January Jones wishes more women would realize that men like curves


January Jones is the September cover girl for Tatler Magazine (a UK publication). January continues to garner lots of press in Britain – Mad Men is extremely popular there, and January and all of the stars seem to be big hits with the British press. I’m mentioning that in case you’re wondering why January seems to do so many interviews in England – because I was wondering about it too. Anyway, The Daily Mail had some interview snippets from her Tatler profile, and it seems like all she was talking about was the softer body image ideals in Mad Men, and how everyone really appreciates it. By the way, does everyone love how the horse is photobombing January on the cover?


It was a Size 14 bombshell, lobbed into the anorexic world of fashion. And Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone certainly caused an explosion when she declared last week that the curvaceous female stars of hit TV show Mad Men make ideal role models for young girls.

The Minister earned criticism for arguing that the buxom, hourglass figures of actresses such as Christina Hendricks were both healthy and empowering. But now one of the cult show’s other women stars has endorsed the Minister’s views, saying that men find a fuller figure far sexier.

And January Jones, who plays long-suffering housewife Betty Draper in the Emmy award-winning TV drama, says its creator Matthew Weiner agrees – telling female members of the cast to avoid strenuous exercise in order to maintain their curves and avoid muscle definition.

The 32-year-old actress says Weiner, anxious to echo the curvier silhouette of the show’s early Sixties era, is as demanding as any magazine editor or fashion designer – but with a difference.

‘He would prefer we didn’t work out and that we eat really well, so we look like healthy women,’ she says.

The actress, whose looks are often compared to Grace Kelly’s, says she is pleased the show has brought back the idea that ‘it’s OK to have curves and be a woman. I wish more women would realize that’s what men like’.

She admits to loving ‘beer and carbs’ and says she is now quite taken with her curves after producers admonished her last year for being too thin.

In an interview with Tatler, January also confesses that she has learned to love the girdle she wears to help her achieve her hourglass looks.

‘It gives you such a nice shape,’ she says.

She is surprisingly unshocked by the show’s Sixties sexism.

‘I don’t think we’ve come very far,’ she says. ‘At least they were gentlemen back then. They might say something s****y behind your back, but at least they opened the door.’

The first three series of Mad Men, which is set in a fictitious ad agency, were shown on BBC4 and the show has just begun its fourth series in the US.

[From The Daily Mail]

I don’t really have anything to add except that I do appreciate the contributions Mad Men has brought to the body image conversation. While I think January has a lovely figure, she’s very slender and she just seems… well, not like the actress who should get the most credit. That credit should go to Christina Hendricks and bodacious body. Speaking of, did everyone see this video, below? Christina was being interviewed on KTLA, and the anchor Brian McFayden… well, he just turned into a very sweet, very enamored stuttering dude when he was sitting across from Christina. My favorite is when he says that the idea of Christina taking a bath is “awesome.”



WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 08: Actress January Jones attends the 'GQ, Nautica, and Oceana World Oceans Day Party' at Sunset Tower on June 8, 2010 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for GQ Magazine)

Tatler images courtesy of The Daily Mail.

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33 Responses to “January Jones wishes more women would realize that men like curves”

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  1. Isabella says:

    Oh Shut up, I have heard this so many times now. People have different preferences, she and others like her that use the same excuse have no right to talk on behave on all men (or other women).

  2. malachais says:

    LOVE the dress in the 3rd pic. She doesn’t seem very curvy in comparison to Christina Hendricks, but I haven’t seen many pics of her.

  3. lisa says:

    Men like different types of women. Some like them tall, short, thin, curvy, dark, light.

    What women need to understand is Men and women don’t see women in the same way. What a woman finds sexy about another women is not always what a man is attracted too.

    All these women in Hollywood are going on and on about being curvy. Well I don’t see Ms. Jones and curvy. She has a curve but I know curvy women and she is not it. I think this has become the NEW talking point. I recall the same talk about women using botox and not being authentic in their acting because they could not express emotions.. I think that was from Kate Winslet.

    And just a note: Grace Kelly was VERY THIN.

  4. Schozzle says:

    Uhm…..I’m not sure January is the proper woman to be spreading that message.

    And a stupid message it is. I LOATHE when people say that “real women have curves” bullshit. No, real women come in all freaking shapes and sizes. Some are petite and have tits and ass. Others are rail thin and flat as cardboard. One isn’t inherently better than the other.

  5. Lenore says:

    1. January Jones is a skinny blonde woman. I’m glad she likes carbs and is not anorexic, but there’s no curvy revolution going on here. What size is she, an 8 (US 4) at the most? Come on.

    2. I’m not sure it’s much of a step forward if she’s maintaining her shape because of a male TV boss “demanding” that she look a certain way.

    3. I wish people would stop saying “men like curves” as if it’s an incentive to women to stop starving themselves. How is it healthy to continue to focus womens’ self-esteem and body image on what OTHER PEOPLE might find attractive about them? Surely “who cares what men think of your body?” would be a better message?

