TMZ: Lindsay Lohan’s rehab will be for meth addiction, bipolar disorder


I was going to wait to do this story for tomorrow, but I have the feeling that tomorrow will be the day that Lindsay gets out of jail, and these stories will be forgotten. First up: once Lindsay gets out of jail, she is being “forced” into rehab immediately by Judge Revel. I know what you’re thinking – Lindsay isn’t addicted to anything, so what’s the rehab for, right? Well, TMZ’s sources claim that Lindsay’s rehab stint will involve treatments for her addictions to crystal meth, opiates and her bipolar disorder. First… Lindsay was officially diagnosed as Bipolar? When did that happen? Second… meth? Yeah, that makes sense.

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan will be treated for addiction to methamphethamine and bipolar disorder during her court ordered 90 days in rehab.

According to a source familiar with Lindsay’s case, methamphetamine and opiates are her “drugs of choice”.

Methamphetamine — also known as crystal meth or simply meth — is a highly addictive stimulant and opiates, generally, have more of a downer effect.

Morningside Recovery — the Orange County, CA rehab Lilo’s scheduled to enter — lists opiate and methamphetamine detoxification among its specialties. As TMZ first reported, sources say Morningside was not on the list of facilities recommended by court appointed psychiatrists.

We’re told Lindsay will begin her rehab stint almost immediately after getting out of Lynwood Correctional Facility.

[From TMZ]

Here’s my question: the rehab facility will definitely force her to stop using her prescription painkillers, right? Because while I don’t doubt that Lindsay is a methhead, and a bipolar one at that, I think her biggest problem might be the prescriptions and the doctor-shopping.

My second Lindsay story – apparently, just before she went to jail, she filmed a (dumb) part in the trailer for the Underground Comedy 2010. She’s all cracked-out and dolled up like her icon, Marilyn Monroe, and she guns down some paparazzi. It’s all pretty stupid:


Screencaps of Lindsay from the trailer. Header: Lindsay on October 19, 2009. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Dingles says:

    Shocking. or not.

    She wants to be Marilyn Monroe so bad, I almost feel sorry for the methhead wannabe.

  2. bellaluna says:

    HAH! I KNEW she did meth – I could just tell. It takes an awful lot to make a person look so gross, and meth is one of the fastest ways to get there. They need to get her off Adderall (aka RX Meth) as well.

    The opiates are no surprise either, given the whole Dilaudid Debacle of 2010.

    Judge Revel, my hero! (Why is she allowed to go to a facility that’s not on the court-approved list? I’m not sure I buy her going to this facility. Yet.)

  3. Riley says:

    ugh, don’t promote those TMZ miscreants

  4. CourtneyH says:

    If she’s addicted to meth, I don’t know that the pain killers are her biggest worry–it’s the Adderall. I did everything under the sun in high school, and can say that the effects of Adderall are very, very similar to the effects of meth. She’s never going to beat any of her addictions if they keep prescribing it to her for her supposed ADHD.

  5. Blondie says:

    Def belive the meth…look at her face in the main photo, can’t imagine anything other than meth would destroy her face in such a short time

  6. Blondie says:

    Oh & bi-polar…not convinced, or if it is proven so, prob due to excessive drugs that have destroyed her mind

  7. Joe says:

    Shamwow is correct….SHAM-WOW. With the greatest sense of humor and most open mind a human can posses, I’m not fully understanding how a baby being shot is funny….a laptop, money and a camera does not make a filmmaker…GO AWAY.

  8. d says:

    “(Why is she allowed to go to a facility that’s not on the court-approved list? I’m not sure I buy her going to this facility. Yet.)”

    “She’s never going to beat any of her addictions if they keep prescribing it to her for her supposed ADHD. ”

    ITA. So far, she and her family have not shown any sense of just how delusional and effed up their lives and POVs are. What they HAVE shown is how entitled they feel (their idea that jail etc was unfair was priceless). At this point, I still don’t see Lohan becoming a mature adult with a career to envy. Everything is still in the toilet for her, they’re all still in denial, and her life and career are still spiraling down the drain. I hate to say it, but I kinda think she’s doomed. Esp. as long as she thinks her mum is her best friend and that everyone is out to get her. It’s pretty clear, to me anyway, that no one in that group really gets it. Aside from her lawyer and she’s just doing her job.

