Ice-T arrested in NYC for not wearing his seatbelt, being totally gangster

Ice-T and his wife Nicole Coco Austin attend the AMP Energy Bullrun Rally on July 10, 2010 in New York City, New York. The rally is an annual eight day cross country car rally that includes over 100 vehicles! The route spans between New York and Las Vegas. Fame Pictures, Inc

Lindsay Lohan wasn’t the only one dealing with the po-po! TMZ reports that Ice-T was taken into custody yesterday, Monday, July 19. The reason? Being a hardass gangster? Nah, bitches. Ice-T was arrested for driving on a suspended sentence and not wearing a seatbelt. Ice will have to pay some FINES, BITCHES.

TMZ has learned Ice-T has been arrested in New York City.

Ice was allegedly driving on a suspended license, pulled over for driving without a seat belt and taken into custody.

Ice tweeted a while ago that he and Coco were taking their dog to the vet. Spartacus was having knee surgery.

We’re told Ice was processed at the 10th Precinct in Chelsea and released.

UPDATE: Coco just posted the following message on her Twitter page:

“Yes,Ice was arrested this morning but we don’t know what the hell for! He’s been released..We got pulled over for not wearing seatbelts.”

[From TMZ]

And Coco just updated the saga on her Twitter:


My dad drove on a suspended license too a few years ago, and the po-po just drove him home and he had to pay a fine. It really isn’t that big of a deal. I’m awaiting the Twitter smack down on Ice’s Twitter though. We know how he took care of Aimee Mann, this cop is going to be in trouble.

Ice-T and his wife Nicole Coco Austin attend the AMP Energy Bullrun Rally on July 10, 2010 in New York City, New York. The rally is an annual eight day cross country car rally that includes over 100 vehicles! The route spans between New York and Las Vegas. Fame Pictures, Inc

July 10, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - ICE-T,COCO.Serves as the ''Flag Girl' and kicks off the AMP.Energy Bullrun Rally Its a 8day,cross country car rally.involving over 100 cars from NYC to Las Pier 54 at 13St at Hudson River 07-10-2010. 2010..K65317JBB. © Red Carpet Pictures

42606, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Thursday July 15, 2010. Nicole Coco Austin waits in a red Bentley with her dog while her husband Ice-T shops in a New York City Apple store. Photograph:  Castro,

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  1. denise says:

    Coco looks hot!

  2. Sarah says:

    They advertise their twitters on the side of the car? Sooo gansta!

  3. hellen says:


  4. TQB says:

    Aww, cute doggy. Spartacus? Awesome. Get well soon, pups!

    (Priorities, people.)

  5. Delta Juliet says:

    They look so damn stupid.

  6. MaiGirl says:

    Ice and CoCo are just sooooo damn tacky and vapid. I would think that he’s famous enough not to have to advertise in this way.

  7. pookie says:

    her twitter pic looks like she is pooping in the sand.

  8. Maggie Grace says:

    She is so utterly gross.

  9. Bonfire Beach says:

    The dog is awesome. That is all.

  10. Moore says:

    These two are pathetic. He could have avoided that arrest, I’m sure. Suspended license, bad insurance, no seat belts but then he went off on the cop. He said so on his twitter and then he posted the guy’s badge number. Ice T is a punk, a dumb one at that.

  11. Mentok the Mind Taker says:

    Amen, Bonfire!

  12. Feebee says:

    He printed the cop’s badge number? What a cock. I think contrary to what some believe I don’t think cops are looking to make arrests for this kind of stuff, it’s just more paperwork. He’s the one with two strikes (seatbelt and suspended licence) and he’s giving the cop grief? I like him on TV but he really sounds like a bit of a tool.

  13. Kim says:

    She doesnt know what her husband was arrested for??? He has a suspended license and they werent wearing seat belts! duh! Why do celebs constantly think they are above the law?

  14. iriD says:

    Coco actually looks rather pretty in that last picture.

  15. TQB says:

    @iriD, no, that’s the dog.

  16. DetRiotgirl says:

    I’m entertained by them. They’re like cartoon characters. Especially Coco! She’s like the ghetto Jessica Rabbit.

  17. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Can`t get a `hard-on` for this one. I`m not saying that they didn`t do anything wrong or offensible, but in a world where half the state of California is lining up to lap up Lohan vomit, if this goes beyond `pay your fines + wrist slap`, I`m gonna start rolling my eyes.
    Driving with a suspended license isn`t good, but there`s a little bit of the `can`t win for losing` vibe around this guy. When he went off on Aimee Mann, he was a overly-`gangsta` tool. Now he`s going to have to do some paperwork, and it`s too wussy.

    Maybe it`s because of the more radical past, maybe it`s because his wife is–like that, I`m not calling out conspiracy theories or anything, just thinking in print, I suppose. In truth, I`ve never really paid too much attention to him. Still, as a relative outsider, it seems like people really, really want to dislike this guy who just seems to have a sort-of short fuse, and obviously delights in his in-your-face tackiness.

    She`s a small person, her frame must be strained as anything. Her g-string probably has to come with buttresses…or something.

  18. mln says:

    I saw him shooting scenes for Law and Order at Grand Central Station in NYC Sunday, he seemed nice enough I am glad he got out NYC cops can be jerks.

  19. j. ferber says:

    I’ve always liked them, for some reason. He does seem like a nice guy, despite this mess. He dotes on Coco and they’ve been together a long time. No drama between these two that I’ve ever heard about. She does advertise her large booty, but I can’t even get mad at her for that–she seems like a little girl, sweet but naughty and, yes, innocent. Long may they reign.

  20. traumasurg says:

    Kaiser, I think you mean “hardass gangster”. Sorry to nitpick, I only mention it because foolish me was trying to figure out if a “harass gangster” was some special high priest of badass mofos. Silly me.

    I have to admit, I love these two. I would totally TiVo their reality show.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I think he’s done the public a HUGE disservice (making millions) portraying the NYPD as good, and now it’s come back to bite him. His SVU show is a complete 360 from the truth. Google “police crimes” or “police misconduct statistics” to see what those who supposedly protect and serve are all about. Here’s what a REAL SVU cop recently did:
    “Bensalem PA SVU detective / cop charged with sexual assault”

    These are just a few who got caught:

    01-14-10 -KS
    Inman Police Chief Michael Leland Akins Jr arrested on multiple sex crimes.

    11-19-09 – FL
    Retired Police Officer Sets Wife On Fire.

    04-14-10 – CA
    Officer in Alleged Rape Case Was Angry…and bored.

    Far worse then some stupid traffic violation.

    UPDATE: From the NY Daily News: “His license was valid, according to a spokesman for New Jersey’s Department of Motor Vehicles.” Look’s like he might be telling the truth. Those who doubt it have clearly never dealt with NE cops.

  22. Chris says:

    Look at him just sitting there with his pot belly trying to be all tough, holding his hand like he’s had a stroke. Go home, old man!

  23. Confuzzle says:

    Anonymous at 21, you mean 180. 360 means full circle.

  24. jvon says:

    Wait, they are married? Seriously?

    Please God do not let them reproduce.

  25. original kate says:

    she is nasty.

  26. fizXgirl314 says:

    Didn’t this guy write that song called “cop killer”?

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