Taylor Momsen: “I’m trying to reinvent and bring back rock ‘n’ roll”


Here are some new photos of Taylor Momsen acting like an age-appropriate lady on the Warped Tour this weekend. She’s so… delicate! Taylor is still doing press for the tour, and for her band’s just-released album. The Pretty Reckless’s new music video, “Miss Nothing” came out last week, and people are still talking about it (video below). Mostly they’re talking about how dumb it is. But that didn’t stop Taylor from pontificating about what the video is really about, and how she’s “trying to reinvent and bring back rock ‘n’ roll.” YIKES.

Taylor Momsen, eyes coated in thick rings of her trademark black eyeshadow, writhes and contorts on a table in a scene reminiscent of the Last Supper. She throws food, smashes glasses, and crawls off the table wearing little more than a leotard and a pair of clear heels.

The scene is from the just-released music video for a song called “Miss Nothing,” but it has people saying a lot about the 16-year-old singer.

Momsen (most well known for playing Jenny Humphrey on TV’s “Gossip Girl”) takes obvious pleasure in shocking people with an aggressively sexual persona. But as the frontwoman for the Pretty Reckless, playing today at the West Palm Beach stop of the Vans Warped Tour punk rock festival, she insists she’s just telling stories.

“It’s the way I live, I grew up looking at rock stars. It’s in my blood,” Momsen says. “I think aggression scares people. But if you’re scared, you’re feeling something. Yeah, there’s loud guitars and drums. The reaction, it’s really kind of sad.”

To Momsen (who will turn 17 on Monday), rock ‘n’ roll is rock ‘n’ roll, no matter how old she is.

“It’s like we’re living in the ’60s again. Haven’t we already all seen this? This has already happened.” She sounds exasperated. “Scantily clad clothing? It’s amazing that it’s shocking again, scaring people now, again.”

As for her public Twitter fight with celebrity gossip Perez Hilton, “That’s just tabloids … People ask me about my life and try and create controversy and I’ll say what I say.”

If she’s itching to get rid of a previous era’s idea of 16-year-old girl behavior, she has a fonder feeling for that era’s music. Momsen described the Pretty Reckless as “the only real rock band on this tour” and says they shun modern sounds almost completely, listening to Led Zeppelin and the Beatles on the bus.

“I’m trying to reinvent and bring back rock ‘n’ roll,” she says. “I listen to the greats. I try to better myself.”

The band’s first full-length album, “Light Me Up,” is set for release Aug. 31. She credits the chaos of Warped Tour – playing six days a week, at different times and stages every day – with allowing the band to find its musical zone.

“You sound different every day, and there’s so much trying to adapt. It’s a very punk, get-up-there-and-hope-you-can-hear-yourself kind of tour. If you think playing every day is hard, I don’t know why you’re in a band,” she says. “I’m not a diva or a prima donna, I’m the opposite.”

She doesn’t mind all eyes on her in the “Miss Nothing” video, though.

“The song is telling an ambiguous story about a lover dying, and I’m depicting Mary Magdalene, and Jesus just died. It’s about not being able to live without a lover. It’s Mary Magdalene’s last supper, it’s my last supper, because I can’t live,” Momsen explains.

“But it’s just a video,” she says, and starts to laugh.

[From The Sun-Sentinel]

OH GOD. Taylor really is the Mary Magdalene of our world, for reals. Here’s what I wish Taylor would explain: if we’re not supposed to find all of this oh-so-casual jailbait blasphemy offensive or “shocking” then what’s the point? Are we supposed to shrug and roll our eyes when a 16-year-old, dressed in garters and little else, writhes around on the floor because her lover, Jesus, died? Sure, I shrugged and rolled my eyes, but Taylor’s intention was to actually be “shocking” and by playing this little “oh, everyone is judging me” game is so tired and stupid. What really scares me is that the act is working to some extent – Taylor grows more famous and more “legit” by the minute. UGH.

