Julia Roberts says she’s “beholden” to Brad Pitt for casting her in ‘Eat, Pray, Love’

Julia Roberts films scenes for Eat, Pray, Love in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City, New York on August 20, 2009. Fame Pictures, Inc

Below is Entertainment Tonight’s exclusive interview with Julia Robert for the beginning of her Eat, Pray, Love promotional tour. That comes out two weeks from now, which is interesting – August is looking like it’s going to be girl-movie central up in this joint, what with both Julia and Jennifer Aniston promoting their romantic-journey films (one has a journey around the world, the other has a journey to the baster). In the interview, Julia talks about eating (of course) and her babies (“very present creatures”) and Eat, Pray, Love’s executive producer, Brad Pitt, about whom she says, “I was really beholden to him…” Interesting.

ET’s own Mark Steines enjoys the beautiful Napa Valley scenery with ‘Eat Pray Love’ star Julia Roberts, who talks travel with her kids and the feeling of carrying a movie for the first time in a decade!

“I never really hitched my wagon to something of this magnitude — it’s either gonna sing or we’re all gonna die in a fiery burst of flames,” jokes Julia.

In theaters August 13, ‘Eat Pray Love’ finds Julia as Liz Gilbert, a modern woman who, despite having a dream husband, home and career, finds herself lost in life. Determined to wipe the slate clean and get a fresh start, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery that takes her around the globe to exotic locales ranging from Italy and India to Bali. The film is based upon the bestselling memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert. Directed by Ryan Murphy, the co-creator of “Glee,” the film also stars Javier Bardem, Billy Crudup, Richard Jenkins and James Franco.

“I think time will tell what the children think about it,” says Julia of taking twins Hazel and Finn and younger sibling Henry around the world. “[Children] are very present creatures, I think, so they are just where you put them, and so they never asked to go home. They were just having the experience that was presented to them at every turn. They never got sick, thankfully, and it was fundamental for me to be able to maintain the integrity of my life and work at the same time.”

‘Eat Pray Love’ is produced by Brad Pitt, and Julia says, “I was really beholden to him that he would think of me and come to me with this, because it is really a great, defining moment for me as an actor. I don’t usually work this hard anymore. This was a huge workload and really made me very clear about the joy that I possess for doing it.”

[From Entertainment Tonight]

Are you a little surprised at how Julia comes across in this interview? Yes, she sounds full of it as usual, but she also seems rather grounded and smart and interesting. Was she always like this and I had just forgotten because she’s spent the last few years coming across like a major a–hole? Or is this the new and improved Julia Roberts? Hm…maybe she just really wants Eat, Pray, Love to do well, and so she’s just playing nice.

Brad Pitt hits the field as Billy Beane ( Oakland A's general manager ) on the film set of Moneyball in Los Angeles, Ca on July 20, 2010. Brad has a band-aid on his left arm from a minor injury her received yesterday on set. Fame Pictures, Inc


Eat, Pray, Love poster courtesy of Filmofilia.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    I am already turned off by this movie and the book. These women don’t have a real stuggle. Try not knowing how you will pay rent or other bills. Get evicted. Not affording to go around the world to ‘find yourself’. It is a turnoff.

  2. lena says:

    LOL, I couldn’t agree with you more Tifffany, if a rich lady needs to find herself try traveling the poorest parts of the world and do some missionary work and then go back home and appreciate what you have. It must be nice to just stop working and travel around the globe to “find yourself”…bitch please

  3. snowball says:

    My cable company just picked up a new HD channel, Universal something or other and I was watching the long trailer for this. It was so awful.

    This is totally going to bomb.

  4. Kiska says:

    I agree with Tiffany. I read the book and found it to be whiny, self-indulgent, and unoriginal. There are far better travelogues out there.

  5. Lenore says:

    Seconding Tiffany’s comment. I was reading a report today online about FGM, about the estimated 2,000 pubescent girls in the UK who will this year be genitally mutilated, cut up, unanaesthetised, screaming while their mothers and aunts hold them down, so that they can grow up beset by urinogenital infection, unable to experience anything but pain and suffering where sex is concerned.

    So, yeah. Watching a skinny rich white chick and her Botox patronise other cultures? Not so much. Come back when you’ve got a problem other than “God, I never realised I was such a shallow bitch, I must go find myself”.

  6. lucy2 says:

    A ha! So we have Brad Pitt to blame for infecting our summers with a Julia Roberts publicity tour!
    I’ve mostly heard negative things about the book, and I don’t think Julia has nearly the fan base she once did. Based on that, I’m thinking it won’t be very successful, but on the other hand, it might turn into a Sex & the City thing, were women go regardless of how good or bad the film is.

  7. denise says:

    @ Lenore

    That’s awful. I read a story about female mutilation years ago. This African American model, maybe Roshumba, I don’t remember, but it was her story. She said when she had to urinate, it would take really long because the pee hole was so tiny. She would cry out in pain, and had to get reconstructive surgery. It’s so awful the trauma some people have to endure. These stories make me glad to be an American. To hell with these whiny rich broads that have no right to complain.

