Julia Roberts’ ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ promotion gears up, whole lotta Julia is coming


Even though I’m not going to see Eat, Pray, Love unless there’s some kind of armed hostage negotiation situation happening, I am really, really looking forward to the promotional tour. Julia is going to do a bunch of magazine cover interviews, she’s going to do a bunch of television interviews, and there will probably be a million red carpets and photo calls. It’s going to be exciting! Julia hasn’t done the starring-role press junket in a while, and I’m excited to see what she wears and to read her interviews. It’s a mixed bag for me – Julia annoys me to no end, but she’s also a huge, interesting movie star with sh-t to say. Yes, she’s incredibly self-absorbed, but she’s always fascinating to watch and read about.

Anyway, the promotional tour is gearing up. Julia made this week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly, the studio released a new clip from the film (at the end of the post), and I’m now shaking with JULIA!! anticipation. Unfortunately, EW only released these “meh” quotes from the interview:

Think noshing on delectable Neapolitan pizza sounds like the perfect day’s work? According to Julia Roberts, it gets old after a while. In this week’s cover story, the star of Eat Pray Love talks about carrying a film for the first time in a decade, her own personal “lost years,” and — in this excerpt from the interview — why she never used a spit bucket during the EPL shoot.

EW: Did you have a spit bucket by your side for all of the food scenes?
Roberts: Well, first of all, that grosses me out. But the truth of the matter is, there probably would have come a point when I would have used it. If you look at any of the scenes of eating, by the end of the scene, I’m done eating. Like in the scene with the pizza, by the time the scene is over, I’ve eaten the entire piece. When we were in Naples, we started shooting at 8 in the morning, and I think by 8:45 I’d eaten 8 or 10 pieces of pizza. Pizza was what I ate all day that day.

EW: Did you want it to look like you had gained weight after the Italy portion of the film?
Roberts: You know, we talked about that. Because I didn’t want people to say, “Well, she’s supposed to go to Italy and eat all this food, but she looks the same in the whole thing.” So I talked to [director] Ryan [Murphy] about it. And one of the things I love the most about Ryan is that he has a real legitimate answer for everything. There’s nothing that he hasn’t considered weeks before I’ve thought of the question. When it came to that, I said, “What do we do?” And he said, “By the time Liz got to Italy, she was so underweight that the weight she put on really got her back to normal and then a little bit more.” It wasn’t like she [became] a tub. So because I started at normal weight for me, by the time we left Rome and I was 7 to 10 pounds heavier, that was probably the truth of what she was dealing with. I could’ve used a bigger pair of jeans when I went off to India!

[From Entertainment Weekly]

She only gained seven pounds? I would call that a win, for real. I could gain seven pounds just by eating at the Chinese buffet for a few days. Also, in another interview, Julia talks about her three kids, saying that: “They love books. I don’t act for them per se, but we certainly play a lot. I’m very impressed with my kids. I think they’re really interesting human beings. I have a good time with them.” Maybe it’s a weird translation (I found these quotes on a German site), but doesn’t Julia sound rather clinical? Weird.

And here’s the clip from the film, courtesy of Inside Movies:

Actress Julia Roberts poses during the launch of her movie Eat Pray Love in Cancun June 29, 2010. REUTERS/Gerardo Garcia (MEXICO - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

Actor Javier Bardem and actress Julia Roberts pose during the launch of their movie Eat Pray Love in Cancun June 29, 2010. REUTERS/Gerardo Garcia (MEXICO - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

EW cover courtesy of CoverAwards.

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39 Responses to “Julia Roberts’ ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ promotion gears up, whole lotta Julia is coming”

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  1. meme says:

    is she going to drag her children around with her? i don’t think so.

  2. e says:

    She gets on my nerves. I don’t hate her but I have not missed her.

  3. jen says:

    Oh boy! I can hardly wait. /sarc

  4. Cam says:

    Well, I actually like her… she’s an interesting woman.
    But no, I’m not going to see that movie, at least it’s not in my plans.

