LeAnn Rimes is sticking by Eddie Cibrian, posts kissy-face photo


Yesterday, Star Magazine released their awesome cover story that was pulled from some very in-the-know sources in Team Brandi Glanville (it was Brandi). Star claimed that Eddie Cibrian was still boning his estranged wife Brandi while he was “with” LeAnn Rimes. Star also included some interesting details like Eddie bad-mouthing LeAnn to Brandi. Oh, and in Jezebel’s tabloid round-up, Star is also claiming that Eddie is boning a bartender! Anyway, just hours after Star’s story came out, LeAnn and Eddie were doing damage control. LeAnn tweeted her sloppy denials (and this photo, above) and Eddie released this hardcore bitch statement: “Once again my ex has stooped to a new low attempting to sabotage my beautiful relationship with LeAnn… Not surprisingly the ONLY magazine that decided to run the story shares the same credibility and delusion as my ex. They should be ashamed of themselves.” I mean, come on. I’m surprised Eddie was so bitchy about it. Could it be that some of the details Brandi allegedly gave to Star Magazine were a little bit… true? Hm? What’s that?

LeAnn Rimes is standing by her man.

She posted a photo of herself kissing Eddie Cibrian on Twitter — the same day a tabloid report hit stands claiming he cheated on Rimes with his ex wife, whom he left for Rimes.

“Kisses!” she captioned the shot. Rimes, 27, also posted multiple photos and references to the romantic camping getaway they’re on.

Meanwhile, Cibrian, 37, accused his ex wife, Brandi Glanville, of starting the rumor that they’re back on.

“Once again my ex has stooped to a new low attempting to sabotage my beautiful relationship with LeAnn,” the former CSI: Miami actor Twittered. “Not surprisingly the ONLY magazine that decided to run the story shares the same credibility and delusion as my ex. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

Us Weekly first reported Rimes and Cibrian hooked up on the set of their Lifetime movie, Northern Lights.

Rimes’ divorce from Dean Sheremet was finalized in June; Cibrian filed for divorce from Glanville, with whom he has two young sons, in August 2009.

[From Us Weekly]

Yeah, you should really check out LeAnn’s Twitter. She’s been going batsh-t insane since the Star story broke. She’s probably made like a hundred tweets in the past 24 hours, it’s crazy. Like the improvisation of a bad liar. Or something in denial. Or someone who just doesn’t think that the same thing she did could be done to her. Ha!

Singer LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian spotted walking around after hving just announced they'll be moving in together on July 28, 2010 in Malbu, CA. (photo by nicepic / Meet The Famous) Photo via Newscom

Singer LeAnn Rimes spent the day in Calabasas, California with her loving actor boyfriend Eddie Cibrian on April 26, 2010. The happy couple showed one another some affection after a bite to eat followed by some Menchie s dessert. Eddie grabbed his leading lady and gave her a big smooch before catching on the shutterbugs. The country singer is the face of a campaign called Stop Hiding From Psoriasis, by the American Academy of Dermatology and the National Psoriasis Foundation which is aimed at informing the public about the condition and getting those who suffer from it to stop hiding and start living. Fame Pictures, Inc

Header photo courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. denise says:

    LeAnne sounds so juvenile. Ugh. Annoying.

  2. Mouse says:

    Eeeeeew, so sick of these two already.

  3. meme says:

    LeAnn is annoying as hell. Sounds like a lovesick teenager.

  4. fizXgirl314 says:

    how can he just automatically assume it was his ex who started the rumors? Any old schmuck could have started them….

  5. Marjalane says:

    Leann strikes me as someone who wants everyone to think she’s living in a Hello Kitty, Happily ever after, kind of world. Hard to sustain that image when you take up with a douchbag Leann!

    I think I like her even less than Nicole Kidman, which is kind of remarkable.

  6. D says:

    Well, I knew the pictures were coming. I expected her to wait another day or so. Barf.

  7. Missfit says:

    Well I think that with many of us…when we get into that whole beginning stage of the relationship, we all can act much younger and like teens at times. lol Cause we are so happy and all (la la la). In her case though, she’s not with the right person, this is Alicia and Beatz too. But these two shouldn’t be rubbing it in people’s face, after what he put his ex and kids through…if I were Leann, I would be embarrassed and lay low for a while, until it blew off.

  8. Kazoo81 says:

    i just glanced at her twitter, and um…why is she basically giving her exact location to the public? what an attention whore. if some crazed fan (or hater, LOL) or the paps show up, she can’t complain. what a dummy.

  9. grrrlgrace says:

    Honestly, I think it’s great that Lee Ann doesn’t believe a word of it. And, I hope he really did cheat. Why? I like seeing her make a fool out of herself, she deserves it!

  10. blue_planet says:

    The kissy face is what anyone who lacks a personality does in photos. You look ridiculous, just smile.

  11. Green Is Good says:

    *eye roll* The puketastic twattering of a woman with emotional maturity of a lovesick 15 year-old.

