Elisabetta Canalis implicated in Italian cocaine & hooker scandal


Oooh, this is delicious! Elisabetta Canalis’ name has been mentioned in an on-going cocaine-and-hooker scandal in Italy. Radar has the specifics, but for added fun, you should try reading between the lines – no one is coming right out and saying Elisabetta Canalis (George Clooney’s current girlfriend, for those who don’t know) is a prostitute, but it’s certainly being implied. The basics: various Milan clubs hired a cadre of hookers to “help” the clubs’ big-wig clients spend lots of money on drinks and coke. These hookers were often “paid” in booze and coke. One hooker talks about doing coke with Elisabetta. Is it all connected?!?

George Clooney has a squeaky clean reputation but his Italian model girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis has just been implicated in a cocaine scandal that led to the arrests of five people.

RadarOnline.com has discovered that Canalis has been implicated in an Italian cocaine scandal where one witness testified: “I’ve done cocaine with other people including Elisabetta Canalis.”

According to one of Italy’s most prestigious newspapers, Corriere della Sera, an investigation was launched in 2008 into two Milan, Italy nightclubs that were allegedly running an escort and prostitution ring fueled by alcohol and cocaine. Those nightclubs were regularly frequented by celebrities.

“They [the girls] were brought into the clubs by the various characters acting as PR for the evenings to entertain customers at the tables of the private club,” prosecutor Frank Di Maio stated in the investigative documents.

“Their job was to encourage these customers to drink alcohol as to increase the table’s bill, followed up by sex off premises.”

Karima, a 26-year-old model from Paris, France testified she lived in Milan for over a year and ended up as a prostitute at one of the nightclubs implicated in the ring, The Club.

Karima gave verbal testimony to prosecutor Di Maio on October 21, 2008 stating she had done cocaine with Canalis, 31. That testimony was recently handed over to Judge Giulia Turri. (Clooney did not start dating Canalis until 2009.)

Using the investigation and testimony obtained in 2008, prosecutors were able to seize and shut down the nightclubs on July 26, 2010 as well as put five of the main offenders under house arrest.

The two nightclubs – Hollywood and The Club – were described as a “free zone” with “free cocaine for VIP’s” where celebrities considered themselves above the law.
“The VIP’s were protected, hidden…able to safely conduct themselves in any way, hidden from the court of public opinion,” Di Maio said.

“They were often given cocaine for free by those who want to sit at a table of famous people…they want the visibility that comes from being seated at a central table, and to be seen with models, or celebrities from fashion, entertainment and sport.”

David Guglielmini, Director of Vimar – the company that operates Hollywood – is one of the offenders currently under house arrest.

[From Radar]

Now, is Elisabetta Canalis a cokehead? Well, I think she once was, and might even still be. She seems like the kind of girl who tweaks it. But was she a hooker? My theory: yep. That’s how she met Clooney in the first place! Of course, the white-wash on this will be awesome. This might even be what gets Clooney to dump her. Fascinating!

Actor George Clooney and his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis arrive at the 67th annual Golden Globe Awards on January 17, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California. UPI /Jim Ruymen

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 17: Elisabetta Canalis and actor George Clooney arrive at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 17, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

George Clooney sports a bushy beard while girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis shows off her many tattoos this evening as the hot couple arrives at the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Awards gala at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City, New York on January 12, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

Header: Elisabetta on July 3, 2010 in Milan. Credit: Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. meme says:

    *ROTFLMAO oh please let this be true.

  2. Juice in LA says:

    Just the “Out” clooney needed!

    It would not surprise me to find this true. I once recently met a girl from Japan who called her self an “Actress”, said she did television in Japan, but here in the States her circumstance was odd. A benefactor paid for her BMW, and luxury apartment, clothes etc… She was always being called to these parties, and I came to the conclusion that actresses in many foreign countries (and probably here too) lead these “double lives” as kept pets, escorts, etc..

  3. gloaming says:

    I fantasized that he’d dump her because he’d find out she once had a penis, but this will do.

  4. Melanie says:

    I KNEW she was a paid beard!!!!

  5. guesty says:

    wow…this is scandalicious!

  6. sucre says:

    i think you’re rude. you don’t live in Italy so you only know what the US media printed about her.

  7. Alias says:

    Clooney’s such a bottom feeder, I can’t understand why he demeans himself with these bimbos. I guess they’re the only ones willing to go along with his *ahem* proclivities …coughcoughanalgroupheterohomocoughcough….

  8. beth says:

    she was not a hooker, she was one of the celebrities in the vip room. the world only knows here for dating clooney, but she’s been famous in italy for a while

  9. Annie says:

    Hmmmmm…back in my day (early 80′s)chicks who hung out at night clubs,got men to buy them lots of booze and coke and then had sex later were called, ummmm…what is the word…..??? OH! I remember…we were “young women”. Who knew I was a prostitute?! How glamourous!

