Kate Gosselin couldn’t hack camping with Sarah Palin, refused to stay in tent

We’ve heard plenty of stories about what a demanding insufferable diva Kate Gosselin is, and this latest one kind of takes the cake. Kate was in Alaska to go camping with former Governor Sarah Palin and Palin’s dad and brother as part of a pre-arranged plot for Kate’s reality show with her kids. The Palins had tents set up and picnic-type food for dinner like Lunchables. Nothing was good enough for Kate, who bitched and moaned the whole time until she was set up in a cabin with a bathroom and electricity. She didn’t even stay for the two days that were planned and left after just one night in the cabin.

Kate Gosselin’s much-hyped Alaskan camping trip with Sarah Palin turned into a nightmare when [Kate] suffered a diva-like meltdown – and stormed off despite Sarah’s please.

The reality show star stayed at the campsite for just two hours of the planned two-day adventure – and left amid an avalanche of insults, complaints and tears, the Enquirer learned exclusively…

On July 26, Kate plus her 8 and a full TLC film crew arrived at the Palin’s Wasilla home.

Kate decided right then she didn’t want to go camping because it was raining.

The plan was for the Palin family – including the ex-governor, her father and brother – to give Kate and her brood a taste of the Alaskan wilderness. They would fly on seaplanes to the remote site for activities, including fishing, panning for gold and the two-night campout.

Katie’s bodyguard Steve Neild persuaded her to get on the seaplane to fly to the campsite, but she was complaining the entire time – about the weather, the food and rustic atmosphere, revealed the insider.

At the campgrounds, the mega-mom’s mood turned even more sour when she saw the bathroom facilities.

“They handed her a bucket with a toilet seat on top,” said the insider.

“Kate said, ‘What the hell am I going to do with this!’

“Then she burst into tears and started moaning that she wanted to leave.

“When it was time to eat, Kate opened the cooler prepared for her and the children and three another fit when she saw prepackaged mini meals.

“There were tiny pieces of cheese and processed meats along with crackers and a few condiments.

“She said ‘My kids can’t eat this crap, they need a real meal! Then she started griping – in front of Sarah – that the ex-governor’s food was better than hers.

“Sarah’s meal was grilled hamburgers and hotdogs!”

Kate was also disgusted by the primitive conditions at the campgrounds and let everyone know it.

“I can’t have my kids stay in a dirty place like this,” she fumed, according to the close source.

Sarah was shocked but bit her lip, said the source. “She said ‘Come on, give it a little time, it’ll be fun, we’ll make it fun.'”

While the stunned TV crew apologized profusely to the Palins, a cabin with modern conveniences was arranged for Kate and the kids….

“Selfish Kate ditched the Palins, who spent the night in their tents,” said the close source. And the next morning, everyone flew back to the family’s Wasilla home, a day earlier than planned.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, August 16, 2010]

Can you imagine? The Palins took two whole days out of what must be very busy schedules to go on that trip with Kate, only to be met with absolutely no gratitude and her nasty complaints! Kids usually don’t notice if things are dirty, (at least mine doesn’t, but I know some kids are fussy like that) and are often game to go camping and be out in the woods as long as their parents don’t mind. Kate made a big deal out of roughing it just for a couple days and couldn’t even stay the allotted time in a cabin with a bathroom and electricity. I understand how she got skeeved out by the bucket toilet, though. I’m not an outdoors person, but I like to think I would have tried to make the best of it for the sake of my kids and some show that was taping me the entire time. This woman is too much. Would she still be such a piece of work if she never tasted fame?

Photos of Kate are from 3/4 and 3/17/10. Sarah Palin is shown on 5/4/10. Credit: Fame Pictures




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  1. malachais says:

    This woman is go aggravating, but I will look at things from her perspective. Maybe she didn’t want her kids to be in dirty camping grounds, or conditions were really bad… but considering she is getting paid alot of money to go to Alaska with her kids, you would think she’d just go with it.

  2. hzl says:

    Dirty? Of course its dirty, you are OUTSIDE. I seriously doubt that the campground was in any way unsanitary, what with Palin and a television crew there. What a bitch!

  3. Dorothy says:

    And in news surprising no one “Kate Gosselin couldn’t hack camping with Sarah Palin, refused to stay in tent” LOL She is a twit!!!

  4. call-in says:

    team… palin?

