Sexual harassment suit against David Boreanaz is sordid and sounds legitimate

Yesterday I was skeptical when reporting the news about an upcoming sexual harassment suit against Bones star David Boreanaz. The alleged victim was to be represented by Gloria Allred, who has taken on several clients looking to get a payday out of the famous married men they were sleeping with. In a statement in May admitting his infidelity, Boreanaz said that a woman he was involved with “asked for money. I felt as though I was being blackmailed or there was some sort of extortion.” There is also that detail that Allred currently represents two out of the six strippers on the “Girls from the Hottest [Celebrity] Scandals” tour, which also includes an adult entertainment professional, Demi Delia (Gina Rodriguez), who claims to have been Boreanaz’s mistress.

Only now that the details are out about the allegations it doesn’t sound like that’s the scenario at all. Allred held an impromptu press conference outside the courthouse yesterday with her new client, a previously unknown actress called Kristina Hagan. Hagan worked as an extra on the set of Bones, where Boreanaz approached her under the pretense that he could help her with her career. Her claims make Boreanaz sound more like a creepy abusive predator than just the serial cheater we came to know him as. What’s more is that Allred claims to represent another woman who has sexual harassment claims against Boreanaz, and there is another harassment claim filed against him by a different actress (who may or may not be the other woman represented by Allred) with the State of California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

E! Online has a breakdown of one the allegations (below). According to the lawsuit, Boreanaz met Hagan on the set of Bones and took her headshot and contact information with the promise to help her find acting work. He then sent her a barrage of text messages that day, including one with a naked shot of his penis. The lawsuit (available as a PDF on E-Online) details three different occasions in which Boreanaz tried to force himself on Hagan: in his car after offering her a ride following a coffee date, in his car when he came to meet her at her apartment, and in his trailer on set. She claims to have put up with it while under the impression that Boreanaz could get her a role on Bones.

Gloria Allred… filed a lawsuit today on behalf of an actress who claims she was sexually harassed by Boreanaz.

According to Kristina Hagan’s complaint, the 41-year-old Boreanaz approached her after she completed shooting a bit part on his hit Fox drama to ask for her headshots. Then, per the suit, he sent numerous “sexually inappropriate text messages” to her, including a cell-phone pic of—TMI alert!—his penis.

But Boreanaz isn’t going down without a fight.

“The allegations concerning any alleged inappropriate conduct by David Boreanaz are totally fabricated and absurd,” his rep told E! News. “There is no validity to this lawsuit.

According to her filing, on Sept. 9, 2009, Boreanaz offered to give her a ride. He told her he was trying to find the right role for her, and informed her he’s “the boss” who “could make things happen for her,” per court docs.

He allegedly drove Hagan to a park, where, according to the suit, he tried to force himself on her.

“[David] attempted to kiss her and touch her breasts but she pushed him away,” the lawsuit states. “[He then] unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis and began stroking it until he ejaculated.”

The complaint states that he subsequently “pushed himself on top of her, and when he tried to put his hand down her pants and touch her, she pushed him off of her.”

Then, on Sept. 29, he allegedly tried to put the moves on her in his trailer.

After filing the lawsuit, Allred and Hagan briefly addressed reporters and showed a photo of the plaintiff posing with Boreanaz.

“She is an actress who is working toward her goals, but who like many other actresses has not yet been able to achieve them,” said Allred. “For that reason, she is extremely vulnerable as many actresses are in Hollywood.”

Added Hagan: “I have confidence in the justice system and that is why I have decided to file this case.”

Hagan’s IMDb page doesn’t include any credits, but her bio says she attended Catholic school, is a married mother of two and her favorite mottos are “‘good clean fun!” and “we’re human and that’s the beauty of it all!”

[From E! Online]

It sounds more than naive for this woman to even agree to meet Boreanaz for coffee after he send her a photo of his d*ck, not to mention see him twice more after he sexually abused her. However, consider how many times he must have pulled this same very obvious and disgusting act before he found a woman who 1. put up with it hoping he was telling the truth and 2. lawyered up and decided to report it.