    What a load of bullshit.

  10. nona says:

    So what?

    She is not, and won’t be, the first high class hooker who gets an “acting career” by dating some ageing Hollywood star.

  11. Kitten says:

    She sure has a way of staying in the news . How much did she pay to get in on that scandle ? Doubt she’s a hooker . I am always amused by these storys . She will winde up smelling like a rose . Clooney rescue her ! Defend her honor ! LMAO

  12. Jen says:

    I have to laugh at people defending her.
    She starred in soft core porn in Italy and was “girlfriend” of very rich men. Clooney hires these questionable characters because he needs a beard, one that is easily satisfied with money and status.

  13. Moreaces says:

    So maybe she was like many have said a beard all along.. George just come out already

  14. aenflex says:

    I’m sorta with Kaiser on this one. She just exudes an air of trashiness. Like Italy’s Rachel Uchitel…

  15. jane16 says:

    Ewww. She’s so gross. Even if she’s just his paid escort…what on earth does he see in her?

  16. Nanea says:

    @ # 8, beth: Can we agree to call EC an escort then for her regular appearances in the VIP area?

    Can we also agree on the fact that she’s been infamous for dating half of both of Milan’s football teams?

    As to being a celebrity, MTV Italia dumped her, other than that she had bit parts on TV, but maybe she’s a celebrity for her nude calendar shoots?

    Clooney’s gal pals have been getting “classier” every year, I have no idea how Rosenfield and Clooney always get away with whitewashing their pasts via People and the other usual suspects.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for one of these incidents to blow up in GC’s face one of these days, to expose him as a liar where his girlfriends’ pasts are concerned.

  17. suki says:

    the Rachel Uchitel of Italy? I totally buy it.

  18. Obvious says:

    lol. i find this hilarious. and i hope she goes back to Italy and stays there. Stay with Clooney, just stay off my LEVERAGE!

    There, i didn’t say one mean thing about her. I feel accomplished.

  19. Nuharoo says:

    Is Clooney clinically unable to find someone decent. Of course, if you want someone decent, you don’t become an actor or actress.

  20. tuscan sun says:

    Sarah Larson was a VIP hostess who was paid to keep male customers at two Vegas nightclubs drinking and adding to their bill. That sex was offered to VIP clients off premises was rumoured to be the case at the time. Clooney “met” Larson when she was his “hostess” at one of these clubs. Lainey had the story and she posted it on her blog just after Clooney went public with Larson.

  21. super8 says:

    It makes sense that George chose her because she IS a hooker.

    Hollywood needs hookers and hookers need work. She’s his ‘cover’ and he’s her job.

  22. benny says:

    It’s a thin line between prostitution and being the recipient of food, wine, and jewelry from admiring men. Maybe it should just be legalized already.

  23. émerveillement says:

    I am NOT surprised…

  24. Marjalane says:

    It’s pretty obvious that Clooney just wants a paid mistress that isn’t going to hassle him with marriage or commitment demands, and honestly, that she’s a hooker isn’t all that shocking- what IS shocking is that Clooney is looking more and more like my father, and that my friends, is totally disturbing and creepy.

    I’m thinking Clooney likes to get his freak on in a variety of ways and living in Italy with a paid girlfriend enables him to.

  25. Kbomb says:

    She looks like a dude.

  26. canadianchick says:

    George know how to pick ‘em.

  27. spotchecker says:

    @ Nuharoo #21

    re: “..Of course, if you want someone decent, you don’t become an actor or actress..”

    Nuharoo! how dare you insult my Helen [Mirren]!

    Elisbetta: this is what happens when you ‘break the contract’. Never Break The Contract. kind of like Never Talk About Fight Club. duh.

  28. Jeri says:

    Juice: Exactly what I was thinking – I was going to post “does this mean Clooney has been outed” but you beat me to it.

    Good thinking Juice!

    beth: She was a VIP Hooker, not for the common folk (I guess).

  29. jane16 says:

    funny, funny comments! You people are on top of your game today!

  30. Rose says:

    Oh really Benny? I know a number of wives who might object to that line of thinking.

  31. elle says:

    Gloaming…. You made my day!

  32. Carrie says:

    George married a classy woman (Talia Balsam, who went on to marry silver fox John Slattery, and who plays Mona in “Mad Men”) and something about that marriage turned him off commitment.

    We can speculate that he’s freaky in bed (probably), he’s gay (perhaps), he’s looking for a paid girlfriend (possibly), and any number of other things to explain this simple fact:

    George Clooney’s taste in girlfriends has been on a steady decline for the past few decades. First there was that lovely French waitress during his ER days, then a few LA “actress” part girl types, then the cocktail waitress brigade from Vegas, and now Italian “VIP” chicks.