  5. Diana says:

    Camping is camping. I don’t know one person who would be shocked to see tents and no toilet. And as for the food, maybe if she were a little more hands on with her children, she could have packed the cooler with burgers and hotdogs herself. People with full time jobs and four kids manage to make time to pack a cooler when going camping. Doesn’t she have staff? Couldn’t she tell the staff to get what she wanted for food for the trip. I cannot stand her and never could. I’ve never understood why anyone is interested in this selfish little bitch. Big f’n deal she had 8 kids. That’s nothing a dog or cat can’t do….Congratulations on your litter you useless peice of shit.

  6. pookie says:



  7. Snarf says:

    Poor Kate. It’s not easy being a super bitch diva, especially when aside from popping out six kids, there’s zero talent to back it up.

  8. Hautie says:

    Oh please please please tell me that they filmed all of this!

    I want to see her epic melt down in the woods with the Palin’s.

    I am telling TLC right now, I will watch every last second of the episode if they show how awful she behaved in front of God and everyone.

  9. Darlene says:

    I’d be upset too if all we had were Lunchables and the others had hamburgers and hot dogs. I wouldn’t feed my dog a Lunchable. It’s full of unhealthy additives and added sugar.

  10. Whatever says:

    Seriously, why in the world did she ever agree to go?? Some like camping and some hate it. Instead of trying to be something she isn’t, she should have taken them on an Alaskan cruise or whale watching or something else that is more her style. Her problem is she tries to act outdoorsy when she’s not and then can’t hack it. Then she ruins it for the kids.

    To the comment didn’t she know what to expect? It seems to be a pattern. I have seen only a few episodes, but there was one where they took the kids to the Crayola Factory (which is really a fun place, we’ve been there) and she proceeded to bitch and have a fit that the kids were “getting dirty.” I was like “ITS THE CRAYOLA FACTORY!” I mean who wouldn’t expect markers, paint, etc? She proceeded to ruin the day with her complaining and freaked out whenever they got something on their clothes.

    Then she said that some people would say she shouldn’t dress them in expensive clothes for a place like that *duh*, but that she “won’t allow her children” to dress in cheap clothing. So I can imagine her being the same way with the dirt.

    Oh and when will the Gosselins’ 15 minutes be up?!

  11. electric says:

    They’re freaking filming it for TV. Conditions can’t be that bad.

  12. CityInDust says:

    @Darlene This is why you will not survive when Soviet Russia turn off power infrastructure for US. Soviet army love rustic atmosphere.

  13. Mairead says:

    Team Palin 😯

    I call shenanigans on the food thing though. I cannot believe that Sarah Palin would invite people along and deliberately give them something inferior to what her family was getting. Her politics terrify me, but she in herself is probably a decent person and a gracious host.

    So I’m supposing that it was the tv company that packed the cool-box. To which I can say, well-played sirs 😈

  14. OhCamille! says:

    “…congratulations on your litter, you useless piece of shit”

    @Diana: I think I love you! Your comment is priceless.


  15. aenflex says:

    Very sad that the rest of us perpetuate her fame by actually giving a crap, (myself included).

  16. Kelly says:

    She sucks so badly. Look at her and her b*tchface. There are no words… she’s so full of herself, and for NO REASON. She has nothing to offer – she’s a whinging minge, I say!

    I’m no Palin fan, believe me; so it irks me to no end that Kate makes Sarah look like a rational, well-adjusted person.

  17. gillie says:

    please, PLEASE stop feeding into her attention mongering. if we ignore them, maybe theyll go away.

  18. bizzy says:

    Sarah was shocked but bit her lip

    hahahahahahahahaha. ok, that’s the most unbelievable thing i’ve ever read on the intarwebs.

  19. Paul E. Stanley says:

    You know we shouldn’t even be posting stories like this because it will only make people want watch her stupid show. And don’t we really want her show to fail?

    I can’t stand the woman (Kate) and never could.

    Just saying.

  20. bros says:

    how stunningly rude. I grew up camping in alaska, and im telling you there is nothing like the pure pristine wilderness there. the ‘conditions’ werent bad. it is called camping. as much as I despise the pailins, I know they have real AK street cred and grew up camping too as anyone who was born there did. kate is a fool and thinks she is more important than everyone.

  21. djork says:

    Oh, DON’T even try to sound sympathetic to Sarah Palin. Damn, wish there’d been a bunch of angry Mama Grizzly Bears to take out the whole disgusting bunch.

  22. Marjalane says:

    Did somebody tell Kate that her Barbie wannabe hairdo looked good on her?? I also loved that it’s a post trashing Kate Gosselin and the libs start frothing because Sarah Palin was mentioned in it.

  23. Melanie says:

    I never thought I would say it but I feel bad for Sarah Palin.

