Elisabetta Canalis: George Clooney pampers me “like I have never been before”


Elisabetta Canalis gave an interview to Vanity Fair Italy for the September issue. My guess is that she gave this interview before the cocaine-and-hooker scandal broke internationally, and when she thought she was going to be fulfilling another year in her alleged contract with George Clooney. I’ve said it before, but I don’t think Eli is very bright. She and George have been dating a little more than a year – and most of his “relationships” only last that, or less. And George doesn’t like a lady who is indiscreet. So why the interview? Dunno. Maybe she knows the end is coming and she wants to make sure her name is out there. Or maybe she’s just dumb and doesn’t know how stupid this move is. Loose lips sink cokewhores.

The tightly sealed doors shielding the relationship of George Clooney and his Italian girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis have finally been pried open.

Speaking from Clooney’s Italian lakeside property Villa Oleandra to Vanity Fair for its Italian edition, Canalis calls the handsome leading man in her life supportive (“Very. He is always very close to me”), considers herself pampered (“Like I have never been before”) and describes Clooney as “the person thanks to which my life has regained color. I feel good, I feel light. Like when I was 18 years old.”

In fact, says the beauty, 31, “I am happy like I was when I was 18 years old. Those who criticize or invent stories about us are just jealous.”

Which brings up the fact that the status of Clooney, 49, and Canalis’s relationship sparked international headlines earlier this year after an Italian newspaper reported that the couple had separated. Clooney even chimed in to stem the gossip, issuing the statement: “Once again the story is made up, spread to other outlets and now denied. But don’t let facts get in the way of a good story.”

As Canalis now says, “It might seem a cliché, but unfortunately it is true: the Italians never support their own citizens who earn an opportunity or a recognition abroad … I don’t expect to be celebrated, but neither do I expect the newspapers of our country to use as a reference point a gossip blog which is full of insults, racism and violence.”

The criticism started early, given the initial skepticism that greeted their relationship. “I did not feel offended: its absurd; there is no point in giving it any importance,” says Canalis. “It certainly affected me the other day to be asked by the lady at the cash register of supermarket in Alghero [her home town in Sardinia, Italy]: ‘Is it true that you are his girlfriend?’ ”

But, she says, “Yes, it is true. We are together. I have heard of women – even famous women – that due to this [relationship] removed his photo as screensavers from their computers. Maybe I am a bit stressed. But in the end the best revenge over these jealous people is to be happy. Because that is the thing they do not forgive you for.”

“I sometimes feel insecure, but if you are loved then you always feel great,” she says. “[George] reassures me all the time. He is very close. I feel more embraced than ever before.”

And, happy she is. “If you are loved, you always feel beautiful,” says Canalis. “It’s the idea of being loved like this which really surprises me. George has given color back to my life. I feel great — it’s as if I am 18 years old again!”

Next up for the duo: attending the Aug. 29 Emmys, where Clooney is to receive the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award – “for all he did for those who suffered the earthquake in Haiti,” says Canalis.

So, what exactly is it about George that she likes best? “Exactly this, his humanity. His ability in giving to others.”

[From Us Weekly and People Magazine]

Oh GOD. Dumb, dumb move, hooker. True, if this interview took place at Clooney’s Lake Como house, he probably approved of it beforehand. Gee, I wonder what kind of crazy, filthy sex act she had to perform on him to get him to agree to it? Anyway, I doubt that Clooney thought this through, but evidently Eli did. Do you see has she’s setting herself up? “I don’t expect to be celebrated… I did not feel offended: its absurd; there is no point in giving it any importance…” Ooh, so now she doesn’t need the approval of the media? Well, George does, and as soon as she becomes a liability that he can’t whitewash, Canalis is going to be gone. Trust.

By the way, People still isn’t reporting that cocaine and hooker scandal.

MILAN, ITALY - JANUARY 25: Model Elisabetta Canalis is seen on January 25, 2010 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 17: Elisabetta Canalis (L) and actor George Clooney arrive at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 17, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

George Clooney's girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis attends the National Board of Review in New York City, New York on January 12, 2010 Fame Pictures, Inc

30 November 2009 - Westwood, California - George Clooney (r) and Elisabetta Canalis. Up In The Air Los Angeles Premiere held at Mann's Village Theatre. Photo Credit: Byron Purvis/AdMedia

Header: Eli and George on January 12, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. jen says:

    George must love snortin’ coke off that ass!