  33. Persistent Cat says:

    @ Juice, I knew a girl like that too. She moved to NYC from Canada and was living there illegally as an “actress” and “singer.” She had her own apartment, designer clothing, etc. Cuz you know, NYC is affordable.

  34. simplicity says:

    Delicious, countdown to when Clooney removes himself with kind words from this situation.

  35. TxGal says:

    To me she always looked kind of trashy. Glad to hear I was not wrong hahaha.

  36. spotchecker says:

    @ #3 gloaming:

    re: “I fantasized that he’d dump her because he’d find out she once had a penis, but this will do.”

    YES! you got the funny today. congratulations!! [in other news, i'm a little jealous.. >:l ]

  37. jane16 says:

    I would feel sorry for her if she weren’t so rude and stuck up. I’ve met her twice and think Queen Elizabeth would be more humble and down to earth when meeting people. Everyone else I know who has met her says the same thing: she’s a little snot.

  38. jane16 says:

    Well, I should clarify my last comment. She was nice to my hubby who is a) Italian & b) a hunk.

  39. bellaluna says:

    What “meme” said!

  40. meme says:

    Talia Balsam is one lucky lady. I love John Slattery.

  41. Tia C says:

    I don’t understand why people cling to this foolish notion that Clooney is in the closet. Seems to me that he is the type of person who would not be ashamed and try to hide it. If he was gay, why would he not be out and proud? He doesn’t hesitate to publicly share his political views, why would he hide being gay? I really don’t think he’s gay.

    And who’s to say he doesn’t already know Elisabetta’s background? He is a sophisticated man. He may be fully aware of all this stuff and just simply not care. This story is a great big ol’ pile of nothing.

  42. Johnthing says:

    How could GC date a woman with those trashy tattoos? Plus, she’s ugly.

  43. buckley says:

    Like Clooney is such a prize…

  44. Melanie says:

    Tia, You don’t understand why a leading man stays in the closet? How about box office appeal? I don’t want to watch a gay man in a romantic lead with a woman. Sorry, It does not work no matter how good an actor he is.

  45. buckley says:

    Bwahaha @ the Uchitel of Italy.
    So true.

  46. Riley says:

    ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz… oh sorry, George Clooney puts me to sleep. He’s like taking a tylenol pm.

  47. Eden says:

    @Tia C
    Personally I have never gotten vibed with an ounce of sex appeal from him despite finding him attractive which is why I have wondered if he could be gay..
    But I think generally it is assumed he’s gay because he’s not chosen to marry, which is ridiculous of course.
    If he was trying to hide it he would probably get married just to hide it further.

    It could be a combination of
    being into some crazy shit sexually and wanting the freedom to explore what he enjoys with a woman who will go there with him on an ongoing basis..
    Along with…
    Wanting to have an out when he wants an out without getting slammed financially or going through the process of divorce.
    It appears that he picks woman who will accept the terms he lays down and ones that he knows on some level he won’t be able to connect to in the areas he could get hurt.
    His $$$$ and his heart.
    His reputation comes into focus as the result of his choices and the women who are into him on a relationship level… but that’s the way it goes.

    Either way it’s all good to me..he is a bit more interesting because of his little blips in the normality screen.

  48. BethL says:

    Nothing in this story indicates that Elisabetta is a prostitute. The clubs are celebrity hangouts. The comment from the hooker sounds like she was name dropping about celebrities who were there. I don’t believe that Elisabette is a professional hooker but I do think she dates men for fame and money.

  49. Theuth says:

    As an Italian, I think she probably did drugs in the past, not sure today.
    This “scandal” is actually pretty easy: in big cities like Milan and Rome, full of rich people (models, actors, politicians, business men), nightclubs and discos have private rooms for VIPs who want to entertain themselves. Kind of the stories I read everyday about similar places in Los Angeles and New York full of starlets and tv personality: it’s like an Italian Hollywood night scene.
    Problem is, this kind of investigations always needs a lot of time for obtaining actual proofs and names who can be actually put under trial…
    As for prostitution: well, I’m going to say it’s normal for girls (and boys) who want to work on television doing “audition” in bedrooms or sell themself for photos and videos, if they are searching an easy way to fame and money.
    Hell, our Prime Minister Berlusconi is the first (tragic) example of pimp!

  50. CR says:

    I smell the stinky unseen hand of a certain bitchPRdragqueen whose milkcow got bitchslapped by a certain tweet from Elizabetta – Iggypop anyone?

