Jon Hamm: “I don’t have the marriage chip”


Hello, Lover. Do you need to be slapped? Here, let me help you. Do you need to be spanked? I could definitely help with that too. Anyway… Jon Hamm is the cover boy for this week’s Parade Magazine. The photo shoot… well, I’m never going to complain about photos of My Hamm. But Parade was aiming for “accessible” in these photos. They were trying to make him look like Mr. All-American Next-Door-Neighbor, when in truth, if The Hamm was your neighbor, I think you and I would be sitting vigil by his bathroom window, waiting for a just-out-of-shower Hamm to appear. *crosses legs*

Anyway, The Hamm interview. It’s good! The Hamm talks about his parents, the early Hamm Years, and, unfortunately for all of us, his girlfriend and how they’re probably never going to get married but he considers her “the love of his life” – WWAAAHHHH!

Parade: He’s nothing like the character he plays.
“[I’m] able to leave Don Draper at work. I’m quite dissimilar from him in real life.”

You won’t find him in Don’s usual buttoned-up ensemble.
“I realize how talented our hair and wardrobe people are every time I have to get dressed on my own.”

Hamm spent much of the 1990s driving to auditions that went nowhere and waiting tables to pay rent.
“I drove around in a Volkswagen Rabbit I shared with one of my roommates, and it didn’t have a roof. It doesn’t rain much in L.A., but when it did, it was utterly miserable.”

It took his breakthrough role as creative director of Mad Men’s fictional ad agency for his success to go supernova.
“I loved the original script, but I thought, ‘Who’s going to watch this kind of show on some random cable channel?'”

People now recognize Hamm in the darnedest places.
“Jen and I were in Italy this year and we were looking at Michelangelo’s sculpture of David when we noticed people staring at us and talking about Mad Men. I thought, ‘People, there’s a great work of art here, and it’s the other way.'”

Hamm is grounded like that.
“Jon doesn’t have an ounce of attitude you sometimes hear about with actors,” says Mad Men creator and executive producer Matthew Weiner. “He is grateful for everything he’s got. He’s got a great personal life. Plus, he’s just fun to be around.”

Why co-star January Jones, who plays his TV wife, Betty Draper, relies on Jon.
“What we do on the show is so emotionally draining, we look to Jon to keep us all laughing.”

We’re still laughing at his Saturday Night Live appearances and recurring role on 30 Rock, where he plays Tina Fey’s impossibly handsome doctor neighbor.
Fey notes that “people were surprised to see how skilled he was at comedy. But, in fact, he’s a huge comedy nerd who loves to quote the movie Anchorman as much as we normal-looking people do.”

His late father, Dan, the owner of a trucking company, inspired his portrayal of Don.
“[His] smoking, drinking, and hard-living ways are pretty much my model for Don Draper.”

Dealing with the loss of his parents.
“Losing both parents at a young age gave me a sense that you can’t really control life–so you’d better live it while it’s here. I stopped believing in a storybook existence a long time ago. All you can do is push in a direction and see what comes of it.”

Or you can be pushed.
“I got into acting because my teachers kept nudging me into it. The power a teacher has to influence someone is so great. I can’t think of a profession I have more respect for.”

After moving to L.A. in 1995, Hamm went years without finding a solid acting job.
“I’d try out for parts on shows like Dawson’s Creek and people would say, ‘You should go up for the dad part,’ and I’d say, ‘But I’m the same age as the kid!'”

At a party in 1997, he met Westfeldt, best known for co-writing and starring in the 2001 comedy Kissing Jessica Stein. Later he helped her rehearse lines for an audition.
“She didn’t get the part, which may be my fault, but she got the guy.”

Why they’re not in a hurry to get married.
“I don’t have the marriage chip, and neither of us have the greatest examples of marriages in our families. But Jen is the love of my life, and we’ve already been together four times longer than my parents were married.”

Nor is he rushing to have children.
“I like kids but I also like the option to close the door. Becoming a parent is a whole other life, and it doesn’t stop.”

How he and Westfeldt deal with the attention he gets as a sex symbol.
“That kind of stuff is only present if you give it attention. If it’s not reflected back, it goes away. It’s not like I’m Justin Bieber or anything.”

He appreciates being able to stretch beyond his Mad Men part with films like The Town and Howl.
“I feel so fortunate to be able to play Don Draper, but I do it 13 hours a year on television. That’s plenty.”

[From Parade]

Thirteen hours a year is not “plenty”. I WANT MORE HAMM. I want more hooker slaps, I want more Don Draper Casuals (like in the Kennedy assassination story line last year), I want more shirtless Draper, I want more Don & Peggy. And Roger too. And Joan. I would like another 13 hours of television devoted to Don, Joan, Peggy and Roger. Send them on vacation. Film them in Hawaii.

As for Jennifer Westfeldt and her being the love of Jon’s life… Jesus. This man. I would pretty much do anything to live as Westfeldt for a week. Also: I loved the line about The Bieb. F-ck me, The Hamm is funny.





Parade photos courtesy of Parade online.

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  1. pookie says:

    *drooling, heavy panting* Excuse me, I need to go change my drawers. Lord that man is DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

  2. Azurea says:

    No, you are not Justin Bieber. You’re a MAN!!

  3. smith says:

    Before I sat to read this entry I dished out a big bowl of ice cream and then ate it very … very … s-l-o-w-l-y.

    The spoon is now half the size it was when I began.


  4. canadianchick says:

    Dayum, that man is delish. He seems insightful and refreshingly humble in interviews. Yes, when you’re done with him for a week, I’m next please.

  5. Tiffany says:

    As a fellow St. Louisian I have to say, he represents out city well. Smart, funny, humble and hot as all get out. Yes people, this man is a product of ‘flyover country’ and is making some east and west coaster look pretty small. The way he talks about his relationship, makes me love him and motivate me to change the one that I have :).