  8. Nick says:

    The “beholden” comment is cringing. Even with her huge career, Julia Roberts still sees herself as “beholden” to some (mediocre himself) guy? And Aniston is still being pimped out with shlock sperm movies & cheesy perfume so big boys behind the scenes can line their pockets

  9. chazz p says:


  10. CadieBelle says:

    Girlfriend is looking OLD – and I totally agree – I am tired of spoiled rich white folk angst . . . it is not amusing

  11. Anti-icon says:

    The book was really about surviving a broken heart. Yes, Elizabeth Gilbert had the financial resources to do it in three countries, but the journey is the same, rich or poor. Eating, praying and loving were the tools the author used to heal her broken heart. Can the author’s inner journey be translated to film? I don’t know. Is Julia Roberts the right actress. No. The author was/is not a stunning beauty. She is normal.

    Re: Was Julia always grounded and charming before she “semi retired.” Yes. She was good with the PR–excellent, in fact. She still is, even though most people see right straight through her double-speak.

  12. lola lola says:

    I loved the book and found it really inspiring but there is no way in hell JR can carry this movie. And I think her comments about being grateful are just leftovers from her playing a grateful character…oooh that sounds so jaded. Maybe I’m wrong but I’m not going to see this movie. When do movies ever live up to the book anyway?

  13. TaylorB says:

    My mother was an OB/GYN and she saw several women over the years with female genital mutilation that were US citizens, and ‘christians’. This type of mutilation isn’t limited to a particular country, culture or faith, the gals my mom saw were girls caught kissing boys or mastubating, by their fundie parents and were ‘punished’ with genital mutilation for doing so. The procedures were done here in the states, and sadly they still are by some fundie doctors/nurses.

  14. juiceinla says:

    Didn’t Diane Lane already do this movie, something about Tuscan Sun?

    Yawn. People are fed up with stories about rich women whose only problem are how to ride a camel in Dior and whether to eat gelato or drink wine. I wonder how long its gonna take Hollywood and the literary industry to figure it out.

  15. mslewis says:

    This type of story is never the kind I like to read and this movie isn’t one I will bother seeing. However, the book was a major bestseller so there are women out there who either identify with this woman or want to be this woman (the woman in the book, I mean) so I really don’t know what to say about it. Will it bomb? I don’t know, but I really don’t see many housewives sitting in the theatres longing for the life of an indulgent, spoiled, silly woman. But then, maybe there will be enough women to make this movie a hit.

    As for Julia being “beholden” to Brad Pitt . . . well, Ms. Julia hasn’t had good box office numbers for quite awhile and giving her a major role like this one is a leap of faith for Brad and his production company. They’ve put big bucks into this and I’m sure they want to make their money back. So, yeah, Julia should be grateful that somebody thought about her. If the movie is a hit, she will get more people to think about her for future roles; if it’s not a hit, then maybe this will be the last we see of Julia Roberts (which would not break my heart at all).

    P.S.: I wonder if Angelina took a look at the script and decided it wasn’t for her?

  16. Jane Q. Doe says:

    I took the ‘beholden’ comment to mean she was thankful to her old “The Mexican” costar Brad for casting her – which, no matter how big a star you are (and Julia’s been fading for some time now), someone’s still gotta hire you. It is rather an odd choice of words though.
    And I wonder if Brad the producer is actually more successful than Brad the actor…

  17. Jeri says:

    This movie doesn’t interest me at all. No one I know could or would do this.

    Julia’s probably sober since her kids are with her. Alot of her BS comments are when she is drunk.

  18. Embee says:

    The spiritual angst of affluent white women is an epidemic of great proportions that significantly impacts our society on a number of levels (marital strife, child rearing, the skyrocketing use of pharmacological remedies to anxiety/depression).

    Liz Gilbert’s book is a brave, deeply personal exploration of a an incredibly common problem. It is well-researched and, in my humble opinion, charming. The book’s popularity is testimony to the fact that its message resonates with a large number of people.

    While the genital mutilation of girls and poverty are certainly more horrific problems, they don’t negate the significance of spiritual starvation.

  19. RHONYC says:

    @ Tiffany



  20. xxodettexx says:

    @TaylorB, yeesh, i will never cease to be amazed at the atrocities some parents/adults/cultures will inflict on innocent children in the name of religion or ideals, blech

  21. CH says:

    its fun to be bitchy but give the woman and her movie a break
    its just another star driven movie
    an excuse to see some beautiful countries that we maybe wont be able to see otherwise
    the cinematographer Robert Richardson is one of the best ones in the world
    so at least it will be a beautiful movie
    its gonna be one of those patronizing hollywood movies for sure, but hey, at least thery are not fooling anyone
    i would rather watch this than the women should all be consummerist whores in order to be happy SEX in the city wathever

  22. notsoanonymous says:

    I’m really surprised to see the intense hatred of this book?! Everyone I know that read it enjoyed it. I agree with the PP about this being about a broken heart and soul.

    I’m actually looking forward to seeing the movie and glad they cast Julia. She fits the role really well.

  23. notsoanonymous says:

    I’m also a little confused as to how we went from talking about a comment Julia Roberts made in the press to genital mutilation… ???

    I’m not downplaying how awful that is – but since when do we go around saying that it’s not possible that others have their own kinds of heartache and pain?

  24. Rosanna says:

    Tiffany and all: please realize that poor women and rich women have the SAME hard time fighting off stereotypes re what a woman should be. If you think money would make it easier then YOU don’t have any real struggle in finding yourself.

  25. Moreaces says:

    Sounds like its going to be a charming movie, I like Julie, so more than likely I will give it a look see

  26. Eileen says:

    I agree with Tiffany too. My book club did this book and I didn’t read it because it sounded lame.

