Lindsay Lohan “models” for Marc Ecko, will not be weaned off her Adderall


These are some new photos of Lindsay Lohan dressed as a whory ninja for Marc Ecko’s new ads, all of the images courtesy of TMZ. Sigh… Lindsay and her crack tittays. According to TMZ, this is all part of Marc Ecko’s “secret” campaign for Muse, which I guess is the new clothing line…? Perfume? Eh. If you’re going to hire a cracked-out mess for your photos, don’t want to see her crackface? A source tells TMZ that Lindsay was hired because she was someone “whom fascinated us — for better or worse.” Yep.

Speaking of her crackface, Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley gave an interview to Radar about how Lindsay is totally NOT being “weened” off of her prescription for Adderall:

Lindsay Lohan is not being weened off the drug adderall, her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley tells exclusively.

We’ve also learned that Lindsay does not have a roommate but is interacting with a small group of other patients at UCLA Medical Center, where she is undergoing 90 days of court-ordered rehab.

“Ms. Lohan is not in a locked unit at the hospital. It’s a section of the hospital that treats normal people with various issues.” Holley told “I was with my client when she was admitted to the hospital on Monday morning.”

Doctors are evaluating Lindsay’s prescription drug intake and will make the necessary modifications.

“Her doctors are looking at what prescriptions she is currently taking, whether or not the dosages need to be increased, decreased or stopped,” Holley told

“Lindsay’s doctors are looking at everything she is taking, and determining what changes if any need to occur.”

Day-to-day life for Lindsay brings her in contact with a small group of patients, a source told us.

“Lindsay doesn’t have a roommate,” the source said. “None of the patients on the unit she is in have a roomate, but Lindsay is interacting with other patients. It’s a very small unit, and Lindsay will be receiving the best medical care while staying there.”

[From Radar]

Hm… she’s not in lockdown? That’s weird. Because I would have thought that if the court ordered her to be there and Lindsay wasn’t locked-down, she would already be at the bar doing tequila shots and snorting a heady mix of crushed Adderall, cocaine and biscuits. Oh, and Dina just told the paps that Lindsay is doing “fine.” Oh, stay tuned. The crack drama is coming.





Marc Acko ads courtesy of TMZ.

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58 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan “models” for Marc Ecko, will not be weaned off her Adderall”

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  1. jane says:

    i thought that last picture of her was an old picture of Goldie Hawn

  2. Delta Juliet says:

    she really needs to get rid of the blond hair (among other things)

  3. bizzy says:

    “whom fascinated us”


    *pant pant pant*.

  4. Anonymous says:

    @buzzy: I hear you! How irritating! These people should have at least some sort of mastery of the English language! How embarrassing for them, really.

  5. Karen says:

    @bizzy LOL!!

  6. Kelly says:

    Cracky McCrackerson strikes again. I feel like I’ve seen enough of her boobs that I could predict her mammogram results.

    And that last picture – WTF? What’s with the ferret-like teeth-baring?

  7. Will says:

    Jesus…she looks awful…and I thought models were supposed to represent what people aspired to look like.

    What really bugs me about Lohan is that 1) she was attractive to begin with, and 2) she also was a talented actress. It doesn’t help that my “ideal” girl is pale, redheaded, and freckly and she has gone to great lengths to eradicate her natural beauty.

  8. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Her boobs look weird.

  9. canadianchick says:

    I’d be surprised if she sees 30.

  10. Arlette Elkaïm says:

    my god. train wreck!

  11. sasha says:

    “whom”? “weened”?

    Mind you, Lindsay probably would think this is perfectly “adequite” English.

  12. electric says:


  13. DetRiotgirl says:

    @bizzy Haha, that’s my favorite comment of the day!

  14. Beck says:

    I bet she will have a fling/relationship with another patient at the hospital. She can’t stay away from drama. Do I have any takers?

  15. Bibi says:

    How many steps backwards can LL take?