So not only is Boreanaz an admitted serial cheater, he’s probably a serial harasser who regularly trolled the Bones lot for victims. If this is true, and especially if (when) other women come out, I hope that Fox seriously considers whether it’s worth the trouble to fend off multiple lawsuits. Maybe his wife will wise up too and realize that all the jewelry in the world isn’t worth it.

Photo below is a handout from Gloria Allred via E! Online.

Actor David Boreanaz and his wife, actress Jaime Bergman, arrive at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Issue Event in Hollywood, California April 22, 2010. REUTERS/Gus Ruelas (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT PROFILE)

David Boreanaz wife Jaime Bergman and son Jaden Rayne hanging out in Central Park during the Fox Upfront 2010 on May 17, 2010 in New York City (photo by nycphoto / Meet The Famous) Photo via Newscom

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  1. Kayla says:

    Oh, Angel. How could you be such a smelly pirate hooker?

  2. locagirl says:

    He is SO fabulous on Bones. It’s too bad he’s a cheater…and probably a creeper. But Gloria Allred’s clients aren’t always the picture of class, so maybe there’s a tiny bit of room for doubt on her part? ….Or maybe that’s my wishful thinking.

  3. celandine says:

    This is the bit I have a problem with:

    “Then, on Sept. 29, he allegedly tried to put the moves on her in his trailer.”

    A man texts you a load of wholly-inappropriate messages and a piccie of his johnson. So you accept a ride from him? He then sexually assaults you. You then, at a later date and of your own free will, enter his trailer in which you will be alone with the gentleman in question?

    I don’t get it. Unless, of course, she was wearing bugs in her earrings…

  4. lambchops says:

    This is why nobody takes sexual harassment claims seriously anymore. She met him alone three times all after which he had texted her a photo of his peen? She should have shut him down then. Um, no. She was on the make and nothing came of it for her, so she sued after having put up with this guys lame letchy behavior.

  5. ElizabethM says:

    @celandine….I’m right there with you. This has too many holes for me to believe her side of the story. In addition to the fact that she clearly was willing to put up with his alleged behavior as long as she thought she could use him to jumpstart her career, why didn’t she report him to the show bosses/network? Why didn’t this come out last year when it allegedly happened?

    My perception of this matter is that she knowingly and *willingly* participated in this situation. Until she ponies up with hardcore proof that this was not a consensual relationship (based on using each other) I’m not willing to tar David as a harassing jerk.

    I have been the victim of sexual harassment and I shut that crap down immediately. I didn’t wait and flirt and use someone to further my career and then report them when I didn’t get what I wanted.

    Quite frankly, based on what we know at this point, if she can’t prove her allegations I would say David has a good case for a counter suit.

  6. pookie says:

    Oh David. 🙁 I am weeping as I read this. I absolutely adored his character on Angel, and from what little I had read of him around that time, seemed like a really good guy, just chilling and taking care of his family. What a freakin disappointment. Where oh where have all the good guys gone?!?

  7. Crash2GO2 says:

    I’m just going to say this about those already questioning her story based on the fact that she continued to interact with him after the inappropriate photo text.

    I imagine that trying to get anywhere in Hollywood as a woman is kind of like this. You have to put up with a certain amount of grossness and maybe some groping. But you hope it will lead somewhere because you are a woman in Hollywood, and men have all the power. ALL of it.

    But when his behavior escalated and he seriously frightened her, she ran, as well she should have. A peen photo is gross but fairly harmless. Being jumped in a trailer might be more than a woman is willing to put up with to get a role on a television show. I say good for her and I hope he gets nailed to the wall.

  8. imho says:

    It’s hard to take anyone seriously who’s represented by Gloria Allred, in my opinion.
    But past that, if it’s true I hope he gets what he deserves. If it’s not, then I guess she could get a place on Celebrity Rehab a la Rachel Uchitel being a work addict or something…

  9. Po says:

    I agree with those who are skeptical. I’m confused as to how this was sexual harrassment if she had a limited part on the show and after it was finished she was harrassed and then came back for more when her job was over. I myself have never been in that situation but I have known women who were and in all those instances they were in a position where they were trying to keep their job or were concerned that the person would bad mouth them around the workplace. This just doesn’t sound like that. I dont think this case is going to go anywhere but I do think that he is a predator and there are probably many more women out there with the same story to tell, only those women probably walked away after he showed what a hound he was.