  2. zendiggity says:

    Ill bet she’s gone within the next year.

    Looks like George had a little face and eye work, not sure Im liking his new look.

  3. meme says:

    “I have heard of women – even famous women – that due to this [relationship] removed his photo as screensavers from their computers.” she’s kidding, i hope.

  4. buckley says:

    I am just now removing his photo as my screensaver and replacing it with : BACON!

  5. mln says:

    He may keep her around just to piss people off I mean is there really a difference to him between his interchangable girlfriends?

  6. Kaboom says:

    @jen Having seen said ass in a bikini a couple days ago my question is “Who wouldn’t?”

  7. spotchecker says:

    whooaa!!i know this is posted on the previous article, but now that her s**t is up here [while i was posting there]…her PR peeps must REALLY be desperate!
    he should just put her picture up on the wall of honor at his academy for wayward cocktail waitresses and other wannabees, w/ a special distinction for drug addiction, and then move on if he hasn’t already [non-publicly].
    i hope he’s got it in him to tell her to ‘get some help’ as a parting gesture.

    @ 63 zizzivirizzi
    EXCELLENT research at the previous post http://www.celebitchy.com/110491/george_clooney_will_stand_by_his_distraught_girlfriend_elisabetta_canalis/#comments
    Read the links. pretty damning stuff.

  8. meme says:

    @Buckley – BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! George looks so old.

  9. bellaluna says:

    @ Kaiser – LMAO @ “loose lips sink crackwhores’! Especially crackwores with no other discernible talent!

  10. Chrissy says:

    “Italians never support their own citizens who earn an opportunity or a recognition abroad.”

    Since when is dating a celebrity something that a nation should support?? It’s not like she won a damn Peace Prize or something. You are dating George Clooney. Suddenly Italians should be bowing down to her?? Worshiping her? Please ….

  11. bessicus says:

    Am I the only one that can’t wait until the rest of the world realizes that he is gay?

  12. NayNay says:

    Could that be the smell of another gold digger?

  13. Kitten says:

    I think she’s a gonner ! When ever the plastic surgen hacks into his face and the gal gives an interview …. She’s gone . Look back at the last 2 . He had eye surgery before he dumped kirsta , messed up veneers before Sarah Larson went by by . Rember Sarah Larson’s interview ? She’s gone . Too bad I like reading things about her . I hope he let’s her have a career . I don’t like what they did to his face either . He needs a plastic surgen who says NO !

  14. rachel says:

    Snort your coke Elisabetta and shut up!

  15. Jen says:

    Didn’t she see the ‘How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking’ video?

  16. Bunny says:

    Well, don’t get too use to it.

  17. lisa says:

    Maybe people are being too skeptical..maybe she is the ONE..

    It could happen..

  18. Beth says:

    I don’t know anything about her, so someone tell me! Why does everyone hate her? Is it just because she boning Grandpa Clooney? He doesn’t do it for me. He looks like a cold, arrogant bastard. And “Men Who Stare At Goats” was a fucking terrible movie.

  19. sucre says:

    get a life

  20. bros says:

    i know all there is to know about the crying game.

  21. spotchecker says:

    @ eli

    re: “..and describes Clooney as “the person thanks to which my life has regained color. I feel good, I feel light. Like when I was 18 years old.””

    eli, so now everyone including his contract lawyers and the minivan crowd, have a pretty good idea as to when you started using/abusing drugs. in writing. thanks for the timeline, you idiot.

  22. Chelly says:

    God George is so sexy

  23. Riley says:

    This couple looks like Bo and Hope from Days of Our Lives…Oh, and the screensaver line was great. I guess Italy is just now getting screen savers cause I can’t imagine all the American women took their George Clooney screensavers down when he left ER, um like, 12 years ago…

  24. jen says:

    sucre-telling people to “get a life” in the comments section of a gossip website is the very definition of irony.

    We’ll wait here while you look it up.

