Is Kate Hudson already planning a move to London for boyfriend Matt Bellamy?


I know a lot of you can’t stand her, but I kind of like Kate Hudson. She’s a mess, of course. But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I like that she never plays the victim. She’s out for a good time, and she makes no apologies for her lifestyle, and I appreciate her consistency, although I do think she consistently moves too fast and totally overwhelms whatever dude she‘s dating. After all, the tabloids insinuate that she’s a succubus who destroys men’s souls, and for good reason: she juggles men constantly, she always has a boyfriend, she’s always on the stroll, and she’s always ready to uproot her life (and her son’s life) for a piece of wang. So, in that way, I don’t care for Kate that much. But it makes her predictable, and everyone saw this coming: Kate is apparently so IN LOVE with her new boyfriend Matt Bellamy that she’s seriously considering moving to London to be with him:

IT won’t be long before KATE HUDSON and MATT BELLAMY have love nests on either side of the Atlantic.

Last week the couple – who have enjoyed a four month romance since hooking up at the Coachella Festival in California – were spotted looking for a pad in New York.

Now they are on the hunt for another loveshack in London.

A friend of Hudson said: “Kate’s been swept off her feet. She’s not only fallen in love with Matt, but also with the idea of starting a new life in Europe. The plan is for them to divide their time between his London apartment and his home in Lake Como, Italy. She’s already started moving her things over. She couldn’t be more excited.”

The pal added: “Matt’s introduced Kate to a world she never knew. He’s shown her around the English countryside, taken her to Devon and Cambridge, where he grew up, and Ireland, where his mother was born.”

“She’s found a man she truly believes she can settle down with. She’s truly excited about starting her new life.”

[From The Sun]

Well, it could totally be worse. It could be A-Rod, you know? I actually like Matt Bellamy and I think he’s really cute, so if he was all “Move to London, we can split our time between a gorgeous little flat and my place in Lake Como” I would be all “Hells to the yes.” So can we give Kate a pass on this one, just because we would do the same sh-t? Or do we have to just roll our eyes and say “Ugh, Kate, STOP IT. You’re moving to fast AGAIN”?

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 02: (UK TABLOID NEWSPAPERS OUT) Matt Bellamy attends the auction at The Nordoff Robbins Silver Clef Awards 2010 held at The London Hilton on July 2, 2010 in London, England. (Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

42721, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Tuesday July 20, 2010. Kate Hudson is spotted leaving Scott's restaurant in London around 1 am after a 4 hour dinner with film producer Harvey Weinstein. Kate arrived in London today after vacationing in St. Tropez. Photograph:

Photo by: KGC16/ 2010  7/18/10 Kate Hudson in Saint Tropez. (France)  Photo via Newscom

Header: Kate and Matt in Paris on June 13, 2010. Credit: Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. Kazoo81 says:

    if she didn’t have a kid, i’d totally be cool with all the stuff she does. it’s the dragging the kid along for it all that gets me. like, look at cameron diaz. i think she and kate have similar dating habits/styles (although cameron seems less clingy?), but cameron’s got no kid so i actually somewhat admire how she lives her life.

    i just think that when you’re a parent, you should ultimately do what’s best for the child. and that doesn’t involve introducing them to every guy you bone, dragging them around the country (or world) to constantly be with the dude, etc.

  2. ViktoryGin says:



    I just refuse with this bitch.

    She just HAD to get her relationship co-dependent claws into Matt Bellamy.

    I’m not one to wish failure on someone, but damnit….

    Here’s to hoping that is blown to smittherines forthwith.

    Sorry. I’m not happy right now.

  3. denise says:


    Very true. This kid has alot of “uncles”.

  4. meme says:

    of course she is. woman cannot be without a man to cling to. which no one would care about except for the fact that she has a small child and he has had way too many uncles. it must be so confusing for him.

  5. TeeTee says:

    good riddance, we’ll see her next year, when it goes bad..smdh

  6. Whatever says:

    Yep I’m betting that before the final box gets delivered this joke will be over. That poor littel boy, why doens’t she just let his father raise him. He seems far more stable the her. He needs roots, and someone who can lead by example.

  7. Maritza says:

    Life is short so if it feels right then she should go for it!

  8. Julie says:

    I sense she is VERY clingy and insecure and hides it by moving on quickly and replacing her men. Notice, they seem to leave her…Lance, Alex and comments always appear about her clinginess. I have never cared for her at all. Used to find her more attractive but other than weight gain (which I usually find adds to attractiveness), I don’t know what changed with her but now I find her completely unattractive.

  9. Sumodo1 says:

    I feel that Kate thinks she lives in her own little rom-com. And, she’s the star of the show.

  10. mln says:

    I like her too Kaiser, this can’t be great for her son but I think she has a lot of fun and there are no pity parties for her.

  11. meme says:

    @min – i’m sure if she was married to a major movie star for 5-6 years and got unceremoniously dumped and publicly humiliated by her soon to be ex-husband, she’d have a pity party or two and who would blame her? But only 1-2 pity parties within 1 year of this occurrence mind you:-)

  12. aenflex says:

    Jeez she’s not that bad, this isn’t Lohan we are talking about, or Spears. This is Kate effing Hudson. She seems to love the crap outta her son, and her family, and so what if she’s a sucubus? Let the damn men take care of themselves. These mistakes she is making are in her personal life. She’s not shwoing her whoo-ha, or getting plastered and driving around Hollywood hills. She’s falling in love too fast. If that deserves all this hatred than other, worse H-wood hogs should seemingly be drug out into the street and shot…

  13. LolaBella says:

    Poor Ryder.

