Is Jonathan Rhys Meyers the male version of Lindsay Lohan?


Generally speaking, I’ve lost count of how many drunken exploits, arrests and truly odd f-cking stories I’ve heard about from Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The boy is a raging alcoholic, if not a drug addict too. He’s been in and out of rehab for years, and I would be tempted to compare him to Lindsay Lohan, except that his cracked-out shenanigans don’t have a Lohan-esque whiff of famewhore – plus, Jonathan is really, really talented, and when he’s sober (and maybe not even then), he can turn in some impressive work. Jonathan usually just comes across as a really talented guy with some major demons. I’m kind of through defending him, though – during his last publicly drunken escapade, he pitched a fit at JFK airport, and dropped the n-word at airport staff. Well, Jonathan has a new interview in The Daily Mail, and he’s trying to explain some of what has been going on. Eh:

On his 33rd birthday: ‘It’s time to start thinking seriously about things,’ insists the star of The Tudors. ‘I wouldn’t want to do the 20s again, you know? You go through your 20s sort of like a chrysalis in many ways, stretching into your own skin and trying to bust out of a cocoon. You want to be a butterfly and you just think of everything as, “Ooh, what fun can I have here?” But, after a while, you realise that things are getting in the way of you growing up and being who you really want to be. And when you look harder at exactly what it is that is getting in your way, you quite often find that it’s yourself.’

On his demons: ‘I just don’t want to be that f-cking a–hole sitting in the pub and someone turns around and says, “See him there at the end of the bar. He could have made a f-cking fortune, but he went over to Hollywood and he just f-cking p****d it up against the wall.”‘

On his childhood and teen years: Dublin-born but raised in Cork with his three younger brothers – mostly by his mother (his parents separated when he was three) – he admits that he was something of a rebel. He was expelled from school at 16 for truancy, and took to spending his days in a pool hall. There he struck up an unusual friendship with Christopher Croft, a farmer. The openly gay father-of-three offered Rhys Meyers a job on his farm and put a roof over his head. The pool hall is also the place Rhys Meyers was discovered by a casting agent. To this day, he credits Croft – whom he has described as a ‘nice man’ – with giving him some stability in his life. But he’s unwilling to discuss the exact nature of his relationship with Croft, or his mentor’s dark side. Last year, Croft was arrested in Morocco – where, coincidentally, the actor keeps a home – for drugging and sexually abusing a 15-year-old homeless boy.

On beginning to work full-time when he was a teenager: ‘When you go all the way through from your late teens to your late 20s on film sets, it’s a very strange introduction to the world,’ he points out. ‘It can take a long time for some people to find out how to ground themselves, and film sets are an odd atmosphere to do it in – especially if, like me, you finished school early.’

On buying his late mother a house: ‘It was one of those things that sons have to do. I just felt it was a way for me to invest my money into somebody that I loved very much.’

On fame: ‘That’s a funny thing, fame,’ he says. ‘People definitely do treat you differently. When you begin to be successful, people say, “Don’t go changing.” Well, that’s easy to say, but the fact is, you don’t change at all – other people do.’

On his girlfriend, Reena Hammer, who is 24 years old and Creative Director of Urban Retreat: She was reportedly the one who gave him the recent ultimatum, ‘Back to rehab or I quit’. ‘I care for Reena more than I’ve cared for anyone,’ he says. ‘She’s so amazing. We’ve been together for five or six years now, we’re very good friends. Having loved her for so long has changed my whole idea of relationships with women.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Well, at least we don’t get the Lohan-esque “I’m not doing anything! I’m just a child!” denials, but in my opinion, there’s still some denial in this interview. Of course, I think his childhood was probably pretty tough, and he may or may not have been abused by a man he trusted very much, and I know that Meyers is trying. BUT – it’s just sad. It’s just a waste of talent. He’s 33 years old, and he has the potential of being one of the best actors of his generation, and he’s just pissing it away because he can’t get it together.

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 21: (UK TABLOID NEWSPAPERS OUT) Jonathan Rhys Meyers poses in front of the winners boards at the Orange British Academy Film Awards held at The Royal Opera House on February 21, 2010 in London, England. (Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

37242, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Thursday January 28, 2010. Jonathan Rhys Meyers at the From Paris With Love film premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City. Photograph: Darla Khazei,

37242, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Thursday January 28, 2010. Jonathan Rhys Meyers at the From Paris With Love film premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City. Photograph: Darla Khazei,


JRM on February 11, 2010 and May 6, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Jackie says:

    Wow, how sad! And what a freaking creepy background with that guy!