  5. spotchecker says:

    @ the PR movie poster people for this movie

    that stupid poster of her ‘eating’ out of a dixie cup sized whatever…t-h-a-t is NOT eating.
    at least a pint of Ben&Jerry’s Phish Food, or HagenDas Mango Sorbet [it’s a heatwave!], t-h-a-t is eating. with the big spoon, and at least a pint [because the other one’s still in the freezer].
    and no, i didn’t read the book either.

  6. fan says:

    YAY!/no sarc

  7. Maddie says:

    Go to Amazon and read the 452 1 star reviews and the 191 2 star review and ask yourself why on earth would someone want to make a movie about this book.

    I think this will be another flop for Ms. Julia, one of many over the last couple of years.

  8. mln says:

    @ meme She did drag her kids around with her from Italy to India to Thailand she talked about it on Oprah… I will see this movie I am ashamed of myself but I will I still love Julia.

  9. Jen says:

    Gaaaaawd, I hate her and her stupid horseface.

  10. gabs says:

    I miss her. A real movie star. I just wish she picked a better movie to come back with. This looks lame.

  11. Riley says:

    What a shame, this could’ve been a fab movie with different casting. Julia Roberts is not a great actress, but she used to be good at a specific popcorn type of movie. Like so many actors, she seems to have a grossly inflated sense of herself that comes through, and also a nastiness she didn’t used to have or kept better hidden. This was lazy casting. They just stick known names into movies out of fear. It probably won’t do great and then they’ll say see, movies with women don’t do well. Sigh.

  12. sassenach says:

    @meme Um she dragged her children all around for the filming and it was in three different places having to uproot her children each time. I am sure they loved it and had an amazing time exploring new places and cultures.

  13. cprincess says:

    I never could understand why she was this huge star anyway because she isnt any great actress and this is in addition to being a tedious,self absorbed,husband stealing bore….

  14. canadianchick says:

    Will watch it on dvr, there better be food p*rn in it.

  15. Jover says:

    I will eat pray and love for this to fail; horseface is nasty, no class, foul mouthed a**hole that, like many celebutards, has a ridiculously inflated sense of their talent and intellect.

  16. bros says:

    terrible self centered self indulgent self satisfied excuse for literature played by self centered self indulgent actress. perfect.

  17. meme says:

    I meant dragging her kids around to a different country every day doing PR for a movie which is completely different from having them on the set with you in a foreign country.

  18. Green Is Good says:

    *eye roll* Oh, God. Donkeyface Roberts is going to be insufferable and pretentious promoting this POS movie.

  19. Kim says:

    She will drag them around on a press tour if she goes on one and she will gush about her wonderful husband Danny.Its just that the tabloids and gossip sites aren’t interested in seeing her kids. When pics of her kids are posted on celebritybabyblog or celebritybabyscoop they only get a handful of comments.There are about 10 celeb kids/family that get all the attn that includes Suri,JP kids, Nahla, Kingston, Levi Mcconeaghy,lately Liev’s /Naiomi boys, Heidi and Seal kids, that Kardashian baby ,Will and Jada kids and Nicole Richie’s kids.

  20. Anti-icon says:

    Loved the book. Do not think the book will adapt well to the screen. Don’t think Julia Roberts will aid in this endeavor.

  21. bellaluna says:

    Didn’t read the book; love Javier Bardem; will watch on DVD. (Have a 13 month old – movies in theatres just not possible right now.)

    And for some reason (I don’t know why) love JR.

  22. mln says:

    When I read the book I thought this is so cheesy it will probably will be a movie starring Julia Roberts (I’m not kidding). Like I said I will go see it, the book was a good read but not as deep as it pretends to be and perfect for Julia.

  23. original kate says:

    i despise that big, guffawing horse laugh that she does in EVERY damn movie. god, that’s tired.