  10. jones says:

    She’s full of (u know what). How many times does a guy have to sexually ‘harass’ you before you put a stop to it or are genuinely offended? Now that she can’t get an acting gig and is strapped for money, she wants to file a frivolous lawsuit. Sorry, not buying this one.

  11. anon says:

    I can see that when she was in his car, perhaps they were in an area where she couldn’t get out and walk away… but in his trailer… that’s another story. If she didn’t want to stick around until he was ‘finished’ she had a choice. Why didn’t she walk out?

  12. Skins says:

    Is there any proof required for these allegations, or are these skanks just making it up as they go along. This Allred is nothing but an extortionist.

  13. LindyLou says:

    Sounds like she was letting it happen to set him up for a payout. If there is lots of video and audio “evidence”, she totally played him. Mind you, if he wasn’t such a dirty dog, he wouldn’t be in this position. Tiger Woods Jr! lol

  14. margo says:


    She took the legitimacy out of her claim when she hired Allred–It’s the go-to pay day for skanks and opportunists, and it is an insult to anyone who was ever the victim of sexual harassment.
    Seriously Allred is a professional fame-whore, opportunist who tries to make extortion legal….anyone with LEGITIMATE claims will hire a real lawyer.

  15. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Sooooo, he sends you a picture of his private parts, you still go out with him, he tries to “force” himself on you once, yet you go out with him a few more times, and you put up with it all to further your career.

    Hmm, sounds a bit dodgy to me.

  16. bellaluna says:

    If a man (other than my husband) sent me a picture of his schlong, I would stay far, far away from him unless we were with a small crowd of people I knew.

    Never, ever put yourself in a situation where you are alone with a man you do not know or trust. No car rides, private meetings, etc…

    Be smarter than the schlong!

  17. hanh says:

    Yeah hiring Gloria Allred, the master legal extortionist, does make her look bad. I’m sure DB put the moves on her, but she keeps coming back for more!

    It looks like she was trying to sex him up for a part (and women do do that in Hollywood) and it didn’t work the way she planned. She’s unemployed and figured she’d get a fat settlement paycheck and more fame this way. Look at all the media coverage she’s getting. I’m sure interviews etc are next.

    I would respect her more if she kept her identity a secret.

  18. mln says:

    This is devastating as a fan of Angel & Buffy , DEVASTATING.

  19. mollination says:

    So let me ask you this – if he *had* gotten her acting work, would she still be reporting this and suing?

    Be wary of your answer – because if the answer is yes, then why did she continue her relations with him in the first place? Remove yourself from the situation ladies.

    If the answer is no, then I think that says everything about how willing a participant she was, and how much she was really traumatized by this.

    Give it up for another opportunistic “lady” crying foul only after the fact. Ladies – we are not that stupid or naive. There is no excuse for continually putting yourself in a situation only to act like a victim later.

  20. a says:

    i wouldn’t put up with that for a role on anything… but everyone is different.

    still think this could tank “bones”. he’s supposed to play a likable guy and it’s hard to separate the two after seeing stuff like this for a while.

    i feel sorry for his kid.

  21. crazymary says:

    For someone who is so scared by his actions…she sure looks happy in that picture of them together.

    I call bullshit on this story.

    I still think he is a scumbag, and feel very sorry for his wife and kids, but I don’t believe her at all. As long as she was going to be a “star” she was willing to look at pics of his wang, and hook up with him…

  22. Strawberry says:

    Regardless of her motivations, he’s still a sleazebag. A charming one on Bones, but a a**hole nonetheless. And just like Charlie Sheen, he probably won’t be fired, as Fox seems to care only about ratings.

  23. scrappy says:

    @kayla I was thinking the exact thing when I was reading this. What the hell happened to Angel? Buffy would kick his ass.

  24. bnice says:

    “[He then] unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis and began stroking it until he ejaculated.”

    The complaint states that he SUBSEQUENTLY “pushed himself on top of her, and when he tried to put his hand down her pants and touch her, she pushed him off of her.”

