Jimmy Fallon Cinches Conan’s Job

Word has it – and by “word” I mean the sorta-reliable people over at Fox News – that Jimmy Fallon will definitely replace Conan O’Brien when O’Brien moves over to host The Tonight Show in 2009. Jay Leno is being “forced” into retirement according to Fox, and a lot of gossip has been whispered over the past year or so regarding O’Brien’s replacement.

The word is out among the NBC brass: As rumored and bounced around for some time, Jimmy Fallon is set to take Conan O’Brien’s job as host of “Late Night” in 2009. It’s a done deal. Conan, of course, will be taking over for Jay Leno, who will leave the “Tonight” show in May 2009 as part of a forced retirement.

There’s much debate about letting Leno leave NBC etc., but right now let’s just concentrate on Jimmy. He’s the perfect successor to Conan and should have just as big an audience when he takes the reins. Fallon is one of those great underrated performers. This should be the right milieu for him. Fallon, who recently married producer Nancy Juvonen, is said to be thrilled and ready, if not a little scared, about taking Conan’s desk. He still has to pick a producer and a band, among other things.

[From Fox News]

NBC is expected to make the formal announcement in mid-May when they present their Fall schedule in New York. Though NBC is “forcing” Leno into retirement, it appears he’s just retiring from NBC. He may do a show on ABC that would replace Nightline and push Jimmy Kimmel’s show back a half hour, into the 12:30 slot. He also may go back to promoting Doritos, which is pretty much the only thing I knew about him before he started hosting the Tonight Show.

Jimmy Fallon is pretty funny, and does have a bit of a following. But he hasn’t really done much since he left Saturday Night Live in 2006. He was in an independent film called The Year of Getting to Know Us that was screened at Sundance to terrible reviews. Aside from that, it seems that he’s spent the last couple years… just… chilling. Makes you wonder why NBC decided to go with him – but either way, he’s pretty funny, and hopefully will thrive in his new job.

Here’s Jimmy Fallon in Beverly Hills on March 20th. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Sasha says:

    Further and lasting proof there either is no God, or if there is, he truly deeply HATES US ALL.

  2. Kolby says:

    He’s perfect for the job? On what planet? The guy is just not funny. AT ALL. Please let this not be true. I guess it won’t matter, since all us Conan fans are getting too old to stay up to watch Late Night anyway. The move will be perfect for us.

  3. headache says:

    Oh thank GOD!! I thought I was the only person who found Fallon to be annoying as HELL!!!

  4. chamalla says:

    Aw, poor Jimmy. I don’t think he’s all that funny, in the limited things I’ve seen him in, but I think he’s adorable.

    (He looks like most of the men I’ve dated, I have a thing for skinny dark haired boys……)

    I’m with Kolby, though, I’m getting too old to stay up for Conan, it’ll be nice to see him an hour earlier, and good for the dark circles under my eyes, too. :mrgreen:

  5. OXA says:


  6. J M says:

    Fallon is so unproffesional. He just laughs at everything and forget his lines. He is like adam at mythbusters only 10 times worst

  7. mike says:

    did jimmy fallon have to blow satan to get this gig,,,he sucks

  8. If i’m …I mean, if Jimmy’s not funny, why are you always laughing at me? Um, I mean him, Jimmy Fallon. He plays a guitar in a funny way, and he laughs at the camera! Come on!! What do I have to do to get you people to LIKE me!?!?!

  9. mollination says:

    he’s so funny he laughs at his own jokes. What would happen if him at jonah hill got into a conversation? UNBEARABLE!

  10. yurrong says:

    Jimmy’s a hell of a lot more creative than you whiners. people also hated conan for the first year. Jimmy is no doubt funnier than leno, so he is good for the host position.

  11. Johnny Besugo says:


    I’m from Portugal so I’m really not familiarized with Jimmy Fallon’s career and/or work, except now his “late night” show is transmitted in Portugal, so I guess I can give an imparcial opinion about it and… I really don’t think he’s even remotely funny, bad interaction with the guests, bad jokes, stupid sketches…Conan O’Brien is missed around here.