    I like him so much, since “Match Point”, I loved how much I hated him, and rooted for him at the same time!

    I hope he does get it together, and doesnt end up like Lohan

  2. humpybunny says:

    damn, this man’s hot!

  3. Me says:

    Love him! Love his movies and especially the Tudors. He is an amazing talent. I do have trouble comparing him to Lohan who was only briefly interesting but now joins the company of famous ‘stars’for no reason other than her and her families antics and fame-whoring. Instead can we compare him to Richard Burton? Both were drunks but extremely talented and brought an undercurrent of dark sexuality to everything they did?

  4. Holly says:

    I think the Richard Burton comparison is very apt, at least in terms of childhood experience. Burton was discovered early on by a gay man as well who is thought to have been in love with him (I’ve recently been tearing through the new book about him and Elizabeth Taylor).

    I think he seems pretty self-aware, which I give him credit for, although his behavior has never been great, from what I understand. It also sounds like his girlfriend is a really good influence on him; hopefully she sticks it out and doesn’t get fed up with him before he gets his act together.

    He’s incredibly talented, so I hope he can beat whatever is hounding him mentally (and possibly physically) so he can keep doing great work for years to come. I also hope he can get to a point where he can acknowledge all of his previous bad behavior and make some kind of real apology for it.

  5. mslewis says:

    This man obviously has major issues and he needs to acknowledge those issues and have them taken care of before he can face his demons. I don’t agree that he’s such a great actor but he is good and he could make a lot of money if he just buckles down, gets some help, and take control of his life. Right now, he’s just wasting away and pretty soon Hollywood will stop calling and he’ll fall off the radar. There are loads of young actors who look just as good and who act just as well and nobody has to worry about them running off on a drug/drink binge. Wake up Jonathan!!

  6. chris says:

    I agree more with the Burton comparison. He certainly doesn’t flaunt his personal life. Quite the opposite. But he has sever personal problems and they spill ito the public. He is so talented. I hope he can truly pull himself together. As for apologies. If he owes them — I say if because we cant’ know the specifics of any of these events of his — then they are owed to the individuals he offended, not to the public.

  7. chris says:

    The girlfriend. How can she be a good influence if she’s been around for all of his problems. Sounds like she’s more of an enabler, or maybe part of the problem.

  8. Toe says:

    His eyes….you can time travel in those eyes.
    Just looking at his face makes you speechless.

  9. lena says:

    I dont really see how you can compare the two of them…LL is what 23? and this MAN is 33 yrs old acting the way he does, in and out of rehab how many times now????? yes he is talented but he’s also a douche with rapey eyes.

  10. fee says:

    He’s a very special actor. Wonderfully talented, gorgeous, can play a pretty wide range of roles and you can’t take your eyes off him in most films he’s in. I know he has a lot going for him and only himself to blame for his mistakes — like everyone else — but you can’t help but sympathize for such a talented, gifted man who is also so troubled. Hope he can work it out — I’m pulling for him.

  11. fee says:

    what does rapey eyes even mean? He has gorgeous, intense eyes. I think it’s one of his best features as an actor because they show such great range of emotion. He can be scary, but he can also be heartbreaking. Really a great actor.

    But yes he’s 33 and it is well past time he pulled himself together.

  12. Kaiser says:

    I think the Burton comparison is too much, honestly. Burton’s talents oozed through every pore on his body – JRM is talented, for sure, but not like that.

    I just think JRM gets off easier because he’s a dude. To his credit, though, you only ever hear about him when he’s promoting something or when he’s had another alcoholic situation, other than that, he’s very quiet (unlike Lohan).

  13. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    No, he isn’t. He has talent.

  14. bellaluna says:

    Loved him in The Children of Huang Shi. He’s seems like he’s a very talented, albeit very vain, man. I truly hope he gets his sh!t together, so we don’t have another Mel Gibson/Lindsay Lohan-esq meltdown her.

  15. oxa says:

    1st time I clocked him my Gaydar went off leaving me to think that is his biggest demon.

  16. Lisa says:

    Remember how beautiful he was in “Bend it Like Beckham”? No more, sad to say, probably because of the drugs. I *really* hope he gets things together, if only so he can have a good life, whether it’s as a rich and famous actor or just as a regular citizen. Addiction can destory your chance at any sort of reasonable existence.

