Blake Lively tried & failed to steal a role from Scarlett Johansson


Call me crazy, but I kind of like Blake Lively. I don’t think she’s supremely talented, and I think there are several parts of her body that were purchased from the “blonde starlet” package, but she’s grown on me over the past year. She’s ambitious, she seems smart, and she’s our little budding fashionista. She cares about the clothes. She cares about it a lot, and she knows that her red carpet appearances have contributed a lot to her celebrity. Almost as much as her big, fake rack and her constant pantlessness.

So will Blake ever be truly A-List? Not that she doesn’t already have some sense of that: she gets more press than many of her peers, she’s pals with Anna Wintour and she’s got a hit television show, after all. But Blake wants to be a movie star. And she wants to be even bigger. Personally, I don’t think Blake has the talent to be truly A-List, but lots of A-Listers aren’t that talented, so whatever. Blake isn’t going to let anything stop her from being a movie star! She’ll even step on some important toes to make sure that people notice her:

Is “Green Lantern” star Blake Lively green with envy over Scarlett Johansson’s career?

Just a few weeks ago, the “Gossip Girl” actress was lauding Johansson’s performance as Black Widow in “Iron Man 2” and telling that she wanted ScarJo to teach her “how to fight” for “Lantern,” her first comic-book flick. But a super-connected source tells us the luscious Lively was simultaneously scheming to wrestle a plum part away from Johansson.

Our source says that soon after Gatecrasher broke the news that Johansson had verbally agreed to star in Alfonso Cuarón’s ambitious sci-fi survival flick, “Gravity,” Lively approached the “Children of Men” director to snag the role for herself before Johansson inked a deal.

The film, which relies heavily on computer-generated imagery, will reportedly tell the story of two astronauts – Robert Downey Jr. will play the second – who must figure out how to get back to Earth after an exploding satellite kills the other crew members on the mission.

Unfortunately for Blake, we hear Cuarón is dead set on having the Lamborghini-curved Johansson star in the 2012 3-D space thriller. So for the time being, Lively will have to content herself with the chance to act opposite Johansson’s husband, Ryan Reynolds, and his scintillating six-pack. Lively plays Carol Ferris, the love interest of Green Lantern’s alter ego, Hal Jordan, who eventually becomes his enemy (and, if the movie franchise follows the comic book franchise, a supervillain named Star Sapphire).

Lively certainly sounds stoked to play the role. When asked her if she enjoyed tapping her “inner bad girl” for the part, she replied that she would “love to get to beat [Reynolds] up! Best day ever!”

The website went on to say that Lively had the “perfect woman in mind to train her” to kick Reynolds’ butt: none other than Johannson. “Oh, I think she would beat him up, too! She’s Black Widow!” Lively said. “She was terrific!”

That recalls a line from “Godfather II”: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Lively’s spokeswoman did not respond to requests for comment by deadline.

[From NYDN]

Honestly, I don’t think what Blake did sounds that bad. Until ScarJo signed on the dotted line, it wasn’t official, and I can’t fault Blake for being ambitious and pursuing a part vigorously. True, it looks kind of desperate, and I’m sure it would turn off some producers and directors, but it also shows that she really wants to work. And yes, I think there’s probably a lot of competition (in Blake’s mind) with ScarJo. Scar probably doesn’t give a sh-t though. And after all, it’s not like Scar is some amazing actress – she’s really not. I think Scar is a good choice for Blake to emulate.

June 13, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Actress SCARLETT JOHANSSON attends the 64th Annual Tony Awards held at Radio City Music Hall. © Red Carpet Pictures

July 28, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - K65625PSC.A screening of ''Twelve'' at the Landmark's Sunshine Cinema in New York 07-28-2010. Blake Lively. © Red Carpet Pictures

Gossip Girl cast members join a slew of celebrities at the Twelve premiere in NYC, NY on July 28, 2010. While tonight marked Chase Crawford's first public appearance since his marijuana scandal, noticeably absent was Gossip Girl cast mate Ed Westwick who reportedly will no longer attend the same events as his former girlfriend Jessica Szohr after the messy dissolution of their relationship. Was some real life drama going on at the dramatic premiere? Fame Pictures, Inc

Header: Blake Lively on July 28, 2010. Credit: Fame.