Taylor’s fan base is over it too:

MOSCOW, RUSSIA. JULY 20, 2010. A raccoon in the Moscow Zoo. (Photo ITAR-TASS/ Alexandra Mudrats) Photo via Newscom

GELSENKIRCHEN, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 06:  A raccoon sits on a log in the zoo on September 06, 2005 in Gelsenkirchen. Gelsenkirchen is one of the host cities that will be used to stage the FIFA World Cup Germany 2006.  (Photo by Christof Koepsel/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Oh, and Taylor was wearing her tip-jar stripper shoes again too:




Taylor and The Pretty Reckless performing in Florida on July 24, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. a says:

    why is she popular? her music is selling right? WHY?

    she sounds like a stupid self absorbed teenager, i just don’t understand why she’s getting the interviews, shows, etc.

  2. ol cranky says:

    at least she doesn’t rely on autotune but I don’t hear anything new or novel to believe she’s reinventing rock. All she seems to be doing is the MTV standard must look like a slutty model/actress requirement to be heading a rock group.

    As for being accepted as “legit” – I don’t think anyone currently sees her as a legitimate artiste, or the sophisticated woman she emphatically claims she is, she’s just getting the same modeling/spokesperson gigs that you’d expect from someone who aspires to achieve the height of celebrity by doing things to get attention and giving loads of interviews about how she despises celebrity.

  3. Jazz says:

    I just want to hold her down and scrub that shit off her face.

  4. Kimberly says:

    ” … Haven’t we already all seen this? This has already happened.”

    Those we’re my thoughts exactly , she needs to get off her high horse . She actually sounds better live than watching her in some music video .

  5. Canucklehead says:

    What a retarded hosebag.

  6. K.L says:

    Oh that’s it….this little brat can go away now.

  7. teehee says:

    Ah to be young and delusional- not knowing a thing about the real world and just following an idea in your head. She’ll grow out of it.

  8. original kate says:

    i’ll bet the raccoon has more talent.

  9. Liana says:

    “It’s like we’re living in the ’60s again. Haven’t we already all seen this? This has already happened.” She sounds exasperated. “Scantily clad clothing? It’s amazing that it’s shocking again, scaring people now, again.”

    No one’s scared, Taylor, they just all think you look ridiculous. And yes, Taylor, it’s already happened… by people with more talent and charisma than you.

  10. Tia C says:

    @ Jazz: Yeah, me too! She looks like the unholy spawn of Alice Cooper, lol!

    I honestly don’t even know who the F this chick is. I don’t even care enough to google it, either…

  11. mslewis says:

    In order to “bring back” rock and roll, she might begin by learning to actually sing!!

    People who are truly interested in real, legit rock and roll will simply listen to the original music from the ’60s. They certainly won’t spend money on the crap she’s putting out.

  12. super8 says:

    Quit trying too hard, kid!

    Your music isnt very original or impressive. It sounds very recycled and cliche-and just like a million other wannabe teenage angst bands.

    As for your look-that’s also not original-Courtney Love did that one a looong time ago before you were even a thought for your parents.

  13. AbbeyRoad says:

    …she kind of reminds me of a female version of one of the “Spinal Tap” characters. Smell the glove, Taylor.

  14. Danielle says:

    Does the kid have parents???

  15. di butler says:


  16. GatsbyGal says:

    She’s trying to be Kurt Cobain or something…and I’m sure she sucks just as much.

  17. Bodhi says:

    Bitch needs to add the Stones to her playlist

  18. gabs says:

    I actually like the songs and think she might be talented but her attitude is such a turn off. Shes trying tooo hard

  19. jen says:

    Reinventing it would mean actually doing something original, dear.

  20. mollination says:

    “We’re the only real rock band on this tour”

    Wow, way to completely bastardize the name of the “greats” you claim to emulate by being an entitled, insignificant little piece of garbage. Your brand of been-there-heard-that rock is no different or better than anybody else’s you delusional brat. You aren’t reinventing sh*t – it’s all been done before, and been done better. The shock and attention over your video has nothing to do with loud drums – nobody is shocked by pseudo-tough rock anymore. We have actual icons like Metallica and Pantera to look to when we want to be shocked by hard, loud, amazing rock. Your bullsh*t, bubble-gum, lazy brand of mid-90’s tempo rock is barely noticeable in the midst of an underage wannabe-shocker traipsing around in garter belts. So, considering the world has seen a million girls just like you before, and will continue to see a million just like you after you go – what does that say about your vanilla music that our attention can be so easily diverted elsewhere?