    I don’t think street meth is her problem, but rather, perscription meds. Plausible to me, b/c it’s a common enough problem, those things are easy to get and get hooked to, and it’s pretty much tolerated everywhere because everyone does it (hence, the “unfair” complaints). Tolerated until you get caught. Again, hence the unfair complaint. Anyway. Nothing to see here. The real news will be when/if Lohan ever overcomes being a punchline or joke and today’s version of Anna Nicole Smith (and not Monroe, despite what Lohan thinks). Which I doubt will ever happen.

  9. bellaluna says:

    @ d:

    I tend to agree that Adderall is more likely her problem than street meth; however, if she truly does not have ADHD, the docs may as well hand her a prescription for meth – it’s the same thing, without those pesky street fillers.

    When she’s taking her RX drugs (which is what, always?), though, I believe her “better judgement” goes right out the window and she does whatever drugs she can get her hands on.

    Yes, the Delusional-Hans are correct: it is absolutely unfair that patients with legitimate medical needs for pain meds have to fight tooth and nail for those prescriptions while entitled celebu-tards can just doctor shop until they find the “right” MD and then pay cash for their fixes! (And don’t even get me started on the military veterans in our country who are homeless due to the lack of mental health care they so desperately need – but she’s “bi-polar” and has ADHD, so hand her the keys to the RX Kingdom!) It is also unfair that these entitled celebu-tards get SO much more leeway with the legal system (I refuse to call it “justice system”!) and the resulting (and eventual) punishment for their actions. You or I would have been in jail a long, long time ago; make no mistake about that.

  10. bb says:

    I always suspected it was meth. Amphetamine abusers have a telltale look about their skin – a sort of stiff almost plastic look, as if all the elasticity has been zapped out of it.

    Having access to adderall at the same time wouldn’t have helped at all. As for doing meth and dilaudid at the same time? That’s just insanity.

  11. LindaR says:

    Oh please! Bipolar disorder? That’s this century’s mental illness. In the 1990’s it was ADD/ADHD. Doctors are diagnosing anything that moves with bipolar. I wonder what the next flavour of the decade will be: schizophrenia? borderline personality disorder? Let’s throw in narcissism while we’re at it, as most of Hollywood has that.

  12. lucy2 says:

    I of course have no way of knowing, but I’m for some reason doubting the bi-polar thing. I think she’s just a spoiled brat with shitty parents who was allowed to party and it went to far. She’s an alcoholic and probably hooked on every drug she can get her hands on, and that is the root of her problems.
    If she IS bipolar, I certainly hope she gets help, but I don’t know, I get the feeling the bipolar thing is being thrown out there by her camp as yet another excuse as to why none of this is her fault. If it were a true diagnosis, why wouldn’t her attorney have presented that in court as a defense?

  13. bellaluna says:

    No offence intended during my previous rant. It just makes me all kinds of indignant for those who have legitimate medical needs for the medications/prescription-drug therapy these famous addicts* use as “recreational drugs”. (*I don’t mean famous people who are addicts; I mean people who are famous because of their addictions.)

    @ d: ITA with you on the Anna Nicole Smith thing as well. LL is deeply steeped in delusion that she can’t see what a caricature she’s become.

    And while the Delusional-Hans have shown everyone else how entitled and seriously f’d up they are, their sense of self is so FUBAR that they can’t see it themselves, so we agree on that as well.

    Edit: @ LindaR – does that mean those of us without a “diagnosed” mental disorder are worth money in some parts? 😉 I’m joking, of course. No offence intended to anyone.

  14. DD says:

    how can she be doing prescription stimulants and meth at the same time and still be alive. The human body is amazing, she must have some killer genes. Though that first picture of her is really rough for someone as young as she is.

  15. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    Borderline Personality Disorder. She caught it from her BPD mother and Narcissist father.

  16. Eden says:

    A lot of people self medicate partially to help with the distress of repressed abuse and brain/mood I wouldn’t be shocked if she had some diagnosis like this crop up.
    It is a chicken/egg thing for sure and one that does seem rampant these days so who really knows with her.

    If this stint in jail and rehab doesn’t change something in her, even a teeny step forward in the right direction mentally, I would be surprised.
    It may not be enough of a step forward to keep her moving and away from a crap outcome but I think there might be some growth.

    That first pink picture never fails to shock.

  17. d says:

    On second thought though, regardless of the med disorder (bipolar or whatever), even if she is addicted to opiates or persc. meds, that alone is a hellish monkey to get off your back and some never do. It’s a beast even when you have everything else together. So if this is indeed is a problem that she has, I feel sorry for her – she will not have an easy time of it.

