Bristol Palin just dumped Levi Johnston, Bristol says: “I got played”

ST. PAUL, MN - SEPTEMBER 04:  :  Bristol Palin (R), daughter of Republican U.S vice-presidential nominee Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, holds brother Trig Palin while sitting next to her boyfriend Levi Johnston on day four of the Republican National Convention (RNC) at the Xcel Energy Center on September 4, 2008 in St. Paul, Minnesota. U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) will accept the GOP nomination for U.S. President Thursday night.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

For f-ck’s sake! Bristol Palin just confirmed to People Magazine that she broke off her second engagement to Levi Johnston. As you may remember, Levi and Bristil had a whirlwind re-courtship, involving rose petals, an Us Weekly cover and dreams of a wedding with a camouflage theme. That lasted about a week. And then news broke that Levi might have impregnated an ex-girlfriend named Lanesia Garcia, and that Bristol was really upset. But Lanesia denied that Levi could be her baby-daddy, so I have no idea what brought this on. Did Sarah Palin pull rank with her daughter? Did Bristol think that getting re-engaged would hurt her credibility as an abstinence advocate (ha)?

And just like that, they were off again. “It’s over. I broke up with him,” Bristol Palin tells PEOPLE exclusively of her second try at an engagement to Levi Johnston, father of her 19-month-old son Tripp.

Palin, 19, says the relationship soured on July 14, the very same day they announced their marriage intentions to the world. Palin says he told her that evening he might have fathered a baby with another teenage girl. (Palin did not name the young woman, but a pregnant former girlfriend of Johnston’s has since publicly denied his paternity.)

In an emotional phone interview with PEOPLE, Palin spoke through tears about feeling heartbroken, humiliated and trapped – while Johnston acted cool.

“There’s been no remorse,” she says, adding that she’s seen him only once in the past three weeks. “The final straw was him flying to Hollywood for what he told me was to see some hunting show but come to find out it was that music video mocking my family,” she says. “He’s just obsessed with the limelight and I got played.”

Reps for Johnston did not return calls seeking comment.

Palin’s mom, Sarah, the former Alaska Governor and prominent Republican with whom Johnston publicly – and bitterly – sparred over the past year and a half, tells PEOPLE: “I wish for Bristol to be able to move forward in life with her same forgiving, gracious, optimistic spirit, but from henceforth she’ll know to trust but verify. Bristol is strong, she is independent, and she knows what is right for her son.”

Bristol says she’s not giving up hope of a safe and happy two-parent home for Tripp. “I have faith that I’ll find it. Through this whole experience I know I need a man who’s going to be completely honest with me and someone who loves me and Tripp and wants to be with him all the time. I also want someone who has religious beliefs and a good family.”

[From People]

OH MY GOD. So the baby-daddy drama is totally FOR REAL. So what the hell was Lanesia Garcia talking about when she denied that sh-t? Or did Levi maybe impregnate yet another girl? Oh, Levi. Just wear a condom, for f-ck’s sake (literally). And yes, I did feel a little twinge of sympathy when Bristol says “I got played.” Poor girl. I mean, yes, I know she’s in a completely different situation than a lot of single mothers, etc. But she is so f-cking young, and I think she did get played, and I feel for her. Poor kid.


NEW YORK - MAY 05: Bristol Palin attends' The Harsh Truth: Teen Moms Tell All' Town Hall Meeting sponsored by The Candie's Foundation at Lighthouse International Conference Center on May 5, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

ST. PAUL, MN - SEPTEMBER 03:  Bristol Palin (R), daughter of presumptive Republican U.S vice-presidential nominee Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, and  her boyfriend Levi Johnston sit together on day three of the Republican National Convention (RNC) at the Xcel Energy Center on September 3, 2008 in St. Paul, Minnesota. The GOP will nominate U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) as the Republican choice for U.S. President on the last day of the convention.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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  1. Cheyenne says:

    Trashiest family in America. Just put the whole tribe on Jerry Springer and have done with it.