  24. Green Is Good says:

    The nickname “Kunty Kate” is well-earned.

    Does she ever NOT have her B*tch face on?

  25. texasmom says:

    Wow! It isn’t really surprising, but still somehow amazing.

    I don’t like the Palins politically but they do have Alaska cred — my cousin’s wife knew her from dog racing (Palin’s parents are into that) and says she really liked her (not that she thought she was qualified for any national office!).

  26. original kate says:

    i was hoping it would snow and they’d be forced to eat each other. dang.

  27. Cinderella says:

    I bet this was all set up for the show. They’re all full of shit. She’ll do anything for ratings and publicity.

    It cracks me up that her honey, Steve, has to coax her into doing everything. Damsel Bitch in Distress.

  28. guesty says:

    those two soooo deserve each other.

  29. mamalama says:

    Who knew?! A camping trip with Kate Gosselin was what it took to make me Team Palin. I’m going to have to lie down for a bit…feeling woozy…

  30. Lem says:

    oh, I ASSUMED it was a ploy to begin with. Kate is neurotic about dirt. Very Neurotic about any mess. Even from the very beginning she hasn’t let the kids get dirty. When John grew a set (when they moved the the big house)she threw a fit if he took them outside and refused to touch the kids if he’d had them in the woods.
    IMO, never for a second, did Kate think she would actually be OUT in wilderness. She probably thought AlasKa was a stage set

  31. maria says:

    What part of wilderness camping did she not understand? She probably asked for separate food so that she didn’t have to share and then got upset when “her’s is better than mine”. She is pushing 50 and acting like she is ten.

  32. Feebee says:

    A loathsome a feeling that it is, I actually feel bad for the Palins. What an ungracious bitch. This is not surprising but could be unintentionally hilarious… whoever dreamed up this idea should get a big box of candy. They better air it.

  33. xxodettexx says:

    how terrible do i feel with how much i feel BAD for … gulp, Palin and family!

    what an insufferable biotch kate is, making me simpathize for palin!


  34. lucy2 says:

    I’m not an outdoors person either – which is why I DON’T GO CAMPING!

    For the life of me, I can’t figure out why either of these women wanted to be associated in any way with the other.

    @maria – Kate Gosselin is only 35 years old. Shocking, isn’t it? I always thought she was mid 40s too.

  35. LivinginAmerica says:

    Anyone that watches either of those two dimwits (Pathetic Palin/KonKate) needs their head examined. The dumbing down of America continues.

  36. moe says:

    I cant stand either of them but Id have to side with the Palin’s on this one.
    But then these ‘women’ are both famewhores so maybe this whole story is to hype up the show just so people will tune in to see Kate’s meltdown. TLC knows how to play up the public’s hatred for her just to get ratings.
    I dont doubt kate was probably more worried about her shit extensions being ruined by the rain more than anything.

  37. bubbs says:

    ugh those two fame whores deserve each other.

  38. danielle says:

    Wow – when you make Palin look good in comparison it’s time for a personality transplant!!!!

  39. UrbanRube says:

    I’m with Mairead. Not a fan of either woman, but my guess is that Diva 2 really did behave shamefully compared to Diva 1, who was probably at least happy to be on camera and showing off the Alaskan outdoors lifestyle. As for Celebitchy writing that Diva 1 took a couple of days out of her schedule… I hear you, but I doubt it was unpaid. Either way, Diva 2 is really sounding like a serious piece of work. Probably not fixable.

  40. Kitten says:

    @ Whatever-“Oh and when will the Gosselins’ 15 minutes be up?!”

    Ugh, not soon enough. On another note, am I too old to go to the Crayola Factory? Sounds like a blast!

  41. george says:

    when Kate and i crash in a plane in the andes, guess who I am going to eat first. then second third fourth fifth sixth seventh

  42. Sassy says:

    I used to be willing to give Kate the benefit of the doubt but am struggling to do so now.

    What kind of example is she setting for her kids? Seriously? She agreed to go camping for two days but starting bitching 2 hours into it? And then bitched so much that she was given a cabin to “camp” in and yet that wasn’t good enough. I guess her kids will see that all you have to do to get your way is moan, bitch, whine and throw a tantrum and once you DO get your way, you can still act like a spoiled brat and not keep your commitments. Way to go, Kate.

  43. biggusDiggus says:

    Reinforces the fact that all she ever did competently without the help of 5 assistants is make babies. A rare skill 4.5 billion other people can also do.

  44. snowball says:

    The cooler full of Lunchables was probably just something a staffer sent along as a “treat” for the kids, not really thinking of the nutritional value. It’s vacation.