    There aint nothing more vengeful than a certain thwarted HW bitchPRdragqueen whose number one client is a certain stoopid milkcow still wallowing in pity parties over her ’100 year old divorce.’

  51. oduroyal says:

    I like George Clooney a lot but I have always thought some of his ‘girlfriends’ have just been beards for him…and certainly this one in particular for various reasons I’ll keep to myself. It’s just my opinion though and I could be wrong.

  52. anonymous says:

    I guess they had something to talk about at the rehearsal dinner. :-D

  53. Marjalane says:

    Clooney is well on his way to being a doppelganger for Raymond Burr/Perry Mason/Ironsides. It really creeps me out.

  54. Juice in LA says:

    Right back atcha @jeri! @persistent cat- you made me giggle! Wow people are being hilarious today, I feel bad for the folks who take this stuff too seriously.

  55. Liana says:

    CR: Do you need more tinfoil for your conspiracy hat? Your reception seems a little… off.

  56. canadianchick says:

    @liana, bwhahhahaha okay thanks for the chuckle…

  57. italian says:

    As an italian, I can say she’s not a prostitute. And she didn’t shoot soft porn movies, as someone said. Elisabetta is a true celebrity here, since the late nineties, because she worked for the biggest TV show in Italy. Well, she might need George Clooney to get famous in the US, but she need no one to be known here in Italy. She’s recognized by everyone, from the children to the old ladies. In other words, she had the money, no need to do sex under payment. Hollywood in Milan was one of the most famous “Celebrity Club” in Italy, and she was even testimonial of that disco for commercial purposes. It’s pratically sure she was in the club as a VIP guest, not as a prostitute. Did she try cocaine in that club? Probably.

  58. birdgherl says:

    I heard from a friend of a friend that Clooney LOVES the trashy types so she fits the bill perfectly.

  59. citysuede says:

    am i the only one who doesn’t know what you all mean by “he needs a beard”?

  60. trashaddict says:

    Meh. She looks very generic pretty girl to me, at least in these pictures. Is she famous for talent, or just generic pretty girl looks and being good in bed?

  61. Eli's Crack Pipe says:

    Good for George. Hopefully, this will teach him a lesson. He’s been keeping this drug whore around him just out of spite. He has a huge ego and is as stubborn as a mule. I could give two shits about horseface.

    Hollyweird kisses George’s ass too much. He is not as squeaky clean as he pretends to be. How could he be when he’s attracted to trash for arm candy. Hopefully now, he will grow the fuck up now!

  62. Mentok the Mind Taker says:

    @Citysuede — A beard is a cover for a gay man.

    As I’ve said before, she’s Eli Roth’s doppelganger (except she’s slightly more masculine).

    Clooney & Madonna have become examples of How to Handle Aging Badly. His women get trashier and her boys get younger.

    Just a big bucket of Ew.

  63. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Liana: LOL!!!

  64. bellaluna says:

    @ Liana – LOL!!!

    @ citysuede – I believe it’s a term referring to a gay man who uses a woman (the “beard”) to give the appearance of being straight. Don’t ask me how it they came up with that phrase, because I have no idea! ;)

  65. Mercedez says:

    All of these model type women in their twenties that George dates are upscale hookers. The one American girl he dumped 2 years ago was a well known high paid hooker in Vegas. He has a thing for classy hookers. I still like him, at least he doesn’t marry them

  66. Abbs says:

    “When she was on the biggest show in Italy”… Do you mean when she was a valena/showgirl dancing around in scant to little clothing? “Hosting” things that seemed to mostly showcase her cleavage? Yeah, her television appearances makes Paris Hilton look classy…

  67. Flipper says:

    No surprise, one of her ex boyfriends was a convicted drug dealer, I wonder how long before Radar or someone picks up on that fact. Plus her brother was fired from his job as radiologist at a Swiss hospital for Cocaine abuse amongst other things, there is an arrest warrant out for him in Switzerland.

  68. Schozzle says:

    What’s with all the hate for this lady? Geeeeez. She was famous in Italy way before George came alone, and she’s not a hooker, no more than any other woman who gets with a rich and famous man.

  69. Skuzz says:

    All it really says is a hooker saw her do coke? Im actually more inclined to think (if this is true) that Clooney was one of the Big Wigs picking up a prostitute for a three-way with Elisabetta, and they did some coke.

    Big Friggen whoop! Actors do coke, and they get their sexy times on, its not news. I doubt shes whoring herself out, shes got a couple paying gigs, and living on some Clooney dollars. Theres no need, therefore no motive.

  70. spotchecker says:

    @ 61 Schozzle:

    wellllll,….if gc is going to insist on parading his ‘girlfriends’ around in public for show, then we, the fans, are going to get a little judgey. nothing personal. just business.
    so how was your day?