  16. buckley says:

    I’d like to know what she takes Adderall for.
    Girl doesn’t go to school so doesn’t need it to study.

    That shit is basically speed and she takes it to party. I”m pretty sure it’s her coke substitute yet they are not taking it away??

  17. original kate says:

    she’s falling into edie sedgwick territory. and look how well that turned out.

  18. Kelly says:

    At least Edie had great style! For all the money she spends, Lindsay always looks like she shops at Forever21.

  19. Raven says:

    If she is bipolar, that medication is not appropriate and they will take her off it. I agree that she is naturally pretty and talented, but has thrown it all away. She may need to got the route of Robert Downey, Jr. to get over this or she may not make it.

    I wish her lawyer would stop talking to the media, although she may figure that if she doesn’t, someone will be bribing the staff to leak.

  20. lucy2 says:

    Why doesn’t she just do Playboy or porn and get it over with?
    She does look like Goldie Hawn in that last one – well, a cracked out Goldie, anyway.

  21. canadianchick says:

    What’s with the grammar trolls today?I read this site for escapism, not perfect grammar. C’mon ladies *sending you a spa certificate to help you chill out*

  22. kelbear says:

    I think they made her boobs bigger than they are.

  23. Jover says:

    How does a crack whore get modeling bookings when so many real models struggle to get any bookings. The fashion industry should be embarressed that a collection of worn out celebs – beyonce,rihanna, taylor mommsen, blake lively, liho, etc. are the faces for brands and lines – is everyone slumming these days to the most banal, common, and uninteresting celebutards, or has the fashion industry just given up?

  24. DanielleS says:

    I don’t get why any magazine would want her pictures, especially on the cover. I don’t think she will see 30 either, unless she makes a lot of changes. I wonder who Dina will be blaming then??

  25. you sure do bitch and moan about her.. why dont you just stop posting her then!!

  26. Persistent Cat says:

    I guess “whom” is the new “myself.” Often used incorrectly. That above is the most annoying misuse I’ve ever seen.

    @CanadianChic, yes, it’s escapism but it’s also where I can come to be sarcastic and bitchy. If I didn’t care about that element, I wouldn’t bother reading the comments.

  27. denise says:

    I wonder why the system is so lenient on Lindsay.I mean , Paris Hilton, was thrown into jail for her full term and her family is richer and more influential than the Lohans. I don’t get it, do they want to see her die?

    BTW that Ecko photoshoot is terrible.

  28. mollination says:

    Hahaha, bizzy! That comment was priceless! 🙂

    Lindsay is just — what else is there to say? All she does is smoke cigarettes for the camera.

  29. TQB says:

    @buckley, thank you, every time i hear about the Adderall script I think the same thing – what the heck does Cracky need to concentrate on?

  30. Persistent Cat says:

    In that last picture, she looks like Kate Major.

  31. MSat says:

    Isn’t it weird how her lawyer is so open about her treatment? I would be pissed if I were in rehab and people I thought I could trust were blabbing about what meds I’m on, the nature of the treatment, etc.

  32. skeptical says:

    Ha! I wonder what Grammar Princess Samantha Ronson would say about this.

    Probably something like Bizzy did.

    This makes me laugh.

    (Samantha has been caught using poor grammar though, so she just gets the princess title. I wonder if Bizzy is the queen?)

  33. a says:

    lookin’ pretty nutso.

  34. Saila says:

    Has no one noticed that she is very obviously wearing a wig? It seems odd that she has long platinum hair and yet they put a wig on her that mimics the hair she already has…

  35. Team Bethenny says:

    Please make her go away.

  36. TaylorB says:

    Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! G#d help us all… it.

    Run for the hills them darn tootin stinkin grammar Notsies are up in here again, showin us how to tlak and tpye all propper Anglish and stuft, tellin us to not end a sentansy with an it… again…it.


  37. Green Is Good says:

    @Kelly: “I feel like I’ve seen enough of her boobs that I could predict her mammogram results.”

    HA HA HA!