    Do you think Kate gets upset when he calls the new ‘uncle’ by the old ‘uncle’s’ name?

    If she was single I wouldn’t care that she was boning a lot of dudes and ‘traveling for c@ck’, but the fact that she has her child with her around all these different men in such quick succession just seems wrong.

  14. Chelly says:

    Do not talk smack about A-Rod. He was wayyy too good for her….mmmmkay!

    Secondly…Matt is way more her type cuz he’s just as clingy and needy as she is. Perfect Match!

  15. Sylvie says:

    Aw, you guys are much too harsh. She’s just looking for Mr. right like the rest of us, but ends up picking the a-holes instead (A-rod, I’m looking at you). I love Matt Bellamy though, so maybe she won’t mess this one up. Matt’s a good guy & seems a bit impulsive like her so it may work out. Or not. But give the girl credit for not giving up.

  16. Jeri says:

    Who does her son live with? He isn’t traveling back & forth to the UK with her is he?

    I think she got desperate the first time a guy dumped her (Lance?) and then ARod was over her before she was over him.

    She needs to grow up a little for her son or let him move in with his Dad.

  17. AllyBoo says:

    I can’t understand all of the OTT hate for Kate that I have seen in these comments. Her son does have a father and he spends a lot of time with him so why is it not ok that she has relationships? She has not had a million of them. She was married to Chris dated Dax, Lance, Owen, ARod and now Matt….am I missing anyone? That doesn’t seem like a very long list for the last 10 years. It seems like you are all way to harsh on someone that otherwise doesn’t seem to be in the public eye much when not working. She’s not working the stroll to get her name out there. She never talks about her relationships so stop pretending to know that she is “clingy” or even worse making her out to be a sl*t. She’s a normal woman trying to find love after the love she thought would last forever died. Why be so mean and angry about it?

  18. rachel says:

    This is just so clingy that it is a little creepy.

    I wonder how long it will take before Matt starts feeling smothered by all his love and attention she is heaping on him?

  19. Tia C says:

    @ AllyBoo: Agreed!

    Just because she has a son doesn’t mean she can’t date and have men in her life. She is single, after all. I suspect some people are just jealous that she manages to have a kid AND a life. Hey, guess what: it is possible, and it’s not illegal!

  20. AllyBoo says:

    Chelly: A-rod too good? I am assuming that you are a Yankee fan. While I understand your love for him as a baseball player since, even though I am a Met fan, I can still appreciate his amazing skill on the field (yes, even I, a Met fan, can admit that :)lol) but that doesn’t make up for his complete ickyness in the non baseball part of life that has been very well documented.

  21. TS says:

    Isn’t her nickname “maneater”? And don’t forget she tried to put the moves on Thom Yorke before Matt Bellamy.

  22. Andrea-2 says:

    I remember in an interview she gave right before she and Chris Robinson gave before their divorce, she was complaining about how, after a certain amount of time with someone, there were “no more fireworks”.

    This is probably why she’s always switching it up with the men; she’s always looking for that “high” that comes with new meat.

  23. penay says:

    Ok lets see. Kate Hudson was married to a nice guy who loved her, but she wasn’t happy with him, so she leaves him for Owen Wilson, leaves Owen for Lance, Lance leaves her and she goes back to Owen, leaves Owen again, for Dax, meets Arod, dating both guys wanted Arod more, dump Dax, got really “I want to have his baby, I want to buy a house with him, I want to marry him, I’m so in love with him” crazy. Got obsessed with him because he was seeing other ladies, thought that he wouldn’t cheat on her like he did his pregnant wife. Now she’s with this guy who isn’t going to satisfy her at all she’s kind of out there. I believe she does all of this just to stay in the media. Take care of your kid lady.

  24. AllyBoo says:

    penay: Kate Hudson had 5 serious relationships within the span of 10 years, only one of which she ever spoke about and you think she did it all for publicity? You must not understand how publicity works. Honestly, you just sound a little off. She’s not shoving her life into our faces like many celebs do. Leave her be. Go complain about someone who actually actively participates in selling their lives for fodder…..and get the correct info first too (since your relationship timeline is completely off and reasons why the reltionships ended are just made of your opinions…atleast have facts to back up your hate filled comments)

  25. penay says:

    Excuse me Allyboo or whatever, do you know her personally, because I can read and if you don’t know her then you have no right to tell anyone what they can or cannot say. This is a free country and because I don’t agree with you, you have the right not to agree with me. But don’t get so huffy if you don’t know her, you only know what you are reading as well. Get off my case, I will say what I want and when I want to if you don’t like it oh well.

  26. dj says:

    Am I the only one to think she starts to copy her “new man’s” traits? When she was with Dax and near the end especially with Chris R. she became grungy, torn jeans/t-shirts girl, now red polish with English guy and trench coats? Weird. Very “Run Away Bride?” Just thinking out loud.

  27. original kate says:

    “Am I the only one to think she starts to copy her “new man’s” traits?”

    @ dj: my boyfriend’s sister is like that. she is a divorced serial monogomist, and she cannot be without a man. any man. then she starts taking on the traits of each guy, all the hobbies, likes & dislikes, even down to the food she eats and the beer she drinks. weirdly chameleon-like. i think it’s low self esteem, even though she is smart, pretty & witty. maybe kate hudson is the same.

  28. dj says:

    Original Kate: def. low self-esteem but co-dependency. If you are interested there is a really good book “Co-dependency no more” by Harriet Lerner for your friend.