  12. lisa says:

    I think she did what many young women do. Got married too young before she had time for herself as a woman. She met a man that was “a man” and just blew her mind. She is enjoying the sex and all that comes with being young, rich and free. I don’t know much about Eddie. But Eddie,LeAnn and his ex-wife are acting like children. Take care of your business in private. There are children involved. This is not high school. Twitter is going to ruin a lot of lives. People need to learn to STFU and stop telling all their business.

  13. guesty says:

    wow…she’s really trying to convince herself…he’s so into MEEEEEE! lol. this was so over before it even started.

  14. Kelley says:

    I’m with #11 … they both make me want to vomit. Ohhh !! What goes around comes around 🙂

  15. bagladey says:

    The sleaze-factor of this couple is so high that I can’t look at a photo of them with their big, wide grins without shuddering. They’re gross, and I wish them a speedy downfall so we can just be over with it.

  16. LolaBella says:

    I like Twitter. I enjoy Twitter. I follow some really interesting people/celebs.

    However, there’s a limit to what I will share on Twitter even if my account is protected. Common sense should prevail and you shouldn’t put your personal shit out there for the world to see and gleefully salivate over.

    Bottom line ALL THREE of them are acting like complete idiots (Twidiots, ha!) They need to stop acting like bitchy high school girls and start acting like adults.

    I read Brandi’s Twitter and she’s said some shit too; they all need to just STOP and STFU.

  17. jay says:

    Lets just sum it up. LeAnn fell in love for real with her first husband…soul mates,friends etc. Marriage goes through cycles and if you have a good looking guy who makes you feel naughty and super sexy you are tempted. She didn’t pass the test. She couldn’t see that only a scum bag would do this to his beautiful baby boys and wife. He found a conquest. He’s over the conquest….so he wants his family back. LeAnn you have to reverse your Karma quick….YOu know in your brain the rumors are true…your heart is refusing. Don’t let him get you again. If he can cheat on little boys he loves he can on you..he already did.

  18. chino says:

    This is very sad. She’s actually talented, but no one is ever gonna take her music seriously again. They’re just gonna remember her for this crap!

  19. nolanative says:

    If the infidelity claim is true and it appears to be, that Brandi is loooow. I like Brandi!!

  20. zendiggity says:

    lol@ that pic.
    Is she really that delusional that she thinks posting a pic of them kissing will convince everyone of their “beautiful relationship”?
    He looks like such a snake, I dont doubt for a minute he’s cheating and if he isnt Im sure he will.
    The way you get them is usually the way you lose them.
    I will lmao when his new affairs hits the net and karma bites her in the ass.

  21. Mari says:

    If it didn’t have any element of truth to it, why feel the need to comment?
    Tell-tale sign…

  22. Ricci says:

    I like them as a couple.

  23. Rita says:

    This “Eddie loves me and we are soul mates” has been LeAnn’s problem for years. Perhaps her need to be loved is because her father used her for money. This problem seems to be getting worse with age. She never grew out of her teenage years…she grew into them.

  24. Gwen says:

    She is such an unattractive person. She seems very self-centered and spoiled and she’s not at all good looking. I don’t think it will be long before he cheats on her.

  25. Tess says:

    I almost feel sorry for her. Yes, I think it’s possible for a married man to fall in love with someone else and later be faithful to that person. But Eddie is just not that guy and it couldn’t be more obvious. Anyone who wouid blatently cheat on a spouse in the manner he did without a hint of guilt is incapable of being faithful to one person. Dude didn’t even try to hide it. Does anyone really believe that he wouldn’t turn down a nice piece of ass if he knew he could get away with it? And with his looks he’ll have hundreds of opportunities. I’m sure Gloria Allred is salivating.

  26. xxodettexx says:


  27. Rita says:

    A year ago LeAnn cancelled a concert when it was reported that Eddie was cheating on her. She immediately flew home and had herself tatooed with the word trust. Imagine, if you will, the last 24 hrs. of being couped up with her in an isolated cabin. Eddie just wants to drink a beer and LeAnn is pacing with her neurosis in full bloom. She makes Eddie drive her to town where she can reassure her fans by posting and tweeting that Eddie is f’ing her in Montanna. Why is it so important to her that the public thinks somebody loves her?

  28. irena NL says:

    I’d put a bet on them making it. He seems like he loves her and she clearly loves him. Love happens!

  29. anonymous says:

    True or not,I’m positive it won’t break them up.They’ll be photographed out and about a week from now looking happy as ever as they always do every time a new “scandal” is reported about them.Just wait and see!

  30. irena NL says:

    The resort looks to me like Paws Up. One can’t be cooped up in a glamping tent, stream side with the beauty and quiet of the natural surroundings, riding horse back. I’d love to be cooped up there, please.

  31. Twez says:

    I should hire myself out as a publicist, because it’s always so glaringly apparent what these celebrities need to do. I know that people who leave marriages for new relationships always want people to understand that they were unhappy (although that usually comes as news to the spouse they are leaving) and now they are SO HAPPY! How can this be wrong?! We are happy now!!! Just go dark on the publicity seeking until the initial public judgment blows over. If Leann and Eddie had just kept quiet and refused to respond to Eddie’s ex, we’d all be sympathizing with them right now. (Well, not me, but I have personal issues with people who ditch on their marriages, especially with kids involved.)

