What’s going on with Nicole Kidman’s pregnancy?

Nicole Kidman is still barely looking pregnant and she’s supposedly due in July, according to a statement given by her mother. That would make her six months along. Maybe her dress is just designed so well that she doesn’t really show, along with the fact that she’s tall with a slender build. It just seems odd that she’s still not looking pregnant yet. She did get boobs, though, that’s for sure.

Kidman was at the CMT Music Awards last night to support her husband, Keith Urban. Urban was nominated for Male Video of the Year for “I Told You So,” but Trace Adkins took home the award in that category. Urban performed “Raise The Barn” at the awards last night with Brooks & Dunn. The big winner of the night was Kellie Pickler with three trophies for her song “I Wonder.”

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  1. elisha says:

    She looks gorgeous. She’s usually so slender and thin, I can see a little bit of weight gain. But if I didn’t already know she was pregnant, I wouldn’t guess she was.

  2. Syko says:

    Some people just don’t show as much. I’ve known women who I was amazed to learn they were pregnant, then they delivered the next week. Every pregnancy is different. I think she’s having a girl.

  3. anonyvent says:

    When you’re tall, the baby has room to stretch out so you don’t show as much.

  4. Becca says:

    Well, her breast have definitely gotten larger. I’d say that’s a good sign.

  5. ER says:

    Usually when a person is as thin as Nicole, they start showing sooner because the baby has no place to go but out in front. When I was 7 months along with my first baby, I definitely did not look that far along, but I DID look pregnant – Nicole really doesn’t!

  6. Breederina says:

    She looks radiant, really just beautiful. At nearly 6 feet tall gaining 25 to 30 pounds isn’t really going to show that much especially if you started out as thin as Nicole.

  7. AC says:

    man… im 5’2… when i get prego im gonna be unable to walk lol

    i knew someone who looked 5 months pregnant at 9 months… it was ridiculous. and your first baby bump is usually the smallest.. so … maybe thats why.

  8. CJ says:

    My cousin is 6’2 and she didn’t really look prego until about 3 weeks before the birth, she really just looked a little bloated and she complained about it ALL the time.

  9. KateNonymous says:

    I’ve known at least one person who was tall and slender, and never showed much more than Nicole is right now–this woman didn’t develop much amniotic fluid for whatever reason. And she had a healthy, bright baby, so hopefully Nicole will, too. I don’t have a lot invested in Nicole Kidman specifically, but I do hope that all pregnancies result in happiness.

  10. Claudia says:

    I suppose she just doesn’t show that much (because she’s tall or just because for whatever reason) but damn, she looks gorgeous. I don’t know if it’s because she stopped the botox but with that particular hairstyle and the makeup and the dress, perfect!

  11. Canadian Fan says:

    What occurred to me when I saw these pictures for the first time? Gosh, we haven’t seen Isabella in quite a while now…is it possible, that *she* is having a baby?
    Are Nicole and Keith going to raise this baby to avoid all the scandal?

    Maybe Tom should place a special call to Xenu…you know he totally can!

  12. janies says:

    Everyone carries babies differently; I’m a foot shorter than Nicole and my preggo belly didn’t pop out until three-quarters through my 7th month, didn’t need maternity clothing until then, and delivered a 7.5# baby (of course, my postbaby body is another story, heh. Paging Greenpeace, I’m a whale that needs saving).

    Kidman looks great in that photo: the dress is a very flattering color for her, her face looks like it’s made of flesh not ceramic and her makeup is soft and avoids her usual fembot look.

  13. Kait says:

    One of the ladies I work with is incredibly tall and up until she gave birth to her almost 10 pound baby, just looked like she had eaten a large meal. Never did look terribly pregnant.

    Hopefully all is well in Nicole’s pregnancy.

  14. Lola says:

    Every one is different but I guess if she was married to Tom Cruise conspiracy theories would be flying around. ‘IS NICOLE REALLY PREGNANT?’

  15. Enonymous says:

    lol Canadian Fan, that reminds me of that storyline in Desperate Housewives. NC looks really great with that extra little weight on, but I still think she could have done so much better then Keith Urban.

  16. Bodhi says:

    Just like all the rumors swirling around about Kat(i)e?

  17. Trillion says:

    OMG, her face moved!

