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34 Responses to “Megan Fox named sexiest woman in the world by FHM”

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  1. The husband says:

    Who has been voting here? She is ok but sexiest woman in the world? Those stupid tatoos are such a turn off. Oh jesus, I am so stupid, not she was put first but Marilyn Monroe on her forearm?

  2. Kolby says:

    I guess she’s attractive, in that “I grew up in a trailer park and I can’t quite let it go” sort of way. Actual talent must not have been one of the qualifications. Oy.

    Can you tell I really hate these polls?

  3. Megan says:

    She’s beautiful, but all these women that are voted sexiest/most beautiful have had cosmetic surgery. There isn’t a natural one among them. It’s all just surgery and great stylists and makeup artists.

  4. headache says:

    I think she also has a bit of lip plumper and veneers too.

  5. lulu says:

    wow! i have to give credit when it is due… that girl is absolutely stunning!!

  6. cybermule says:

    Yeah… shes a piece of azz

  7. AC says:

    that nose job was a good idea. took her from a normal okay face to a more elegant face.

  8. Bodhi says:

    She was slutty-hot in Transformers. I think she is pretty good looking & all.

    I love tattoos & all & try not to judge anyone on them, but that MM tattoo *shakes head*

  9. Orphinia says:

    Sorry – the tats spoil it all. Not pretty all when those defacing her skin.

  10. neelyo says:

    These things are so offensive. And why do they even call it sexiest ‘woman’ when the winners are usually barely past the age of consent?

    She’ll get some movie work out of it, prove to everyone she can’t act and next year there will be another one to take her place.

  11. Enonymous says:

    Oh please, by calling someone different ‘the sexiest woman or man’ every year, it just goes to show how expendable this ‘beautiful’ people are. Also, have this stupid magazines actually seen every person in the world in order to make this judgment and give such a grand tittle to one person (male and female). I think NOT. They just give to whoever is flavor of the year.

  12. geronimo says:

    It’s just a stupid men’s mag with a stupid poll giving a snapshot of who the readers currently rate as most beautiful, attractive, whatever. It’s a meaningless page filler. They know it, we know it, why take it seriously?

  13. Roma says:

    I have to admit; I have a huge, dirty girl crush on Megan. If I ever met her I’m sure that I would horrendously embarrass myself by telling her all of my Megan-and-me porno thoughts.

    Though, I might actually end up getting some Megan action as she seems like the kind of girl that might be into it… and that’s part of her appeal (and part of my boyfriend’s fantasy).

  14. Larissa says:

    eh, boring
    shes ok ish

    whos her stylist btw?
    the updo,cheap neckless,granny top&skirt look is just depressing! not to mention her tats!

  15. Sasha says:

    😈 I’d pound that ’til next April…. 😈

  16. Jaclyn says:

    I’d DEFINITELY have to disagree! She is not sexy at all…pretty yes. But she really has no sex appeal. My opinion, don’t bash me for it.

  17. chamalla says:

    So FHM’s readership believes women stop being sexy at roughly 24…. Gosh, I suddenly feel geriatric next to that list. I could beat the lot of them at shuffleboard….. πŸ˜‰

    Megan’s a lovely girl. My guy friends are all at least a little infatuated with her, and I can see the appeal. Good for her.

    Paris and Brit made the top 100? Really? Do men still want to hit that?

  18. Ashley says:

    I’d really like to know who they poll for these things-she’s alright, but DEF. not the sexiest!

    But did anyone else find it strange Heidi came in ahead of Lauren or Audrina?! Ol’ Horseface should be nowhere near that list!

  19. h says:

    The girl is pretty the eyes of boys. “Sexiest woman” is just a way to show their fondness in her. It’s totally cool with me.

    Seriously, I don’t understand why putting down a young starlet so much when most posters here adore the older version of “sexiest woman” — ie Angelina Jolie, who also has a slutty look and many vulgar tatoos.

    I guess once you have some babies, lose your sexy charm, become a middle-class housewife crazy about charity, then you will be classifed as OK by women.

