Tara Reid has officially “fallen off the wagon”


Last week, the photo agencies were flooded with photos of Tara Reid being a drunken, coked-out mess in St. Tropez, allegedly. I mean, allegedly she was a mess, although the photo evidence is pretty strong! Anyway, the tabloids have gotten into it now, and In Touch Weekly claims that Tara is officially “off the wagon.” She was actually “on the wagon” for more than a year – a year in which she corrected some of her dodgy plastic surgery, posed for Playboy, and got engaged to an assman (er, Axtmann). But the engagement fell through, and I think that might have been the catalyst for this:

Just four months ago, Tara Reid was busy planning her wedding to German entrepreneur Michael Axtmann — and insisting to the world she’d left her party-girl days far behind.

“My life is totally different,” Tara, who went to rehab for alcohol in 2008, told In Touch in March. But sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. During a hard-partying week in St. Tropez, Tara relived the bad old days with a vengeance, staying out until dawn, acting out in public and, as one local reveals, “kissing a string of random men.”

No longer engaged, Tara, 34, seemed intent on living it up, and was spotted behaving like an out-of-control college student on July 28 and 29 at several different parties and clubs.

“Tara has been out every night this past week,” St. Tropez resident Lucy Richards tells In Touch. “She’s been at Nikki Beach during the day, drinking rosé wine, and then she’s been out drinking champagne and vodka until 5 a.m. at clubs in the port.”

Richards says she saw Tara “dancing on tables” and getting very affectionate with her ex-fiancé Michael — and others: On July 28, “She kissed a girl behind the bar — and almost every man who walked past her.”

The next night, local John Baptiste says Tara was “kissing Dennis Rodman in the VIP room of a club” and acting as if she was very drunk. “This is not a girl who has turned her life around at all,” he observes.

[From In Touch Weekly]

I’ve seen some people theorize that Tara and Lindsay Lohan have some kind of deal where only one of them can be a public crackhead at a time – Lindsay is in court-ordered rehab, so it’s Tara’s turn to party. It is strange how one went and the other comes.

Beyond that, it’s just kind of sad to see Tara relapse. I mean, yes, she’s doing it to herself, and I’m not drowning in sympathy here, but I do think she was doing better at one point. Unlike Lindsay Lohan, Tara is not a horrible, entitled bitch about everything, though. Tara just seems kind of dumb and like she enjoys partying. And hey, she’s never hijacked a car! Tara: 1, Lohan: 0.


Tara on July 28 & 29, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. LolaBella says:

    Tara, you’re 34 years old – you’re too old to still be partying and getting sloppy drunk.

    Like Lindsay’s situation, you can go to rehab multiple times, but if you don’t change your behavior/habits/environments, you will NEVER succeed and stay sober.

    She needs to ditch the bad influences around her like friends that constantly party and will cajole/encourage her to join them.

    Reach out to your sponsor when you find yourself in particularly tempting (or potentially tempting) situations; that’s what they are there for.

    Good luck Tara.

    Damn, I really like that little white dress she’s wearing.

  2. Snarf says:


  3. Mari says:

    Relapse is a part of recovery. It’s a learning process. Just hope she actually learns from it.

  4. Jewbitch says:

    She looks terrible. Carson dodged that bullet.

  5. Sumodo1 says:

    …and she has hammertoes.

  6. Roma says:

    Coke eyes for sure. Very sad, especially since she seemed to be getting a hold of herself after rehab.

  7. Mari says:

    oh…and is it me or do her feet in that bottom pic look like talons?

  8. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Ummm, WHAT IS THAT BETWEEN HER LEGS in the photo with the black dress?

  9. original kate says:

    she looks beyond drunk – she actually looks ill. i wonder if she has an eating disorder as well.

  10. Ricci says:

    Why is this posted again?? lol

  11. Missfit says:

    I agree with comment 1. You can’t help someone unless they want to be helped and help themselves. Rehab or not, even if they do go, if they don’t want to change, then they won’t. Even with all the love and caring people around you, it might help alot, it might just a little, it depends on the person going through the process. It’s like someone who’s in jail and they always say…”I want to change when I get out, I’ve been reading a bible” blah, blah, blah! (Not all people are like in jail, but most)…then they get out and poof, they go back at it again. Being in jail I can imagine is one thing and when they get out, then the real temptation is there. Saying and doing it are two different things.

  12. fugly says:

    i don’t know if she’s got true hammer toes, but it looks like she does have a mangled up cucci.

  13. GatsbyGal says:

    She’s just your typical drunk skank. If she hadn’t been in a few movies previous to this behavior, she’d just be another coked-out face in the party crowd on friday night.

  14. Sassy says:

    Um, is that a vag flash in the black dress pic? Barf.

  15. Ali says:

    Girl needs some serious help. However, to #1 you are never too old to have a good time. Life is too short to waste it playing scrabble on a Saturday night. That being said, this girl has an addiction problem and needs to seek help.

  16. Liz says:

    As disturbing as the main photo is (it was disturbing the first time I saw it…) it is so obviously photoshopped.

    Coke eyes do not change your actual eye color. Granted you can see her pupils are huge, but you can also see someone greyed/browned out her natural blue color.

    She still looks frightening either way, and I sincerely hope she get’s help soon.