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  1. denise says:

    What role did she try to steal, the one as Ryan Reynold’s wife? Shoo I would too.

    And fug dress in the bottom pic.

  2. Eileen says:

    Business is business-she’s got to do what she can to get work. Its not like Scarlett should feel threatened about anyone taking her roles, shes got people making roles for her and if she considers a role the producers are thrilled.

  3. Brittney says:

    Scarlett is ten times more talented than Blake Lively. I will never understand how someone could say she can’t act. Maybe I’m brainwashed by her sultry appeal, but she’s had some excellent roles.

  4. lucy2 says:

    I bet that sort of thing happens all the time. Kind of embarrassing for it to be reported about though!
    I think she’s very pretty, but don’t picture her becoming an A list movie star.
    I do find it sort of funny they’re both going after what sounds like kind of a cheesy CGI movie.

  5. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Oh you have to get out there and pimp yourself if you want to get plump parts. I have never watched gossip girls so I don’t know if she can act, I have seen her on the red carpet and bitch can’t dress. I don’t like her red carpet looks. Depending on how the trailer looks I can’t wait to see Green Lantern and good luck to her trying to live up to my girl Scarlett.

  6. snowball says:

    They are so totally different types, that’s weird. Is it me or is ScarJo dropping down the fame ladder? Or was she low and now she’s climbing? It seems like I heard of her more before she got married and now I never do, but maybe it’s because she’s got more stuff in production.

  7. Iggles says:

    Go Blake!

    She’s going after a role she wanted, don’t see a problem with that. It’s not like she’s trying to steal Scarlett’s husband — that would be skeezy. But this, it’s just a part of the business.

    Too many wannabes and starlets (both female and male) try sleeping their way to the top (*cough*Gretchen Mol*cough*Patrick Dempsey*cough*..)

  8. MaryHadALittle says:

    Scarlet Johanwhatever is beautiful but as a superhero, she is lame and boring. She doesn’t pull it off for me. I also like Blake…there is something about her and she is gorgeous with a great body as well…very likeable.

  9. Kaz says:

    She nothing not celebrity

  10. j. ferber says:

    I wish Blake would remove that mole on her right cheek. She’s already had her nose done, so I don’t see why she can’t remove that annoying mole. And yes, I said the same for Enrique Iglisias (sp.?), so it’s not a gender thing, but a pet peeve, I guess. Blake should also eat a sandwich.

  11. purelife says:

    ahhhh she always look plain, boring and trying hard to me and still not famous. scarlet already made her mark, note lost in translation/ bolyn/etc. she can act.
    lively still need a famous actor/actress to be recognized. i actually just knew her her in celebitchy. shes still unknown. she cannot sell a film yet and surely no director would take that risk.

    next pls

  12. irishserra says:

    What an odd dress. Who thought that up?

  13. Snarf says:

    She campaigned for a role. All actors (both male and female) do it. Why is this being reported like she tried to do something underhanded?

  14. anon says:

    Blake was good in “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee”. I was surprised. I never watched Gossip Girl, but I’d rather watch her than Scarlotte. And I like Scarlette.

  15. katie says:

    werent there rumors of blake having a thing with ben affleck? not so innocent if true…

  16. Persistent Cat says:

    I’m ashamed to admit I watch Gossip Girl. It’s eye candy and shoe porn (but I’ll never understand why American’s pronounce it Lou-bou-tawn). No, Blake can’t act but I like her. Maybe some parts are man made but who cares, they suit her. I love great legs and I like her style. Those dresses above are hideous but ordinarily, I like her choices.