  18. Bodhi says:

    I doubt that she is addicted to street meth, popping adderall like candy is her main problem. As for the bi-polar diagnosis… I want to know where TMZ got their info, stuff like that is supposed to be confidential

  19. abbizmal says:

    Ugh, the bathrobe again. Ugh ugh, that face. I don’t see her getting these monkeys off her back either. After all, she was allowed to keep using the Adderral in jail and that shit is bad. She isn’t ADD, just addicted to everything she touches. I certainly hope she can get clean. It is possible, just not likely.

  20. BethL says:

    Kaiser I beg you to stop using this photo of Lindsay. It’s so creepy and scary.

  21. BrandyMc says:

    I KNEW meth was her problem! I had a sister-in-law, a few years ago who was a total beauty. Then she discovered meth and her looks vanished in no time flat. I could just tell from pictures of her that she was abusing meth. Sad.

  22. Rita says:

    I think some form of bipolar is a big problem with her and half the other Hollyweirds, male and female. If the chemical dependency problems really exist, she should be climbing the walls in jail unless the prescriptiions are keeping the “DT’s” at bay.

  23. Angie says:

    That movie looks like it defines trying too hard to try to hard. Stupid idiots.

  24. Marjalane says:

    She doesn’t need Adderall! I bet if you go back to her ORIGINAL diagnosis for ADHD, it was done by some fly by night crooked Dr., and she got it for “energy” and weight control. This is the drug of choice in Hollywood for it, and if you don’t actually have ADHD, you’re now on meth. That Godawful Dina Lohan probably signed off on the whole thing. It’s just pitiful that you can get anything from sleazy Dr.s.

    Having said that- I don’t see Lindsey having the strength of character to kick anything; esp. not with the shitty support her friends and family offer her.

  25. hellen says:

    I think I called this somewhere along the line: “Faces of Meth”! And I would NOT doubt that she is doing street meth in addition to Adderall. And whatever else she can get her little paws on as well.

    I don’t believe the bipolar BS at all.

  26. LAME says:

    Morningside Recovery is sadly run by people who are currently ACTIVE in their own diseases. The place is toxic. What a shame, I don’t hold out much hope for her to get better at that place.

  27. Kirby says:

    @bellaluna, agreed about how celebrities & faux-lebrities use med and then make it impossible for legit use for medical need, and legit people are always treated like criminals while the “celebs” continue to get whatever they want. That’s why it’s such b.s. when politicians looking to grandstand go on crusades about Rx drugs. The people who “abuse” them won’t be affected, but the people who need them will be, and taxpayers fund the charade. And because of publicized hysteria from actions of a few, doctors who mostly practice self-serving/defensive medicine these days, don’t prescribe to those who need it, but still lick the boots of celebrities.

  28. lisa says:

    I need to read all the comments.

    but I thought people who did meth.. had breakouts on their skin and their teeth started to rot.. Lindsey does not have facial breakouts and her teeth look fine..

    She looks rough in part because she does not sleep. She always looks too tired to me. But I don’t know any drug users (well they have not shared that knowledge with me). I just hope rehab will help. I also hope that when she is released we will not see her at all. That she will be shipped right to the facility no press line walk all made up and in a designer outfit like Paris. That was beyond SICK and sent the wrong message. They should have come out of jail looking like Snookie.. that was more real. Wait.. she always looks that way.. but still the point stands.

  29. Dale says:

    Refuse to read that vile TMZ, but Radar reports the publicity-lovin’ lawyer denies this story

  30. paranel says:

    She is not well and she is addicted. To what? it does not matter. Get help now or suffer big in no time. A young girl with all going for her should no waste it all away on Meth or adderall .

  31. jen says:

    That top pic reminds me of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. LOL!

  32. Hepzibah says:

    I read somewhere (don’t remember where) that the Judge picked this rehab ’cause they assured her that Lindz would not be permitted outside contact with family and friends while in their custody.

    And I’m guessing the meth addiction label is probably the technical term for Adderall addiction.