    I’m sure there were plenty of good things like burgers and whatever for the adults and for the kids for dinner and things. The Palins and their entourage couldn’t be that crass. As much as it would warm my cold little heart, I really don’t believe she would be, she does seem to be a gracious hostess.

    Everything about Kate though, only confirms what everything else we’ve ever heard about Kate is true. She’s a self-absorbed, obnoxious, demeaning, self-righteous, demanding snotwad.

    I feel very sorry for her kids; they’ll either end up very much like her or in therapy for years trying to shake off the abuse she’s heaped on them.

  45. Corina says:

    Haha this whole article cracks me up. I think the entire Palin and Gosselin families should be forced to live together with absolutely no TV cameras or media interest whatsoever.

    In other news, I feel awful for those Gosselin kids but I just realized how miserably entitled and royally screwed up they’re all likely to become. I would not want to be around that crew when they hit jr. high and high school! I wouldn’t mind see a rumble between them and the Jolie Pitts though (once they’re older)…just cause I want to see Empress Z reduce the Gosselins to quivering masses at her feet.

  46. anon says:

    Lem: I don’t watch the show but the woman has 8 children and doesn’t let them get dirty? That is so weird. So she keeps them inside? very strange.

  47. Laurie says:

    I doubt the Palins ate hamburgers & hot dogs but left the Gosselins with only 3 small Lunchables meals!! That’s funny!!
    Kate sounds cranky because she knows her popularity is fading fast. The “diva” in her better tame it down quite a bit.

  48. chunkstyle says:

    There were obviously not enough hungry bears out there. Too bad, I hear morons are in season right now and delicious.

  49. GatsbyGal says:

    Has this bitch just never been camping before? What did she expect?!

    It’s a shame, too, because I’m sure her kids were really excited about going to Alaska and camping out in tents and stuff. Kids don’t care about dirty outside stuff or that their lunches are just Lunchables…in fact, I’m pretty sure they love that stuff. But no, Kate once again proved to be completely selfish…it’s so obvious that she doesn’t give two craps about her children. Those poor kids.

  50. bellaluna says:

    Okay, I live in a city in San Diego County (I was born in Orange, CA) and even I have been camping! My dad is very outdoors-y and we went camping A LOT! Sometimes we took RV trips, sometimes we stayed in tents – it just depended upon where and how far we were going.

    Now, as an adult, I really don’t care for camping/lots of dirt. However, my hubby is very outdoors-y; and I would never deny my children the pleasures I enjoyed as a child just because I’m a selfish, snotty bitch. It’s called “motherhood” and one of the chief requirements for the job is selflessness.

  51. Anna says:

    Hey if Kate wants to be paid for going on “adventures” ahe’d better be willing to put up with a little dirt.

  52. CB Rawks says:

    God Khate’s a b*tch.

  53. Anti-icon says:

    I’ve never seen this television show featuring this dimwit one time, but even I can tell from this distance that she is possibly one of the worst mothers on the planet. And worst person.

  54. Joanne says:

    You know what? The palins, and anyone who does ANYTHING with this nut, DESERVES, what they get. TLC created this monster, so good luck in taming her.
    She needs a psych ward, not more trips and being catered too like she is some princess. She is nothing but a self centered witch!
    Something bad is going to happen unless someone can get those kids out of her control.
    If TLC every grows a brain, and dumps her, she will sue them. She is THAT ARROGANT.

  55. guilty pleasures says:

    a) Lunchables are NOT food
    b) Camping is, by definition, ‘dirty’
    c) Both of these women are reprehensible
    d) Why, Dear Lord, do we continue to pay an iota of attention to KG???
    e) would not watch either of their shows if you paid me!!

  56. Jeri says:

    Don’t care for either of them. Kate probably thought they were going to PRETEND to CAMP for her TV show & freaked when she found out she was actually expected to camp. In The Wild. With Bugs. And Wild Animals. And No Bed or BATHROOM.

  57. Pam says:

    Kate would’ve LOVED the camping experience if

    #1…her kids weren’t there

    #2…there were Hollywood celebrities
    there who she could be BFF’s with.

  58. Amy says:

    If this incident is true, and Sarah Palin ends up being the one who finally brings Kate Gosslin the backlash from Hollywood she deserves, I will vote for her for anything she runs for.

    Maybe Sarah is about to be the one to make Kate’s house of cards come tumblng down when/if this is aired.

    Sarah will be my new hero.