    “It’s like we’re living in the 60’s again”

    1st of all, it has nothing to do with the fact that you’re a “woman” dressing scantily. It has everything to do with the fact that you are NOT A WOMAN yet. That’s what people are saying, and that has nothing to do with the women’s rights movement or feminism you dumb F.

    And lastly – to the author of any post about this flash-in-the-pan – do not refer to any form of “legitimacy”. Legitimacy comes from album sales and concert ticket sales, and fan-bases. It does not come from reality-tv-era, attention-seeking, sexual gimmicks. This girl is so clueless – begging so hard for attention, and then acting like we’re all unevolved for responding to her sexuality-based ploys. But in truth – we all must be unevolved for giving this tired brand of attention-seeking the ammount of attention we do.

    ZOMGZ, a teenager is acting like a tart! It must be 1999 – no, wait, it’s ten years later and we’re still fueling this engine. Same game, different player. Except this time, the player is twice as annoying and half as talented.

  21. moi says:

    she looks like a petulant child who wants to stay up past her bedtime. Go to bed Taylor, it’s a school night.

  22. Sigh. says:

    “I think aggression scares people…It’s amazing that it’s shocking again, scaring people now, again.”


    The raccoons are much scarier and does their eye makeup better.

  23. dsm says:

    I watched the video, there is nothing new there, same old formula. Just because your people throw a beat up guitar in your hands and slap some eye black on your face does not make you a rock godess.

  24. LILO - donotpassgo-donotcollect200$ says:

    and by “i listen to the greats”, she means that Avril girl and that bieber kid.

    1. Does she realize she can’t even play legally in a bar yet?
    2. She is playing Warp tour in the 2000’s, completely different from the 90’s. But she can’t realize that because she was in diapers in the 90’s.

  25. Liana says:

    Scantily clad clothing

    And no, Taylor, YOU are scantily clad. Not the clothing. Dope.

  26. Jover says:

    Thank you mollination and cranky you said it well. The young people I know listen to bands like Pearl Jam, Band Of Horses, Flaming Lips, 80s and early 90s rap (NWA and SNoop, etc.) Thrice, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, RHCP before Stadium Arcadium, etc. not this twit. THus to a, I don’t know anyone that listens to her. SHe’s past from laughable to painfully pathetic, and she’s not yet 17teen; she’s needs to quit this and find her true calling flipping waffles at the Waffle House or being the hoe beside the carny barker at the local county fair – this ain’t working Raccoon McPantless.

  27. Eden says:

    Whew “mollination” you said it!! :0)

    Her voice is actually OK, the raspy quality is cool.
    It is hilarious that she says she is bringing back rock and roll..
    Any of the great artists who actually did reinvent a genre of music most likely never announced they were going to do it…they just did it because of their passion, dedication, vision and talent.
    Going into anything with so much ego and pride can only lead to a grand humbling..

    She is incredibly young..16!
    I have a feeling she will look back on these interviews and feel like a total idiot.

  28. bizzy says:

    it’s like a sleaze my little pony. i wasn’t this stupid at sixteen, was i? WAS I???

  29. Meanchick says:

    This chick has a really perverted idea of what rock n roll is if she think’s SHE is the answer!

  30. Rockerella says:

    The tragedy is that her music truly isn’t that bad. I’d rather she just sang, and stopped saying stupid shit and embarrassing herself, and put on some real clothes…honestly, some tights maybe? SOMETHING.

    Want some real rock? Check out Die Mannequin. There’s rock and roll for ya.

  31. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    She doesn’t have a bad voice though. Not like I will be running out to buy her CD, but she isn’t awful.

  32. Beth says:

    I think she’s fake. How can you be hardcore rocker and be on Gossip Girl? Not to mention her mainstream modeling contracts (Madonna’s line with Macy’s and some makeup contract with a high fashion house).