  32. Jen says:

    Anyone want to bet that she’s giving him hell in private over this, despite all the PDA’s?

  33. Cinderella says:

    I want to know more about the bartender he’s banging. Oh please come forward!

    As lovesick as LeAnn is, Eddie could be banging half of Cali, and she’d still be in denial, clinging to him all the way.

    He has know idea what he’s gotten himself into.

  34. Chickadees4me says:

    agreeing with odette, Karma, it eventually catches up with you lol

  35. anonymous says:

    @Cinderella He hasn’t been caught banging any bartenders.They’re talking about the affair he had with Sheana Marie Jancan(a bartender) while his wife was pregnant.
    The thing about this story is that it’s an old one meaning it supposedly happened a year ago and him and Brandi were still living together and doesn’t really have anything to do with him currently cheating on LeAnn.

    Quote from Star:

    “We were married at the time and living under the same roof,” Brandi tells Star . “Mistakes happen.”

  36. CHeater says:

    actually the cheating occurred AFTER the divorce papers were filed according to e online(e online was the first to get the scoop about eddie moving in with leann)..leann was upset about it too..but he claimed to have only did it twice..ha this guy is hilarious..once a cheat always a cheat

  37. Guest says:

    how much you want to bet another mistress will come forward that she recently banged eddie while he was with leann..eddie cant keep it in his pants so it wont surprise me that he cheats

  38. jj says:

    The longer this goes on, it appears Brandi’s ultimate revenge will be that Ever-Ready Eddie is stuck with Crazy Leann forever! What started as his usual fling has morphed into Leann big obsession. What rational adult tweets as much as she does? there are definite screws loose. The responses to the Star story make be believe it is true. LR’s tweets today just reinforce her immature behavior. All the posters who are Team Brandi, I salute you for your brilliant and sarcastic comments!!

  39. Karen says:

    LeAnn, Eddie and even Brandi’s tweets to Twitter and chirps to the farking tabloids need to be packaged up and sent to the good folks at http://www.stfucouples.com/ A website full of blowhards who feel the need to let the world know how good their lives really are (in their heads).

    IMHO if I’m at a romantic camping getaway (sorry, as a city girl, those words just do not go together!), the last thing I will be doing is checking my bloody Twitter and sending updates to the world about my whereabouts. I would be banging the hell out of my man while grilling food and spraying myself with bear & mosquito repellant. But that’s just me!

  40. betty says:

    Eddie was having sex with his wife why should his mistress feel betrayed?Isn’t that what happens when you get involved with a married man. Leann is not a victim but foolish for not waiting until Eddie was divorced. Of course she is trying to play it off because she knows she has invested a lot of time,money and effort in this farce and don’t want to look like a bigger fool than she is and Eddie know he is stuck. This was before she met the guy she is currently dating. Why would she jeopardize her relationship with a new successful guy for known cheater and liar like Eddie.

  41. jay says:

    The walls are crashing in…i just heard new breaking news that all has been proved…oh boy Eddie!

  42. *****Mya2sense says:

    It’s hard to say if it’s true or not – Brandi needs to take a picture, or save some fresh sperm or something because LeRi is delusional.

  43. moopsie says:

    I think they’re stoned all the time, all smiley and squinty

  44. Nina says:

    @jay I know I’m going to hate myself for asking, but I just have to ask. LOL Where did you hear this?

  45. CB Rawks says:

    I just read some of Eddie’s Twitter, and man he’s a douche!
    One line appeared to be harping (again) on Brandi causing him to lose his CSI job. *eyeroll*

  46. Dana says:

    @Nina.There is no proof.He’s just trying to stir the pot.

  47. jj says:

    Since the Star magazine piece, have you notice Mz.Rimes tweets have gotten more sexual in tone. Yuck!! If Lyin’ Cheatin’ Eddie is 23 thou behind in child support, does that make him a “deadbeat” dad???

  48. anon says:

    leann said that eddie told her he loved her more than anyone in the world.. What abouy the kids that she supposedly cares so much about Do they come in 2nd and 3rd Leann rimes is unbelievable. Eddie C is stuck being Mr Leann Rimes for the rest of his life. He’s also starting to look haggard Hope he never works again. Glad Brandi kicked that cheating scum-bag out.and as for lil Miz Rimes ,Wait and see how her album goes down the tubes. can’t believe the recording company is even going to try and put it out
    she is now as big a loser as Mr Leann Rimes oh, well she still has a few county fairs lined up

  49. betty says:

    If Eddie told Leann he loved her more than anyone in the world I hope she didn’t believe him. She knows how Eddie lies. He cried when he and Brandi got married and told her he would love her forever. That Eddiejust likes to spread a lot of love around. LOL

  50. anon says:

    to see the real Leann go to “leann rimes nosepicking”

  51. the bunny lover says:

    i cannot stand her. i had forgotten she existed before all this but damn is she annoying.