  18. binski83 says:

    I think she looks pregnant, but then again I didn’t show until I was closer to the end, and I recently found out the with me my mom didn’t show at all! She wore a size 5 up until 2 weeks before I was born…

    As awesome as being pregnant is, I feel wished I had the big belly of other pregnant women, and I’m sure Nicole Kidman feels the same way. If for no other reason then to make everyone shut up about how small her tummy is.

  19. jana says:

    She’s fine. I’m a bit taller then her, skinny, didn’t look pregnant until about 7 months and delivered a perfect baby girl. Also, she looks great!

  20. jill says:

    I’m 5′ tall and looked pregnant the instant I had sex. Good for the people who are able to stay thin but one of the best things about being pregnant is being round and people just knowing your pregnant and being happy for you. I’m sure if they would have stretched me out another foot that I would have looked like Mrs.Urban. That is if I was a red headed movie star. In the end what you look like during your pregnancy doesn’t matter, it’s the health of your baby and you can guarantee that she has the best doctors. At least this way she won’t have a ton of stretch marks!

  21. neelyo says:

    She looks amazing. I hope she doesn’t go back to the botox after the baby is born. She doesn’t need it.

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. UtopianJewel says:

    I think she looks pregnant.. she seems to be gaining in the back end. if you look you can see that her normally tiny bum and legs are against the fabric. usually you see her in a dress and can’t tell she’s even in it unless you see her head. she looks fantastic. about time girl put some meat on.

  24. K says:

    How about they’re trying to keep it somewhat secret? Why does the media think that stars OWE them a baby announcement with every little detail??? She’s probably not due til later on…plus she’s a very tall, skinny woman so that should explain it! Why does someone have to turn it into a bad story????

  25. Sarah says:

    Wow–I think she looks beautiful! Her hair, makeup, and that dress is gorgeous! That color is so flattering on her! I really didn’t think two of the pictures make her look pregnant, but the one where KU is touching her belly sure makes it look as if she is!

    When I was pregnant with my first child, I gained more than 40 pounds–I was pregnant EVERYWHERE!!! Nine months after my son’s birth, I was pregnant again, but that time I only gained 13 pounds, right in the belly! Every pregnancy is different!

  26. lddg says:

    I had a friend who looked about 5 months on the day she delivered. I was worried but everything was fine. She had a healthy baby girl. I guess some people just don’t get that big or their tummy increases in size suddenly the last couple of months it was that way for my daughter hardly showing and then boom big belly lol.

  27. Batmamma says:

    It’s been a long time since she has looked this lovely. I hope she continues to look like this.

  28. anon69 says:

    She looks absolutely gorgeous-I don’t know if I have ever said that about Nicole…

  29. Shiloh says:

    I agree with Sarah…the one where Keith is touching her belly, you can tell she’s pregnant. With her being as tall as she is, that’s probably why she doesn’t look pregenant. I gained weight in my arms with all my boys, and of course my hips. She could just gain it more in different places is all.

  30. Persistent Cat says:

    At my wedding, there were two pregnant women. One who was 9 months pregnant, one who was 8 months pregnant. Both girls were naturally thin, the 8 month pregnant one was 30 years old and 5’5″, the other, 27 and 5’3″. Second child for both. I have a picture of the two of them standing together talking. The 9 month pregnant woman has a HUGE, absolutely perfect pregnant belly. The 8 month pregnant woman looked like she had just finished a pasta dinner.

    Everyone is different.

  31. gg says:

    Damn, how beautiful is she !!??? I love her hair like that. And the weight looks good on her even. I love her.

  32. Persistent Cat says:

    Oh wow, I just looked at the other pictures. WTF is he wearing? What’s worse? His wallet chain or tattoo bracelet? And that hair???? I have a hard time believing he had sex with a woman.

  33. headache says:

    I have little to say about Nicole’s belly but I do have something to say about everyone commenting on how youthful and pretty she looks. You guys do realize it’s a fresh needle job, don’t you?

    That being said, she’ll make a better mom than some I’ve met. I just hope someday all the damage she has allowed her older children to be subjected to remedies itself with therapy and age.

  34. neelyo says:

    headache, i thought that pregnant women couldn’t use botox. is there something else they use instead?