  71. win says:

    I’m sensing PR people commenting here. There is a sex video with her floating around. But Clooney’s withwash campaign in People Magazine has worked I see.

  72. haribo says:

    #63 >I’m sensing PR people commenting here.

    You are right. She’s not a star here in Europe, to put it nicely.

  73. Susannah Leigh says:

    Why is it always assumed that someone must be gay or straight? Maybe Clooney is bi. That’s what Lainey implies. If he has relationships with women but would rather just sleep with men in no-strings-attached type situations (like most bi guys), of course he’s not going to come out of the closet. Why would he admit to being bi if it’s strictly a sex thing and he never plans on being in a gay relationship?

    However, I can totally see him paying his girlfriends so they won’t talk about what he does, and maybe to participate in the fun. Years after he ended his relationship with that beautiful French blonde he admitted that he was still supporting her. That’s odd. Now I’m thinking there’s a good chance he IS gay, haha!

  74. Lia says:

    Georgie better go get a STD/Aids test!!

  75. Lita says:

    Much lollage @Annie – well said. Storm in a teacup!

  76. flavia says:

    I know her, in Milan where she used to study and to live, she is quite popular.
    She is a nice catholic girl, no matter what all kind of usa-rubbish-media say about her and italian scandals in general. The truth is that real hookers are trying to put the fault on her to hide in the shade.

    Before judging be sure you know what you’re talking about.

    Best regards from Milan.

  77. Strawberry says:

    I think they’re both getting exactly what they want out of that relationship.

    Ps. Haribo – Your handle is awesome, except it’s making me want candies…..

  78. MissC. says:

    Ok then. I am an Italian girl, living in Milan and already knowing (well, everybody imagined it!) she was a cocaine user.
    I’d say it’s quite a surprise for me to read that finally it came out! I thought that her contract with Clooney (yeah, like nobody here thinks that she and Clooney have a love story, most of Italians think she is a beard) would have protected her in any way.

    Now, just to answer to those Italians who commented here:
    Canalis just moved her ass on “Striscia la notizia” as a “velina”, which, for those of you guys who don’t know what is, is a girl just “dancing” (let’s say so) and doing NOTHING ELSE during the show. “Striscia la notizia” is a popular show, right, but not the “most important” or whatever anyone before me said.
    Plus, she has become famous NOT for being a velina, but for DOING SEVERAL NAKED (photoshopped) CALENDARS for losers. That’s WHAT ACTUALLY MADE HER “FAMOUS”.
    Nobody around earth knew her before she “fell in love” (haha!) with GC, and still a lot of people do wonder who the crap she is.

    Before meeting GC, her carreer was crashing, she presented MTV’s Italian TRL for a few months and IT CLOSED. It happened with many other shows she starred in!
    She needed something to get people to talk about her again, and, wow, she got in love with one of the most famous and popular Hollywood actors.

    When she got the role on “Leverage”, she had been crushed by the American press, but in Italy last week came out an article on a popular weekly magazine saying:
    “The critics ADORED her” (yeah, sure, in another world)
    “Leverage’s director says: she is a miracle as an actress, she was born for the camera”
    That’s why (a few) people keep saying she is famous, great as an actress and whatever here is Italy, ‘cuz the press won’t dare crushing her.

    She is a beard, ugly, totally un-talented, looks like a man.. and after GC dumps her.. wanna see what will be of her. Hopefully no more ultra-photoshopped calendars.. we’ve had enough!!

  79. snowball says:

    Okay, she’s loved, she’s hated, she’s a nice girl, she’s a bad girl, everyone knows her, she’s a nobody. Clooney’s gay, he’s straight, he loves her, he doesn’t, she’s a prostitute, she’s not.

    All the speculation aside, just clinically, there’s nothing about the quotes specifically that says she’s a hooker or implies it. It says she did coke with a hooker in a place where celebrities routinely did coke with hookers.

    Clooney’s had more than enough reason to dump her, PR-wise (Twitter-gate, anyone?) and he hasn’t yet, so this doesn’t seem like it would be a big deal on his radar. I don’t know what’s up with him. Love or blackmail?

  80. natalie says:

    I am so sorry to say this but she is really ugly! She looks like a man and always looks so cheap.

  81. i'm a lawyer says:

    it is not the allegation of coke use that is the scandal here, although it is illegal. it is her being in a club doing coke where all the girls were hookers and available to the upscale clientele. somebody should clue her pr team that being called a coker and a hooker is not good news, unless of course you’re advertising.-

  82. Theuth says:

    #78: Best explanation of EC’s character so far. Grazie di averlo detto così bene, Missy.
    Elisabetta’s career is not different from the ones of many other personality on Italian TV. She’s famous in Italy for gossip and nothing more. George Clooney is her ticket for worldwide fame….

