. 'Inception' at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on July 13, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Poster courtesy of Screen Rant.

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  1. meme says:

    I’m going with overhyped because while it’s probably a good movie, good movies are so rare these days that the critics will overpraise it. This summer’s been the shit for movies so far.

  2. Anna says:

    I rarely go see movies on weekend release and it’s been a while since I’ve been excited for something, but I’m sold here. It’s an original story and for once doesn’t seem like those silly predictable blockbusters we get every summer. Going tomorrow.

  3. gracie says:

    I am sooo excited for this movie. Even just the music in the trailer I saw got me all pumped up. Plus, I really just like Leo. He is a very solid leading man to me. I have loved him since Titanic, but don’t care for all of his films. I guess I just like that he keeps trying and pushing himself to do new things.

  4. Jackson says:

    Man, this movie sounds way too confusing for me. I like to rent and pause movies that I have to work at figuring out. :/

  5. bellaluna says:

    It looks a lot like Dark City to me, right down to the buildings crumbling into the ocean.

  6. lisa says:

    I vote overhyped… 1.because I am already tired of hearing how amazing it is.. and 2. because I don’t like it when people say if you don’t like this film you are not smart. (yeah the fanboys are saying that)..3. strange when the actors in a film don’t seem to be all that important.

    I may see it in a few weeks. NOT this weekend. I’ll save my money.

  7. a says:

    looking forward to it!

  8. YeaRight!!! says:

    Believe me, Inception lives up to it’s over-hype-ness. Where Salt is being way over-hyped (come on!! press conference with CIA agents in Washington D.C. and ex homeland security agents to promote a Hollywood movie?), just doesn’t live up.

    I’ve been to early screenings of both.
    Inception I give it 5 stars
    Salt 2 1/2 maybe 3 stars.

  9. lucy2 says:

    I’m going tomorrow (hopefully). I haven’t gone to see anything in ages, since most of the summer movies so far have been pretty bad.
    Great cast, and I have loved Nolan’s other films, so I’m anticipating that I’ll really like it.

  10. meme says:

    i hope Salt bombs.

  11. viper says:

    Christopher Nolan nuff said I am seeing it.

  12. lisa says:

    What does one movie Inception and Salt have to do with the other.. DON’T get the comparison..Not the same kind of films. And people who are movie goers see more then one film. IF SALT does well how does that take away from Inception.. Really strange all this I hope one bombs. People will see the film they want. Some will see them both.

    I thought this thread was about INCEPTION anyway.

  13. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Inception sounds/looks like it’s a smart movie…not that you have to be smart to understand or like it, just that it’s one that makes you think, as opposed to, say, a Transformers flick.

    I, for one, am so glad to see a movie with an original plot. not some re-hash of a hundred different spy movies, a remake/re-imagining of a previous film, and not one based on a tv show/comic book/graphic novel…

    we need more movies like “The Usual Suspects”…

  14. Kate says:

    Movies this summer have been dreadful. I’ll see Inception. It is the first movie out in a while that looks interesting, not just mindless fluff. (Not that I don’t enjoy mindless fluff — count me as one of the 10 people on the planet who actually enjoyed SATC2). Plus, I really like Ellen Page. I’m hoping she can take off as a star.

  15. Bite me says:

    Geez with budget of $ 160 million hope it’s not all hype probably won’t watch inception until it’s released on DVD

  16. xxx says:

    umm….i didn’t understand the Ellen Page comment.

  17. Mari says:

    Should I go ahead and hand over my $10.50 now…?
    Yea, I’m sold. Watching it this weekend.

  18. Sophie says:

    I saw it at a midnight screening last night….the hype is completely justified. It is increadible. smart. original. thought provoking. definitely the best film of the year so far. it blew my mind.

    Salt looks really stupid to be honest. And I mean that in a good way. like a silly action movie that’s really fun to watch with a cool heroine but doesn’t require you to do much thinking.

    We need more movies like Inception

  19. lucy2 says:

    Actually, for a film loaded with special effects and a large A list cast, I’m surprised the budget wasn’t higher. Transformers 2 reportedly cost $200 mil to make, as did Toy Story 3.