  2. heb says:

    They’ll get back together.


  3. Sumodo1 says:

    Heh heh.

  4. Eileen says:

    I don’t know…something doesn’t set right. Maybe her momma sent out some “help” to clean up what she considers something that would mess up her close knit family show for future staunch Republican elections.

  5. Sugar & Spice says:

    Live and learn. I just hope that it was entirely her decison and not from any influence from her mom.

  6. tooey says:

    US Weekly and People need to put a moratorium on engagement covers. These mags are the real enemy of marriage…

  7. Sawbuck says:

    Gad what an oily little weasel – Ricky Hollywood is afraid of a real job – typical manufactured Celebutard. His 15 minutes was up a while ago but the monkey never learns.

  8. chasingadalia says:

    “So what the hell was Lanesia Garcia talking about when she denied that sh-t?”

    I think if I had gotten impregnated by Levi, I’d be embarrassed and denying it up and down, too.

  9. daisyfly says:

    Any day now, she’ll be teaming up with Tila “crackhead” Tequila for a “Shot At Love With Bristol” show.

    It’ll be the trashiest thing to come to television since…yesterday.

  10. Kiska says:

    The real story is probably this: no one was interested in a Levi and Bristol reality show. Therefore, no reason to marry. It was an attention-getting, money-making deal.

  11. Trillion says:

    Kiska: yup.

  12. Katija says:

    I’m just SO happy that Sarah Palin and the Republicans are doing all they can to prevent same-sex marriage. I mean, c’mon. We don’t need immoral gay marriages – we need more Bristols and Levis! Now THAT’S protecting the sanctity of the traditional family structure! Peace love and moose meat! XXOO

  13. DetRiotgirl says:

    I think Bristol is a really pretty girl. But, Levi has permanent douche face going on. He is so smug looking. I do feel a little sorry for her. When the tabloids lose interest in them, she’ll still have to deal with Levi for another 17 or 18 years. Trashy family or not, I can’t help but feel a small pang of sympathy thinking about that. Then again, there are lots of single mothers out there who have things way worse than she does. So, it’s only just a very tiny pang of sympathy.

  14. serena says:

    What the fuck..

  15. Fae says:

    Good. If only so she can’t have unprotected sex yet again and pollute the gene pool even more.

  16. hellen says:

    She’s young and stupid, but I’m glad she came to her senses on this decision.

  17. suede says:

    Wasn’t it already stated that he did not make anyone else preggers?

  18. Carol says:

    All those who are stunned, just STUNNED, by this news please raise your hand.

  19. Corina says:

    Despite how much I utterly abhor Sarah Palin, I feel kinda bad for Bristol. Bad like the way you feel for someone who was raised by crazies and is maybe not so smart, or at least has no real life intelligence. Like Britney you know? But my sympathy waned when Bristol flip-flopped on her whole yay abstinence, oh wait actually I’m proof that abstinence only education doesn’t work, oh wait again now I’m yay abstinence once more! Seems hypocritical to me.

    I would not be surprised at all if she ended up with a reality show…Wasilla Wedding? Bristol Knows Best? BrisToldYaSo (perhaps season 2 could be Bristol: You Betcha!)?? I could go on all day with my crappy tv show titles, I’m cracking myself up over here.

  20. Kaiser says:

    Corina, you’re cracking me up too!

    How about: Junior Hockey MOMZ

    or The Wasilla Whisperer (where she gives advice to other unwed teenage mothers)

  21. Jules says:

    Trash on parade…….what would the opinion be if it was Obama’s family going through this?

  22. A_G says:

    God, that poor kid … good luck to him, good luck.

  23. Emily says:

    Wow, what surprising news. Actually, I am surprised by how cute that kid is, considering his parents. Although Bristol is kinda cute when she is dressed and made up to look like a 40yo.