    Maybe I’m a cynic, but after he was, ahem, *finished* in the car, why would he even care to touch her at all, esp. if he’s just looking to use her for his own gratification? He already got off, so the idea that he was still crawling all over her seems a bit odd to me. I mean, this dude’s not 16–I doubt he was raring to go 30 seconds later.

  25. guesty says:

    read this on dlisted first. lol! who does that???? what a freak.

  26. Jello says:

    I’m with Crash2GO2 on this one.

    Tales of casting-couch behavior have been frequently told by many, many women in Hollywoood. When he went too far, she bolted and lawyered up. Good for her.

  27. MaiGirl says:

    I agree with Jello. This kind of thing is such a gray area because a woman’s looks and sexuality are part of her cachet in Hollywood whether she likes it or not. Even serious actresses have to play that game a little. If he had come through with some assistance and/or backed off from anything having to do with pulling out his wang, we’d likely never have heard about this.

  28. Stitch says:

    Seriously, folks … This blaming the victim stuff is pretty 1992. I thought we decided, like, a decade ago that sexual harassment was different from other creepazoid perviness because there’s an element of power involved. If all this stuff is true, he was in a position of power over her and he exploited that power to put her in situations that she didn’t want to be in.

    Jeez people, is this that Backlash that we’ve been hearing about?

  29. Obvious says:

    I think it was consensual until he wasn’t bale to do anything to help her career. Then she filed a sexual harassment suit, and wala-people now know her name. Instant profile boost.

    Unless I see legitimate proof, I refuse to believe anything that comes out of the mouth of ANY of Allred’s clients. That woman and those who hire her are the scum of the earth.

  30. Jazz says:

    He’s totally ruined Angel forever for me now. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I LOATHES that ambulance chasing vulture Gloria Allred.

  31. JaJa says:

    Gloria Allred is a publicity hungry monster. She will do anything to get press, and money out of celebrities.

    She used to force herself into cases regarding Michael Jackson in the past, trying to get a piece of the pie. After being asked what he thought of Gloria Allred, he said: ‘Ah… tell her to go to hell’.

    And my guess is that there is a seat for her there already, because she sure isn’t Angelic.

  32. GatsbyGal says:

    Is that kid their son? He looks kinda…err…

  33. Crash2GO2 says:

    Well said Stitch. Not only do we women have to bow to the all powerful males in society, but we also have to watch our backs, because we are our own worst enemies.

    No wonder men are so powerful. Look at all the women here willing to aid and abeit a man who abused his position of power over another woman. It’s in this thread, it’s in all the Mel threads, the Roman Polanski threads, and on and on.

  34. ligeia says:

    more dumb bitches doing the victim blaming. i hope you get sexually harassed at your job, so then you can quietly quit and never show up for work again and just crawl into some dark hole and sit there. because coming back to work and reporting the harasser apparently means it’s all your fault and you were asking for it. fucking unreal…

  35. ElizabethM says:

    While I respect the diversity of opinions that have been stated here, I have to take issue with the people who are slamming those of us who have taken a position of not automatically hating David just because some random woman who’s story sounds fishy said he was a horrible person.

    If you want to blindly believe anything this woman says, that’s fine. However, I choose to see ALL the evidence before sentencing him to the life of a pariah.

    I agree A LOT of hinky stuff goes on in Hollywood and the casting couch is alive and well. However, I also happen to have known a lot of evil, vicious women who didn’t blink an eye as they lied, manipulated and tried (and sometimes succeeded) to ruin the lives of others. Anyone who acts like that doesn’t go on is incredibly naive.

    Also, this condemning someone based solely on a statement from an accuser is so 1692. I thought we decided after the Salem witch trials that convicting a person without evidence, and based solely on someone’s statement/opinion was both unethical and unconstitutional.

    The last time I checked we were still doing the innocent until proven guilty thing and the burden of proof belongs to the accuser thing. So for now, David is innocent and she has to prove her case.

    Obviously if David did it, he should be punished. But let’s wait to get ALL of the facts before assuming he’s the devil incarnate.