  24. Camille says:

    Won’t see this movie, I can’t stand JR.

  25. lucy2 says:

    That EW cover is a nice photo of her. But I find her really annoying, and keep hearing how bad the book was, so I think I’ll pass. Not looking forward to her publicity blitz.

  26. YeaRight!!! says:

    This movie was better suited to be on the Lifetime Movie Network, as their movie of the week.

    Eat, Pray, Love = Epic Fail. Just another one in a long line of bombs for Julia.

    It’s KARMA.

  27. di butler says:

    Like Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, and the rest of the lot, JR is too old for this romcom nonsense. She is no longer a dewy ingenue, and it just comes across as silly. 40 something women have more complex lives. Maybe a story about dealing with divorce, raising kids alone, parents dying, starting a business, breast cancer, ANYTHING. Seeing them flit, a la Sex in the City, from one man to another in designer bikinis has gotten beyond nauseous.

    As for seeing this, I’d rather be shanked at Sing-Sing.

  28. original kate says:

    “As for seeing this, I’d rather be shanked at Sing-Sing. ”

    @ dbutler: thanks for that – i just spewed iced tea from my nose!

  29. Catherine says:

    I’m not the biggest Julia fan but I think she is perfect for this role. She looks great on the cover of the magazine.

  30. YeaRight!!! says:

    Yes.. Catherine:

    Let’s applaud the person who had to sit and photo-shop her for this cover!

  31. Ruffian9 says:

    “I’d rather be shanked at Sing-Sing.”

    Oh, I’m SO using that line in my everyday life – thanks di butler!

  32. lisa says:

    @meme.. you are very obvious. keeping your children with you is not dragging them any where. Especially if they get to enjoy the sites and attactions of that said place. It is summer. I wonder if children that are dragged on cruises and to Disney land get your sympthy too. I am sure if certain celebs had left their children home your comment would have been that they cared more about a career and promoting their film then the care of said children; which you would have ranted were being parented by the “army of nannies” I laugh because you are stuck in one gear.. even when you are drive a different car.


    I read the book and would like to see the interpretation of it. So yeah I will see this one.

  33. Confuzzle says:

    She looks hungry on the cover, like she’s about to swallow the world.

    I will be thrilled if this crap movie bombs. Bad book, bad film.

  34. Morgs says:

    This movie is a rom/com?

  35. Camille says:

    di butler: Could not agree with you more! Great comment. 🙂

  36. di butler says:

    Maybe not a true romcom, she is supposed to be after her “true self,” but her true self always seems to be tied up in romance w/ hot men. So, Nicholas Sparks fare plus romcom vibe. Suuuucks.

  37. Jill says:

    How are we supposed to believe she’s in her 30’s in the film? Her acting range is so narrow, you see one of her films, you’ve seen them all and now she has to eff up what could have been something worthwhile. Just ARGH!
    On a similar topic, can’t wait to see her after her first facelift! She’ll be one of the most gruesome sights in HWood.

  38. nnn says:

    I always found her conceited and slightly arrogant.

    I only likes her in dramas like : Sleeping With the Ennemy or Closer.

    All in all, i never get why she became IT and bigger than the likes of Jodie Foster or Diane Lane whose IT period was very short though they were more talented, more versatile and more beautiful (especially Diane).

  39. I agree with the above comment on the “horse laugh”; it is in every movie and I just don’t get its dramatic value; no director seems artistic enough to cut it out. I haven’t seen the flick, but the theme is washed out, tired and hung out long ago. Self-realization shrines abounded in L.A. 40 years ago. I got news for you, Julia, no one ever found inner peace or themselves by looking within..meditation is restful, yes, but not productive. True discovery is not found in eastern religions; Julia and the theme of the movie just seem so empty. Get saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit, pick up your cross and follow Jesus. The eastern way is a false road and this flick represents that. Travel does broaden the mind, and the scenery looks beautiful.