  20. I choose me says:

    She has really, really beautiful eyes and I like the freckles in the comparison pic. For me sexy has more to do with your air, manner and personality and that certain je ne sais quois. But yeah, if I were gay I’d totally wanna hit that. πŸ˜€
    Er…I mean date.

  21. oldhippie says:

    You have got to be kidding, she’s no. 1 and
    Angelina Jolie is 12????? and yeah, the tats suck.

  22. anon says:

    i notice a lot of haters (angeloonies) here, give it up , you loonies.

    megan is the sexiest woman alive she is young and sexy and beautiful , eat your heart out you angeloonies.

  23. MaiGirl says:

    I do think she is very pretty, but I am disturbed by the fact that “sexy” clearly equals “slutty” on this list for the vast majority of these women. Truly–it isn’t really beauty and sex appeal, it’s their relative f-ability and how indiscriminate they appear to be in who they sleep with. Kim Kardashian, for example. If she’s willing to be peed on, she must be accessible!

  24. iheartlasagne says:

    I am torn about her – she’s got the most beautiful eyes, hair, nice body…but something’s off about her face in my opinion. Maybe it’s just that she keeps her lips in that bow shape all the time. Sometimes would be OK but ALL THE TIME, not so much. She’s still really, really pretty, but she seems, well, empty. Vapid. She is an animal lover, though, so that’s nice.

  25. iheartlasagne says:

    Yeah, and her tats are really, really bad. I thought mine were bad! She must have been drunk.

  26. JennGush says:

    How could anyone know who the sexiest woman in the world is? I’m also wondering how Heidi beat out the other Hills chics… Wait, they must have saw her video. I really like this Foxs eyebrows.

  27. Ashley says:

    I agree with I heart lasagna ..Something about her face looks cheap and I don’t think it has anything to do with that nasty Marilyn tattoo she has on her arm. She should laser that off. I hate these titles of, “sexiest women in the world” or “Most interesting person of the year” It’s not like they actually went around polling everybody. These contests are strickly for people in the entertainment business. They don’t mean a thing except that this is the “it” actress or actor for this year. I don’t want to go on nitpicking her facial features or structure because then I would come off as a catty jealous bitch. -Which I guess I am, but that doesn’t mean that what I’m saying isn’t true. ;)lol. Even still, I can see she’s a very hot chick..Certainly hotter than many actresses and celebs ..Such as, Lindsay Lohan , Misha Barton, Kristen Bell, etc..

  28. The Observer says:

    Oh pppulease..!!

    Shakira’s beauty, hotness and talent can dance circles around this hint of a woman.

    the only problem is that….

    -Shakira Mebarak owes me money.

  29. mollination says:

    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Even before the nose job!

  30. Virginia says:

    Angelina Jolie is 12, and she is the original version. That’s funny.
    Megan Fox is a cute girl, but number 1? Come on people, the only reason this girl is famous is because she looks like Angelina Jolie (which is exactly what she was trying to do with the plastic surgery).

  31. Ashley says:

    I personally don’t think she looks like ANgelina Jolie that much..except for the long dark hair. Both are very pretty, but both are not perfect. I see problems with both their faces.

  32. dude says:

    c’mon guys.she’s way overrated.alessandra,adriana,scarlett,those are sexy.megan is pretty,no one would say no to her, but there are better and sexier ones.

  33. eajk says:

    Jolie is old now, that is the difference. You gotta be 18-25 for a Hollywood career as a woman. You are uncastable after that. Why do you think these young chicks are always tearing each other to shreds. Because there are way too many of them and not enough work to go ’round. Then, you had better be married to a guy who is famous with a steller career and start crankin out the babies if you want to be a contender and age 30. Gotta have a famous husband for anyone to even remember you.

  34. lovelie says:

    Everytime I look at her she has her damn mouth open. Its probably from all of the restalyne injected into that top lip…sorry megan…you arn’t fooling anyone.