  36. Crash2GO2 says:

    Good point by ligeia. She was no doubt afraid that if she didn’t ‘play nice’ he might retaliate by ruining any chance she might have of every working in the industry again.

    I was a single working mother, divorcing, who was sexually harassed by my supervisor. He pushed me into a corner and dry humped me one time, and grabbed my breasts in front of another male employee another time. I didn’t report him because it was an extremely small town and he had grown up there, and I was the outsider. Plus I was afraid I would lose my job and I needed it to survive.

    When I told my mother about what had happened to me and said I was considering a sexual harassment suit (this was later, after getting employment elsewhere) she asked me if I wasn’t using this incident to distract me from the divorce and what it was doing to my child.

    My mother is awesome at secondary victimization – a lot of you gals here would probably really like her. That’s why I don’t interact with her anymore.

  37. Crash2GO2 says:

    ElizabethM: Innocent until proven guilty only applys to a court of law. We here are perfectly free to draw our own conclusions based on the evidence we have at hand.

  38. H says:

    I was harassed when I was a teenager, it was horrible and I would have walked 100 miles before I ever got into a car with one of my harassers. So excuse me if I am a little skeptical about a woman who kept hanging out with her harasser.

  39. ElizabethM says:

    Crash2GO2: I’m well aware that innocent until proven guilty began as a legality however, it’s a pretty good tool to use when deciding who/what to believe.

    I’m also well aware that we have the right to form our own opinions/conclusions about matters.

    What bothers me is how quickly people are to hate someone without getting ALL the evidence. What bothers me is how quick some people are to rush to a judgment.

    With regard to your earlier post, I don’t bow down to men nor do I assume every woman is telling the truth and all men are evil. I don’t know you or your life experiences or your environment so judging from your statement I feel so sad that you feel all women have to bow to men. With that mindset, it’s no wonder you want to automatically believe this woman’s allegations.

  40. H says:

    And I do think he’s a scumbag.

  41. Ellie says:

    Right on, all these women coming out is fantastic. This stuff has been going on in Hollywood forever, but women are too scared to do anything because they’ll be put out of work. Sometimes it’s overt like this sleaze Boreanaz, sometimes it’s more subtle.

  42. geckofan says:

    so, there’s no way this can be bogus, people? what about PROOF? we’re just going to take her word for it? anyway, i don’t care what actor/actresses do on their off time, just deliver the goods onscreen…and he does every time

  43. j. ferber says:

    In Shirley Temple’s autobiography, she tells of trying to make it in the adult acting world. Her director raped her, she reported it to the studio, they said to forget about it, and she never reported it to the police. I do believe there is a lot of sexual harassment/assault in Hollywood and that women are encouraged to play along/tolerate it in the hopes that they will get their chance in Hollywood. So the empowered exploit the unempowered and then everyone on the web sites, including this one, don’t believe the woman and criticize her behavior, which must, of course, be impeccable, for her to be a “legitimate” victim. If she is not the Perfect Victim, then she must be a lying, gold digging whore. So corrupt.

  44. ElizabethM says:

    Crash2GO2: I just saw/read your post about the sexual harassment you suffered and my heart goes out to you. The fact that this happened to you is awful and your mother’s reaction, as well as her support of him, must have been devastating. I’m beyond proud of you for choosing to not interact with her at this time. That’s a hard choice and it’s one that many people would be afraid to make.

    The fact that you took control to limit the negative and submissive influence she was trying to exert is wonderful and hopefully will inspire others to do the same.

  45. hmm says:

    If she was the only woman and the only allegation then I could maybe understand the skepticism. But, this guy has had rumors, accusations, and admitted “infidelities” yet some people are still acting like he’s the victim. As I said in another thread, any story that came out about Tiger (many of which were never verified) were immediately accepted as truth and everyone wanted his head on a platter. But David gets the benefit of the doubt and heaps of scorn thrown on the woman and her lawyer. Nope..I still don’t get the difference.