    As for Scarlett, she can’t act either. She got some great roles that didn’t require much of her but her looks and body type fit the part. And she just seems so unlikeable, I really doubt she’s fun to be with. And remember all the awards Lost in Translation won? Sophia and Bill were constantly gushing about each other but neither ever mentioned Scarlett. What does that say about an essentially two person cast?

    I don’t see why Blake’s ambition is being reported as underhanded. Like Snarf said, that happens all the time. I do it at my work, doesn’t mean I’m a bitch, just means I want to get ahead. At least she’s working and trying and not expecting parts to just fall in her lap and when they don’t, cry because she’s too pretty (Jessica and Megan).

  17. Jen says:

    Just don’t get the ScarJo appeal. Sure, she’s pretty and sultry….blah blah blah…but she really doesn’t stretch that much in her roles so I’m thinking she really can’t act either.

  18. snowball says:

    Katie, I had started to make that comment and deleted it. There’s a link up there about Ben and Jen being out and about all of a sudden and I wondered if it had to do with the upcoming release of the movie Ben did with Blake and their rumored affair.

    Ben and Jen look miserable together and frankly, he looks totally detached from his own kids and they look like they don’t particularly pay much attention to him either. I would absolutely buy that he and Blake had something going. Wouldn’t surprise me if they still do.

  19. Oi says:

    Bad hair on Blake there. I think this is the answer to some blind item I read.

  20. Jean says:

    wasn’t there a rumor a while ago, perhaps it even was a blind item, that Blake Lively had “taken over the role” of Gretchen Mol in regards to a certain Mr. Weinstein?

  21. Katie says:

    Thanks for pointing out that ScarJo isn’t a great actress. I feel like people are always acting as though she’s supremely talented. I can’t believe she won a Tony…when that show first started running, all the reviews were saying she wasn’t that good, then somehow she wins a Tony?!

  22. kelbear says:

    She will never be A-list and what the hell is she wearing?

  23. NayNay says:

    I’m sorry but Blake Lively will never ever be Scarlett, no matter how hard she tries. I do not find her that attractive, either.

  24. LolaBella says:

    ‘Lamborghini-curved Johansson’…WTF does that even MEAN?

    This is all part of the wheeling and dealing and negotiating that make Hollywood go round. Until someone signs on the dotted line then it’s every man/woman for themselves.

    I think this is just a story that was leaked to start some sort of imagined rivalry between the two actresses.

    Bottom line, Blake is a terrible actress, ScarJo is a decent actress with more clout, at the moment.

    However, the fact that Blake keeps getting high profile roles means she’s got some very influential backers.

  25. Jeri says:

    Maybe she’s emulating Gwynnie.

  26. flutters says:

    @Jean The rumor that Lainey started was that Weinstein was trying to prevent Lively from getting a big breakthrough part and was interested in her taking over the Gretchen Mol part. But he failed because the big breakthrough part was this role in Green Lantern which is being produced and distributed by a company that’s got nothing to do with Weinstein.

    Shortly after Lively was announced in that role Lainey said something to the effect of one girl escaping his grasp but how there’s always another one waiting around the corner for a chance.

    It may all have been BS anyway or a planted story to make Lively look good for escaping Weinstein’s clutches. Lainey’s not the most reliable source anyway.

    Not really a fan of Lively’s. Gossip Girl got old very fast with its PR team trying to shove its cast down the public’s throats and the show not living up to its initial farcical promise.

  27. Canucklehead says:

    She won’t be stealing roles from anyone other than other bottom feeders.

    I don’t really dislike/like or feel anything about her personally but she’s just a god-awful actress. Not like Scarjo is anything special tho, I find her a complete snore.

  28. Jean says:

    thanks for clearing that up!
    I wasn’t aware that Lainey had started said rumor, but I guess she has to fill her quota somehow. All I remember is how appalled and disgusted I was by the (alleged) abuse of power on Weinstein’s part. Although I guess it’s probably common practice by Hollywood standards and it’s my fault for being so naive. 😛

  29. coup de grazia says:

    luscious lively and lamborghini-curved scarjo???? jeezus, who writes this cheese?