  27. Harper says:

    Actually, it sounds like it would have been a perfect role for Jennifer Aniston…not joking. 🙂

  28. Catherine says:

    Lighten up ladies, not every movie and book needs to be about our struggles to pay rent or be evicted. While I won’t be going to pray in India, this movie provides a little escapism from our current economic struggles.

  29. Canucklehead says:

    “is this the new and improved Julia Roberts? ”

    Naah, just wait till she presents an award at the Oscars and makes it all about her, the real Julia will be back…

    CUT TO:
    Julia-“Cinematography makes me look good!”

    Horsey face forced laughter while she struggles with envelope.


  30. OC lady says:

    I find it funny that people automatically assume that you must be rich to travel. I’ve been lucky enough to travel A LOT, even though I’m dirt poor. If you are savy, you can do it. My best travel deal was in the late 1990s where I booked a flight to Bangkok for $30 as an air courier. Then, I stayed in youth hostels (10 bucks a night) and ate street food. The whole trip cost $200. Nowadays, air courier fares are no longer available. But, I scour the internet like a hawk looking for deals when my vacation time is coming. And, countries like India and Indonesia are very CHEAP (once you can afford the bill for the airfare). I’ve known many people who have taken a lot of time off to travel on modest budgets. As long as you are savy and careful w/your budget, it’s possible.

  31. Lori says:

    I am some where in the middle. I am reading the book right now, but I find some of it hard to take. I enjoy the writer when she talks about her relationships with men. I identify with her struggle to be her own person while in a relationship. I don’t think it is great read. So I am reading the book on and off as I read others because It is not one I want to sit with all day, I have to want to go back for the next part.

  32. Lori says:

    Oh, I would see the movie for sure had it been Jennifer Aniston in the lead role. or Mary Louise Parker (weeds mom) I don’t know if I spelled her name right. No interest in Julia.

  33. Raven says:

    Elizabeth Gilbert has nothing on some of you. But then when some of you are not busy scrubbing someone else’s floors, panhandling for change for your next meal or protesting at the UN, I’m sure you’re busy volunteering at a soup kitchen or running a bakesale for a roof for your halfway house. Sheesh!

    And any film with Javier Bardem, Billy Crudup and James Franco is a film I’ll be looking forward to.

  34. mimi says:

    Lena — lol. With a neverending recession, what a horrible time to release such a movie. Just goes to show how out of touch Hollywood has become.

  35. Mouse says:

    Look at that bitchface!

  36. CH says:

    au contraire dear
    i just want to scape to india and italy
    and eat exotic food
    and so on

  37. lrm says:

    yea, well, the producer gets/brings the money…so i’m sure brad the producer had alot of pull.

    OH, and the worst, is that I noticed Cost Plus World Market will have a new ‘Eat, Pray,Love’ section of their store!!!!! uugh. Now everyone will be wearing indian scarves and earrings….many, i’ve been donning the scarf look forever-guess it’s time to get a new one, lest i be confused with some E P L devotee…

    I will not see this-esp with JR as the lead. ugh. should’ve gone with a lesser or even a no name indie star and made it more documentary/indie style-the only way to help such a gratutious book/effort such as this.

  38. mm says:

    What are you all talking about? Julia Roberts is great.

    I think her comments are often tongue-in-cheek, I don’t get where you think she’s a major a-hole at all.

  39. Christie says:

    Rosanna, I think the point Tiffany and others are trying to make here is the difference between rich, white people problems and regular/poor people problems. If you have the money and therefore the time to go around the world to try to try to find yourself, you are luckier than 99.whatever% of the world, and you are privileged, and probably spend a bit too much time thinking about yourself.

    Not to say there probably aren’t touching, valid moments in the book (and I hate not having read it, but still felt like blabbing on the subject, sorry), but it is still rich, white people problems, while countless others are just trying to get enough food to feed their kids, trying to get by, hoping to live another day.

    It’s great to be lucky, and if we’re first class lucky, we need to look at helping the ones who didn’t get so lucky, the ones stuck in stowage, the ones who get thrown in the water.

  40. émerveillement says:

    July 30th, 2010 at 1:31 pm
    That’s awful. I read a story about female mutilation years ago. This African American model, maybe Roshumba, I don’t remember, but it was her story. She said when she had to urinate, it would take really long because the pee hole was so tiny. She would cry out in pain, and had to get reconstructive surgery. It’s so awful the trauma some people have to endure. These stories make me glad to be an American. To hell with these whiny rich broads that have no right to complain.
    It was Waris Dirie.

  41. Vee says:

    Brad’s a douche. I hate that smug on his face.

  42. Chris says:

    It might be good. I watched the Pelican Brief again yesterday and was reminded of what a good actor Julia is.

  43. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    Ah, backlash. It’s as American as apple pie, baseball, and female genital mutilation.

    Wow. So much venom for Julia! I don’t get it.

    I think it sucks that since I’m white, were I to also be rich, I wouldn’t be allowed to suffer because someone else is scrubbing my floor. I think rich people have problems too. Maybe more because the struggle to survive doesn’t distract them from the search for connection and meaning.

    But as Dorothy Gale from Kansas said, I won’t look any further than my own backyard (assuming I were some rich, spoiled white farm girl who EVEN had a backyard -God, Hollywood is so out of touch), because I hate international travel.

  44. Lori says:

    The writer talks about not wanting to be a mother and married and in a typical housewife role. When she divorces, she does not have children to worry about. Of course she can afford to take care of herself and go where she wants. She does not have to apologize for that. It is a self indulgent book, and it is about a woman who has the ability to go and find herself. I don’t think she is writing in a way that she is rubbing her lifestyle in the faces of poor woman with real problems. She is who she is and is simply writing her experience. Then she got lucky and brad pitt made it into a movie. It still is not that great of a book. But the way it is misconstrued is mind boggling.