    @Corina, ITA with the abstinence thing. I think that not only is she walking proof that abstinence only sex-ed doesn’t work, but it’s a dangerous message to promote in any case.

  24. trishy says:

    They BOTH got paid for that US Weekly cover. Who got played again? I think it smacks of Speidi-type manipulation.

  25. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    I think the ex-girlfriend he may have impregnated is someone OTHER than this Garcia chicklet. Maybe it’s Kathy Griffin.

  26. jen says:

    Katija- Zerobama feels the exact same way about same sex marriage. XXOO.

  27. Confuzzle says:

    Boooooo! I was so looking forward to the tv show 😆

    Maybe now she can become Mormon and marry into a cult group? That would be fun viewing!

  28. benny says:

    Kiska — Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! Yep, that’s exactly what happened – nobody wanted to pay for their reality show, so what’s the point in getting married at all?

    By the way, she wants someone with religious beliefs and from a good family? I know a lot of good guys with religious beliefs who are from “good families.” But any “good family” is going to tell them to stay the hell away from Palin and her whole trashy family! So good luck with that.

  29. Corina says:

    Bristol’s Baby Daddy Bonanza! And Tripp Makes Tres! Hell, they might as well launch the Palin Family Variety Hour and just get it over with.

    @Emily, agreed, it is dangerous, and ignorant, and disturbing. I totally understand that many people believe it is the RIGHT thing to do, but it is been emphatically proven over and over again that it is the WRONG way to prevent teen pregnancy. So frustrating to me! Random reference – on an old episode of That 70’s Show, Kelso talks about loving Catholic school girls because Catholic schools don’t have sex ed, so they don’t know what NOT to do. It’s a little too close to accuracy to be really funny you know?

    @Jules I think if it were the same scenario with the Obama girls, we would react the same way but perhaps with less snark because they aren’t as easy to mock. But if Michelle was up there saying “You betcha we’re gonna teach our kids good abstinence only family values”, and then Sasha or Malia got knocked up out of wedlock (in this scenario in my head they are older because otherwise it’s extra disturbing) I’m sure the conservatives, Obama birth certificate conspiracy theorists, and Tea Partiers would have a field day….

  30. mln says:

    I don’t feel bad for Bristol or Sarah but its pretty transparent that the babby momma was supposed to deny involvement so that she could get money from Levi after the reality show etc, etc. At least Sarah Palin isn’t our president.

  31. photo jojo says:

    She looks like Snooki.

  32. cprincess says:

    probably all in the script for the reality show the’re pitching…
    white trash all of them…

  33. Persistent Cat says:

    The most telling part of the article is, “In an emotional phone interview with PEOPLE, Palin spoke through tears…“. If she’s really that hurt, why a People interview? Oh right, because nothing about them is real, it’s just a show to get magazine covers and a reality show.

    I keep saying it, we have the power to make them go away. Stop writing about them and we (as readers) stop reading about them and buying magazines with them on the cover.

  34. texasmom says:

    Poor Bristol did get played. First by her mom for the national media, and now by Levi.

    At least they got a nice check to help pay for her new condo in Anchorage, you know, how every 19-year-old single mom working as a physician’s assistant has a nice new condo. (Anyone here have a line on Alaska real estate prices?? I hear they are outrageous.)

  35. GatsbyGal says:

    I think he was only in it for her huge boobs. Seriously, wow, I never realized before how stacked she is until seeing that last photo.

  36. gretchen says:

    `haven’t read any of the above’, comments included, just the ‘headline’ and i have to say….SMART GIRL BRISTOL!! best of luck to you and your baby and the MAN you will eventually marry!!

    and just for the record i am not a fan of sarah

  37. Persistent Cat says:

    Wow, I just reread her last quote and can’t believe we missed this:
    Bristol says she’s not giving up hope of a safe and happy two-parent home for Tripp. “I have faith that I’ll find it. Through this whole experience I know I need a man who’s going to be completely honest with me and someone who loves me and Tripp and wants to be with him all the time. I also want someone who has religious beliefs and a good family.

