Ex Scientologist: Tom Cruise was “out” of Scientology for 10 years

hero.jpgJason Beghe is a former Scientologist and successful actor who is putting his reputation and most likely his life at risk by speaking out about his negative experiences with the cult. Earlier this week he had a segment of an interview on Scientology up on YouTube. He is very upset about the way his money and free will were stripped for over 12 years as he worked his way up the organization, calling it a destructive rip off and saying that Scientology’s methods are not effective at all. He says he’s speaking out for all the people who are still stuck in Scientology.

Beghe has an in depth interview with The Village Voice in which he reveals secrets of the cult and explained the way he was hoodwinked by Scientology. He was encouraged to criticize the cult publicly after getting in touch with the operator of the amazing Operation Clambake site, who met with him along with a guy known as “wise beard man,” a well known Scientology critic who regularly posts videos on YouTube. (Wise Beard Man’s account has been suspended by YouTube, most likely due to cease and desists by the Scientology.)

I’ve read a lot on Scientology and many of their induction methods that Beghe mentions are covered on Scientology and cult awareness websites like Operation Clambake, WhyAreTheyDead.net, and RickRoss.com. Here’s an overview of Beghe’s story in The Village Voice, and I recommend you read the entire article if you have time.

Beghe spent a million dollars on Scientology, got farther than Travolta
Beghe says he threw himself into the levels of Scientology trying to work his way up the organization and gain more access to the self awareness and command of the physical world that Scientology promises faithful devotees. He says it was addictive at first and that the way he was brainwashed and led to feel in control of his life made him strive harder to progress, with little payoff and at an extreme cost:

His move to clear was so rapid, Beghe was told that diminutive Scientology leader David Miscavige considered him a “poster boy” for the religion.

“I was Miscavige’s favorite boy, so they were doing all kinds of things to keep me happy,” he says. “I moved up the Bridge faster than anyone in history. I went at it 24/7 for about a year. I went clear. Got to OT V. I was a trained auditor.” (OT stands for “operating thetan,” and the highest level in the church is said to be OT VIII.)

“I’m farther up the Bridge than Travolta, and he’s been in there a thousand years. He’s not a trained auditor.” To Beghe, some of the celebrities “seemed like dilettantes,” enjoying the perks but not really working hard at being Scientologists.

“I was on a spiritual journey. I wasn’t trying to make money, or influence people. I just wanted to try it.”

His wife also trained as a Scientologist and, like Beghe, reached OT V. Over his twelve years in the church, Beghe estimates that he gave Scientology about a million dollars.

[From The Village Voice]

Tom Cruise was not involved with Scientology for 10 years, but head Miscaviage brought him back
Beghe was in the upper levels of Scientology at a time when Tom Cruise was not involved. He said that Cruise was “out” for ten years, which was just about the length of his marriage to Nicole Kidman. To me this sounds like Cruise curtailed his involvement in Scientology during the time he was married to Kidman from 1990 to 2001. Scientology was generally rumored to have led to the demise of their marriage, and maybe when he was getting brainwashed again he was convinced that she was a negative influence.

Beghe claims that the religion’s top star, Tom Cruise, was actually mostly separated from the church for several years. Other celebrities, he points out, go through similar periods of no longer auditing or moving up the Bridge, but are still considered members. Bringing Cruise back into a more active role, Beghe says, was a major Miscavige project.

“He was out for like ten years. There are people who just aren’t doing anything Some are out but don’t talk about it. Why? The church is scary. These are bad motherf’ers.”

[From Village Voice]

All auditing sessions are videotaped and cult members regularly gossip about celebrity members’ personal business
Beghe says that all “auditing” sessions, which are like crude psychotherapy sessions in which people are encouraged to reveal their deepest secrets and problems, are videotaped. He also said that cult members routinely gossip about the private details learned about celebrities in these sessions:

“Not one auditing session—which are supposed to be private—is not recorded on film,” he says, and claims that secret cameras are used at every session at the Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles, recording sessions that for Scientologists are supposed to be something like confessionals in the Catholic church.

“Will Smith is supposedly dabbling in Scientology. Let Will Smith know that his shit was f*#$ing recorded. And tell him to look them in the eye and see if he believes it when they deny it.”

Even worse, he says, is that behind the backs of celebrities, Scientology officials gossip about what transpires in those supposedly private sessions. “Everything’s supposed to be confidential. But all they do is chat about it,” he says.

At a church center in Hemet, California where the church has movie studios, Beghe helped make videos. “I did movies for them. I remember asking, who do we cast in this thing? How about this dude?” referring to another scientologist actor. “No, he’s been cheating on his wife,” Beghe says he was told.

[From The Village Voice]

Where I now live in Germany, the government does not consider Scientology a religion and has had them under surveillance for over 10 years. Maybe the group Anonymous and brave souls like Beghe will help convince that US government that Scientology is a money making scam of massive proportions and does not deserve tax exempt status.

Any celebrity that gets involved with the cult at this point does so at his or her own risk. They do those auditing sessions just to get dirt on people in case they want to leave. It’s even more telling that everything is videotaped and that they talk about the celebrity members’ personal business. I hope that Beghe is in an undisclosed location and I would not be surprised if there are all sorts of defamatory stories spread about him now that he’s dared to expose Scientology for what it is.