  45. Dhavy says:

    I wouldn’t mind watching the movie WHEN it comes out on cable and it will be because of the hot men in it and the scenery

  46. original kate says:

    the problem with the book is that elizabeth gilbert didn’t have a spiritual crisis – at least not one that couldn’t be solved with money, food and a man. but the book was marketed as a woman’s brave journey to discover herself and the movie will be marketed the same way, to the same women who thought the book was so brave and insightful. and we will all have to suffer through listening to julia roberts wax spiritual for next 3 months.

  47. whawha says:

    Crappy book, which will now be a crappy movie. The only women I know who enjoyed it were shallow, vapid suburbanites who have no idea what it means to be poor, deprived or oppressed. They’re the ones who are going to be purchasing the World Market crap.

    PS: I think Julia is still trying to get into Brad’s pants.

  48. argirl says:

    I read the book. Didn’t really like it… It took me a good four months to get through the whole thing (my usual rate is 3-4 books a week), reading a lot of other books in between. She lost me in India. I just can’t identify with floating in a blue light while meditating. It just seemed like she was really condescending with her religious views. Also, she seems to be sending the message that you don’t need to have a man to be happy but really highlights how happy she is to have found a man in the end. –I think the casting is ok but am really excited about the male actors.

  49. Anti-icon says:

    #46: Original Kate: I couldn’t disagree with you more about the book, the tone, the real problem the writer faced and her funny and honest look at herself—that she was the cause of her own life’s problems.

    I was going through an actual and real tragedy when I read the book—and I felt bonded to her story. And I read lots and lots of books. A book that can do that is a well written book. She was a travel writer and it was her first book, and it was finely written.

  50. NT says:

    I’m sorry, when did it become a fact that Jennifer Aniston can actually act? She could never have carried this movie! AAMOF, Jennifer Aniston cannot even have a hit movie without a well known male co-star. FACT.

  51. original kate says:

    @ anti-icon & all on the EPL lovetrain:

    you are certainly entitled to your opinion(s). i just don’t get the cultish devotion so many women have to this book – they get really offended when i say i didn’t like it, but whatever. i found her writing style to be clunky and her dialogue is cringe-worthy.

    i love travel, and i have done alot of it alone on a tiny budget, and i thought i would like EPL, but i was so wrong. my biggest problem with EPL is that this 30-something woman basically is looking for applause for running off for a year, supported by a $200K book advance, to “find god.” if she had done volunteer work, i may have felt differently; if she went through some real hardship, i could sympathize, but she took no risks of any kind, and did not stretch herself in the slightest. and for all of her self-realization and navel-gazing to end her dependence on men, elizabeth has married her brazilian man and moved to new jersey. book & (one assumes)movie are forthcoming.

    there are many lovely books of self-discovery written by women and men that are much better -i work in a bookstore & i read alot, too. try “down the nile” by rosemary mahoney, “in the shadow of man” by jane goodall, “pilgrim at tinker creek” by annie dillard, or for the ultimate memoir of nature, self & spirit pick up “walden” – it never fails to leave me awestruck.

  52. Allie says:

    @Mrs Odie 2:

    “I think it sucks that since I’m white, were I to also be rich, I wouldn’t be allowed to suffer because someone else is scrubbing my floor. I think rich people have problems too. Maybe more because the struggle to survive doesn’t distract them from the search for connection and meaning.”

    Well said.

  53. Riley says:

    Eat, Pray, Gag Me with a Spoon, though I know I will be seeing this in the theater with my 62 year old mother who LOVES Julia. When I was growing up she wanted me to be Annabeth Gish, who played Julia’s goodie two shoes sister in Mystic Pizza, and also starred in Shag. But then, Julia was cast in Steal Magnolias and I swear, I think my mother has watched that movie at least once a month since it was released. She would love to be Sally Field and for me to be Shelby. So I am mentally preparing myself for the Sunday morning my mother will call me up saying, Julia’s got a new movie. Meet for the 2 o’clock show…

  54. The Old KC says:

    You guys are misstating things quite a bit when you say the author is “rich”. When the author faces the fact that her marriage was a mistake, she loses everything – her husband takes her to the cleaners because it’s she who wants out of the marriage, not him. When she got the book deal to travel and write Eat, Pray, Love she only got enough of an advance to travel and write the book because the publisher bought the premise – her idea. I definitely don’t think this was a Candace Bushnell-type rich socialite who was wallowing in her vapid self-pity. This was a writer who made a mistake, married the wrong guy, mustered enough courage to leave him, lost everything and then wrote an international bestseller about her search for inner peace in three countries. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons! Are there more soul-rending memoirs or even fictional stories out there? Sure. Try A Thousand Splendid Suns, or Outcasts United, or The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. Elizabeth Gilbert never set out to be the end-all be-all – this is just her story. I happened to be completely unable to put it down, enjoyed it thoroughly and can’t wait to see the movie. If sharing your personal story is self-indulgent, then that’s kind of sad.

  55. Merritt says:

    @Embee: I’m reposting your comment because it NEEDS to be repeated:

    The spiritual angst of affluent white women is an epidemic of great proportions that significantly impacts our society on a number of levels (marital strife, child rearing, the skyrocketing use of pharmacological remedies to anxiety/depression).