    Now she’s just blatantly looking for a Bachelorette series all her own.

  38. Missfit says:

    Well I do kinda feel bad for her as well, but I hope she has learned her lesson. And she’s in that (stupid in love faze) with the wrong guy. I once knew this girl who her bf (baby daddy) of many years (living together and basically her husband)…went off and knocked up some other girl too, he would cheat on her alot. Ofcoarse her friends would lecture her why she was even with him and that she was stupid…but for some reason she thought and was convinced that she was being “strong” by remaining with him and that she was the better person. Um, ya, okay, if you say so. lol

  39. oduroyal says:

    I’ve had enough of the both of them and their hoodrat drama…I agree with Cheyenne, the only place this trashy family should be is on Jerry Springer

  40. lucy2 says:

    Sadly, kiska, you’re probably right.
    Corina, ditto your post.

    I kind of feel bad for her too, because she’s clearly naive. But THIS is why you don’t run to a magazine to announce your engagement – had they not been courting fame, they could have gotten back together and broken up again and no one would have been the wiser. But now she has to admit to People mag that she got played. Ugh.

  41. bellaluna says:

    Wow. When I was a 19-year-old single mom, all I had to worry about was not being killed by my baby’s father. In addition to him cheating on me, I mean. But I never had to go through the embarrassment of announcing my engagement to the world, only to have to “take it back” when it came out he might be the father of another unwed teenager’s child.

  42. Kate says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha! Bunch of rednecks!

  43. citysuede says:

    Any minute now we will hear about how when they got back together and engaged, she got preggers…..

  44. Jillian says:

    A miniscule part of the reason I’m not abstinent is because this bitch is.

    Of course, I practice safer sex. No glove, no love. I would lament them not teaching Bristol this, but then I wouldn’t have these hysterical stories to read.

    That poor baby. He’s sooo fucked over in terms of genetics.

  45. buell says:

    I know this is a celebrity bitching site and I like to read what y’all post, but… WOW the vile hate and bigotry that is being written on here about the Palin family is just way over the top! I guess if you are a conservative, Christian or Republican then you MUST be white-trash and stupid. So much for funny, lighthearted comments. Guess those are only for Democratic Liberal political families.

  46. coup de grazia says:

    i too feel bad for the dumbass.

    the fact that backwater fuckwit’s name is actually levi….i can hear the theme song from sanford and son playing.

    oh, and leave it to Miss Wasilla to come up with “trust but verify”.

  47. MMW says:

    Cheyenne got it right. Put the whole tribe on Jerry Springer and …..When did Bristol turn into SnooKi??!

  48. mtngirl says:

    Rumor has it that the split isn’t because of the non-issue with Lanesia (she has already said he’s not her baby daddy), it’s because of some recent pics on Facebook of Levi with another one of his former girlfriends, named Briana Plum I think; supposedly Bristol was pissed when she saw them. And I question her not knowing he was going to be in a music video – that was in the news weeks ago. Maybe it’s cynical, but I’d bet this whole drama is manufactured to get sympathy for Bristol, and her mom. Wouldn’t be the first time the Palin family engaged in a little truth stretching!

  49. Vicky Corday says:

    Gee, it’s really too bad that Bristol and the rest of the Clampett’s didn’t end up in the 2nd most important position in the country.

  50. Lendy Jones says:


  51. di butler says:

    I’m not a Republican, but WTF is with ya’ll and the Sarah Palin hate? Did she piss in your corn flakes? Geez.

    This girl is a mediocre, naive girl who wanted a fairy tale, but got involved with a jerk. Nothing particularly trashy about it. I hope none of you have to experience it when you actually have teen daughters of your own.

    She said she was dumping him for lying to her about going to H’wood for a hunting show, but he was actually filming a video trashing her family. Still blame her?