    I think the lack of other good films out there will work to its benefit, people are looking for a good, smart, original movie.

  20. KK says:

    I will def be seeing it this weekend. It looks really interesting. I also am such a Leo fangirl so that def helps.

    PS. Can we talk about the 20lbs or so they photoshopped off of him in the movie poster. Sigh, I wish he really looked like that.

  21. Bite me says:

    So if this mvie bombs with it be Leo or Nolan fault , or will people say that it’s just too smart of a movie for stupid Americans to understand,imo Leo is the only a- listerf out of the cast

  22. guesty says:

    shutter island was such a disappointment…hope this one is better.

  23. Eileen Yover says:

    I think it’ll be kind of like an American version of Night Watch.
    I hope its good because when you pay $10 just to step inside the theater and the movie sucks **coughcoughsexandthecity** than you walk out feeling violated.

  24. jones says:

    I vote for overhyped too. Remember the preview for the movie 2012? The graphics also looked fantastic. Well, the movie sucked ass. Movies with amazing visuals and amazing story lines are hard to come by now a days. I’ll check it out at the theater. We shall see.

  25. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Michael Caine isn’t an A-lister?

  26. Codzilla says:

    I’m all over “Inception” this weekend if we can get a sitter. And I don’t think Leo is the only A-Lister in the movie, but even if he was, who cares?

    “Salt” looks as formulaic as they come, but if the reviews prove me wrong, I’ll definitely consider seeing it. It’s about 300 degrees here, so any reason to stay in an AC’d establishment is good enough for me.

    @xxx: Ellen Page is in “Inception.” Hence, the comment.

    @jones: I thought “2012” looked like a stinker from the very beginning. While the effects looked fun, the rest of story sounded ridiculous. “Inception” on the other hand, has a remarkable cast, a brilliant director, and an original script IN ADDITION to the effects, so the two films seem kind of incomparable.

  27. Jesus Christ Superstar says:

    saw it last night at midnight. i will admit i went in not really looking forward to watching this movie. the length is daunting and our screening started late because a showing of fucking twilight went over. needless to say, i didn’t go in with a positive attitude. but holy shit was i BLOWN AWAY! i really, REALLY loved the story and the acting is solid. seriously, this is a thrilling, beautiful movie that went far and beyond for what i had hoped.

  28. I’m really hoping that it’s awesome. I need an awesome movie right about now, but after I see “Despicable Me”. So cute! xD

  29. anon says:

    An Oscar for Memento? Now I’m sad… Kaiser, you used to be my hero! (LOL)

  30. Blaster says:

    Love love LOVE Ellen Page. She is the actress Kristen Stewart will never be.

  31. xxx says:

    @Codzilla: yeah i know, i can read. however the part i did not understand is:
    “Even Ellen Page manages to go the whole movie without Juno-ing it up once, which is relieving.” the part with Juno.

  32. Codzilla says:

    xxx: Sorry, I thought you were referring to one of the posts on this thread. My bad. But thanks for confirming that you are, indeed, literate.

  33. lucy2 says:

    Codzilla, I agree with your assessment of 2012 – I figured it was another disaster film, total popcorn movie – different vibe than I’m expecting from Inception.

    I’d say the cast is pretty A list – Marion and Michael have won Oscars, Leo, Ken and Ellen have Oscar nominations. Lots of very successful films between them all. For a large cast, that’s pretty impressive.

    Glad to hear all those who saw it were impressed! Can’t wait to go.

  34. xxodettexx says:

    i am looking forward to this movie…

    i heard an interview with page/dicaprio and they were raving about how little acting in front of a green screen they had to do… apparently nolan went old school with the special effects… frankly, i am SO OVER all the over-hyped CGI crap coming out lately.. i get it! special effects go BOOM!

    anyway, great cast, interesting and refreshingly unique plotline… i am sold!

  35. xxx says:

    Codzilla: no, I’m sorry I didn’t say exactly which part I did not undestand. English is not my first language, so some things I quite don’t get.

