Britney Spears will be releasing a new album in a few weeks


Here are some new photos of Britney Spears out and about in LA yesterday. So much to talk about in these photos! First of all, her weave doesn’t look totally gross and budget, like it did two weeks ago. She’s either gotten it fixed, or maybe she just washed it? Also, look at her nipples! They’re going in the same direction! YAY! And she’s wearing a bra, or as Britney calls it, “a tittay cover, y’all.” And yes, she’s making weird faces, but she looks sober-ish and lucid. All in all, an excellent Britney appearance.

I think we’ve been seeing so many paparazzi photos of Britney lately because she’s been out and about, working on her new album. According to MTV’s sources, Britney is probably going to have some big announcement or release in the next “few weeks.”

Britney Spears will be releasing a new album in just a “few weeks”, according to producer Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins.

Britney’s label Jive confirmed back in March that she had begun work on her follow-up to 2008’s Circus, and now Jerkins has told UStream: “Britney fans are gonna be so happy in a few weeks.”

The as-yet-untitled album will be Britney’s seventh, and is expected to include contributions from producers including Danja and Predator Dub Assassins.

We can’t wait!

[From MTV]

Well, good for her. Right? Is that the emotion we should be feeling? Because if I think too hard about it, I get sad that Britney is still in the public eye, and I start wishing she was at home in Louisiana, getting real help for her problems, rather than being trotted out to be a “pop star”. Remember her last tour? It went off without Brit having a major breakdown, but Britney was definitely phoning it in. I think Kathy Griffin even joked that it was like somebody just put the album on the stereo system and just let Britney lip-synch and “dance” her way through the whole thing.




Britney on August 2, 2010. Credit: Fame.

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  1. DelBocaVista says:

    Oh man she is just in heaven nursing on that frapp.

    And she is definitely NOT wearing a bra.

  2. sapphire says:

    Sad, but what else can she do for a living? No question, she needs guardianship, no questions she’s got organic problems. But you can’t just stuff her back in her hometown and say “That’s it”. Maybe the best of a lot of crappy alternatives.

  3. bellaluna says:

    I’m still just sad for her. She’s been so “handled” all of her life, she’s not equipped to handle life herself. That’s a sad, sad thing.

    I one of my children was in her position, I’d feel like I let them down and hadn’t done my job as a mother. A big part of my job as a mother is to “release” whole, healthy, responsible, fully functioning human beings into the adult world and watch them flourish.

  4. mm says:

    Is it just me or does her bad makeup job remind anyone else of “Whatever happened to Baby Jane”? (If you never saw it, see it!)

  5. Anonandonandon says:

    Why is it we are supposed to feel sad for this millionaire who not only barely does any work but has been elevated to the top of her field? She makes millions for simply existing while coasting on an image that she didn’t even create. All she ever did was show up and take a bow. Her singing ability has been universally panned since she arrived on the scene over a decade ago and now she barely dances. On top of that she’s butt-ugly! She’s the luckiest person on the planet so I refuse to take pity on her. If she hadn’t been at the right place at the right time during the boy band era she would be a Wal-Mart greeter understudy somewhere in Kentucky. She can retire anytime she wants and spend the rest of her life doing what she does best, shopping.

  6. purelife says:

    even brit wear padded bra her nipples will still pop out. she got best breasts in Hollywood. Beat this original and firm girls Heidi Montag!!!

  7. Lilou says:

    Anonandonan, I find it very funny when people think she did nothing to be where she is now… She has sold millions and millions of albums. If you theory were true, she would have been forgotten after her second album.

    For years, she has spend every day doing promotion, making albums, making music video, making interview… She worked so hard that she has completly lost her mind, because she had no time for herself…

    As for her voice, she certainly is no Whitney Huston, but the girl has a unique voice (that many dislike). When you hear her sing, you know it’s her.

    You can dislike her, but it’s beyond absurd to say that she did nothing during her career. Some of her songs will be known for decades, everyone will remember forever her music videos (toxic) or performance (kiss with Madonna, dancing with a snake).

    If it’s that easy to become that rich and famous, why don’t you try?

  8. Anonandonandon says:

    It seems the Britney defenders have become even fewer and farther between in the past few years. I stand by what I said. The fact is that she has no business being anything in the music industry other than a backup dancer. She was nothing more than the world’s most overpaid stripper. She doesn’t sing, play an instrument, compose music or even (99% of the time) write lyrics. She was in the right place and Jive records made her a star. Left on her own without Jive putting all their effort behind her PR she wouldn’t have had enough talent to be a one hit wonder.