  46. Mairead says:

    I really don’t want to blame the victim, as sexual harassment is a horrific form of bullying, where the victim always gets the blame anyway. And the scenario that Crash describes is all too common in every country (in fact, one of the conditions of working with Fairtrade in Africa is to stamp out the sexual abuse of women workers by male supervisors)

    But whatever about meeting up with him after the photo incident (she was intimidated after all), but after him fapping in front of her and forcing himself on her? Time to make up an imaginary illness for one of your children and get the hell out of there! ALthough, I should point out in all fairness there was a 3 week gap between the two incidents, so she might have thought that he’d moved onto a fresh target.

    @Crash, I’m so sorry you had to endure that. No wonder women are so fucked up when that’s the treatment we’re subjected to from our own mothers!

  47. fizXgirl3114 says:

    I think the issue here isn’t that people aren’t believing her… the issue is that people are blaming her for the way she conducted herself (the marjority of the posts seem to believe the facts but blame the victim nonetheless…)… it’s kind of sickening :-/

  48. Crash2GO2 says:

    ElizabethM: Thank you for your kind post. I’m afraid these past few days have been hitting home for me all to hard, in areas where I am still raw. I personally don’t feel the need to bow before men, but do feel that they hold the majority of power in society, especially in comparison to someone like me. In fact it was my alcoholic ex husband who had psychologically abused me, who was successful in convincing the court that my daughter would be better off living primarily with him.

    As I am struggling to regain my own sense of power, these stories set me off I’m afraid. I am still processing. I hadn’t even realized how raw I still am about the sexual harassment I experienced until this came up! It has gotten pushed to the background what with everything else I have been going through.

    OK – that’s my story. My input. Thanks for listening. We’ll see what happens with David Boreanaz, eh? Hopefully justice wins out and I’ll try to refrain from generalizing. 🙂

    Thank you Mairead!

  49. ElizabethM says:

    ElizabethM: Thank you for your kind post. I’m afraid these past few days have been hitting home for me all to hard, in areas where I am still raw.

    ***After reading your story (which I suspect is just the tip of the iceberg), I think your reaction to this and other similar stories is perfectly natural. Also, the fact that you would get angry should reassure you that contrary to what you may think, you are a total badass. Badasses always prevail!

    I personally don’t feel the need to bow before men, but do feel that they hold the majority of power in society,

    ***Sadly, I have to agree with that. Women have made great strides over the past hundred years at equality however, we’re not quite level yet.

    especially in comparison to someone like me. In fact it was my alcoholic ex husband who had psychologically abused me, who was successful in convincing the court that my daughter would be better off living primarily with him.

    ***I would comment but I’m pretty sure my language and recommendations on how he should die wouldn’t pass the site censors. :p

    Your ex is a bully and a manipulator. His evil is obvious. Sadly, like your mother, there may be other people in your life (even mildly) who are a negative influence on you. So, chick-to-chick, just know you aren’t alone and you WILL get through this. So don’t take crap from anyone about this and about how you’re handling it. They’ll try and I hope you shoot them down.

    I, too, was psychologically abused by my ex-boyfriend (the Mel Gibson tapes send chills up and down my spine because they are exactly like my ex’s rants). After that nightmare was over I was having dinner with a female friend and I was explaining why I left the ex and at one point she said “I have to tell you I’m shocked to hear this about him. He seems so nice.” and then “It’s not like he beat you.” At that point, I pulled out my money, put it on the table, walked out and never spoke to her again. I understood that she didn’t comprehend the heinousness of psycho abuse (and he was a psycho!) but the fact that she was *dismissive* made me realize she didn’t care about me at all.

    I hope you have people in your life who are supportive of you, what you went through and what you are currently dealing with.

    As I am struggling to regain my own sense of power, these stories set me off I’m afraid.

    ***Actually, you’ve already regained your power (as evidenced by your fiestiness 🙂 ), you’re just struggling to utilize it. Remember? We established up above you’re a badass. 🙂

    I am still processing. I hadn’t even realized how raw I still am about the sexual harassment I experienced until this came up!

    ***Obviously none of us wants to walk around raw and angry but getting over it a process that is so very individual to each person. You’ll get there when you get there.

    It has gotten pushed to the background what with everything else I have been going through.

    ***Which is exactly what badasses do. They prioritize so they can give proper asskickings instead of just doing them halfass.

    OK – that’s my story.