  59. P.J. says:

    If you’ve been paying attention for the past 5 years, you’ll know that Kate does what she wants, when she wants and to hell with the consequences. She says she does it “all for the kids” but she’s ruined every trip/event/visit she’s ever taken them on. Did you see her drag them all over NYC in 100+ degree weather all to film a show for TLC? She’s “working”, but the kids are just “playing”. She gets 85% of the money and the 8 KIDS GET TO SPLIT 15%!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no show without the kids. These children are slaves. She’s sold their childhood and they won’t ever get it back, all for our viewing pleasure.

    Free the Gosselin 8. Join us on Z on TV. http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/zontv/2010/08/gosselin_kids_new_hearing_set.html

    We’re advocating for the kids, who don’t have a choice in this matter.

    Boycott TLC.

  60. Whatchaexpect! says:

    Well, now that there is another “potty” involved, maybe the cameras can follow the mom around this time instead of the kids! Funny how she didn’t want anything to do with a potty but the kids had cameras on them! whatchaexpect out of this. Hang in there kids you have a long road ahead if this keeps going on.

  61. karmarat says:

    I am horrified and a little traumatized by the fact that Palin looks like the good guy in this situation. Maybe she chose to interact with KG for that very reason.

  62. Anastasia says:

    1. Watch ANY episode of Kate’s show and you totally believe that all she did was bitch and complain. That’s all she does EVER. She’s handed the nicest things and finds a way to bitch. So you KNOW she’s gonna bitch about camping.

    2. Wow, Kate, you made SARAH PALIN look good by comparison. You’ve hit a new low.

    3. She complained about the meals? She routinely feeds her kids a piece of cheese and three grapes for dinner (well, when there’s a camera around–I’m assuming the nanny normally feeds them nowadays). A Lunchable sounds downright fortifying compared to what they normally get! She didn’t care about the kids, she was just pissed other people had better. That’s Classic Kate.

    4. I agree with the others who caution that we shouldn’t even be paying attention to this miserable wretched piece of shit grifter.

    The end.

  63. mary says:


    What happened to the hands on Kate? Kates does all the work. Kate why did not not shop for food before you all went campimg? I am sure the Palin’s had plently of food.

    Kate’s kids do not get DIRTY. Really she gets all those clothes free and then sells them ay consignment shops or ebay.

  64. ashley24 says:

    I absolutely HATE Sarah Palin. She is a liar, opportunist and an idiot.

    But I seriously doubt everyone sat down for dinner/lunch and they gave the Palin’s burgers and hotdogs while giving the Gosselin’s Lunchables.

    That being said I do believe that Kate was a uberbitch who didn’t want to sleep in a tent or be outside. So, WHY GO CAMPING!?

    Also, being said I think these 2 deserve each other.

  65. Angie says:

    Anyone who has watched one crappy episode exploiting the Gosselin 8 knows that “finger food” like that is common fare for those children…grapes and crackers…that’s a meal for them, so I find it laughable she would gripe about it.
    And…loved the comment about her litter, but in all reality, she couldn’t even do that on her own. No offense intended to anyone with fertility issues, but it’s true. She would be nothing if it weren’t for some stupid doctor who aided in her quest for her litter.

  66. Lem says:

    May favorite was when she flipped a lid when finding out no one had been vacuuming behind the entertainment center. “What” she stared down a cameraman “no one is cleaning behind here!”
    there was an episode when they were very young, she took breakfast away because they were sticking their fingers in the syrup
    there was the episode where the Jon was decorating pumpkins with them in the garage and she made them stop, so she could clean it up. 2x!
    there was an episode where they finger painted (outside) with the sitter and Kate flipped when she heard, even tho- it was cleaned before she was home.
    there was the trip to disney where she made them stand in line for a lick of ice cream then threw it away because it was melting.
    there was the trip she cancelled because “someone” had gotten the gym shoes dirty.
    there was a scene where a cameraman forgot to wear his booties over his shoes in the house. ouch!
    there was a day she took drinks away from them all because one took a drink of another ones cup.
    all the time yelling at Jon. Now, she just talks to the camera while ignoring the kids. We don’t watch anymore. it is no longer child friendly…

  67. Maritza says:

    Something tells me Kate Gosselin will never ever find a man who will put up with her attitude, the 8 kids sure, but her bitchiness, never!

  68. Cruisin Through says:

    While I get nightmares thinking of her running the country, I have always had the impression that Palin was a nice person and would be a gracious hostess. The best punishment for Creepy Kate would be if NO ONE ever took a picture of her again. Those poor kids!