  17. bellaluna says:

    Wow. I don’t even know what animal to compare her face/eyes to in that top pic. She looks like a frightened night animal, possibly an albino something-or-other. My gosh, how sad. She seemed to be on a rather even keel for awhile there, and now she’s back to being a mess.

  18. LolaBella says:

    @Ali: I never said you can be too old to have a good time. However, everything in moderation, right?

    I can see people doing this in college and maybe into their early 20s, but at 34? Aren’t you supposed to be more mature and responsible at that age?

    There is no good reason for anyone to be a falling-down drunk, sloppy, ‘where the hell did I leave my shoes?’ mess at 34. Just my opinion.

  19. Lisa says:

    Ok this is sad. Grose. Disturbing. Ect ect ect. Bitch needs to put on panties. Especially if she’s going to be having her picture taken while shes drunk….hints the picture of her sitting on some dude!

  20. St. Louis says:

    @19 Agree completely. Hell, yeah you can have a good time at 20, 30 and with the right pills 90, I suppose. But at some point you need to grow the eff up and be responsible. At some point the crazy binges of a mis-spent youth become the sad decline of a person dying of addiction. It’s not cute anymore, Tara (if it ever was). When you wake up to photos of yourself looking like a sloppy bowling alley waitress after an all night party at the trailer park, it’s time to reflect. She was such an adorable thing back in American Pie. Drink and drugs do NOT do a body good. She is living proof. If she doesn’t clean up, the “living” part may come to an end. Nobody wants that.

  21. locagirl says:

    She looks so haggard. Yikes.

  22. gretchen says:

    “she has hammertoes”

    Nope, just hanging onto the edge of those stairs i think

  23. Madisyn says:

    Kaiser said, “And hey, she’s never hijacked a car! Tara: 1, Lohan: 0.”

    Does Tara have TWO DUI’S, plus probabion violation convictions? If she does not, then its Tara: 4, Blohan: 0!

  24. fizXgirl314 says:

    Wow, that picture is scary looking… almost like a ghost.

    Alcoholism isn’t really a joke. I hope she recovers again… She probably has a tough road ahead of her…

  25. lucy2 says:

    Sad she’s such a mess again. Hopefully she gets help before she hurts herself or someone else.

  26. Delta Juliet says:

    Well, if you realized the guy you were engaged to marry was gay, what would you do?

    Yeah, I went there!

  27. Juice in LA says:

    Oh goody, I was worried about the gaping hole in the “vod-koke swilling whore” news to fill now that Blohan is in Rehab.

  28. Juice in LA says:

    oh goody, you already said that. I really should read the articles before burping up my first reactions…. sigh. sorry!

  29. lukie says:

    Am I the only one that always found it highly suspicious that Tara Reid always partied with a lot of rich connected people, particularly men, longgggg after her “career” ended?

  30. It’s when her relationships fall apart she becomes a loon. Carson dumped her and BAM! This engagement ended with out a wedding and BAM!

  31. Tia C says:

    @ lukie: No, you are not the only one. I’ve wondered about that for a really long time. How does she finance her “party around the world” lifestyle when she does no work? Maybe she has a wholly different “career” than anyone even suspected…

  32. yes please says:

    she needs help or death will be @ her door very soon. sad

  33. lukie says:

    @Tia C: AGREED!

  34. Kiska says:

    It is sad to see people who seem to have so much going for them flush it all down the toilet due to substance abuse.

  35. Taya says:

    Tara’s problem is she does not understansd that she is not famous anymore and she is not in demand. She needs to get another career out of the spotlight and go from there. Tara had it all and threw it away. If she does not try to chage her life and get out of the ‘wannabe celebrity’ role she will either OD or end up an old aged junkie drunk.

  36. jess says:

    She’s not hurting anyone, she’s not out crashsing cars, keeping 14 y.o’s out with her til 3 am on a weekday, shaving her head, attacking people with umbrellas.
    She’s in St. Tropez, what would you be doing if you were on a yacht in South France? Seriously, you sure wouldn’t be in your hotel room knitting a fuckin’ sweater…big deal.

  37. Sookie says:

    Its her life and her decisions. If she wants to party it up, at least she s staying out of the legal system a la Lohan. If she doesn’t want to be sober, as long as she avoids the legal system and doesn’t drink and drive or cause a public disturbance, its her right to. You can’t force sobriety on anyone unless the break the law multiple times like LIndsanity.

  38. original kate says:

    i agree girlfriend is too old to be sloppy, falling down, vag-flashing drunk. after 30 that kind of behavior is rather pathetic.

  39. Beanie says:

    Wow! This just make me sad seeing how white her face is like that. She looks really sick. I got a sinking feeling when looking at her picture of, “Oh no, not another one.” I hope it’s not too late for her.

  40. oduroyal says:

    Poor Tara…hope she gets better soon

  41. voodoobetty says:

    @Original Kate – regarding your comment, I think that kind of behaviour is rather pathetic at ANY age.

  42. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Jess: lol!

  43. Kelly says:

    How doomed is this piece? If she lasts another five years I’ll eat my hat made of air.

  44. Truthzbetta says:

    I once saw a man with no shoes, and felt for him.

    But then I saw a barefoot, bleached out, horse hair extensioned “ghost face” with powdery lips who still thought she was a star fall out of a yacht.

  45. Luci says:

    sorry, when was she ON the wagon? 😛

  46. BellaB says:

    I thought that was a picture of my grandpa. The resemblance is striking.