  83. italian says:

    Elisabetta Canalis was found doing coke in a disco by a prostitute, but this does not implies she’s a hooker too. Hollywood and The Club were not two adult clubs, just normal disco. I think is unfair to accuse her of prostitution, she didn’t need to do so, she had power and money. Italian MTV dumped her not because she was not appropriate with the channel, they dumped her because MTV Italia felt in a big economical problem related to the financial crisis. Every expensive program, like TRL, where closed. It’s not Elisabetta’s fault. And I’m not her PR :P I even don’t like her, i think she has tried coke, but I simply think is unfair to say she’s a prostitute.

  84. i'm a lawyer says:

    italian, stop whining. apparently you don’t understand the written word as well as you’d like to think. read what i wrote. and look up the words you don’t understand. that’s what intelligent people do.

  85. italian says:

    Lawyer, I’m sorry to destroy your egocentrism, but I was referring to MissC post, not yours. Another intelligent thing to do is trying not to be rude with other people. I know my english is not perfect, but maybe you should learn italian too… maybe you’ll understand that the club “where all the girls were hookers and available to the upscale clientele” exists only in your mind. Hollywood was a normal disco, not an Amsterdam sex shop.

  86. i'm a lawyer says:

    my patience has worn thin reading the insipid loser spiel you and your ilk perpetuate on these blogs as far at that person is concerned. nobody really cares if she’s a hooker or snorts enough cocaine to blow her brains out. it’s the cover up and the lies that piss everyone off. nobody ages twenty years in ten by living a good clean disease free life. just sayin’ …

  87. ligeia says:

    so she did some drugs at a party with questionable people? what’s the big deal? 99.9% of hollywood is guilty of same thing. you guys are acting like she was some sort of a nun.

  88. CR says:

    July 29th, 2010 at 1:00 am
    What’s with all the hate for this lady? Geeeeez. She was famous in Italy way before George came alone, and she’s not a hooker, no more than any other woman who gets with a rich and famous man.

    I’ll tell you why all the hate…….Elizabetta had the temerity! the temerity! i tell ya, to make fun of Iggypop. You know, the underdeveloped biitch who is still having pity parties over her 100 year old divorce. That biitch cant stand to be criticized – rmemeber when Kimberley Stewart (who’s that, you ask? Good question) had the gall to say analston looked homely? Well homegirl cried a little and had her PR dragqueen huvane demand an apology from Kimberly. So said so done. Thats how thinskinned the biitch is. So even tho Elizabetta had apologised profusely for her faux pas, she is going to be punished for it. This is merely another salvo.

  89. spotchecker says:

    @ 88 CR:

    dear CR,
    please criticize Jen over at the Jen threads & posts. we’re already quite busy and preoccupied w/ criticizing canalis and clooney over here.
    you may, however, continue to express [faint] praise for the Igster over here.

  90. i'm a lawyer says:

    #87 you should never go to the nun thing…you should never go there..she’s a hooker why can’t you all just admit it??

  91. azerty says:

    And the whitewashing from George’s pr machine will start in 3..2..1…

  92. spotchecker says:

    @ #90 i’m a lawyer

    re: the nun thing

    dear i’m a lawyer,
    i’ve worked w/ lawyers and have friends who are lawyers [full disclosure: i'm not a lawyer], and i think a careful reading of any number of journals about NYC real estate law, 1980 – 1990, during your lunch hour, should put the full horror of elisabetta in a nun’s habit in perspective. good luck.

  93. goldenrose says:

    i dont think that George will leave her, i think that the question is: Will he take her to the Emmys.

  94. i'm a lawyer says:

    not sure what real estate has to do with prostitution but as far as many of us are concerned there is no perspective where that nun photo is concerned. this was a fatal mistake on the part of both of their pr teams… she is a low life and anyone who defends her (or dates her) is the same. if you had any sense of decency you would see this.

  95. Bi Georgie says:

    Agreed Goldenrose, he’ll leave her when he’s good and ready.

    I also agree with you Susannah, I think George is paying these girls off long after their relationship ends so they won’t talk. George is bi and his ex’s know it.

  96. i'm a lawyer says:

    flavia #76 are you the less attractive girl with the mustache sometimes photgraphed with canalis to make her look less masculine? (ps not working by the way) you should be ashamed of yourself for saying she is a nice catholic girl. that fat lady someone on another blog was waiting for? i think i hear her doing scales in the wings.

  97. itzbilehbitch says:

    I dont think theyre even together my belief has always been hes a closeted homosexual and has women pose as his girlfriend for a while which benefits him in keeping himself a closested homosexual and them in the masses of publicity they get.. He cant come out theres too many women that jizz in their pants when they see him hed lose way too much money and fans, Maybe just a theory but ill forever stick to it.