  69. BeDoneNow says:

    @mamalama @10:24AM: YOU my dear have given me the best giggle I have had all week! Thank you! Now go put a cool cloth on your head, you will be ok! Eventually, this will all go away. LOL!

  70. Angie says:

    this is BS. All lies. also, ew @ team palin. For shame.

  71. BethL says:

    Sarah took time off for the publicity not to be nice. She’s not governor anymore so she just missed going to a fundraiser or something. I wonder if Kate was only told she was going to visit Sarah not that they were going camping. Kates hates camping, the outdoors, etc. I can’t imagine her agreeing to go camping for 2 days.

  72. Angie says:


    You do realise if you were to ‘boycott TLC’ and they dropped the show (which they wont) you would effectively be taking away the only income the family has? And sure, Kate wouldn’t get to tan and shop for herself and all of those TERRIBLE things anymore that DAMAGE the children (and what a celebration all would throw), but the kids would also suffer, as well. If she is really so awful, why take away what little they have: the nannies who care for them since Kate is such an awful mom and the ‘meager’ money that provides them clothing and food. Eight little ones ain’t cheap and a normal 9-5 WON’T cut it. They’d be in need of a lot and unable to obtain it, and sure, there are plenty out there who live this way but why wish it on anyone? I don’t understand at all.

    Because it’s all BS is why and you just like to see the mighty fall and would aide it along if ever you could. Get off your soapbox, your high-horse, your pedestal; you people are not any more concerned about the children than you claim Kate to be.

    Some of you are like the desperate housewives, invited into the neighbors home and then gossiping cruelly when you see dirty laundry in the laundry room. Get over yourselves. If her husband hadn’t left her she would still be America’s sweetheart, taking care of all those beautiful children as best she can,(even her book sales dropped immediately after). Something turns out to be less than perfect and you turn on it like vultures. Shame on you all who wish bad things on her.

    Such a sad society this is. I am not responding to any catty arguments against what I have said. It’s true and anyone who has reason not clouded by petty jealousy knows it.

  73. former Alaska says:

    Don’t believe everything you read, were only hearing one viewpoint, and Sarah is not the best truth teller. Sounds like Sarah and company set this camping trip up and maybe The Diva Kate was set up too.

  74. sheri says:

    Apparently only 1 person out of 73 have been drinking the Kate cool aid. The rest of us are just “jealous”. Kate Gosselin has her head so far up her own ass she can’t smell the stink. She is a terrible mother and a greedy undeserving hick.

  75. Tami says:

    Yeah, ’cause only Kate is allowed to feed her kids Lunchables! Seriously, have you seen what she really feeds them? Crackers, a smear of hummus, cheese, some grapes. That’s it. Of course that’s what her loyal interns would pack! They packed what they get at home! Duh. Time’s up, Kate. Don’t let the door hit you.

  76. Angie says:

    Angie #65 and Angie #72 are not the same people, just an FYI from Angie #65, as I disagree with Angie #72.

  77. oh hey says:

    @Angie #72.

    Those children also have a FATHER, who may or may not have a job right now, but he’s supposed to be paying child support. Even if Kate’s “star” fades, they still have two parents contributing to the financial support of those children.

    There’s plenty of people with large numbers of children who work 9-5 and CAN cut it. Then again, they don’t buy expensive things for their kids either.

    Kate Gosselin wanted fame from the beginning. She wrote to a newspaper in Reading because she wanted a story done about her and Jon having sextuplets.

  78. Legend says:

    “Poor Kate. It’s not easy being a super bitch diva, especially when aside from popping out six kids, there’s zero talent to back it up.”

    Amen. And even with a professional trainer, plastic surgery and professional hair and makeup she’s still an ugly bitch on the outside too.

  79. CommonSense says:

    Ha, ha, ha….. TLC has been shedding some, not all, of the real Khate. I don’t watch the show. Those poor kids working all their life for 15% split between them and Kate gets the rest…. I will not contribute to that. If it were the other way around I would, just to laugh at Kate.

    I love Palin though, she’s a lady with common sense.

  80. Ashryn97015 says:

    I may not care much for Mrs. Palin, but political differences aside, I would have KILLED to be in Kate’s shoes. A camping trip to Alaska?! That would have been a blast! I haven’t gone camping yet this year so I guess I’m feeling slightly envious LOL! But for Kate to ruin the experience for her kids is pretty messed up. Kids should be allowed to run around and get messy, go camping and have a blast. It should be their ONLY responsibility in life during the summer. I haven’t watched the show (And never will) but from what I’ve read and heard, I’d have to agree with the few poster’s that have said someone needs to get those kids away from her. Damn tooting they’ll either end up like her, or end up with YEARS of therapy. Neither option is a pretty one either.