    Nobody’s self esteem should be dependent on the opinions of others. If a woman reading January’s interview suddenly realised, “Wow, my jiggling behind and ample bosom are not hideous after all – men like them!” she might be inspired with confidence, go strutting out in heels and a nice imitation Herve Leger… until the first time some drunken douche in a bar calls her a fat b*tch who shouldn’t be wearing that stuff, and her self esteem plummets again. (Been there, seen that.)

    That woman should be encouraged to seek and find her own beauty, her own uniqueness, to trust in her own opinion and not rely on the approval of others for her own self-worth. If they can give you approval they can take it away too.

  6. Schozzle says:

    “How is it healthy to continue to focus womens’ self-esteem and body image on what OTHER PEOPLE might find attractive about them? Surely “who cares what men think of your body?” would be a better message? ”

    Right on! It sure doesn’t help when other women (not just men) pick on women’s bodies too. “Eww, she looks like a little boy!” is a particular offense. I may pick on celebrities for the stupid things they say, and how they act, but I try not to pick apart their bodies, since almost all of us have trouble being ok with ours.

  7. Lenore says:

    @Schnozzle: “Right on! It sure doesn’t help when other women (not just men) pick on women’s bodies too. “Eww, she looks like a little boy!” is a particular offense.”

    Definitely. No man can ever be as cruel to a woman, with nothing but words, as another woman can.

    I will never understand how it is that we cannot be mutually supportive – how “curvy” women cannot see that “skinny” women are not the enemy. Surely the right of all women to be seen as worthwhile human beings – fat or thin, skinny or curvy, HOT OR NOT – is the goal?

  8. lucy2 says:

    “I’m not sure it’s much of a step forward if she’s maintaining her shape because of a male TV boss “demanding” that she look a certain way.”

    Totally agree, Lenore – a real step forward would be an actress saying they didn’t care about anything else besides being healthy and comfortable in their own shape, whatever that shape is, and that they’re not going to starve themselves to fit some stupid Hollywood mold.
    I wonder if January saw all the positive response to Christina’s media coverage, and is trying to hop on the curvy train. I think she’s really beautiful and does look like Grace Kelly, but I’d never look at her and say curvy.

  9. snowball says:

    I’m old enough to have gone through a freaking dozen cycles of men like blondes. Well no, now they like brunettes because they’re smart, redheads because they’re fiery, blondes because dumb is back in..and on and on. I swear, every five years it repeats itself.

    Curves and body acceptance are in now and in another ten years, we’ll all be starving ourselves again. Seriously, look at history (body shape and our obsession with undergarments included).

    We have some major body image problems and while it’d be nice to say that as a species we’d evolved, I don’t think it’s happening.

  10. Lenore says:

    Snowball: “Curves and body acceptance are in now and in another ten years, we’ll all be starving ourselves again. Seriously, look at history (body shape and our obsession with undergarments included).”

    It’s all about what the beauty industry needs to sell. Fashions have to change or nobody will buy the new product. Which is okay when it’s shoes or skirts but not so groovy when it’s body shape.

    “You’ve finally found a diet and fitness routine to give you the perfect toned pilates body? Finally got those perfect breast implants? Just in time for us to change the rules again! Now it’s all about accepting your body – no visible muscle tone, and remember, a little visible cellulite is THE accessory for S/S 2011! And fake breasts? So last year, darling. Get ‘em taken out or you’ll just look tacky.”

    There was an article on the BBC News site about Christina Hendricks, funnily enough, and how her body shape was just as hard to obtain and maintain as the skinny ideal – the hourglass/big-boobs-skinny-waist thing takes a lot of effort to maintain if you’re not graced with it by genetics. So, yeah, body acceptance is great, so long as it’s still the right body.

  11. meme says:

    JJ is a beautiful woman, but curvy? I don’t think so. She’s skinny.

  12. Captaine says:

    FYI, Only white men had/have this issue with wanting their women to look like they haven’t gone thru puberty yet.

    Let’s just get it str8. Blacks and latinos have been lovin curves since the dawn of time. Shit ain’t nothin new to us.

  13. Will says:

    Captaine is right. I went to a number of “big girl” (I hate the term BBW) parties in the past and the men there are predominantly black and Latino. There will usually be a few creepy-looking white guys there at the bar, but the black and Latino men are often good-looking and out on the dance floor having a great time.

    I’ve also noticed a new magazine at my convenience store…I think it’s called Black Male and is sort of a Maxim for black guys. The cover girl every month is a black or Latino woman…not chubby, but with a disproportionately HUGE ass (which, I admit made me stare a few times myself).

  14. Captaine says:

    @Will, ummm dood i’m not talking about BBW. There’s a difference between being “curvy” and being fuckin fat.

    Examples of what i’m talking about (and these are just examples of women that are famous but built how i’m describing):

    -Beyonce, Selma Hyak, Jennifer Lopez, Dania Ramirez, Vida Guerrra, Alicia Keys, etc.

    Those types of body frames.