  33. Mary Okorn-Jimenez says:

    Only meth results in looks and behavior like Lindsay’s. I know – and was lucky enough to live and prosper through it, through the very unforgiving San Francisco and San Jose jail systems. I am utterly shocked it’s taken this long for someone to call Lindsay’s drug of choice out of the closet.
    My dance with meth lasted a mere 18 months, but the ramifications spanned three years and over 180 days in jail – for use and possession ONLY.
    Lindsay was and is such a danger to herself, I have long hoped for a series of stints in jail for her for no other reasons than saving her life and keeping the public safe. For someone of such privilege and celebrity, the ability to continue doing meth and hiding it was becoming a bigger danger to the general population than it was for her.
    We’ll see if the now-no-longer hidden stigma of meth and jail will make a difference this time around.
    Knowing the insidious effects of meth, I predict she will violate her probation and land back in jail. Really, really you guys? Jail is the only place where she MIGHT get clean (although you still see the drugs of your choice in jail), but she’d have to be there long enough, in isolation, for the meth haze to clear. She cannot see the mess she’s really become – she thinks the problem is everthing and everyone else.
    Fuck, am I lucky to be alive. Thank you San Francisco, and thank you San Jose. I owe you my life.

  34. me says:

    Meth is the self medicating choice for bipolar disorder … it helps keep the mania high; the depression side is so bad that meth can pull you out and when the mania gets bad you pull out the downers.

    This is not the “diagnosis” of the decade, this is a real disease and many people do suffer from it, from babies to adults.

    I think that in Lindsay’s case she does have it, the constant sexual partners, the shopping sprees, the changes in her appearance, the weight loss … I feel bad for her but if she doesn’t get help and get on the correct medications she will die like her icon.

  35. junipergreen says:

    I’m bipolar (severe ultra rapid cycling Bipolar I) and I would never in a million years have tagged her for that. I just don’t see it at all.

    Mrs Oldie said: “Borderline Personality Disorder. She caught it from her BPD mother and Narcissist father.”

    Yes, she seems VERY Borderline. But…you don’t “catch it.”

  36. katyalia says:

    @ hellen: Yep, you nailed it. Why do people doubt that she is using street meth?

    This is the girl who raided every closet, jewelery box and nightclub-wardrobe she could. The only thing seperating Lindsay from some Oklahoma boonies meth addict is the price of her loot.
    Ted C. brought up her meth addiction at least 18 months ago and I believed him then. So for her court-mandated drug monitoring she got herself on (even more extra-strenghts) prescriptions. Does not mean it’s her biggest problem.
    No doubt she started out seeking the next high and nowadays has to have a bucket of highs, lows, balancing, anti-whatever-possible at the ready.
    But her biggest problem now will be the meth. It’s her advanced stage of keeping her body seeking at least moderate ‘high’.

  37. junipergreen says:

    Linda R.–Try living the absolute HELL that is true bipolar disorder then come spout whatever you want. It is over-diagnosed, but it is VERY real and is so destructive. Walk a mile in my shoes. I dare you. Then come back and say what you said again.

  38. Chris says:

    Sometimes people who are strung out on drugs like meth can show signs and report symptoms of a mental disorder, so it’s hard to tell if the substance use or the mental disorder is the primary problem. First Lindsay needs to get clean to see if the symptoms of the MD persist or if they dissipate. If they persist beyond three weeks of stopping using then she probably does have a MD, but if the symptoms subsided then her primary problem is probably just the substance misuse. The problem for Lindsay, however, is that she’s surrounded by enablers who tell her what she wants to hear. This is going to make it difficult for her to recover.

  39. yessiree says:

    Mixing amphetamines and downers? Isn’t that what a lot of other celebrities die from?

    This ain’t funny anymore. Send her to rehab now.

  40. bjf says:


    was anyone talking about you???? I don’t think so. Lighten up and remember this is a gossip site that talks about celebrities. Not you.

  41. BrandyMc says:

    To the post about what meth does to you or doesn’t do. It does not always causes the teeth to rot and it doesn’t always cause sores. Normally that is someone who doesnt brush teeth often and picks at sores. also that comes about when someone has used for a very long time.

  42. happymom says:

    I call total BS on the bi-polar claim. With Britney Spears it was OBVIOUS that the girl had mental problems. Lilo is spoiled, entitled and has become addicted to whatever drugs she uses from partying and living the high life. I find it disgusting that they’re going to try and work the system and use what is an actual disease to try and avoid taking responsibilities for her actions. (Like kidnapping those poor teens and driving like a coked out mad woman on PCH.)

  43. Shane says:

    I see this movie and especially this clip for what it is… A woman seeking vengeance on those who showed her no sign of remorse while sporting a hot outfit (see: Kill Bill). I would watch this flick just to see that sequence but the fact that Vince “the ShamWow guy” Offer is in it (and we all know he can take a joke and produce a joke as seen in the Eminem Recovery Album commercial)

    BTW – That photo of Lindsay is scary as shit and if for no other reason, I will be checking out this movie to see hot Lindsay in action.