    Liz Gilbert’s book is a brave, deeply personal exploration of a an incredibly common problem. It is well-researched and, in my humble opinion, charming. The book’s popularity is testimony to the fact that its message resonates with a large number of people.

    While the genital mutilation of girls and poverty are certainly more horrific problems, they don’t negate the significance of spiritual starvation.


    I love Elizabeth Gilbert, and I loved Eat Pray Love and her latest, Committed. She is insightful and lovely and did a great lecture for TED.com on creativity.

    @Tiffany: Then go watch “Precious,” you venemous, condescending, obnoxious, aggressive woman. I’ll be enjoying this movie, I hope you enjoy your hot air and negativity.

  56. Chris says:

    Tiffany, I’m going to agree. Right now people are having trouble feeding their families. I don’t know anyone who isn’t having problems and most everyone I know has an advanced degree. A movie about someone finding herself just seems obnoxious.

  57. mln says:

    I liked the book but it’s definitely a rich white womans’ struggle with being unable to have everything she wants sort of book that comes from a place of obtuse privledge that is condescending and the worst part is the woman who wrote the book became a bizzilionare telling her story especially since she exploits the Ashram culture which has alot to do with poverty and humility.

    All that being said I sorta want to see it.

  58. Tiffany says:


    Are you on someone’s payroll for this movie. You are on the defensive about an opinion that several over people disgreed with without name-calling.

    So with that, I believe that people who resort to name-calling don’t how to give intelligent opinions.

  59. Tiffany says:

    To correct my last sentence.

    So with that, I believe that people who resort to name-calling don’t know how to give intelligent opinions.

    Kaiser, could you not have picked a better picture to show how you feel about Julia Roberts.

  60. OC lady says:

    Aniston in this role!? LOL 🙂 I would rather watch Julia horse laugh than Aniston play the same spoiled ditz. I prefer spitfire Julia over dull Aniston any day. At least Julia knows how to step out of the spotlight. She mainly lives in Taos. Meanwhile, Aniston is stripping to sell bottled water, perfume, her bad movies and God knows what else. She comes off as an attention freak. As far as I know, Julia has not stripped to sell something. And, she’s not a bad actress when she’s in the right role. JMO.

  61. frewt says:

    ^^ I couldn’t care less whether you deem my opinion intelligent or not:

    Roberts is a hard faced, bad tempered, husband stealing bitch who should be ‘beholden’ to anyone who gives her a job…

  62. canadianchick says:

    I liked the book but the trailers don’t seem to have the voice/tone that is uniquely Gilbert-I’d cringe, if I were her, at the screenplay machete job on her language. Another poster had suggested Patricia Clarkson for this role which I think is a WAY better fit, but doubt PC is buddies with Brad Pitt.

  63. Buddha DeCat says:

    Female mutalation is happening even when Inception was being filmed, too — as well as every other movie being made for obscene amounts of money in Hollywood today for that matter. I don’t get the connection to THIS movie. Or perhaps the commentor meant to say that all movies stop being made until female mutalation ends? (BTW, I’d go for that). Anyway, imo, the argument is senseless.
    I read the book & find it overrated — the basic principles (to enjoy life & appreciate what you have — to eat, pray & love) are true, but the author does come off as a smug, shallow twit who is a little stupid at that. I think the movie will do well because the book really is a hit. I’ll probably go see it even though I’m not a “fan” of the book because I love Italy & will enjoy seeing it (as well as India & Bali, two places I haven’t been) on the big screen.

  64. tess says:

    I haven’t seen the movie, nor will I, so I won’t comment on that, but I did read the book.

    I was surprised that one woman could still be so self absorbed with her micro issues when living in third world countries and faced with macro issues like poverty, lack of education, clean water, and OPTIONS.

    You compare her story to something like Three Cups of Tea and you really see how one person can make a difference.

    I “liked” Eat Love Pray, I’m glad she got her issues resolved, but while I am not Catholic, I am reminded of the Prayer of St Francis:

    Lord, make me an instrument of your peace;
    where there is hatred, let me sow love;
    where there is injury, pardon:
    where there is doubt, faith ;
    where there is despair, hope
    where there is darkness, light
    where there is sadness, joy
    O divine Master,
    grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
    to be understood, as to understand;
    to be loved, as to love;
    for it is in giving that we receive,
    it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
    and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.

    How much better would her story have been if she had healed herself by helping others?

  65. Anonymei says:

    I find JR insufferable since the Erin Brocowhatever nightmarish behavior. however she does posses a real talent to connect with th
    E screen and show emotions through her face. The book is beloved although it did not interest me . I predict the movie will be a big hit. It will put women’s butts in seats.

  66. #58 says:

    at #58 – hey you might think Aniston can’t act, but there are others who disagree (including Aaron Sorkin in a recent huffpo article). Just because you or some other poster above says it doesn’t make it factual.
    At the end of the day Julia is loud and obnoxious and yeah, of course it will fit when it’s the right role! if you are looking for loud mouthed, abrasiveness in a character- Julia will have it down pat! but in quieter roles, i don’t see her being phenomenal (like Blanchett, or Streep), just competent in her job. Ditto with Aniston.

  67. GiGi says:

    @Tiffany: Amen!

    I have no interest in seeing this film and I have not read the book, either. I am white but not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination. However, I know some women who are and have noticed on Facebook that this story appeals to them. Self-absorbed spoiled brats, all of them. Have you ever noticed that those who need less help get the most? I don’t believe in reincarnation but if I did, lots of spoiled, self-indulgent whiny bratlets need to come back as hotel maids, store clerks, personal assistants, and nannies (so they can actually contribute in childrearing for a change.)