  15. Will says:

    Okay, but the same holds true for Latino/black men liking fat girls. Being a fat woman isn’t nearly as much of a stigma in the eyes of a lot of Latino/black men as it is for whites.

    That said, a cursory look at YouTube will show that there are plenty of guys – white, black, etc. – who like fat girls.

    The women you mention may not be rail thin, but I don’t think any of them have ever had to worry about no (white) guys liking them.

  16. Feebee says:

    She does nothing for me but I had to laugh when she noted that men or “we” haven’t really changed that much since the 60s but at least back then they opened the door for you.

    She makes a valid point.

  17. Patrice says:

    This is a HILARIOUS statement coming form her especially considering that although beautiful, January has the figure of a 16 year old boy!

    I can appreciate her appreciation of all types of female bodies, but reading this article I sort of had a flashback to the equally funny quote I once read by an irate Kristen Bell “defending” her (non-existant) “voluptous” figure! Lol. I mean, do these two girls really see that when they look in the mirror?? Just goes to show you how much Hollywood screws with peoples heads.

  18. Kazoo81 says:

    “ummm dood i’m not talking about BBW. There’s a difference between being “curvy” and being fuckin fat.”


    that horse is creeping me out.

  19. Kiska says:

    JJ is not a curvy woman. She is skinny. She has no idea what a curvy gal is so she should just STFU.

  20. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    I asked Odie about this, because I had my own theories and I wanted a male perspective. He said he likes women who look “healthy and fertile and like they’re down.” The last part means “freaky-deaky.” That is sometimes thin, but never skinny, and sometimes fuller, but never obese.

    The word “curvy” is misused in my opinion. People who say it mean “big boobs.”

    I said it before, I’ll say it again. I hate when skinny bitches tell me it’s good to be curvy. Shut up, skinny bitches!

  21. kate217 says:

    what is she talking about? have you seen her legs? she is the opposite of “curvy”

  22. Lydia says:

    Totally agree Lenore.

    I am sick and tired of decisions on body type being based on what men like and want.

    We have women in Mauritania becoming obese because the men want a fat wife as a show of their wealth while the women are slowly killing themselves. And so on and so forth around the world…

    Can women make a decision free of what men want? Whatever body type you have, make it work for you and not not some man.

    Plus, this chick is scary skinny (have you seen her legs!) so I don’t know if she even believes what she is saying.

  23. Kelly says:

    Who GIVES A CRAP what men want? They’ll get what they’re bloody given, quite frankly, and love it. LOVE IT.

    Jesus girls, when are we going to give this ‘please love/want/look at me’ garbage up? It’s so degrading.

  24. Meg says:

    i am young, but have yet to meet a guy who hasn’t expressed out loud that he would only date skinny girls. if she’s not skinny, he won’t even talk to her.

  25. fizXgirl3114 says:

    “Definitely. No man can ever be as cruel to a woman, with nothing but words, as another woman can. ”

    I don’t think this is true… I had a weight problem in my youth and plenty of men were plenty cruel… you would be disgusted if I went into detail… I was also very shy and insecure, so I think that amblified it. So, let’s not give men a free pass by claiming that they are innocents with no ability to be cruel… I think history has shown us that men pretty much have the monopoly on cruel…

    Also, I don’t like that she associated being curvy with drinking beer and eating carbs. I eat relatively healthy and exercise moderly and I’m not always chugging beer and eating french fries… yet I have a curvy figure… so yeah, unleathy habits and curves don’t necessarily go together…

  26. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    Meg, you must be very young. I’ve never been “skinny,” but I’ve also never lacked for male attention. And I live in Los Angeles.

  27. Lucy says:

    As a “skinny bitch”, I have come across many men who like a petite body, and want to jump my bones. And I have come across many men who like curvier bodies, and don’t find me attractive. It’s individual preference.

    I’m tired of “real women” being titled as such due to the shape of their body.

  28. paranel says:

    Women should not live to please men or others in general. They should have a healthy relationship with their food and their body. Don’t use food as an emotional refuge or out of boredom or so on and don’t starve because so and so look this way or men like you that way. Life is too short.

  29. oduroyal says:

    Does she mean men like the very married Bobby Flay she was hanging out with?

  30. anon says:


  31. I Choose Me says:

    Schozzle and Lenore hit the nail on the head. I couldn’t agree more. :)

  32. anne says:

    Sexism wasn’t more “gentlemanly” back in the good old days. It wasn’t men just “say[ing] s*** behind your back,” it was sex-segregated employment (seriously – “girls wanted” for these low-paying service jobs, “men wanted” for everything else); the legal right of companies to deny you banks loans, car insurance, credit cards, doctor-patient confidentiality on the basis of your sex; even less legal recourse than women have now against sexual harassment and assault.

    Betty Draper is such a complex and fascinating character it’s disappointing the actor who plays her doesn’t seem to understand why. Somehow she pulls it off though. Maybe Jones understands more than she lets on. I hope so.

  33. anne says:

    Also, when somebody tells the guy who plays Peter Campbell to pack on some weight because women like curves please let me know.