  36. gg says:

    i’m sure the hype of the movie will leave some people disappointed. That’s what always happens when movies are hyped up so much. You build build build up a movie so much it’s hard for the movie to actually be fulfilling.

    I prefer to be surprised about how good a movie was because I didn’t get bombarded by media whores.

  37. Mistral says:

    I’m pretty excited for this. Hope it lives up to the promise…

  38. Zelda says:

    I do not see the hot in Leonardo DiCaprio at ALL.

  39. Chris says:

    It’ll be good. Nolan is a great director and Leo is very discerning about the roles he chooses.

  40. Tiffany says:

    Just got back from the matinee of Inception. A few things Leo-the man knows how to wear a suit…YUM. Joseph Gordon Levitt, never really saw him as sex on legs, after the stunt he performed in the film, I have completely changed my tune. Already going to Amazon to reserve my copy. Yes folks, its that good and lived up to the hype. We as Americans are smart and can follow it.

  41. mln says:

    I want to see it and I hope its good the only problem is the plot as described sounds like Shutter Island which was also really well reviewed but was only so-so.

  42. bc says:

    Just saw it, TOTALLY lived up to the hype.

  43. Bee says:

    I just came from seeing a 10:15 showing of Inception and I loved it! It’s one of the best films I’ve ever seen. Beautiful, moving, innovative, and inspiring are all words I’d use to describe it. I was also really impressed with Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance, and I haven’t liked him in anything since Titanic. Everyone else in the movie was fantastic as well. See this epic film!

  44. Ellie says:

    i just saw this movie and you’re right, this didn’t live up to the height – it surpassed it in leaps and bounds. i love christopher nolan and have faith that he can never make a bad movie…he’s never even made a mediocre movie

  45. YASH says:



  46. vtom levineo says:

    If Inception is the the thinking man’s blockbuster, than Sorcerer’s Apprentice is for the bullies that beat up those thinking men

  47. pinns says:

    I vote AWESOME!!

    Saw it yesterday, was slightly confused at times but still thinking about it today.

    It hangs together amazingly well, perhaps because the plot is so linear, (which is why you don’t get lost, there are no red herrings or stupid twists) and it has some truly amazing stunts/effects. The best action sequences for me were the hotel corridor scenes with Joseph Gordon Levitt, I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was all so balletic, must get it on Bluray!!

    Leo doesn’t dominate the film, in fact all the actors seem to ‘share’ and they are all given some clunky dialogue at times but you don’t mind. The actors are slightly underused if anything, the settings and effects are the stars, but not in a bad way.

    The only thing that was surprising to me was for a film set in ‘dream world’ there were very few dream-like or surreal environments (instead all very solid and real) but perhaps Nolan was right to keep it businesslike, as a flying unicorn or spooky dream people without faces might have spoiled the mood a bit 🙂

    Highly recommended, 5 stars!

  48. Adrien says:

    I love Leo, Ellen Page and Cillian Murphy but Nolan, not much. I like TDK and Prestige but I still think Memento was overrated. Really? A story told backwards? I prefer “Dude, Where’s my Car?” on that concept.
    A dream w/in a dream w/in a dream? Oh boy, I’m having a headache already. I have not recovered from Leo’s head spinning Shutter Island yet.
    I don’t like to think hard when watching movies, so I’ll probably rent this instead.

  49. LeManda says:

    Saw it yesterday at a 1:30pm showing in a huge cinema and it was packed! The movie was wonderfully thought provoking and left me silent on the way home just running everything through my mind. But not hard to follow at all. As mentioned all the actors share the screen seamlessly and I now have hardcore crushes on everyone. I knew years ago it wasn’t a waste to watch those 3rd Rock from the Sun shows for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, man I love this guy and keep searching out his movies without disappointment. I wished the movie would never end and I could live, dream-like, watching these characters forever.

  50. Jane says:

    I saw this movie last night and it was amazing. I won’t give away spoilers. GO SEE IT!

    It was mind blowing. This movie definitely made my summer.