  25. ak47 says:

    He’s obviously about to drop her.

  26. serena says:

    “Italians never support their own citizens who earn an opportunity or a recognition abroad”
    Yeah when success goes with famous actor and before you were a zero.
    She’s only known as the starlette on a old show and Cloney’s girlfriend. That’s what she is.
    And I feel sorry for her, she’s nice and tough, but that’s is the truth.

  27. Marjalane says:

    Again, she’s the low rent hooker knock off of Cindy Crawford. She just looks dirty all the time. Georgie boy has skeevy tastes.

  28. Amy says:

    Jen, it might have been a “get a life” message to Clooney’s girlfriend, LOL!

  29. Shawna says:

    I thought the “feel like I’m 18 again” line was cute! Oh well, call me a silly romantic.

  30. Kiska says:

    lol @ “loose lips sink cokewhores.” Good one!

  31. ak47 says:


    You must live first before you can live for gossip!

    We should all thank Kaiser for bringing the daily juicy rays of light into our lives and enhancing all that we have here on planet earth.

  32. ab says:

    i’ve been wanting to say this for a while – she looks like a man! maybe clooney appreciates her other skills 🙂

  33. wow says:

    Is that Ronaldo in drag?!

  34. conmandrag says:

    The Vegas escort looked like a comedy drag too.

  35. Aqua says:

    For a man who is suppose to like his private life private his current girlfriend and past girlfriend (Krista Allen) sure have a lot to say.

  36. Heaven-bound says:

    I concur with the other posters …. She looks very Masculine. I don’t think she is very attractive.

  37. sucre says:


    i thank Kaiser for the articles i like and find funny, this one, not so much. when i’ll see Kaiser talking about real human trashes like she does about clooney’s girlfriend then maybe i won’t be so judgemental. in my book, as long as a woman’s not a homewrecker, if the guy likes her then mazel tov.

  38. Aqua says:

    Wow! do you think she’ll eat some humble pie now that she’s been mentioned in a scandal?

  39. Anonymous says:

    She needs to learn how to wear makeup. That heavy blue eyeshadow and bad hair job with her blue dress…awful!

  40. nona says:

    He can’t dump her right now, it would be too obvious. But I bet she will be history before the end of this year.

    better luck next time, George 😉

  41. Kiska says:

    It looks like she applies her make-up in the dark.

  42. Lori says:

    I am the first to chime in and pass judgement. But I have no reason to dislike this chick. I wish them happiness. Not a lot of baggage between the two, it is refreshing. She should laser off that tat though, ugly.

  43. k taylor says:

    Man, she could drink peanut butter with that jaw.

  44. Truthzbetta says:

    George looks ugly and older, esp trying to date young. Funny how standing next to your young girlfriend makes you look like Father Time’s gimpy Grand Pappy. It’s the wrinkly old Hef effect.

    The beard is old, mangy, uneven, spotty, and hideous.

    But if he had adult relationships I’d probably think otherwise. As is, he’s gross.

  45. fizXgirl3114 says:

    Man I would be the first to rip on this cheese and BS but lately, I have been saying the same thing about my boyfriend… We have been acting like lovestruck teenagers and I’ve sort of regained my youthful spunk because of him… Maybe that’s how she feels? I dunno, it’s just a great feeling… so uplifting 🙂

  46. mimi says:

    oh they’re through. whenever you have to tell the public how great your relationship is…its already over.

  47. cprincess says:

    “I have heard of women – even famous women – that due to this [relationship] removed his photo as screensavers from their computers.”

    Dear -dont flatter yourself-you are just one the many interchangeable cocktail waitress types that good ol Georgie seems to go for as apparently brains are overated as far as hes concerned…
    And she loves his humanitarian side best does she?(collapses with laughter)…

  48. Disco says:

    “Man, she could drink peanut butter with that jaw.”

    Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! I just about spit my drink on the screen!

  49. snowbunny says:

    Well don’t criticize her or you are just envious. She used to focus on work, appeared more like she has been focusing on finding a ‘sugar daddy’. Seems Sarah Larson gave the exact same interview a month prior to packing her bags. Good luck Elisabetta! Oh and by the way, what makes you think you have a career in the US? Were the critics just jealous of your Leverage acting skills, and if that is your example of hard work on a role, find a different profession.