  68. Shay says:

    I didn’t like the book.All about ‘finding yourself’, ie something that rich people do because they have the time to travel without worries, and find their personal gurus (ie charlatans) in India.
    Anyway, Gilbert had a sequel, and I’m not 100% sure,but I think her marriage didn’t even last.

  69. coexxi says:

    @ Tiffany and the likes:

    Ever heard of “escapism”? The world always has a lot of drama going on. Why shouldn’t people be allowed to watch fluff pieces now and then? Not everybody wants to be reminded all the time of how cruel people are to each other, how greed and fundamentalism destroy whole countries… ecology disasters, racism…

    Sometimes we all need to take a break. A movie isn’t a bad choice is you only have 2 hours! 😉

  70. Liana says:

    @Tiffany: Then go watch “Precious,” you venemous, condescending, obnoxious, aggressive woman. I’ll be enjoying this movie, I hope you enjoy your hot air and negativity.

    Wow… bitch much?

    Anyhow – I HATED the book. HATED it. Didn’t finish it, in fact, because I was annoyed with the writing style and the content. My best friend loved it. See, that’s what’s so beautiful about opinions. People are entitled to have them and have different ones at that. Art, music, film, literature… they are subjective.

  71. nycmom10024 says:

    I never realized just what a bad state we women were in. Do follows of this blog ever support women?

    Because the collective we seems to hate or strongly dislike virtually all women in public life.

    No we don’t have to support everything women do, but geez “we” hate everyone here. Bitching can be fun, but …

  72. Sandy says:

    Good lord all this venom toward people with money. If you don’t have kids, you can manage to make alot of things happen. Also, and this is REALLY important. If there are no rich people, there are no jobs. If no one can afford goods and services. Then we all suffer.
    That pointed out, not fond of Julia.

  73. mln says:

    @Sandy “if there are no rich people there are no jobs” this is a gossip site and not a political debate site but lets just say the gap between rich and poor in this country is getting bigger,and our economic problems were caused by all those rich people who messed around with their money and are for the most part still rich and if your in a position like Tiffany stated of worrying about what you will eat or where you will sleep you don’t have time to wonder about finding a boyfriend.

  74. Liz says:

    I prefer this movie over Sex and the City 2

  75. azzedine says:

    “The spiritual angst of affluent white women is an epidemic of great proportions that significantly impacts our society on a number of levels (marital strife, child rearing, the skyrocketing use of pharmacological remedies to anxiety/depression)”

    i have never laughed at something so hard in my life! you have GOT to be be kidding me with this crap. the spiritiual angst of affluent white women??? oy vey!!

  76. Liana says:

    Because the collective we seems to hate or strongly dislike virtually all women in public life.

    Not me. Don’t like Julia Roberts or Natalie Portman and think that Lindsay Lohan and her ilk all suck. And Taylor Momsen needs pants. Love woman like Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, Emily Blunt, Jennifer Aniston, used to loathe Angelina Jolie but she is growing on me big time (plus I had an encounter with her and she was really nice)… I actually like far more “famous” women than I dislike. Can’t speak for everyone, but I see more positive comments about women than negative – the negative comments just seem grouped within certain subjects.

  77. Nucu says:

    I’m not white nor do I consider myself wealthy, but I’m enjoying the book and will see the movie.

    I don’t apologize for the fact that I have made decisions in my life that I don’t think twice about my mortgage getting paid, I love traveling in South America, and my intense love for Gucci. You are in control of your destiny. Make better decisions and maybe you can relate.

  78. di butler says:

    I guess I’d fall under the category of “affluent white woman,” and I have traveled to many countries for work. I HATED this book. It was inane. So, while I still blame the author for this mess, I can now add Papa Pitt. Good to know.

  79. Lucy says:

    I don’t have the patience for any of this, coming from anyone of any race or either gender. Life sucks at some points for different reasons for everyone, get over it.

    Although I will say, a woman having to find herself after a divorce… ugh… there were problems long before the divorce or the marriage. I suppose I’m just really tired of hearing women identifying themselves as a wife, as “Bob’s wife”, etc. It’s still prevalent in the younger generation (I’m 21) and in the university I attend, a lot of girls are there to find husbands. It’s disappointing to me. It’s common to hear ridiculous comments made in general areas – a lot of the talk is about their boyfriends/husbands/children.

    So, in short, why can’t we start supporting a woman’s choice to have a career, not get married or have children? I really don’t understand it, and have had many conversations with my own mother about it.

    Sorry for the rant! This stuff really gets me going.

  80. Angel says:

    I dunno. I’ve always liked her personality. She’s witty. She’s really rather grounded and brilliant, too. I think she is just being herself here; she is comfortable with the interviewer.

  81. 2centsnichols says:

    hopefully next time she’ll “beholden” a better script…zzzz..boring. who cares.

  82. Liana says:

    @Lucy – it’s amazing how many women still only identify as someone’s wife and/or mother and actually believe that unless one is married and/or a mother, one cannot apparently know anything. It’s like getting married and popping out a kid suddenly makes someone brilliant and knowledgeable. And if you divorce, YOU are a failure. Not the marriage, but YOU. And thus, you must find yourself and find out why you failed at marriage. Bullshit!!! Sometimes the marriage fails you!