  98. Raven says:

    I’ve read elsewhere the things that Italian and Beth are writing. EC is a legitimate celeb in Italy. And, holy cow, it’s a scandal because some bimbo says she’s done coke with EC? Even if true, what celebrity hasn’t tried it at least once? I don’t think this will matter to Clooney.

  99. i'm a lawyer says:

    there are so many posters calling clooney names today it makes me suspect that a) he’s finally had it with the man face b)her pr team is now oow (out of work)they stunk anyway c)next time you see her she’ll be working another club where there is no prostitution and only recreational drug use. after all she has to take good care of her skin and arse as they are her tickets to stardom :o cookie mouth better start puckerin up.

  100. alix italy says:

    in Italy Elisabruta is well known as a cocked!!! finally the truth on her!
    a lot of people think she’s a escort too. She was nothing befor to meet GC, only a soccers-groupie!

  101. spotchecker says:

    re: 3-ways, real estate, squirrels

    i was thinking about what #69 Skuzz [lucky number] posted, accusing GC being in the nightclub as a client and participating in 3-ways, etc. ad nauseum, and it occurred to me, because i obviously tend to overthink these things, that parading these ‘girlfriends’ around in public is GC’s way of having three-ways w/ the rest of us.
    and this then reminded me of a story i’ve heard on the radio/internet show ‘This American Life’ called “Squirrel Cop”. it’s brilliant and seriously LOL.
    at the end of the story, the guy who owns the house says to the younger cop, “I can’t thank you for this.”, which is kind of the same way i feel about george and his three-ways w/ the rest of us.

    links to Squirrel Cop: http://www.npr.org/programs/specials/driveway/archive/2003/jan/030123.html OR http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/115/First-Day and scroll down to ACT TWO. enjoy.

    @ #94 i’m a lawyer

    re: “not sure what real estate has to do with prostitution..”

    really? i hope you don’t work in nyc, because i would never hire you. seriously. not everywhere or everything, but check out #33 by Persistent Cat for beginners.

  102. Wisteria says:

    Kaiser, I think you’re jumping to conclusions here. Don’t we all have a variety of different friends besides the ones that share our values and interests that we meet at our kid’s soccer games, church, scrapbooking class, etc? Really, who doesn’t have a few coke-head hookers as friends?

    She sounds a lot like that waitress he used to date who worked/”modeled” at car shows. Why is that man’s bar so low???

  103. italian says:

    Ok, I just realised what happened. I was kinda surprised to read here and on perezhilton people accusing me to be boring by defending everywhere Elisabetta. Believe me, this occasion is the first time i write here and on Perez in my whole life :) So i’ve done some google research and i’ve found that, truly, there are lot of people (maybe PR?) whining on Elisabetta. That is not my case.

    Let me be clear: i don’t like Elisabetta, i think she’s talentless like the majority of italian “starlette” and even quite snob. But I’m sure she’s a legitimate celebrity in Italy. MissC said that “Striscia la notizia” is not the biggest program on italian television: well, it’s the program that every single night sets the highest Auditel rate (which is the system used here to measure tv share), in my opionion IT IS the biggest TV program on italian television. Maybe not the best, but the most seen. It is true, she’s known for her appearence and not for her intelligence (if there is any sort of it :D ), but she’s famous, just look on youtube. Even my father (70 years old) knows her, she – together with Maddalena Corvaglia – entered the common immagination. My aim was not to come here and say “oh Elisabetta, she’s wonderful, i love her, she has so much talent” (we saw the Leverage parts even here in Italy, she’s such an awful actress. She acted before in “Love Bugs” for Italia 1, a terrible experience), I decided to write because there is no proven evidence to say she’s a prostitute, and i felt sorry for this false accusation. I live in Milan, i know nightlife here: everysingle disco has a VIP area with celebrities mixed with normal people. Karima, the model who accused her, said she saw her doing coke, not selling her sex. I think it’s quite different. I mean she was the testimonial of Hollywood club on adv on TV, press, internet, she didn’t needed to be an escort. I just thought it was unfair to call her a prostitute. Maybe she’s a gold digger, she fell in love only with actors, soccers player and so on, but I’m pretty sure no one paid to have sex with her. Not a single newspaper in Italy and not even the PM/Judge who is following the case said Elisabetta worked as a prostitute, only the american press said that. They only said she was caught doing drugs. It’s not a good thing to accuse someone of prostitution without any evidence, don’t you think?