    ***It’s a heck of a story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    My input. Thanks for listening. We’ll see what happens with David Boreanaz, eh? Hopefully justice wins out and I’ll try to refrain from generalizing.

  50. Lola says:

    why would a man rub himself to ejaculate and THEN attempt to get in your pants.

    I’m just sayin.

    Sounds like BS to me. That just defies. sense.

  51. ElizabethM says:

    @fizXgirl3114: Actually, I flat out don’t believe her…..yet. Her story has red flags all over it and her reaction to his so called behavior is too unusual for me to buy this happened exactly the way she says it did.

    I believed Bombstupid McGross. I believed Tiger’s whore parade. I believe David is a manwhore and we’ll be hearing more about his adulterous affairs. However, being a manslut and being a sexual harasser is two different issues. I can believe he made some moves on her. I just don’t buy her story that she felt threatened. I think she’s just using his stupidity against him.

    As for her conduct, like it or not, it is relevant in establishing her credibility. So far you’re assuming she is 100% truthful. I don’t know what you’re basing your opinions on but since we know nothing about this woman (or maybe it’s just me who knows nothing about her), for all we know she’s the kind of person who *would* manipulate a situation to get attention (to jumpstart her career?), to get money or even to simply get off on screwing people over.

    Conversely, this situation could blow up in a Mel Gibson way and we’ll find out she’s a friggin’ hero for exposing the monster that is David.

    But until there are facts from both sides and corroboration of the each sides statements/evidence, I, for one, am not going pack my big red bucket of stones and head to the town square just yet. That sucker is heavy and I don’t want to lug it around unless I have to. 🙂

  52. Crash2GO2 says:

    @ElizabethM: *Your ex is a bully and a manipulator. His evil is obvious. Sadly, like your mother, there may be other people in your life (even mildly) who are a negative influence on you. So, chick-to-chick, just know you aren’t alone and you WILL get through this. So don’t take crap from anyone about this and about how you’re handling it. They’ll try and I hope you shoot them down.*

    You are so right! My father tries to pretend I haven’t spoken to him about any of this, and my sister rather agrees that I am largly at fault for much of what has happened to me (what I have shared, that is. I am learning what not to share!) So I am learning where NOT to go as I move forward.

    Frankly, it is quite difficult for me not to blame myself as well, because I was raised to be a good submissive girl to my superiors, my husband, etc and all would be well. And if all wasn’t well, than it surely must be my fault. Only very recently (and with the support of an decent male boss) have I dared to stand up for myself in the work place and say ‘This behavior from a man is not appropriate, I don’t care if he is a VP.’ And my boss stood behind me and that man was reprimanded by our human resources department. Fortunately for me, the VP was idiot enough to make his inappropriate remarks right in front of my boss (in fact I’m sure that everyone up and down the hall heard him). But he has been doing this for 25 YEARS here and most women say nothing. The fact that he is still here to be reprimanded after 25 years is a sad statement on the state of the workplace – he is that bad.

    I haven’t yet told any friends, but maybe it is time to start finding out who my friends are (like you did – great story!).

  53. Twez says:

    >>Oh, Angel. How could you be such a smelly pirate hooker?<<

    Thank you for this, I am crying with laughter.

  54. K says:

    I find this all very suspect, especially since he and ED are at Comic Con today. Gloria Aldredge is queen of capitalizing on any and all press… Add that with the meetings after the first sketchy dick pic, and I say we have an extortionist.

  55. Jeri says:

    I hope not but hard to say. Why would she keep meeting alone with him? She should have hired someone else if she wanted to be believed.

  56. rkintn says:

    Questioning her motives isn’t blaming the victim. It does sound hinkey…the guy is acting inappropriately, it apparently skeeves you out but yet you keep talking to him and putting yourself in risky situations with him? Something just ain’t right there. I mean he texted her a pic of his peen! HELLO?! If she felt uncomfortable then, then she should have left well enough alone.

    BTW..wonder what she did with that pic?;)

    Personally, I think she let him think the behavior was okay by not really saying anything to him. She never really said yes BUT she never said no either. Flame away but I think she felt she could get some easy money and being the serial cheater he is, he was stupid enough to fall for the setup.