  81. canadianchick says:

    It was a setup imo. Boycott TLC!

  82. Captaine says:

    Angie #72 Please Stfu and go sit down somewhere with that dumb shit. Seriously.

  83. Samantha says:

    I don’t buy Sheri’s comment about 1 out of 73 drinking the Kate Koolaid as being some kind of proof that Kate is definitely wrong. The fact that 73 posters get sucked into the spin and gossip of whatever rag is writing that day is proof only of how people will eagerly believe anything that’s sold to them.

    The writer of this article is shameless in it’s anti-Kate slant, and even the photos they chose are of an unsmiling, diva-like Kate, and a flattering, smiling and waving pic of Sarah Palin. Come on.

    I don’t like either woman. But if Sarah comes out smelling THIS good, then you know something’s wrong.

    There is no reason in the world why lunchables should be eaten while camping, and they shouldn’t have expected Kate to pack food for 9 people. She was invited, so everything should have been ready. A Palin aid probably figured that the adults would eat hamburgers and the kids can have lunchables, but of course that’s not fair or fun. It sounds like this thing was poorly planned and both women showed up exclusively for the photo op. (If it was so great, why did Sarah leave at first daylight? Why didn’t she stay even when she had her dad and bro with her?)

    Heck, even KOA campgrounds offer livable setups like cabins, and you can cook on a grill, make smores around a campfire, go hiking and even horse-back riding sometimes. This camping setup sounded real bare bones with a couple pitched tents, a bucket to crap in and not much else. Did the Palin crew really expect a non-camper like Kate Gosselin to deal with that?

    When someone says to you, “oh come on, we’ll MAKE it fun,” that means it sucks and we’ll figure out something to do to distract us from how much it sucks.

  84. gretchen says:

    i will never feel bad for sarah palin, even in jest….Do you remember her speeches in the election? i have a deep hate for her and always will.

  85. gretchen says:

    i will never feel bad for sarah palin, even in jest….Do you remember her speeches in the election? i have a deep hate for her and always will…at her instigation i was fearfully waiting for the worst to happen…by one of her ‘fanatics’….she might have thought she was
    ‘nuanced’ but we could see right through her, and she knew exactly what she was doing…she is despicible and not worthy of any honor and definitely not any public office

  86. Anastasia says:

    Angie? Honey?

    If Kate stopped the show TOMORROW, she would have enough money to live off the interest for the REST OF HER LIFE.

    Girlfriend has millions of dollars.

    Let that sink in for a second: MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

    If that show ended right now, those kids would NOT be in dire straights. They would not go without. In fact, they would still be better off than 99% of all children in this country.

    So go peddle that BS to someone who’s buying it.

  87. newmom says:

    This was a complete setup to spark interest for Palin’s lame show. Remember when they were pimping it for the advertisers and it got panned?

    Palin needs a Kate meltdown to generate interest in her show among their viewers….who? Kate haters. Really, who was going to watch Palin point at stuff in AK? Kate got used big time.

    For the record, I wouldn’t have fed my kids Lunchables for dinner either. Yuck. If Kate got mad about that, well, good for her.

  88. newmom says:

    Samantha, fantastic comment and a great evaluation of what should be obvious if people used their brains.

  89. nofreelunch says:

    Not a Palin fan, but I’m pretty sure that she wouldn’t eat grilled food in front of starving children. No doubt the lunchables were intended as snacks. I’m pretty sure that Palin knows what kids like to eat as well as anybody. Kids like lunchables, its why they are sold. Sure they’re crap but so goes the whole Gosselin childhood so why focus on an innocent, inadvertent junk-food faux-pas. Famous people suck eh?

  90. mtngirl says:

    These two “mama grizzlies” deserve each other. Kate probably wants the life Sarah has – wearing fancy clothes, having someone else watch the kids, and traveling around on someone else’s dime. Palin was probably thinking “damn, I can hardly wait to get outta these pantyhose, into some flannels, away from the MSM, and still make a buck…let’s go to Alaska!” Laughing at the publicity stunt as these two are transparent beyond belief; feel sorry for the kids though – they don’t have a choice (yet) and have to live with self-serving moms.

  91. Fae says:

    When you start to look like a bigger dumb bitch than Sarah Palin you HAVE to start questioning your life, surely?