  50. spotchecker says:

    @ #47 snowbunny

    re: that VF Italy interview w/ “eli”

    actually, it sounds more like stan should be congratulated on his impersonation of a gracious and [finally!..whew!] well mannered famewhore who’s finally content with her international status as arm candy.
    and of course she is always being ‘watched’ [like the child she is]. she makes too many mistakes, otherwise.

    seriously, this is getting almost too easy. thanks for making me laugh george/stan!

  51. Aqua says:

    “Italians never support their own citizens who earn an opportunity or recognition aboard” she didn’t earn the Leverage opportunity she got it because of who she knows.

  52. Angie says:

    hahaha. George needs the approval of the media? Since when? We are referring to the paps, here, and they already LITERALLY turned their backs on him at an event because of how openly hostile he has been to them in the past and he didn’t give a crap. George does NOT need them and he certainly doesn’t feel like he does from what I have seen.

  53. DetRiotgirl says:

    There are two things I sincerely don’t understand about this thread:

    1) why do people hate her so much? She isn’t even on my radar. I always forget who she is until I read the story. I do sort of remember her coke scandal. But, I seriously didn’t see anything worse going on there than what usually goes on at high end night clubs. I don’t recall being impressed by the how taudry the situation was. I just do not get why people are so into bashing her. Did I miss something? Feel free to tell me if I did. I am here for gossip, after all.

    2) What is the big deal about George Clooney? I’ve never understood this man’s appeal. I also don’t understand the number of people who think he’s gay. Is there something to back that up? Again, I want to know if there is! On the flip side, I don’t understand the people who seem to think he should be with some sort of lady of society. I mean, what’s so classy about Clooney that he should be with a princess? He’s a Hollywood actor who can get any kind of woman he wants. Are his choices shocking?

    Honestly, I just don’t understand Clooney related gossip. I sort of wish I did. People seem to really get into it!

  54. caligirl says:

    Anyone else think George Clooney is morphing into Paul Krugman?

  55. Considering this is the first paragraph of the article, looks like George had to pull strings to get her the interview and on cover of the magazine. I guess she will think that she earnt this recognition as well not recognising it was ‘bought’ for her by the boyfriend like the Leverage gig.


    Lake Como car crossed the gate of Villa oleander. George Clooney is on the door, shorts and striped shirt with the number 23 on the back. The clothes may be those of anyone else, but the smile is Hollywood as the star descends the stairs, pick up the trolley and greets the driver, “Thanks for having seen her.” Then open the door: Elisabetta Canalis went home.

  56. justine says:

    @ //DetRiotgirl:

    can give my answer?
    The problem is not Clooney and Canalis, which are of course free to choose and live their lives as they wish. But are the author and commentators such gossip, revealing their existential distress, expressing their anger against those who get more out of life benefits. If you insult people who are more successful than you, you automatically become more equal.
    You’re done!

  57. jane16 says:

    caligirl, good call! He is looking like Krugman!

    Kaiser, hilarious post! Thanks! I needed that!

  58. zizzivirizzi says:

    @ 7 spotchecker

    Thanks! Just for you:


    Canalis and ex bf Rombolotti crashed into a bus, she was driving, likely under cocaine influence

  59. What kind of limited, insular life has she had that makes her believe that is someone does not like her personally or if they are critical of her ‘talent’, then they must be envious or jealous? WTF? She has been pandered to for too long in Italy and she really bought into the I’m so very wonderful mentality and those who don’t agree are wrong. She really comes across as someone who thinks if they say it, it must be true. It could be a blatant lie but she said it in print or on twitter, so everyone must believe her and not question it. I just find the timing of the interview odd – she isn’t selling anything in Italy. Leverage doesn’t air until December. She isn’t a spokesmodel for anything. She has no further acting gigs lined up. Why the need to discuss George now? Are they starting the sell the love affair campaign early prior to his film release in September??

    Loving these quotes though. She really isn’t smart.
    On the paps in LA
    “I can go out to dinner with my man without being particularly persecuted”
    Persecuted – She is famewhore with a history of tipping off the paps. Of course she isn’t persecuted. She feeds on the attention and coverage. That’s why they are dating each other.