    As far as losing her mind from working too hard…BULLSHIT! She coincidentally lost her mind after she exposed the world to what a talentless moron with bad skin she really was via her reality show. Her albums sold less with every new release and her act had gotten stale. Twice married women with children have a hard time pulling off the Lolita act. The truth is she lost her looks and she knows it. Why do you think she changed her hair color every other day and her clothes several times a day? This is someone who looked in the mirror and didn’t like what she saw. Her “breakdown” was the best thing to happen to her because now people feel sorry for her. Otherwise, she would have dropped off the face of the earth.

    By the way, I almost didn’t respond because your post could be read as either sincere or a parody of a delusional Britney fans ranting. You flat out implied that her voice is disliked by many and all she did was “show up” i.e. promotions, interviews, etc. Thanks for reiterating my point!

  9. kelbear says:

    I wish she would just chop off those extensions and let her natural hair grow.

  10. BlessedBeauty says:

    Well said, Lilou.

    Anonandonandon, if you think she is the luckiest person on the planet, then you are sadly mistaken. I wonder how long it would take you to breakdown dealing with the media 24/7 and public opinion for ten years straight, especially when you’re trying to deal with private matters. Perhaps we’re the lucky ones; we’ll never have to experience that.

    For anyone that actually went to her last tour, you wouldn’t say she was “phoning it in”. She seemed overly nervous and calculated at first, but who wouldn’t if they haven’t performed in front of thousands of people in *years* after all that harsh media criticism.

    It’s even clear in videos she was having a blast and gained back much of her confidence performing. It’s the music that keeps her focused (most importantly her babies). Without it, she gets lost. Otherwise, it’s like telling a poet to stop expressing themselves and hide away instead.

  11. Lilou says:

    Anonandonand, what you said about her can be said about a lot of celebrities! You honestly think that you can become THAT famous without any help??? Every celebrities has a team behind them! Even Madonna, even Micheal Jackson, have people managing them…

    And even if she is the puppet you describe, she is the one who travels the world during her tour, she is the one who does promotion, she is the one who spend hours and hours rehearsing, she is the one who is exposed…

    It’s OK to not like her, but it’s delusional to think that she does nothing…

    Anf FYI, I never said all she does is show up at promotion (and I don’t see where I reiteratie your point, but whatever)… I tried to explain to you that she does work… But apparantly, you think that doing a world tour or making music video is easy and does not require any work…

    As I said, if it’s that easy, why don’t you try?

  12. Anonandonandon says:

    Videotaping her courtship with K-Fed and putting it on TV is hardly “trying to deal with private matters”.

    Why do all the reviews of her last tour contradict your assessment?

    Her career is a joke and her talent is non-existent. Her vocal ticks are hysterically bad and instead of improving her chops shes actually gotten worse. She made over 60 million dollars for pantomiming her last tour. Unless you can name someone else, she’s the luckiest person in the music industry.

    Comparing her to MJ? Seriously?

    1. I don’t need your goddamn permission not to like her.
    2. She does nothing but show up.
    3. Like Britney, I have no desire to be a singer or entertainer.

    I apologize to the other posters for monopolizing this topic. I said what I wanted to say. Happy posting!

  13. Cinderella says:

    Her talent as a singer may be questionable, but there’s no doubt she’s worked her ass off. She worked when she shouldn’t have been working.

    I agree, the brown eyeshadow and rose lipstick have to go. If she’d put on her eyebrows, mascara and a bit of lipgloss, she’d look so much better.

  14. georgiagrl says:

    She is clearly a troubled young woman, period!

  15. Lilou says:

    Anonandonan, you really need to read the posts before answering. Where am I comparing her to MJ? I said “even MJ” meaning even celebrities bigger than her have managing teams, but whatever.

    It’s been 10 years that some people critize her the same way you do, but she still here, being number 1 everytime she realease an album, selling millions of albums, doing world tour that are succesfull.

    So maybe she does something right…

  16. Anonandonandon says:

    “So maybe she does something right…”

    Yea, she shows up and takes a bow.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  17. mln says:

    Britney is crazy but she can make hits. You’ve got to give her credit she is one of the trashiest celebs period but she can lay down some hot tracks.

  18. denise says:

    Yes another album co-produced by Danja! It should be as good as Black Out. Go Brit.

  19. snowball says:

    I’ve got everything from classical to metal in my collection (currently loving on Lucia Micarelli, check her out if you have the time), and I like Britney once in a while. Guilty pleasure, so kill me.