  33. DrM says:

    Way to rant Mollination! Kudos… couldn’t agree more.

    Frankly? Girlfriend is boring…she has neither the personality or the depth of experience to carry this shit off…then again someone with personality and depth couldn’t be bothered with this rubbish…

    Like I said…boring.

  34. Rhiley says:

    Didn’t Kelly Clarkson already release this song a while back?

  35. Sally says:

    Wow. Just wow. Mollination, you rock (no pun intended).

  36. Gabriela says:

    where’s this little girl’s father? i mean, where’s cindy lou who? come onnn!!

  37. Sofia says:

    ha ha bizzy, you’re cracking me up!

    Yes, I agree w everyone, she is just a silly teenager who thinks that her rebellion and anti-establishment sentiments are unique and interesting. But for those of us past the age of oh, say 18 or 20, it’s really not! Poor girl, she will be so embarassed one day of how she looked and acted (I hope!)

  38. Kate says:

    What a TOTAL DELOUSIONAL-IGNORANT-SKANK-DOUCHE BAG! She is as dirty, stupid and ridiculous as she looks and sounds. She should get an education before she has a fatal overdose after her night of stripping.

  39. Allie says:

    I tried to watch that video…but I couldn’t even get half way through. That forced vacant-eyes look was too much to bear- so tragically fake and she doesn’t even seem to realize. No ones buying your act, honey. Its just not original anymore. Hasn’t been since the 80s at the latest…

  40. Adrien says:

    Rock n’ roll died in 2000, sweetie. Even Slash know that. You know why it died? Because “musicians” are more focused on personality, image shizz like that instead of making actual music.
    Oh Taylor! Aldous Snow is more credible rockstar than you. Real rockstars trash hotel rooms, do drugs and all that stuff, they don’t pose for some popstar’s clothing line nor peddle perfumes.

  41. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Liana: My thoughts exactly! LOL! And I’ll bet she says ‘anyways’ too.

    She has a silly little skinny fat body that she is trying way too hard to make sexy. Maybe all the panda eyes is to distract??

    I just want to pat her on the head and give her a lollipop.

  42. super8 says:

    Hey angst ridden little kid!

    There are lots of real, trained rock musicians out there who have lots of recognized talent unlike your mediocre, totally plastic imaginary little angst fest.

    Momsen is a fake. She wouldnt know ‘rock’ even if it rolled on her.

  43. Gosh, I really like her voice. Too bad her personality sux.

  44. Spring says:

    She’s so ridiculous. It’s embarrassing.

  45. Ashryn97015 says:

    Taylor, get a fucking clue already. Oh wait, I forgot. You’re 16 and TOTALLY FUCKING DELUSIONAL!!!!! If I dared even TRY to walk out of the house dressed like that when I was her age, my Dad would have hit the fucking roof and GROUNDED me for the rest of my life and BURNED all of that clothing. Oh, and btw, the RACCOONS look better than you do, darling.

  46. Kelly says:

    Tee heee! Wow where did she get that faux punk Tshirt? You KNOW someone was paid minimum wage to distress it to her exact requirements. Now that’s rock and roll.

    Is anyone else terrified by her aggression?? :-0)

  47. ruru says:

    She says that, but her music sounds like generic pop, not edgy or hard at all. Fail.

  48. Lisa says:

    i want to hate her so bad


    cut her some slack guys, she’s sixteen and she’s figuring it all out.. and if you ask me, she’s headed in the right direction.
    she can sing
    she and her band write their own music
    she’s trying to be different, yeah it may seem like she’s trying hard, but she gets points in my book for trying at all. Props to Taylor Momsen.


  49. Katija says:

    The sad thing is that this song is actually kind of catchy.

    The video reminds me of the movie “Tropic Thunder.” Like, in the beginning, they showed fake trailers of all the “actors'” different movies, and they were parodies of various Hollywood tropes. Taylor seems like she’s playing the parody of a Hollywood bad girl rocker. Or in “Get Him To The Greek” when they showed all the fake music videos. That’s a better example.