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20 Responses to “Ex Scientologist: Tom Cruise was “out” of Scientology for 10 years”

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  1. AC says:

    Gosh, I find all this so incredibly fascinating.

  2. Becca says:

    They are going to totally discredit this guy some way. The source of their power is the deep, deep pockets of the devoted (brainwashed) memebers. I feel bad for him, because this is stuff that should be openly discussed, but my gut says this will end badly for this guy.

  3. Daisy says:

    oh man this guy is brave. Maybe if he speaks up others will too.

  4. lola lola says:

    When I read the headline “Cruise was Out”… I thought you meant ‘of the closet’…darn!

  5. Breederina says:

    I remember reading that Conor was found through the Florida scientology center, which has always intrigued me.
    Had the same thought when I read “out” except that there are no gay scientologists.

  6. SeVen says:

    I sure hope this guy doesnt end up dead like the others who came ” out” against $cientology. He is a brave brave man and I wish him and his family security.

  7. Syko says:

    This is very scary stuff. I am afraid for this man. It takes a huge amount of courage to come forward like this, and I truly hope he is okay.

  8. Sad, I USED to be a Tom Cruise says:

    Haha, you are probably close to the truth tith that hypothesis… Makes total sense to me… I cant understnad how someone could be “out” for 10 years and then suddenly gung-ho and certifiable… They had to have had some hold over him, your explanation makes more sense than the so-called religion does…
    I commend Jason Beghe for coming forward and I wish him and his family well.

  9. slacker chic says:

    ok first of all, the part where he says he was “Misvaige’s favorite boy” was totally creepy. Beyond creepy. Who is behind the whole thing though? You always hear about how much money the celebrities give but i wonder where it goes? And how much dirt could these people really have on the people that tell all their secrets? Are the secrets so bad that they are that afraid of the repercussion? It’s all very disturbing.

  10. lollypop says:

    If these people can save THE WORLD, cure CANCER, help addictive personalities, drugs, alcohol, etc, why can’t they cure themselves of the EVILS OF GOSSIP?

    (what would XENU do?)

  11. Bellatrix says:

    This man is indeed very brave. Speaking out like that is the start of the real Scientology machine. They will hunt him down… I can only hope he will be ok.

    As for the title, yes, that was misleading. I thought we were (finally!) getting some confirmation of Tomboy being out of the closet. Shoot.

  12. Mairead says:

    Your hypothesis n Kidman IS very interesting – looks like there is more to the girl than we (I) were (was) giving her credit for.

    Looks like I’d better do me some research now. Interestingly my work is affiliated with the public library, and last week there was a big pile of L Ron Hubbard books waiting to be tagged for distribution – couldn’t miss them – L Ron Hubbard was stamped all over the box. Looks like all this public bruhaha is piquing everyone’s interest.

  13. celebitchy says:

    sorry about the misleading title! The issue is that I only have so much room for the titles and tried to cram too much in. I will reword it.

  14. JoGirl says:

    This would certainly explain why so many scientologist celebrities seem to be reading from the same script. They’re all terrified that their most shameful personal confessions are going to surface on Youtube.


    Hell, at this point I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Connor was stolen from a lower-level member, and that the only reason why Tom Cruise is so publically gung-ho about the church right now is that they’ve threatened to take Connor back.

  15. slycee says:

    I don’t know… “brave souls like Beghe”? While Scientology might be pretty wacky, I don’t think it’s necessarily dangerous. Is there anything verified to lend credence to that claim at all? I mean, does anyone really believe this guy is “risking his life” to talk about this stuff?

  16. Scott F. says:

    slyce – There would be a hundred people I could point you to who could vouch for just how dangerous this church is… that is if they hadn’t all committed ‘suicide’.

  17. JRH says:

    slycee: yes, scientology is dangerous. The list of deaths associated with the corporation of scientology is far too long to list here, please check out http://www.whyaretheydead.net
    and for a list of all the criminal and human rights violations performed by the corporation of scientology, please check out:

  18. Mairead says:

    Previously the only thing i knew about the practices of scientology was its obviously dangerous stance on psychology

    But after just reading their “Creed”… sweet suffering JAYSIS! If they don’t believe in “God”, how can He give them inalienable rights? The most dangerous line I’ve seen is the one where basically healthcare should not be separate from religion!
    As if enough religious meddling doesn’t already take place in medicine.

  19. gg says:

    Reminds me of 1984, Orwell. Big Brother is watching you. Or J. Edgar Hoover’s crooked FBI hypocrisy. Creepy, scary and this shit needs to stop. I’m sickened to see Google/YouTube censoring $cieno searches and terminating accounts because of their na$ty $care tactics.

  20. Ashley says:

    That right there should tell you all you need to know about those nutters. I mean confessions are supposed to be private (or at least that’s what I learned growing up a Catholic). You can’t even use that crap in court and these nutters are recording it and using it as blackmail? Surely that’s an offense in itself.