    And if you think George Clooney met Elisabetta there, you’re wrong, because this two clubs are really not for international celebrity. Hollywood disco is like … a tiny hole. International celebrity usually met at the Cavalli’s pub or at “Plastic” or elsewhere, so there’s no way Clooney has ever put his feet in the two accused club. Then, when Clooney is in Italy, he lives a “granpa” life in his Villa on the Como Lake (which is quiete a place for retired people!), he’s definitively not a party boy.

    My opinion is, as MissC, Elisabetta is a beard for Clooney (he has such bad taste in women), but i really don’t think she’s a prostitute, because she’s a legitimate celebrity and she didn’t need to do “some extra work” to appear on TV. A drug addict? Probably, but let the justice follow it’s curse.

    I hope my opinion is now clear and please excuse me if I made you think i was a blind fan or a PR defending her. (after the drug case, i usually call her “Nasalis”, joking on the word “nose” :P )

  104. jane16 says:

    @ Italian: Nessun problema. Speri che tutto sia bene. :)

  105. Aqua says:

    I believe he already knew about this. It’s old news anyways.

  106. spotchecker says:

    few things
    @ italian #103
    bravo. nicely written.
    in this country, actresses/actors have a ‘casting couch’ reputation, so the accusation is not a stretch, whether or not it ends up being factually true. there are many reasons, however, that she is factually referred to as a ‘famewhore’.
    the beard part – seen him several times, didn’t get that vibe. again, i was probably too busy being a NY’er and ignoring him, a celebrity. we do that here, that’s why many of them choose to live here. i think they admire our indifference.
    and ‘nasalis’ is sad, but clever[!] good one!

    and finally, write your own caption:
    if you ask me, that little lamb looks awfully worried.

  107. Nanea says:

    @ 103 – italian:
    You wrote “Then, when Clooney is in Italy, he lives a “granpa” life in his Villa on the Como Lake (which is quiete a place for retired people!), he’s definitively not a party boy.”

    There are regularly tons of photos of Clooney coming out of clubs and restaurants in Cernobbio or Milan where he looks like he’s falling down drunk, usually with a bevy of “friends” – hangers-on of the female kind. Not the way your regular grandpa would behave, I bet.

    “I’m pretty sure no one paid to have sex with her.”

    It’s one thing to regularly get paid for sex like any ordinary hooker, it’s another to get expensive gifts like cars or apartments or let someone do a shopping trip and pick up the tab later, the way escorts make their living.

  108. andrea says:

    this is the truth on her to me!
    police reports dated 2008 when she was nothing, she still didn’t meet GC and no one remembered her in Italy!
    why does she sniffy snaffy with professinal escort in squallid disco-privè? where did they met?

  109. Meanchick says:

    I’m a big fan of GC, but I hope this is not true. NONE of us are “squeaky clean,” and maybe someone in trouble dropped EC’s name to buy their own freeedom or just cause trouble for her/them. Anywhoo, it’s better to sit back and wait for all of the facts. Who is this person making the accusations? What is her background and is she known for her honesty?

  110. Linda Lovelace says:

    George will drop the skank when he’s good and ready and not anytime sooner.

  111. Aqua says:

    Well said #103 Italian. The women in the article said that she had done cocaine with Canalis. She didn’t mention that Canalis was a prostitute. We’ll just have to wait and see what the facts are as they come out.

  112. HookersRUS says:

    49 italian/why would anyone who knows what those clubs are really for endorse them? does it make sense to you that, if you don’t participate in the activities these clubs promote, then you should stay away for fear that you will be guilty by association? if she was really so famous as you say she would not have to lower herself to promote this type of club. even if she was just hired as a lure for the unsuspecting, it is still immoral and deceptive. you are exactly the pr team she deserves. how’s the cover up progressing? “i don’t do drugs or sleep with men for money i just promote clubs that do.” my disgust for her knows no bounds.

  113. Willie Wonka says:

    What’s the name of Eli’s ex who was a drug dealer?

  114. She'sDone says:

    except for that one pic no photos. has she been advised to lay low? she’s not one to listen to anyone even if the advice is good. is she hiding? and why?

  115. americano says:

    perhaps he dates the women he does because he can’t date HIMSELF–

    it is a classic narcissistt trick to find someone who isn’t a challenge or threat to you, maybe even who is needy or “beneath” you so that you can look like the hero. but who then either they must fall in line with your every demand and choice of lifestyle, and you forget your own, or you get flushed.

    a year is about all many can handle when keeping up the front, and since it isn’t EVER about the other person, they are easily replaceable…


    hollywood=true narcissistss, interbreeding


  116. Misele says:

    Yet another cocaine-loving whore to act as a Beard for Clooney… Clooner, this is really getting tired! At least change your Beard types

  117. Once I get around to it I’d like to add the Feed of the website to my personal viewer. Even so I am unable to get the feed, does any individual have ideas on where to find it? Would it exist?

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