  57. Cakes says:

    I bet he played her and now shes trying to get revenge. I dont believe this went down the way she said it did.

  58. CB Rawks says:

    @Crash, I hear you sister.
    I no longer speak to my mother for reasons like yours, and I never confide to my sister or Dad either. I was assaulted when I was 16, and my mother yelled at me and apologised to my attacker.
    Stay strong and stay with the people that are supportive of you. Best wishes.

  59. Liana says:

    At the moment, the only “facts” are statements on both sides. At the moment, it’s “he said she said.” Please stop calling people who either don’t believe her story at the moment, or who want more info and hard facts names like “dumb bitches.”

  60. Lita says:

    Bloody hell CB Rawks – that’s just awful. Your mother – well, I don’t like to criticise people’s family but damn. I’m sure Dante specified a special place in the inferno for people that callous and horrible.

    To CB Rawks and Crash2 as well – kudos for standing straight. Stay tough, stay smart and best wishes. I know it’s trite but living succesfully really is a fab-o revenge.

  61. fizXgirl3114 says:

    I find the the fact that the incidents don’t entirely make sense to be good reason to believe them… If she were making something up, wouldn’t she come upw ith something that was more cohesive and put less of the blame on her? I don’t find it entirely farfathced that somebody would go back to a victmizer… happens all the time… women have just learned to take crap from people and brush it off… trust me, it happens all the time. The events described just sounds too “out there” to be fake… you couldn’t make this shit up…

  62. CB Rawks says:

    Thanks Lita. *hug*

  63. Joy says:

    Completely agree with celandine and lambchops. I’m not buying it – too fishy with too many holes and she hired Allred. Enough said.

    Are you kidding me? You can totally make this shit up. It’s so easy to do nowadays. I see women do it all the time.

    This whole story is suspect to me. It sounds to me like since he didn’t follow through on his promise, she’s looking for a payday. Sorry, but I need more concrete evidence.

  64. Persistent Cat says:

    @ Liana, nice comment.

    Did she text him back? Is she willing to talk about or share those texts?

    I don’t read anyone on this saying “oh David, I love you, I believe in you,” unlike what you’d see on the Mel Gibson stuff. I read that most of you find him sketchy but want to learn more.

    @ Crash, I’m sorry for what you went through but it’s not fair to paint us all as your mother. You were harrassed but did you keep going back to the guy, did you willingly go with him (alone) in his car or into an enclosed area with him? I bet not, I bet you avoided him like the plague. My problem with this story is all the times she was alone with him. She had a choice. A guy masturbates in front of you and you still are willing to be alone with him? That’s all kinds of sketchy.

  65. irishserra says:

    She wouldn’t be the first stupid victim, but either way, HE is in the wrong.

  66. RHONYC says:

    where Boreanaz approached her under the pretense that he could help her with her career.




    that’s like the oldest trick in the book!

    she fell for that one! wow.

    hey, girls…seriously, haven’t we all been there?

    i’ll admit to being hit in the head with the ‘gullable stick’ a few times in my youth.

    that’s no excuse for him to take advantage.


    if it’s true, i hope he gets the book thrown at him.

  67. sammy says:

    Its clearly a case of untalented never gonna make it actress, who strayed from her husband, tried to blackmail DB when news of his other affair broke and she realized she was prob never gonna be upgraded to a costar from her extra job, when he went public with her extortion attempt, she took months to devise this scheme, probably talked into it by her dubious and deviant “lawyer”, Gloria Allred who undoubtably declared war the day DB and his legal team called her an extortionist. THINK ABOUT IT. As far as DB forcing himself on ANYONE? ha yeah right. Not buying that for a minute. Enough points have been made about the ALLEGED victim kept meeting up with him, I wont beat you over the head with that one! but its ridiculous and I feel sad for the girl for being talked into this scam of a lawsuit by Shark Allred. 25k? Is that worth ruining any chance of a career you might have had? bc no studio will go near an actress that has sued any other studio! and 25k isnt gonna get you very far in life. ijs GA is a predator!

  68. sabine says:

    I don’t know if any of this is true…it’s hard to say these days but nothing suprises me anymore

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