    I got married recently, in my 30’s, because I wanted to, not because it was “about time I settled down” (as I was told). I was smart before I got married.

  83. clare says:

    Patricia Clarkson or Jennifer Anniston would have been interesting in the lead role. Just cannot stand Julia Roberts and her Ego.

  84. Boo says:

    Yeah, I’m thinking that all the racist comments about rich, white women are what’s sad with this group of people. So what if the woman is white? If she had been black, would you still be sick from the angst of the rich, black woman? Matter of fact, I get really tired of Tyler Perry movies. It’s always about what white people do to black people. The country unanimously electd a black president so the playing the race card means jack anymore. I don’t see what skin color has to do with it unless of course you’re just a bitter black person. Now, after reading this comment, do you understand how your racist comments can seem offensive to white women or is that just a double standard we have to put up with?

  85. Nick says:

    “ms. lewis”, and yet Brad Pitt has also had stinker after stinker (which could also be why he’s branching out more into producing) but dudes are given umpteen chances and still aren’t “beholden.” And “Boo” – well said.

  86. Nucu says:

    B – You must not have seen many Tyler Perry movies. Only one of his movies dealt with race and I think it put race relations in a positive light because it was about the strong relationship between a white nad black woman. Most of Perry’s movies deal with male/female relationships.

    I’m not a bitter a black person either, but don’t be naive to think Barack’s election eliminated racism in America. If anything, I think the black middle class is experiencing a serious backlash since B’s election.

    Either way, this buppie is looking forward to the movie. And I love JR.

  87. Dana M says:

    There is a huge misconception that you must be “rich” if you can quit your job to travel.

    I saved up money for a year and rented out rooms in my house to help me fund my 4 month trip around the world. I did quit my job and traveled. I stayed in hostels too. No need to stay in fancy hotels.

    And BTW, I’m not “rich” by any means. Just a good planner and I always think ahead.

  88. Kelly says:

    I don’t think she knows what ‘beholden’ means. It’s not an especially positive word. It does always crack me up however when dumbarse actors reveal their actual, sans stylist/publicist/editor IQs with little shiz bombs like this. Thanks for the giggle.

  89. California Surfer says:

    Grandma says that Brad Pitt looks like this supermodel chick from the seventies Cheryl Teigs, and The Mexican was superass wayyyy majorly boring, though Grandma did like Superbad. And hasn’t Diane Lane already done this movie?

  90. Confuzzle says:

    Another reason to dislike Brad Shitt.

  91. ? says:

    Wow people are bitter.

    1. You don’t need to be rich to travel – in fact it be an inhibiting factor in gaining wealth.

    2. Gaining insight into a world that doesn’t put $, careers and consumerism first is a good thing.

    3. What does being white have to do with this conversation? Would the movie have been better with a Latina,black woman etc?

    4. Woman need to stick together – life can be hard – rich/poor/white/black/tan. What is so wrong with a story of self exploration and growth. Sheesh.

  92. Anti-icon says:

    #64: How much would she have been helped if she had helped others?

    Harsh. Some people think writing is a noble pursuit that does help others. Have you ever tried it. Story telling is an art. It helps people.

    Hopefully, everyone does their share in helping others. Why do you assume the author of the book does not?

    Bunch of really bitter people here.

  93. kaligula says:

    i actually think it’s a really interesting discussion. i see and somehow agree with both sides.

    and @clare, wow– patricia clarkson, i would not have thought of her. she is one of the best, and i agree would have been better than julia r. in my opinion. there are so many actresses who would have been better…. the ones that come to mind first for me would probably be considered unconventional choices, but– rosie perez, kim raver, holly hunter, toni collette… halle barry would have been extraordinary. darn i should have become a casting agent… 😉

  94. Kazoo81 says:

    weird. reading all of these comments has made me want to read the book & see the movie. neither were on my radar before.

    i will forever love julia roberts because of ‘pretty woman.’ one of my favorite movies as a kid. inappropriate child movie, but whatever. LOL.

  95. grrrrlgrace says:

    With all of the incredibly gifted and unique actresses across the globe, I find it bizarre that Roberts is still getting paid such amounts of money for relatively plum roles. I can’t stand her artificial way of being genuine.

  96. lucy2 says:

    kazoo, I watched it as a kid too, and now when I see think wow, I probably didn’t understand half of what was going on!

    I actually liked Julia in the beginning of her career, but then at some point in the mid 90s she seemed to buy into her own hype, and has only gotten worse.

    kaligula, I agree – it has prompted an interesting discussion, and had PC or another great actress been cast, I’d probably go see it.
    I also agree that you don’t have to be wealthy to travel – I backpacked all over Europe for a month with VERY little money, and still travel a lot by saving up in advance and bargain hunting. And I also agree that anyone, regardless of race, age, wealth, etc, can suffer and go through a breakdown/rebuilding phase.
    But the complaints I hear mostly about the book is that it was just TOO self absorbed, and that the book idea (and advance) came before the trip, rather than being the result of an experience.

  97. gretchen says:

    I can’t stand her artificial way of being genuine.

    Agreed!! ever since the interview for the last ‘Oceans’ where she was all ‘huge smile’ inner circle , I’m so great BS, I haven’t been able to stand even looking at her…TOTAL BS

  98. Violet says:

    I actually like the idea of Jennifer Aniston for this movie. She’s got the ‘earth-mother’ vibe going on, natural, meditative/yoga loving, well traveled and is the right age for the lead. Plus, would be great to see her in a role outside of a rom-com. I think she’d be an outstanding choice!