  50. Trillion says:

    I’m with Tee Hee. I don’t think it’s too unusual for 16 year olds to have delusions of grandeur and diarrhea of the mouth. She’ll hopefully grow out of it and look back at this time and cringe.

  51. insidescoop says:

    WOw, this is the first time I have ever seen a TM video. Its really bad. I’m confused is she trying to pose for Playboy or bring back rock ‘n roll? If is the former, great job! I’m sure that they will be calling soon. If its the last, oh dear….

  52. CB Rawks says:

    Awesome stuff, Mollination!

  53. Ron says:

    Cindy Brady is hardcore!

  54. KLaw says:

    Why is a 16 year old “mourning over her lover” in a music video?! HELLO, she is SIXTEEN and knows VERY LITTLE about life yet. Where are her PARENTS?

  55. KLO says:

    Reinventing anything or not, this chick actually sings very well. I don’t know why she’s allergic to pants though. And please wash your face, you’re SO pretty, why hide it?

  56. Cirque28 says:

    @Kelly: “Is anyone else terrified by her aggression?? :-0) ”

    *clutches pearls in fear*


    I actually think she has a good voice, but her odd hair extensions distracted me from the video. I can’t understand why young girls damage their hair with those things. You’re 16! Prime hair years! If you want it long, just LET IT GROW.

  57. Richi says:

    what’s with her black eye khol make up???!! she look scary and sick!!!ewwww!!! what’s with the stupid so called “sexy” out fit? does she not have parents who would direct her or is she an orphan and let lose in the wild???? what a pity!!!???

  58. SallyJay says:

    ITA with Lisa – poster 16 – and the others who say it…she has a great voice, and the music is good. But I got totally yelled at the other day when I defended her. But seriously, give her a break, she’s a kid still and figuring out who she is & finding her way and yeah, totally overcompensating by giving off this bad a– attitude. But listen to some of the music people. She’s awesome.


  59. SallyJay says:

    Sorry – Lisa was poster 49….

  60. nanster says:

    This is what you get when a 16 year old has parents who are terrified to stand up to their “meal ticket”.

  61. debbie says:

    Those sky high stripper shoes are giving her some ugly hammer toes already! Taylor…buy some Albolene cream…get that black crud off your face…and wear some flat shoes! You have the rest of your adult life to look that bad!

  62. enough says:


  63. Victoria says:

    Bring back rock N roll? As a racoon? Sorry I had to GO THERE! wha ha ha ha!!!

  64. GatsbyGal says:

    Adrien – Rock ‘n roll died in 2000? Hahaha, no, try the early 80’s. It’s been dead for a long time.

  65. Oi says:

    That sucks that she’s on the Vans bill. Bands I like are playing there too. this twit needs to go away.

  66. Fae says:

    Ignorant little cow. Ah well, one day she’ll realise what an embarrassment she is. Until then, those of us who play actual rock music to actual rock fans shall continue unabated, safe in the knowledge that this…. bratz doll couldn’t be less rock if she were Barbara Bush.

    @mollination – excellent rant. Top class.

  67. meme says:

    @GatsbyGal – sad but true. neil young was wrong when he sang rock and roll can never die. it done did.

  68. Cinderella says:

    Dayum…Mollination laid that bitch out!

  69. dragonlady sakura says:

    Yawn…Courtney Love did it first and did it better.

  70. justaguy says:

    This just released: The label design for her new line of soda pop.


  71. Emma says:

    She reminds me of Golum from LOTR.

    “My preeeccciooouss”

  72. lillsche says:

    i wonder whom she paid to get all this publicity. all i know her for is bad taste and inappropriate clothes for a teenager…

  73. Jennifer says:

    And everyone complains about Miley. Miley is a freaking angel next to this girl.

  74. Victoria says:

    Taylor Momsen is a nasty, self-absorbed bitch with little else to do except complain about everything under the sun, talk herself up and spend 3 minutes writhing on a table DOING NOTHING. Boring vid clip EVER… who wants to see that? She’s not good-looking, she’s just trashy and her I dnt give a shit attitude is a facade for her to act the skank she is.

  75. Emily julia says:

    Adoro a taylor momsen

  76. Emily julia says:

    I love you taylor momsen