  35. frewt says:

    She’s pumped full of botox, lip fillers, chemical peels, breast implants. Not to mention the hair stylists, make up artist, dresser image consultant, personal trainer, dietition, cook etc etc. If you devoted that much time and money to your looks as she obviously does, you’d look great too.

  36. headache says:

    From the Botox website:

    “There are no adequate and well-controlled studies of BOTOX® Cosmetic in pregnant women. When pregnant mice and rats were injected intramuscularly during the period of organogenesis, the developmental NOEL (No Observed Effect Level) of BOTOX® Cosmetic was 4 U/kg. Higher doses (8 or 16 U/kg) were associated with reductions in fetal body weights and/or delayed ossification.”

    It goes on to say that the patient should be advised of the risks but does not say a pregnant woman cannot use botox.

    The latter may explain why she doesn’t have much of a belly.

    Interestingly enough, when I yahoo searched pregnant botox, the fifth hit was a CB article.

  37. Trashaddict says:

    You can definitely see the pregnancy fullness in her face and her bum – always a giveaway. The hormones are doing her good. Her smile looks more genuine and she seems more relaxed. She should keep some of that baby weight on afterwards….I hope things work out for her. Saw her on Charlie Rose and she was pretty decent. She deserves some happiness after living with Tom and his entourage…

  38. Gumby says:

    My friend is about as far long as Nicole and she JUST started to show last week….. everyone is different and Nicole looks great!

  39. Bellatrix says:

    Nicole’s pregnancy is definitely an encouragement for women who are afraid to start looking like a boiled potato once they’re expecting. I can’t help but find the fact she isn’t showing too much and is glowing so gracefully a *good* thing.

    I’ve had an aunt who had very “light” pregnancies too. She would have a visible belly by the end of the 7th month and that was it.

    Nicole’s face, though, does show a change.
    Firstly, it’s finally moving again.
    Secondly, it does show off her being pregnant. The glow and rounder features are there.

  40. Jessica says:

    I know a girl who went her entire pregnancy not looking pregnant and she was a rail. Up until the day she delivered, she looked like she was bloated that was it. Made me sick, but hey everyone is different.

  41. Hemingway says:

    Nicole looks like she has overall wieght gain, Sadly she has suffered misscarriages in the past. I don’t see the facination with her past as part of her present life with Keith Urban Let it suffice to say that their happiness that they have fought so hard to achieve is finally almost complete. I will say that my daughter is going on 6 months. She is the same hieght as Nicole. Women who are tall oftern “carry” their babies in their back, so it looks like they are quite small. My daughter is considered “constitutionall small” with delecate bone structure. These women (esp on in great shape like Nicole)are the quickest to lose baby fat but, not quick to gain it. Her Yoga helps her too for delivery & I think she is very healthy besides what actress these days doesn’t try to keep in shape? Since she can’t see her adoptive children because of the conflicting views with Tom on “religion” don’t you think it tears her up? I am very glad she has another baby. Enough said! Good luck guys & stay healthy.

  42. Anonymous says:

    That’s how I looked with my first pregnancy, too bad I still do, LOL

  43. Anonymous says:

    She’s tall and the baby has more. room and more places to go and play.
    I’m 5’4″ and in my second pregnancy I was so big by my 6 th month they that my little girl was twins. I had difficulty breathing, sitting, getting up, walking or waddling. From the way it felt she was doing push up on my ribs. When she was born her legs and feet were very strong. We nicknamed her bunny and called her that for a long time. That was 28 years ago and she’s very smart. She graduated with a 4.o from Baylor University.
    It just makes me wonder what their baby will accomplish with all that room she has to exercise.
    Love to them both.

  44. Anonymous says:

    wow, she is genuinely SMILING and her skin is soft, w/ color and she’s PRETTY and actually looks healthy! wow, she really should keep off the botox, hair dye, that micro diet, too much excersize, starvation.. and uh, sorry kieth.. he’s still dorkey.. but she see’s something in him and loves him and he makes her happy so COOL! congrats and good luck and God Bless, ps, i’m pretty sure it’s a girl.. i was right w/ all 4 of mine.. :*)

  45. Bud Frankl says:

    If you are in the UK then generally they will give you a second chance at passing the year (finance-wise).