  30. Iggles says:

    flutters – Thanks for the backstory! I really hope it’s all PR crap and Blake is earning her roles based on her talent and tenacity for campaigning 🙂

    I for one like her.

  31. Shawna says:

    Johannson looks smart but isn’t. Lively doesn’t even look smart, and her eternal mask of makeup drives me nuts. But ultimately, I’d rather see Lively’s friendliness than Johannson’s frigidity.

  32. buckley says:

    Well, apropos of nothing my favorite Scarjo nickname is Scarlett Johandjob.

  33. Kiska says:

    That is a butt ugly dress.

  34. Sally says:

    @Persistent Cat: right on!

  35. mslewis says:

    Blake was good in “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee”.
    Thanks!! I was trying to think of the movie I saw her in. She was pretty good in “Pippa” but the movie, overall, was not all that great. I’ve never seen “Gossip Girl.”

    If this story is true, I don’t see anything wrong with Blake trying to get a juicy role. Actresses her age are a dime a dozen and if any of them want to be famous beyond a TV role, they need to fight for parts that sound good. I think Blake is doing a fairly good job of keeping her face and name in the news. (I do hope the thing with Affleck is a rumor and not true because that would not help her career at all.)

  36. Snarky_Pup says:

    Blake has a man face and that dress is absolutely horrid.

  37. Shy says:

    For me Blake Lively will always be the new Gretchen Mol. I had no idea who she was but there was this Blind Item recently. Supposedly about Blake Lively and Harvey Weinstein. And how he wants to bang her and she was still holding. And then in couple of weeks she was signed to Green Lantern.

    And everyone in comments under Blind Item were mentioning this Gretchen Mol. Like Weinstein tried to make her next big thing or something. She was no one. But was getting Vanity Fair covers. And many press stories. And then she just vanished.

    Every time i see Blake Lively on the cover of Vogue i think of her as new Gretchen Mol. Someone is pushing her hard. They made her Vogue cover, Green Lantern and Town roles…. But who cares about Blake Lively? Who knows her at all? Except the people who watch Gossip Girl? They will push her for some time and then she will just vanish. She has no charisma or personality. She is not pretty. She is just some tv-girl. And it’s quite funny how they try to make look like she is some big movie celebrity now.

  38. Crash2GO2 says:

    Sheesh, how can people say the girl is not pretty?? Of course she is pretty you knuckleheads. That much is an objective truth. As to all the rest – don’t know – haven’t owned a TV in 3 years. I really love Lost In Translation though. I thought ScarJo was just fine in it. Not great, but good. I also heard she was very good in Girl With a Pearl Earring.

    I agree about the photos of Jen, Ben and the kids. I think BA is every bit as bad as his younger brother Casey. And that photo where Jen is trying to smooch him and he’s trying to turn his head away? Awful.

  39. sobriquet says:

    I feel the need to defend Scarlett. I loved her in Girl with a Pearl Earring, Love Song for Bobby Long, Lost in Translation and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. She did the best she could with that atrocious Other Boleyn Girl script (as did the other actors..terrible movie.) She has the right figure for super heroine work (I’m an avid comic book fan) but I think her strength lies in the types of roles that require a subtle, powerful presence. Also, I liked her Tom Waits cover CD…

  40. M says:

    Her Tom Waits covers were awful. She sounded like a bleating school girl, ugh!
    They’re both over rated in terms of attractiveness and talent.

    Just occurred to me that they’ve both had nose jobs lol

  41. Crystal says:

    I doubt Blake Lively will ever be an A list actress since she goes for roles that are way out of her league like The Great Gatsby because they require acting talent and she’s generally not seen as talented. When critics review Green Lantern, I can see her getting the same type of negative comments about her performance that Katie Holmes did for Batman Begins.
    Crash2GO2: That’s not objective truth. Looks are based on taste, not everyone is going to find a celeb, attractive. There are people who don’t find Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie pretty.