    “I do not know anybody in America”
    So when she was twittering about lunching and going to dinner with her LA girlfriends that was BS? The girls she was hanging with in LA last year were figments of our imagination? Her agent? How about her Leverage co-stars? George’s friends that apparently love her and think she is sweet? Nope, she knows no-one but George.

    Her definition of who George isn’t about him, it’s about her.
    “Define George Clooney. The person through whom my life has taken color. I feel good, light. Like when I was 18 years.”
    Yep, everything has to revolve around Elisabetta. Self Involved, much?

    Also the quote – “But if you loved, you feel more beautiful.”
    Didn’t Larson say something very similar to People magazine? Maybe George feeds them all the same lines to tell the press about how wonderful he is to sell the good boyfriend angle.

    She states that she plans to be at the Emmys but this had to of taken place prior to the coke/hooker scandal. The article has a photoshoot attached and those shots couldn’t have been done in the past few days without paps having caught her at least once. So, will she get to the Emmys? Is there enough time between the scandal and the Emmys at the end of the month to whitewash her? Will a loved up interview override the level of drug/hooker coverage? She has to go back to shoot the finale for Leverage shortly or she may be there already as they are currently shooting the last two episodes. So George will be in Como without her for a couple of weeks. Time to think – will he keep her on the payroll or let her go when she can still be described as a working actress in the split stories?

  60. She stated in the interview that she studied and worked hard in preparation for the Leverage gig. If that was the best she could do, she needs to quit acting right now. Did she see her scenes and how bad she was?

    Her participation in the third season of the TV series American Leverage has not all agree.
    “I do not think I ever studied much, never had the same healthy nervousness, the same concentration as at work for this new project.”

    That was the best she could do. Bet she thinks she did well and guess what, everyone who didn’t like it must be jealous.

  61. Nanea says:

    So Eli is happy with GC?

    Then why doesn’t ever look happy when they are together, especially at the big events where it counts? At the Oscars both looked like they were drunk, at that movie premiere for “Up in the Air” in London she moped. She looks peeved at people because it’s not her who is the focus of attention but the guy who she’s with.

    Eli, sweetie, if you want recognition for yourself instead of who you’re hanging onto, do something worthwhile like auctioning off some of your designer stuff for humanitarian causes.

  62. seriously says:

    Comments from the People write-up. The People readers usually believe all that is feed to them about their celebrities. This is not a good sign for George with the Emmys fast approaching and two films for release this year. What is he going to say on the red carpet?

    Yeah, ok Elisabetta. You’ve nabbed yet another rich, old guy with a penchant for girls young enough to be his kid and you’ll be replaced in about a year if I remember his track record. Way to go, lucky you! You’re um, really special to him and not at all like the other…6 or so in the last few years. Ah, love. Hey George, my daughter just turned 18, I’ll send her your way in a few years, when you’re about 50 and half dead! Whoo hoo!!

    She’s lucky. And no intellectual.

    As soon as they give an “intimate interview,” you can practically set your watch by how long it takes him to dump them. Let’s see: Venice Film Festival, 1, maybe 2 premieres (when does “The Descendants” open?). No Oscar contention in either picture, she’s gone before New Year’s Day. And even if there is an Oscar nod, she’ll be gone – he’s already taken her through one award season.

    She is Clooney’s Babe du Jour. Apparently, she is too stupid to realize she has an expiration date. Tick tock, tick tock…

    wow, good job, george. her personality sounds as good as her acting, ewww. i hattteee when people throw in the “jealousy” card

    ok either the story is poorly translated or she is quite the uneducated hillbilly.

    If she’s above it all, why has she agreed to discuss it? Oh, that’s right, she’s “earned” her “opportunity for recognition.”

    She seems so stupid to me. But whatever. It’s George and I would expect nothing less.

    I think she sounds completely self-absorbed and arrogant…which is funny because the likelihood that he’s going to dump her pretty soon is pretty high, considering his track record. Who will jealous and full of revenge then?