    @Angie – I don’t think Lindsay was really “trying too hard” to play that role in this movie. It’s just plain senseless fun so relax!

  44. Kate says:

    The culture of rehab that is prevalent in Hollywood troubles me; it trivializes the struggles that addicts face.

    There are, of course, many celebrities who have very real substance abuse problems. But many others use rehab as a tool for publicity or as a method of not taking responsibility for a public gaffe.

  45. Sally says:

    @bjf: take it easy, living with bipolar can be very difficult. So while juniper may have overreacted to Linda’s comment, you don’t have to be so offensive about a sensitive subject.

    @junipergreen: severe rapid cycling? That must be difficult! I get that sometimes and it can be hell. Linda wasn’t slagging us that have real bipolar depression, she was just making a (very valid) point about bipolar being a ‘fashionable’ diagnosis lately. I wish you all the best with managing your bipolar! 🙂

  46. di butler says:

    First off-Adderall is an amphetamine. This is not the same as a methamphetamine.

    Second-If you have enough money to keep your teeth capped, see dermatologists continually and take care of yourself, unless you are a heavy addict, you can conceal meth use.

    3rd-opiates are a bitch to get off of, but I’ve done it. She went to rapid detox before jail, and if it’s true that she hasn’t had narcotics in jail, she’s had plenty of time to detox. Now it’s just down to the want. That will determine whether she is serious.

  47. Ricci says:

    If she was doing meth she would have huge red open sores all over her where the meth comes out. So I dont think its meth.

  48. katyalia says:

    @ bjf: Nicely put.

  49. original kate says:

    i’m not buying the bipolar diagnosis, either. i think aderall, coke and booze are her problems. well, that and being a spoiled bitch who has never taken responsibility for her life, ever.

  50. jc126 says:

    TMZ is saying it’s for addiction to adderall, possibly, not crystal meth. Drug addiction and withdrawal can masquerade as almost ANY mental illness, so who can say whether she has bipolar or not at this point.

  51. BrandyMc says:

    @Ricci Not every person who uses meth has the sores. Trust me on this I dealt with it first hand with my sis-in-law and she never had sores or rotten teeth.

  52. bellaluna says:

    @ Ricci:

    While it’s generally true that heavy users of meth have “crystals” of it come up through their pores, those pores become “huge, red, open sores” due to the meth user “tweaking” and picking at the sores until they look that way.

    For those with genuine medically diagnosed Mental/Medical Conditions:

    I don’t think any comments are being directed at you personally; I believe most of us are commenting specifically on LL and the plethora of BS that has (and continues) to come out about her “medical conditions.” I wish you all well with your daily struggles in whatever condition(s) you may have.

  53. Kelly says:

    I suppose no one’s just a stupid, self-obsessed junkie any more, they’re all suffering from a ‘disease’.

    *plays world’s smallest violin while rolling eyes*

  54. Ricci says:

    Lindsay Lohan is not “a meth addict,” her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley tells in an an exclusive interview. The famed lawyer was adamant that a story claiming otherwise is a complete “fabrication.


  55. ak47 says:

    Meth: No wonder she’s so skinny and her skin and hair look so horrific!

  56. mai tai says:

    Just watched that stupid trailer: the ‘underground’ movie definitely needs to stay buried.

  57. Johnthing says:

    I am so sick of this duck-lipped moron.

  58. Boombeeba says:

    To everyone who says “I doubt she is on ‘street meth’ it’s all the adderall she’s taking” last time I checked Adderall doesn’t f@ck ur face up within such a short period of time. Stop making excuses! As someone who lives in Hollywood I can attest to the meth epidemic raging in California…

  59. Lindsay says:

    lucy2- Because it isn’t a valid defense. Even if she is bi-polar she would be expected to live by the terms of her parole. There are a lot of people on parole with untreated or undiagnosed mental health issues, she is one of the lucky ones because she has access to doctors who could help. She just chooses to go to doctors that want to make her happy rather than well.

  60. Ethel says:

    Meth and Opiates can cause the symptoms of bi-polar disorder. Your flying high and doing manic things on Meth and then you crash and if you add opiates to that you can get very depressed. I think they should get all the drugs she’s been using for self medication out of her system (including the Adderal) before they diagnose a psychological disorder.