  92. Indiana Mom says:

    Another Kate disaster. Has she never heard that kids learn by EXAMPLE??? What kind of example is she setting for her children??
    **For starters, every thing is a free all expenses paid vacation, plus she gets paid hundreds of thousands per episode. What is she complaining about? She’s nuts.
    **Why didn’t she let Jon go on the camping trip with the children? OOOHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that would have ment she would have had to let go of the CONTROL for a minute!!! That CAN NOT HAPPEN. Kate sucks, she could have let her children enjoy beatiful Alaska, but had to ruin it with a temper tantrum.
    **I just finished reading a People Magizine article where Kate said, “the kids know not to aks me whats wrong” how sick is that??? She’s the mom, she should be comforting them asking them whats wrong.
    **As far as getting clothes dirty, they are kids for gods sake. Let them be kids. The clothes are all free any way. Let them where older clothes for the camping trip, Your so smart Kate, use your head, just because they are on tv, doesn’t mean every thing has to be brand new, again, they are kids, let them be kids. And next time it’s something outside let Jon go.
    **Kate you are only going to be able to blame yourself when your kids grow up to be a mess. Does the movie “Mommy Dearest” ring a bell????

  93. Isa says:

    Kate wasn’t America’s Sweetheart…ever. She wasn’t so bad when the show first started but people started hating her before her and Jon split up. Everyone saw how horrible she treated him.
    Only after they split up Jon showed how big of a douchebag he really is.
    Anyway, why do I get this feeling that when the idea was mentioned to Sarah she jumped on it because she knew she would come out looking great compared to Kate?

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  95. Janie says:

    Bwahahahahaha! Such a narcissistic diva, kate is! She would be nothing without her bodyg. Steve making her to do what’s right.

  96. Jan says:

    Kate should have toughed it out for RATINGS of HER show. Kate’s ratings are in the “toilet” and Sarah’s ratings are excellent. If Kate doesn’t get an interviewer job on TV, she will have to go back to nursing. Kate Plus 8 is BORING.TLC is still trying to work on Kate’s other TV pilot, “Twist of Kate”. It will take a miracle for it to be successful.

  97. Meg says:

    I can’t believe how Kate acted I am completely disgusted with her what a huge baby.

  98. Emily Grace says:

    Kate’s kids were too young to be camping in Alaska.

    I realize it was for ratings for Palin’s show but the entire episode was BORING.

    Next week’s show looks just as boring and a good ole Hallmark movie will win for sure in our home!

  99. Donna says:

    I always stuck up for Kate til now. She was most ungracious, exactly what we teach children not to act like when they are someone’s guest! Now I can see why her kids are having emotional problems. I wish I could tell her how much she is going to regret living her life in such a selfish manner. She needs to find God.

  100. Fbroker says:

    Not sure if anyone said it already…but the Palins DID give Kate and whoever a hot dog…only to have Kate be disgusted by the fact that it was an ELK DOG. Um…Kate, do you know what regular hot dogs are made of? I don’t even like Sarah P’s politics, but cheers to her for how she handles her family.

  101. annette says:

    I felt so sorry for Piper…she had a real hero worship going on, then she met the “HORROR” The look on her face as the b…tch stormed off said it all…When her Mom asked her if she wanted to see her off..she just shook her head sadly…Imagine telling your kids that if they stayed, they’d no longer be Gosslins…shame on that self centered uggo….

  102. nettie says:

    Now I know where that insuferable Maddy gets her nasty disposition,

  103. nettie says:

    Now I see where that unpleasant child Maddy gets her nasty disposition! Watching the show, I thought Kate had stayed for a long time…hard to believe she couldn’t be a good sport for more than TWO HOURS!!

  104. unclearty says:

    I have no clue why I care or why it even matters, But Christ on a stick Kate, wtf did you think camping was? And if you have never spent a single night in a tent, (And I find that really, really hard to believe) Why in hell would u do it for the first time on TV? If there is a bigger freaking fake a$$ sell out than Kate Gosselin it could only be Sara Palin

  105. big al says:

    kate gosslin what a winny bitch i hope producers drop her shows what a bitch and complainer

  106. Rhondi says:

    Oh my God!!!! … I agree – an opportunity to go camping in Alaska???? When do we leave???
    Kate Gosselin is such a spoiled, unappreciative, ungracious guest; and to say to your kids I’m leaving are you coming and when one said the wanted to stay she told them “you’re a Palin not a Gosselin”????!!!!! WTF??? At which time the kids obviously changed their mind … guilt trip, what????
    I think she should stop exploiting her children for monetary gains and get a bloody real life job …. you are NOT a “star” sweetie cakes!!! … you had too many children!!!!

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