  51. Mairead says:

    I just got back from seeing it. Pinns above absolutely nailed it, I had exactly the same impression. In fact, I’ll go one further – it’s the best piece of cinematic storytelling I’ve seen in years! It really is an almost perfectly constructed story, very clearly told with some excellent performances.

    Not only should Nolan get an Oscar nom for the screenplay, Leo more than deserves a nom for his performance. And I must say I loved the little coincidences and in-jokes in certain elements, like their cues. Joseph Gordon Levitt did an excellent job as well. His fight sequences were beautifully choreographed.

    Whilst I wouldn’t think you were dumb if you didn’t follow the story, I do think you would have to be extraordinarily inattentive as it really isn’t that confusing. I will say that the first reviewer quoted above (Elizabeth Weitzman) mustn’t have been paying attention because everyone at the showing I saw (including some kids as its 12A here) thought the ending was great. And the Cotillard subplot was very adequately fleshed out thank you very much, it was the Murphy-Postlethwaite one that was the most unsatisfactory element.

  52. Marianne says:

    Not over hyped. Definitely awesome.

  53. Shay says:

    The title of this film, Inception, is so wanky. It’s just another way to say ‘beginning’ or ‘commencement’, hardly anything evoking excitement or mystery, but because Leo is the selling point, I’ll probably see it, because he is a kick arse actor, who shits on other actors of his generation.

  54. lucy2 says:

    I saw it today – AWESOME. I loved it, the whole thing was incredibly well done, and just beautifully shot. Best special effects I’ve seen in ages, all of the actors did a wonderful job, and Nolan continues to REALLY impress me. Never had much of an opinion of JGL, but he was incredibly good in this.
    Fantastic film making, we need more like this! Original, creative, inventive and well crafted – I would highly recommend it.

    According to boxofficemojo, it made $21 million on Friday alone!

    Shay – the title will make more sense upon seeing the film. It is a bit generic, until you see the story.

    I think they’re going to get some repeat viewers and good word of mouth, I think this will be strong at the box office for a while.

  55. Bee says:

    I’ve seen Inception two times now. And I loved it even more the second time! This is the first movie I’ve loved enough to see more than once at the movie theater in years. It is phenomenal in every way.

  56. DD says:

    just watched it myself and i loved it.

  57. Sam says:

    It was amazing! It totally lived up to the hype. I went with three other people, and we tend to be overly critical, but we all loved it.

  58. Mika says:

    I saw it, and I really really liked it. Yes there are a few plot-holes, but they are largely negligible because the over arching story is so compelling. The supporting cast is really good (with the exception of perhaps Marion Cotilliard, who’s main role is to be beautiful but doesn’t have much personality otherwise) and Leo brings it.

  59. HotPockets says:

    I liked the movie, saw it last night, but I do think it is over hyped. The special effects are amazing, but the character and plot development get a little complicated and tiresome to follow. It did remind me a lot of The Matrix.

    I like Nolan’s work, but sometimes he has too many thing going on and doesn’t focus enough on tying it all in together.

    I read a review on NPR’s website about this movie, the critic enjoyed it, but had some issues with it as well and damn, I have never read so many comments condemning the critic just because they didn’t think it was a masterpiece. People assumed the person probably just didn’t “get it..” or it was too deep for them to understand. I laughed, just because a movie is thought provoking and has great effects doesn’t make it a masterpiece to everyone, that’s subjective.

  60. Angel says:

    Inception > Everything > Salt

  61. Camille says:

    Thank you so much for the Tom Hardy pic, he is so yummy, yum yum yum.

  62. lucy2 says:

    Box office estimates: $60 million US, $76 mil total world wide. I saw something about it being tracked for $50, so that’s pretty good! I think it will continue to do well for some time, and will probably have good DVD sales – I know I’d like to see special features about how they made the film.

    Nic Cage’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice didn’t do so well. About equal budget ($150 mil) and only pulled in $17 million over the weekend ($24 mil total US, since it opened on Wed).

  63. Holly says:

    Can’t wait to see this.

  64. annassin says:

    It’s wonderful! Go watch it! and watch it again… 🙂