  61. LindaR says:

    @Junipergreen – if you are living with bipolar disorder you have my heart. I understand the disease and all it entails and support you, fully, in your life. However, I also know from credible medical sources that bipolar is being attributed to a lot of behaviours. It’s criteria has even been changed in the latest DSM-V to meet even less stringent guidelines for diagnosis. The same thing happened in the 90’s with ADD and ADHD being applied to every behaviour slightly out of the norm in school-aged children. Some, (not all) doctors, push behaviour-modification drugs on patients because it a) makes their symptoms manageable and b) it’s difficult to get affordable help for patients with depression, anxiety, and acute and chronic mental health issues. It would be “unethical” to prescribe a mood disorder drug for someone for whom the drug is not warranted unless the doctor makes the diagnosis that “fits” the drug they are prescribing. Thus the overdiagnosis of bipolar disorder so that doctors can make patients feel better immediately. Unfortunately, many mood disorder drugs cause severe side-effects, some of them persisting for life, even if the drug is no longer being taken ie tardive dyskinesia, a side-effect of Haldol. I would advise anyone that has been diagnosed with bipolar to at least get a second opinion.

  62. aenflex says:

    That photo of her at the very top is heinous. I mean embarassing. It’s the ugliest thing I’ve seen in a while. I hope she makes it far enough in life to look back on the photo and realize the lesson.

  63. Bodhi says:

    @ Boombeeba ~ I certainly wasn’t defending her or making excuses for her. She just doesn’t have the scabby faced- meth-mouth thing going on. I think she effed up her face with all those fillers & botox & various & sundry plastic surgery

  64. MissyA says:

    LindaR – I totally agree with you. Bipolar Disorder has been the most over-prescribed, least understood affect disorder this decade.

    I spent a lot of time working in university psych labs during my undergraduate and I found the blanket diagnosis of “BPD I or BPD II” is incredibly pervasive and unethical. Clearly, it’s doing more harm than good. I think it speaks to medicalization of psychiatric care (and how pills can fix everything!), but even traditional forms of talk therapy are being underminded by the inundation of people who have no intention on working on their own cognitive/behavioral issues. They’re just abusing the system to get a free pass for being an asshole.

    I made the decision not to go to graduate school – I had no interest in becoming a Strawman/Candy dispenser.

    That being said, there’s plenty wrong with Lindsay. She needs real, intense therapy to work through that self-righteous attitude of hers. It’ll be a long road – she’s fried her neurotransmitters with heavy drugs and alcohol, and her erratic behavior reflects such. But more pills aren’t the answer. Soft, touchy feely “it’s not your fault” diagnoses aren’t the answer. She needs to dry out, maintain sobriety, and start working through her own delusional bullshit.

    Otherwise she’s just going wield this BPD diagnosis whenever somebody starts calling her on her bullshit. Seen it a million times.

  65. plainjane says:

    Folks, BPD is Borderline Personality Disorder, not bipolar. Time to stop playing doctor with strangers and go read some real news.

  66. Juice in LA says:

    I am glad she was forced into Rehab for the detox benefit, but I have some grave misgivings about wasting resources on someone who doesn’t think she has a problem and doesn’t want to get clean.

    I wish we lived in a world where the addict who suffers through the painful withdrawals and detox, wake up to see the light, find themselves and commit themselves to staying sober. Garey Busey and Tom Sizemore however, show me that such a dream is brought to us by the Disney Channel.

  67. Danielle Minka says:

    I want to see this like now! Lohan looks crazed and seemingly funny in this one and there is the Sham Wow dude?! This is like her play therapy and I need to see this asap. The sham wow dude is an animal also and I would want to see him act out also please. hahahaha this is going to be a great “date movie”. When is it out?

    Perez Hilton makes fun of it here, but I know he is going to see it, no doubt.

  68. MissyA says:

    Plainjane – You’re totally right. I overlooked it. Relied on a fuzzy memory and inherent laziness to be bothered to Google DSMV-TR coding. You’re right. I’m wrong. Fuck me.

    But that doesn’t negate my experiences and observations, nor does it negate America’s disturbing pharmaceutical trend. Kthanksbye.

  69. Jacqueline says:

    As a bipolar person myself, I totally saw right away when she and Britney Spears started going off the wall. I understand its overdiagnosed, but in these two it shouldnt be doubted. Its obvious.

  70. Chris says:

    This is serious, guys. She may end up like the Crazy Cat Woman in the Simpsons.

  71. After all, time spent at South Coast Recovery is not meant to be a sentence of punishment.

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