    Why doesn’t she just pose for Penthouse already? Or do a Lesbo porn movie with Montana Fishburne?

  38. TaylorB says:

    Pardon my last post I support the grammar/spellin’ police……. and honestly who woodn’t? they are doin’ a faver to the wurld. I had a burr under my saddle, but I would like to know which of you miscreants had the audacity to post a comment with less than perfect grammar or even wurse a typo on this or any website, because your deserve nothing less than public shunning and perhaps jail time… it.

  39. Innocent says:

    @Lindsay Lover
    I agree she is in rehab and gone for 90 days so people could stop posting/talking about her if they wanted.

    Rehab should never have been part of the sentence she did drug/alcohol tests and passed them all. That judge was just a bitch that wanted to make sure that everyone knows her name.

  40. skeptical says:

    and once again we have those who keep forgetting the REAL reason linds went to jail is her 2007 conviction.

    the probation was the condition she had to keep in order to stay out of jail.

    when she violated that probation, the original jail sentence kicked back in.

    there’s a 2008 Marie Claire with Lindsay on the cover that openly stated the threat of jail was there if lindsay violated her probation.

    lindsay is not a victim here. she brought this on herself.

  41. Sumodo1 says:

    That blond wig on her head ia $19.99 down the street at Martin Luther King Boulevard.

  42. Innocent says:

    I’m not talking about the jail i’m talking about the rehab.
    She would have been better with the 180 days in jail and serving a month as opposed to the full 3 months in rehab.
    What was the point in the drug testing etc if she was getting rehab.
    She was allowed to take drugs which she had a prescription for.

  43. Kelly says:

    @Green is Good
    I think the Linda Lovelace movie will be a more than adequate replacement for a Penthouse spread (excuse the pun). I mean, look at the stills! Gangbang central.

  44. lucy2 says:

    Didn’t she set her SCRAM off after only a few days? I’d say rehab is called for. I think there’d have to be sufficient cause to force someone into rehab, I’m guessing the judge is privy to a lot more info than we all are.

  45. mai tai says:

    @ Sumodo 1
    After they saw the wig on Lindsay, that wig on MLK Blvd. got marked down to $9.99, so I think I’m going to buy it for my sisters dog to wear.

    Lindsay need to go to a damn wig rehab!Guess her hair fell out after all the meth.

  46. bizzy says:

    @skeptical: I wonder if Bizzy is the [grammar] queen?

    god no. a few years ago when the issue was usually ‘who’ being used when ‘whom’ was required, i was all ‘get over it, it’s dying out, good riddance, the meaning’s always clear from the context’. but for some reason i choke on the current tendency to use ‘whom’ when ‘who’ is required. i guess because it’s so obviously motivated by the desire to display good grammar without, y’know, actually learning any grammar.

  47. Crash2GO2 says:

    I had that very same thought, about her looking like a young Goldie Hawn in that last photo.

    *frantically spelling and grammar checking all posts from now on*

  48. Trillion says:

    Hey Bizzy, I can relate. My dilemma is wanting language to sound casual (when appropriate) but also being “correct”. My mom was a grammar queen, but could also use vernacular when called for. One thing that bugs me is knowing that “none” is singular, but feeling that it sounds all kinds of wrong when used that way. Who/Whom is more of a writing thing for me. It’s the double-edged sword: sounding pretentious v.s. sounding dumb.

  49. Innocent says:

    She set the SCRAM off once in 3 months after she has been drinking for months.

    I know there has been TONS of rumours about her abusing prescription drugs. possibly taking meth and taking coke again but the fact is she passed the drug tests and didn’t violate that part of her probation. The jail sentence can’t be argued other than missing 7 classes was the same as missing 1 because the program didn’t enforce the every 7 days rule and non comply her.