  6. Fae says:

    Good grief, I’m going to have to start watching Mad Men. He’s at least fourteen different types of delicious.

  7. meme says:

    oh dear lord in heaven THE HAMM is the most delicious delectable delightful man to come along in a loooooooooong time and that includes you George Clooney. Excuse me while I go drool in the corner.

  8. Kitten says:

    Aw Hamm-I would NEVER be miserable driving around in the rain in your Rabbit!! Pick me pick me!

  9. Pleister says:

    Yummy pictures!

  10. Livia says:

    ‘People, there’s a great work of art here, and it’s the other way.’

    No, my dear: the people were indeed staring at a great work of art…

  11. julie says:

    not. fair.

  12. gloaming says:

    I have the John Hamm chip!

  13. Maritza says:

    Wow! great pictures of Jon Hamm, he is way more handsome than Clooney!

  14. bros says:

    I think he is wearing a Panerai watch. nice. classy. what a hottie.

  15. stacia says:

    Not really into marriage.
    Likes kids but would like to opt out.
    Long time no acting gigs.
    Crappy car for auditions.

    Clooney clone anyone?

  16. lola lola says:

    He’s so perfect. Do men like that really exist? Somebody tell me it’s TRUE!!!

  17. OMJ says:

    Wished I lived closer to work, because sitting around with moist panties the rest of the day is going to SUCK.

  18. lucy2 says:

    Love him – talented, funny, down to earth, and…oh yeah, unbelievably handsome.

    I so CAN’T picture him on Dawson’s creek! Though it must have sucked for a while for him not getting any jobs, I think he’s lucky things worked out as they did and his breakout role was such a good one, mature and layered. It’s put his whole career on a very different path than other TV parts would have.

  19. grrrlgrace says:

    Do you think my husband would mind if I taped these pics onto our fridge?

  20. Jeri says:

    The most disappointing thing about cable series is how short the seasons are (although major stations are getting that way too).

    Love me some Jon Hamm & Don Draper.

  21. Pixie Stix says:

    Sigh. He is the perfect man. End of story.

  22. Po says:

    I like his point about the sex symbol thing. You will probably never see him being chased down the street because he would not beg for that type of attention the way some of the tween stars do. Its about maturity.

  23. Mistral says:

    He sounds so smart and so sweet. Very attractive man. His lady is a lucky lady.

  24. elina says:

    god damn he is incredibly sexy i wouldnt make love to him … i would rape this sexy gorgeous guy miaau

  25. Liana says:

    OK… while classically handsome is not usually attractive to me; intelligence, humor, loyalty, and modesty is. This guy has it all!

  26. Feebee says:

    If it wasn’t Jon Hamm saying it (marriage chip) he’d most likely be pillored for having commitment issues. Then again he clearly doesn’t want kids so maybe marriage isn’t necessary (not saying it is when kids are involved).

  27. Twez says:

    “Satan in a Sunday hat”

  28. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    I’ve never seen Mad Men. I love this guy from 30 Rock. But here are 2 gripes.

    As a teacher, I’m tired of hearing how much you “respect” us. Not only would you never go into public school teaching yourself, you would never put your kid in public school, where we “noble” respected teachers are.

    When a man says he “doesn’t have the marriage chip” I cringe. When a man loves a woman, he marries her. Look for these two to break up in a short time. I don’t relish it. It makes me sad. But I stand by it.

  29. Lardy Chops says:

    He’s mine, I tell you….MINE!

  30. Strawberry says:

    @ Mrs Odie 2: Why does not having the ‘marriage chip’ make someone’s relationship invalid?

    I’ve been with my bf for 5 years now, which is longer than many of my friends have been married and we couldn’t be happier. So what if we choose to be common-law?? Sorry but I say whatever works in a relationship for someone, works for them.

  31. Liana says:

    Look for these two to break up in a short time. I don’t relish it. It makes me sad. But I stand by it.

    Marriages break up, too, quite often long before the 13 years or so that these two have been together. Not wanting or needing marriage doesn’t make me cringe. It’s good to realize that and let the chips fall where they may.

  32. julie says:

    @mrs. oldie, i believe he was a teacher for a bit. someone correct me if i’m wrong but i swear i remember reading somewhere how he did in fact teach while waiting for jobs. just checked, and yes, he went back to his highschool to teach and was the faculty drama teacher. so hate him f you want for his marriage comment, but not the comment about respecting teachers.

  33. Kitty2000 says:

    @julie and mrs oldie, I’m pretty sure he was a teacher too. I think he taught drama or something…

    And he’s with THAT woman. Lordy, I saw Kissing Jessica Stein and she annoyed the crap out of me. I just wanted to slap her, and not in a good, hooker way.

    I don’t have the marriage chip either, John. Call me.

  34. Katherine says:

    I just want to say that I met Jon Hamm at the Emmys last year, and he was definitely the nicest, most gracious celebrity there. He was a true gentleman and a pleasure to talk to. He deserves all his success, and his girlfriend is soooo lucky to have him!

  35. original kate says:

    “When a man loves a woman, he marries her. Look for these two to break up in a short time.”

    @ mrs. odie: yeah, because everyone knows married couples are deliriously happy and NEVER break up. what a strange, sad little world you must inhabit.

  36. Ruffian9 says:

    “When a man loves a woman, he marries her.”

    Um… not necessarily.

  37. Ellen says:

    He is too good to be true!

  38. kaligula says:

    i kind of agree with ms. odie. i think that when a guy says that it’s code for, ‘i don’t see myself with her forever…’

  39. Jake says:

    He’s got an amazing butt. He ought to tuck in his shirt more and keep those trousers snug.