  63. Messenger says:

    The general consensus is that her VF interview is the death knell for the relationship. That she reveals herself to be, in the written word, arrogant, immature and stupid. I think she is trying to detract from the scandal surrounding her name and I am sure others think that as well. The article is packed with lies and the cover! He has created a monster. I have concluded the attraction for him must be the fact that she can’t speak english…they can’t communicate…many of us speculated how this would make a real relationship impossible, but everyone knows he doesn’t want a real relationship. As awful as she is, that is the one thing she has going for her that the others didn’t. I have to make sense of the nonsensical. It’s who I am!

  64. free says:

    This interview is just to divert the attention from the fact she’s implicated in a cocaine and prostitution scandal in Italy. The whitewashing from Clooney’s camp has begun…
    I wonder if George snort coke with her.

  65. kaligula says:

    jeebus so many of these comments are legendarily hilarious!!!!!! celebitchy readers you brighten up my days :))) i’m about to go over to the bristol palin story, i hope they’re as good over there…..

  66. alix says:

    “the person thanks to which my life has regained color. I feel good, I feel light. Like when I was 18 years old.”
    oh yes! horse-face takes more and better cocaine now with Clooney’s money!
    does she do a plastic surgery in her horse-face (after silicon boobs and liposuction)? because in the Vanity Fair cover she looks different, so much more trans (without offensive for trans!).
    really they looks like two miserable idiots liking cocaine and anal sex. I’m wondering again to see Clooney like that tranny, to see him like a poor idiot with a toxic woh.re, he’s so ridicolous in this interview…I’ve no words!

  67. Meanchick says:

    I’m a GC supporter, so yes, maybe he will give her a pink slip and maybe he wont. She’s panicking though.

  68. Aqua says:

    This is only my opinion,speaking only for myself, I feel that she has a sense of entitlement. That I should be grateful that she has graced me with her presence.
    For instance at the Oscars she had to be in every camera shot even if the shot wasn’t meant for her,she also acted like she was bored and kept playing with her dress when she thought the camera wasn’t on her.G and E were sitting in the front row you couldn’t help but notice what she was doing. When Katherine Bigalow won her Oscar everyone stood up for her except for Ely. George had to lift her out of her chair than she sat down in the middle of her acceptance speech. I found that to be very rude.
    Next Leverage.She only got that job because of who she knows,George called in a favor and who would say no? I know its who you know that gets you the job in HW but still she did a terrible job, and their are lots of people who study and take acting and English lessons for years waiting for their big chance and never get it. She come over and gets an acting gig right off the bat written just for her.
    Next Twittergate which she flatly denied and had to shut it down a few days later.
    Next she said in an interview that she NEVER did drugs not even WEED. well, now a girl said she did coke with E or saw E do coke
    No one is perfect,if she tried coke admit it, if she sent the twitter about J.A. and Iggy admit it, its O.K. people will move on but not to admit that she has done this well,it sounds like shes either trying to save herself or playing both sides at the same time.
    Now this interview she talks about her relationship with George and wonders why she’s in the limelight.
    As far as George goes I don’t think he’s gay, and if Ely is the girl he want than fine,but don’t use PR to make her into something she is not thats all.
    (He does seem to have his hands full with her} Admitting mistakes that she may have made past or present might make her more human. Again I say we all make mistakes. Thats all a part of life. I do believe he knew a lot about her if all of Milan knew.
    I’m not angry, Jealous or bitter this is just my opinion that all.

  69. j. ferber says:

    For one day of my life, I’d like to be pampered by George Clooney. Just one day, damn it!

  70. Reality Check says:

    What really annoys me is just finding out that it was SHE who slammed his hand in the car door. If you ask me, that was a sign from God warning George to dump her. lol….because from then on, she has brought him nothing but grief.

    If keeps any longer he’s a sleaze and a moron.

  71. j. ferber says:

    Alix, on the contrary, you have too many words. I like snark, but vitriol, not so much.

  72. jane16 says:

    @ aqua, yes, you’ve nailed what it is about her that everyone hates. She is simply unbearably arrogant and conceited. If she had an amazing acting or modeling career behind her, or was an accomplished musician or artist, people would cut her a little slack as they tend to do with all celebs. But a party girl? And snotty & average looking at best? Please. Its her. Her horrible personality is why no one can stand her. My in-laws in Italy utterly despise her and did before GC. She comes off an obnoxious little b tch…and she thinks everyone is jealous of her! Hilarious!