  52. mamasnail says:

    No, Bristol, we got played. Run along now and try to live a meaningful life.

  53. Lynne says:

    You liberals sure are hateful and hypocratic. She’s 19 & not herself political- cut her some slack.

    The sympathy you’d show to someone else would be intense

  54. ViktoryGin says:

    Well….no shit, Sherlock.

    I do feel badly for her because this is an obvious situation of her being wrangled by everyone around her. She probably doesn’t know her mouth from her a**. SMH

    @ Lynne

    While I think that Bristol is the recipient of disdain by association, her actions would be just as naive and daft if she were a conservative and very likely the commenters would be just as derisive. So, perhaps the liberal-bashing is better suited to a different situation.

  55. mardi says:

    agreed with comment 51: @di butler

  56. bros says:

    henceforth? nice try Palin. I love the enormous disconnect between her publicist-issued statements and her live incoherent yabbering. i wish these hillbillies would disappear. I dont get what is so awesome about being idiotic and trashy. they are so proud of it.

  57. Kitten says:

    I can’t believe people are actually surprised by this.

  58. e says:

    “I guess if you are a conservative, Christian or Republican then you MUST be white-trash and stupid.”

    No they are white trash and stupid because they ACT LIKE stupid white trash.

    “You liberals sure are hateful and hypocratic. She’s 19 & not herself political- cut her some slack.”

    Umm she IS political. She has gotten paid to go around the country preaching abstinence which is a very hot button political issue. And hypocratic? Seriously! It is either “you liberals are hypocrites” OR “you liberals are hypocritical”. There is also the Hippocratic Oath but I am not going to explain that one to you.

    Bristol voluntarily put herself on the covers of tabloids and speaks to the public. She is a public figure not just some poor girl caught up in her mother’s political drama.

  59. D says:

    While I’m not a fan of the Sarah, if she did have something to do with Bristol’s change of mind…good for her. Regardless of how I feel about her, it has to be hard for a mother to watch her daughter set herself up for heartbreak. And to have that done publicly is even worse.
    I feel bad for Bristol and hope that she eventually finds the life she wants for her son. In the meantime…no more Levi coverage! EVER.

  60. mAnDa3 says:

    For some reason I saw this coming. He just looks like a player. They don’t change all the time. I have an ex who will be a slut until he dies. Good for her. Move on with your son. You don’t need a man.

  61. Anti-icon says:

    Bristol Palin seems like a media tool her mom trots out when it suits her political agenda. I feel sorry for them all. But it most certainly is white trash soap opera central in Wasilla, Alaska.

  62. guesty says:

    seems as if bristol is turning a quick buck doing cover after cover with levi. her mom has taught her well. what a quick study.

  63. Iggles says:

    No sympathy for her. Or Levi. I’m sure there’ll be a third engagement in their future. If Sarah hadn’t interfered they would have been married already, but 18 or 19 y/o is common marrying age up there.

  64. Katija says:

    @ Jen – Totes. That’s why I can’t stand him. Not all liberals rode the hope and change chain, FYI.

  65. Kim says:

    I wonder why she did the engagement story with Us Weekly and the breakup story w/ People. Us Weekly should have had the exclusive since they pd for 1st story.

  66. Corina says:

    @e Amen to everything you said! I feel comfortable with the redneck teasing because that’s sorta where I come from – I’m just sayin’, I’m familiar with white trash, and these people are it. Not because they’re conservative, or Republican, or Alaskan, or because they went against Obama – but because of their words and actions. It’s cool if someone wants to respect Sarah Palin but I certainly can’t find one reason to do so.

  67. original kate says:

    i don’t feel bad for bristol at all – that little grifter is getting $30K for speaking about abstinence.

  68. Alexis says:

    Please, god, don’t let them be the new Spiedi

  69. J.D.M.J. says:

    Totally agree w/Kiska.