    Why does it matter so much to you Anonandonand how much she’s worked for her money? She’s put in studio time, she’s put in tour time, she obviously came on the scene at a time when it was ripe for someone of her talent. So? The same can be said for most people.

    I’m not going to debate you on the merits of her talent – that’s the business of each person who decides whether to buy her albums or go to her concert and I don’t know why you’re arguing about it, but I will call you out on your assessment of her mental illness as some bogus whining she made up because she wanted publicity.

    You are obviously uneducated about mental illness and its symptoms. I’m not speaking as a fan gurl, but as someone who IS educated.

  20. Kaz says:

    She’s crazy big sl*t

  21. Kaz says:

    Hello slig

  22. OhCamille! says:

    I don’t understand why she is still under the control of her father yet he “allows” her to work her a** off.
    Is she so messed up that she can’t be trusted to manage her own life?, but can be trusted to work and make money for hundreds of people (including her father). I hope she’s the one who decides if she works, not the leppers around her. She doesn’t look that good these days, but maybe she just doesn’t care what she looks like anymore.

  23. wow says:

    Releasing a new album to WHO?! Are there people left listening to that junk?!

  24. lisa says:

    she looks like she’s suppressing a lot of different emotions. Anger, Shame, Guilt, Boredom…

    she doesn’t seem inspired by anything, anymore. but, it’s interesting if you look at her performances early in her career, she was going through the motions, too…most argue the only difference is that she was way prettier to look at.

    it always seemed like she never felt comfortable being a pop star, even though she loved being told she was sexy…she never felt deserving of her fans…eventually it got to her.

    i hope she can find a way to run toward what inspires her in life, or she’s going to go right back to the bottom, again.

  25. anjasmomma says:

    I don’t care what none of ya’ll say I still love her
    😉 in the words of Kanye.

    Yay! I am so excited for her new album!

  26. Jover says:

    I support your comments 100 per cent anonandonan and I’m astonished at the desperate attempts to defend a junk manufactured brainless pop tart Britney. Interesting the defenses – she’s worked her ass – so do drug dealers. She’s given tons of interviews – since when does giving interviews have anything to do with talent of any sort. THe lamest defense – she’s sold millions of albums – well so did Milli Vinilli and Billy ray Cyrus, so thats a wash. I suspect many defenders realize deep down what a talentless waste she is but since they’ve helped make her the ungrateful brainless millionare she is, they can’t accept that they’ve thrown away their money when there is so much better music out there. I bet if the subject were the “musical” talent of billy ray cyrus the defenders of Brit would have a different spin but they are both on the same decrepit level – talentless hacks made “famous” by the undiscerning. When a lipsynching moron is defended this vigorously and personally, you know what goes by the name of pop culture is just about spent and dead.

  27. Just a Poster says:

    Kaiser I agree with you. I wish she would just stop for a bit and get healthy.

    I do like the 2nd picture with her eyebrows raised.. It shows some emotion going on with her. (without the straw in her lips.. lets face it does anyone look cute with a straw in their lips? LOL)

    I also wish she would chop off the fake hair.. I think she would look fantab rockin her natural hair.

  28. The Bobster says:

    What’s going on with her thighs?

  29. Katija says:

    If she has an album coming out in a few weeks, shouldn’t there be a ton of hype? A promotional tour, a leading single/video, a title and cover already released?

    I hope this isn’t another Blackout. I honest-to-goodness love Britney’s music, so I’m stoked for a new album. But…

  30. Camille says:

    Can’t stand her and this is yet another album of hers that I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole.
    I too wish she would go back to her trailer park Kaiser!

    Anonandonandon: I completely agree with you! Great comments 🙂 .

  31. DDD Cups of Justice says:

    I love my Britney and I can’t wait for a new album if the rumors are true, but girl needs to brush off the cheeto crumbs from her shirt next time… (2nd photo).

  32. Morgs says:

    Jover and annon agree with all of your points.

  33. Morgs says:

    And her boobies are swinging free. Your equilibrium must be way off if you think those suckers look even. Her nipples constantly look like two drunk sailors trying to get back to the boat.

    Shell never go back to Louisiana. She likes acting like a spoiled child in LA way too much. She’s gross.

  34. jr says:

    you are all forgetting she is mentally impaired with bi-polarism…give the girl a break….she is still an American institution in the entertainment world…there will always be a space for her…lip-synching or not.

  35. Ste says:

    I think that she is great, just needs to get back on her feet again