    I agree with Popeater :
    “While many suspect the actress of continued use, no one — including the legal system — can prove that she is using. Lohan has proven herself to be completely clean and sober since at least late May of this year, when Judge Marsha Revel ordered the actress to wear an alcohol-monitoring SCRAM device and submit to weekly random drug testing. And by all accounts, if she were as addicted as some have claimed, it seems strange that she would have been able to quit so abruptly; addictions are defined by how difficult they are to end, and the physical consequences of going cold turkey can cause very observable health problems.

    So, why is Lohan being sentenced to rehab when she has shown the court that she is no longer using drugs? Of course, the court is privy to things the media is not, but consider that the second her SCRAM went off (in an apparent misread), it was a news alert, and that had she failed a drug test, she would have been immediately taken to jail. Right now, Lindsay is clean.

    Lohan violated her probation and now she has to deal with the consequences of her DUI arrests. That’s fair, and it’s how the system works. But it’s hard to look at the facts of the case and the treatment others have received and not wonder if Lindsay Lohan is also being punished for being on the wrong side of a tabloid narrative that portrays her as a drug-abusing nightmare — despite very real evidence to the contrary.

  50. Jello says:

    I’m with Bizzy. And all you grammar haters, why don’t you chill? Some folks notice things like…spelling…punctuation..and gasp…grammar! No need to get your panties in a knot.

  51. badrockandroll says:

    I’m a word queen whose vocab surpasses her spelling and typing skills. It will kill me if I don’t kill someone first.

    My current “nails on chalkboard” word is … awesome. It does not mean cool. It does not mean thank you. It means dreaded, or inspiring reverence. Someday when I pour some kid a pint and he says awesome when he means thank you very much I will jump over the bar and stangle him. I know, I need help. But I winced when I saw “whom” here, I wince when I hear “for myself” and I winced when I saw poor Lindsay’s boobs heading past her emaciated ribcage for her knees.

  52. nel says:

    OMG KAISER! love you, lol this is quote of the week for me “whory ninja”.

    on the serious side, hohan is a perfect example of what drugs and meds and delusional mothers do.

    whatever happened to mean girls lindsay? who was friends with tina fey?

    then tina fey organised an intervention and hohan told her to fk off and shit.

    she is totally like that song by just jack called stars in their eyes.

    and ali lohan is headed the same way.

    if you had dead beat dad who sells nude photos of his ex-gf, delusional mum who almost got arrested for trying to score free ice cream.

    you havent got much hope have you?

    but at the same time, im also a believer that you can make choices, just because you were brought up a certain way doesnt mean you cant change.

    but this dumb bitch obviously lives in lalala land and chooses to stay there because the meds are tooo good.

    i bettter rush off to go buy some shares on big pharmaceuticals, 🙂 lol hohan cant be weened off adderal!!!

  53. Persistent Cat says:

    @TaylorB, that just wasn’t funny.

    Spelling errors are always forgiven, I’ve made one or two in my day. And some grammar errors are excused.

    I get upset when words are misused because the user thinks they are the more intelligent choice. The “whom” comment in the post is just so many types of wrong. I also cringe when people misuse the word “myself.”

    My husband watches Dog the Bounty Hunter. I don’t know what’s worse on that show, the clothes, the hair or the bad bad English. Every damn sentence ends in “at.”

    I tend to think a lot about grammar as I work in a very bilingual environment (english and french) and often have to do minor translation or write text, etc. We discuss language a lot.

  54. bellaluna says:

    If LL isn’t being “weened off” her Adderall, and she’s not being diagnosed by an independent physician who will definitely say she has ADD/ADHD (and therefore medically requires Adderall), then LL is NOT clean nor will she be.

    Just because a med is prescribed doesn’t mean it’s medically necessary (Dilaudid for dental work, anyone?).

  55. Johnthing says:

    What was once a cute, adorable, talented child is now whoring and slutting about, all in the name of “art” and “acting”. I don’t want to see any more of her crotch, boobs, crack teeth or fake hair. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!!!

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  57. the bunny lover says:

    did you hear his explanation of why they used a body double? because lindsay was a muse? so they used someone else’s body and mostly covered her face. stupid.

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