  99. Rita says:

    Interesting conversation to say the least. I did not like the book, probably won’t see the film, but many if not most of my friends will see this film. Julia Roberts is a good actress in the right roles, and this role is tailor made for her. I would not be surprised if this film does good box office.

    Err Violet, you cannot be describing JAniston as an “earth-mother” vibe well traveled woman. Aniston exudes zero “earth-mother” hippiesh vibe, and she seldom travels anywhere except Los Cabos Mexico. She is now relegated to rom com roles because she stayed in her comfort zone and took every one offered to her, and at 41 she is getting long in the tooth to continue to play the silly object of some guys desire for much longer. Lots of 20 somethings are breathing down her back for roles more appropriate for them than her.

    Julia R has always had an “earth-mother” vibe including her preferred dress style and she has travelled the globe for years. She fits this role.

    I think that Julianne Moore or Naomi Watts or Robin Wright would have been good choices for this role, if JuliaR had not been cast.

    And both Brad Pitt’s Plan B production company and his film career are doing quite well.

  100. Merritt says:


    Calling someone a “bitch” is name calling, dear. I used these little things called adjectives to describe Tiffany, based on her venomous comments. Yes, I should have said those things about her opinion, not about her and that was in poor judgment (I love me some Liz Gilbert, so I was pretty mad). My apologies Tiffany, I don’t know you and you’re probably lovely and you deserve to voice your opinion without being attacked. Mea culpa.

    That said, I don’t think it’s fair to compare an upper-middle-class woman’s struggles with those of the third world. Most of us do not face genital mutilation, and thank God for that. I was personally really blessed by Liz’s experience/interpretation of her “rich people problems” and if that makes me a jerk, oh well!

  101. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    I think when Julia used the word “beholden,” she was trying to be funny.

    I can’t watch a movie like “Precious” because I like my entertainment light. I can’t watch movies about rape or incest or child abuse. Or fat people. I’m totally kidding.

  102. gretchen says:

    And any film with Javier Bardem, Billy Crudup and James Franco is a film I’ll be looking forward to

    @ raven: yes! javier bardem, love him! i’ll prob see the movie even tho i haven’t liked julia for awhile

  103. anon says:

    Oprah will hold an hour long infomercial on it complete with celebrity fan fare, big ta da moments and, of course the author herself so she can preach from her pulpit (hypocritical as it is at times) AND sell this movie HARD to the mini-van majority. Julia is one of her close cabal and the Mighty Ms Oprah will pull all her commercial pseudo-prophetic tricks to help her.

  104. Anti-icon says:

    103, Anon: That’s what I fear for the author–she’ll get painted with the stink of the movie hard sell. Oprah already had Julia Roberts on her show to discuss this movie. It would have been a horrible JR ass-kiss had it NOT been for the author being on the third segment. I was horrified by the actresses lack of understanding/ability to explain what the book was about. I have to avoid the hype of the movie, because it spoils the book for me. I hope Gilbert doesn’t become an over-exposed author as a result. I totally get what you’re saying.

  105. Jeannified says:

    I love cher…always have. She does seem a bit pompus at times, but I genuinely think that it’s because she’s very intelligent. I still think she is very down to earth, too.

  106. Crash says:

    The way it strikes me is, her “beholden” comment was double speak. A way to actually stress the point that He came to Her. SHE doesn’t deign to work this hard anymore. He thought of HER for the role so SHE’S doing HIM a favor. But maybe it’s just because it’s JR that I automatically assume she’s a huge b****.

  107. Aqua says:

    I found a copy of EPL in a consignment store and it’s been sitting around the house for quite some time but after reading all the comments I’ll try to give it a read.

  108. Sans says:

    @Buddha Decat…exactly, female mutilation has been happening with every movie that comes out.
    @tess the prayer mentions understanding yet you diss this movie so hard?
    @coexxl totally agree… Alot of movies are about escapism.
    @nycmom1002 Yeah JR did what to folks to hate, yet Eminem talks about killing women and a psycho hate rant on Mariah Carey less than a yr ago & he’s okay?!?!? So sick.
    @Nucu so true make decisions that can aid you financially.
    @Lucy Had to deal with boy crazy girls during undergrade and the guys were a waste anyway.
    @Boo @ Nucu Tyler Perry movies don’t even talk about white people. Nucu the white guy and black woman relationship in that one movie was crap. He cheated on his white wife with his black mistress and he went back to his white wife when he got fired. Don’t lie about that movie.

    I look forward to all the hot men in the movie. I have
    no issues with Roberts. I think she’s a nice person yet guarded in a way and I wish she was more sassy outwardly cause I think she’s probably sweet with a personality. She just seems to show the gigggggly. side only. Plus J.A. when that chick can carry a movie maybe shell get a real role but she wants puff roles. She doesn’t want to work . She just wants to do movies for attention and money..
    Can’t see it when it comes out cause I’m broke but the next weekend. Hot men and travel .. Yeah.
    I like some of JR’s movies, my fav was sleeping with the enemy.

    When I move to NYC in a couple of months, I look forward to traveling. Flights booked months in advance and hostels to not spend what I don’t have.
    You can travel if you want to without going broke.
    People are making excuses to diss this movie with the female mutilation and travel is expensive angles.

  109. Pamolicious says:

    Julie Roberts was too old for that role. What is she now, 45 or so? Liz Gilbert was like 30 when she had that crisis.

  110. headphones says:

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