  73. Lys says:

    see the photo with sunglasses…she really looks like a man…a monster man!

  74. jane16 says:

    @ Lys, yeah, considering that her face is so masculine, aviator sunglasses are not the best choice for her. She should have gone for more feminine looking shades.

  75. spotchecker says:

    @ #53 DetRiotgirl:

    re: why all the hate?

    why do we care so much? i will tell you why:
    because canalis represents more powerful media interests in this media crossing borders conglomerate business, and the investors who funded clooney in italy seem to be using him/her as a wedge to get into the american/h’wood market. basically, they’re pimping him to pimp us. and basically, we don’t want their ‘sex’. nothing personal, just i don’t care for their ‘business’ this time. there are much more talented italian artists to be seen and heard anyday, anyplace.

    had they been smart about this, they would’ve used a more distinguished actress/hostess, instead of this drug-addled famewhore who makes brittany spears look like warren buffett.

    @#54 caligirl
    and yes[!], clooney is definitely looking more like Krugman’s younger, non-Nobel Prize winning brother these days. good call! [oh snap!]

    @ # 58 zizzivirizzi

    you’re quite the source. something tells me you’ve been waiting for this, and your timing is superb. the info you’re putting out there gets read by others in the business/minivan crowd, then those in the business try to form an opinion [read: focus group] about those who ride in minivans. because that’s their job.
    thank you for letting us all know where all those “..rumors..” came from. apperently, her entire [romantic] life is one big accident.

  76. spotchecker says:

    i was a little harsh w/ the ‘pimp’ reference.
    actually, i think gc should pimp himself out w/ a contest where somebody wins a dinner date, fly fishing, whatev, w/ him. then he should keep the money for his next movie. hell, if i won, i’d just give him the whole week off. that man works too hard.

  77. TeeTee says:

    I’ve never been jealous of 2 men that are in love…

    look at that neck, I’ll never beleive this is a woman–never.

  78. Rachel says:

    I think it’s precisely because she IS so ordinary that she’s so full of herself. Maybe someone who’d already achieved something themselves wouldn’t be so up their own arse just because they’re dating George Clooney. Secondly there’s the Italian factor. I live in Italy and the moment they achieve anything here socially or otherwise for some reason they become horrendously arrogant . Modesty just isn’t a quality they’ve heard of here.They openly sing their own praises without any embarrassmernt-unlike us Brits! Even the ordinary women behave like divas. So when they get famous, you can imagine,they become unbearable. Monica Bellucci is an example. She’s very beautiful (and talentless) but God, is she full of herself!

  79. Anon! says:

    Thses two give me the creeps. Elisabetta is always pouting and she looks very spoilt and full of herself most of the time. She is an attention seeker as is George Clooney. They are self absorbed superficial folks that live for the way they look, the clothes they buy and the amount of attention they get….take that away and they are no different to anyone else. Not sure why women go ga ga over Clooney….I can’t see the attraction myself….he just looks like a middle aged man that has had a bit of surgery and his teeth capped….period. Also Elisabetta is a poser, she flaunts herself and ooften dresses like a hooker and she can’t act.

  80. Silvia says:

    I live in Italy and I’ve always thought Elisabetta Canalis is a zero. She started as a ‘Velina’ -a sort of dancer who cannot actually dance- in a satyrical tv show ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZP1LyMIzn8&feature=related )… then… NOTHING. She was in a tv show about soccer, where she didn’t say anything that made sense (probably she was there because she was dating a famous soccer player).

    Every commentator in Italy says that she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, there has been a sort of marketing strategy to let everyone believe that she is the best.

    And then? TRL summer edition (who cares?), some episode in some lame italian tv shows… and then gossip, gossip and gossip.

  81. George Clooney is a talented and handsome figure in cinema industry since the 90s. He should be considered quite conservative considering how famous he is and how good he could have used his fame to selfisly enjoy women. Also I think it’s not fair to judge relationship unless you are in it, close to it.