  17. CB Rawks says:

    Reena Hammer, Private Eye.

  18. jeanie says:

    I think he is more beautiful/sexy now than in his younger years although he was quite something then too. Just echo the commments of people hoping he gets it together. He’s a special actor when given good opportunities.

  19. Andrea-2 says:

    Damn, his face is long.

  20. Kate says:

    I don’t get the physical appeal of him, but he is talented enough compared to other actors of his generation.

    Despite his knowledge of the many issues he has, it sounds like he’ll be another Hollywood burnout.

  21. goldie says:

    it’s a shame…and he is so hot!!!

  22. humpybunny says:

    are the reports that he’s homosexual true?

  23. carrie says:

    i remember him in “velvet goldmine” and ” match point”

  24. in says:

    He can do WHATEVER he wants! At least he have a TALENT! Not to forget that he is bloody GORGEOUS! (drools)

  25. Meanchick says:

    I think his ‘demons’ have a lot to do with the gay farmer dude and maybe his own struggles with sexuality, but on another note; Getting drunk and dropping the N-bomb seems to be the new “in” thing to do! Lost ALL of his cool points with me.

  26. Disco says:

    He seriously has crazy eyes.

  27. Truthzbetta says:

    Definitely sounds like he was abused. That guy he won’t talk about to us, which is probably best for now, needs some intense discussion on his part in a therapist’s office.

    He does physically look like Elvis, wonder if he was good in that role? He’s no Burton though, Burton and Russell Crowe have some of the same stuff talent and personality wise. But Rhys Meyer doesn’t have Burton’s intelligence, range, verbal jousting talent, wit, and I could go on.

  28. greg says:

    Burton has a great voice but his acting would not hold up today. JRM has a lot of range, especially for a guy who is only about 32, 33. He’s played several different kinds of singers, the king of england and of france. He can be scary, sensitive, even funny. And I just saw Shelter, his newest with Julianne moore. The film stinks but he does all these different accents and pulls off quite the role. I hope he has better opportunities in the future

  29. canadianchick says:

    @bellaluna, ITA, its a slippery slope to Mel and Lindsay Land.

    He’s hot, guessing he’s bi or gay. Hope he gets his shiz together, I’m sick of seeing young talented wasted given all the talentless shmoes on reality tv.

  30. California Surfer says:

    Grandma and I think this Henry the eightth dude should totally be the next Spider Man and it would be way cool if Sam Mendes was the director.

  31. mike says:

    I like him as an actor, though not as a person. But then there are a lot of unsavory people that I respect for their accomplishments and talents, but despise their personality.

    That said, the biggest difference between Lohan and him is that he is a functional druggie/alcoholic. AFAIK, he’s still finding work and hasn’t burned any bridges in London or Hollywood.

    If he can work, well, I say let the bloke drink and do as much drug as he wants. It’ll be not quite sad when he crashes and burns (did I tell you I don’t like him as a person?), but he doesn’t seem close to burning out any time soon.

    Like very many Hollywood or elsewhere alcoholics, he seems to be able to separate work from binge drinking.

  32. Confuzzle says:


  33. lrm says:

    He’s a pedo?
    or was the victim of one when younger?
    Or both?
    i’m confused…
    don’t know him as a person, but as an actor, i love him-he’s talented and gorgeous, as the general consensus goes…
    sadly, he is not doing much to help with the irish drunk reputation [i say this as an irishman, btw]…sigh.

    i cannot even conceive of he and lohan in the same sentence. SO many actors have drinking/drug issues-why the comparison between those two?
    many others have had very public issues with their drugs, too.

  34. mojoman says:

    First time i saw him in “Bend it like Beckham”, my gaydar alarm went off and after reading about his mentor, I have a bad feeling this is the cause of his addictions (and girlfriend may be just a beard). Off topic: his got psycho eyes..creepy.

  35. Well, Jonathan Rhys Meyers can actually act, unlike Lohan, who wasn’t exactly reaching too deep w/her performances in Herbie: Fully Loaded & Mean Girls. And those are the highlights of her career.

    I’m not trying to excuse his assholery & substance-abuse issues; just saying that, with him, it’s much more of a disappointment than Lohan’s endless drama, which is just business as usual for her.

  36. Sans says:

    Kaiser there are plenty of actors to adore that are greats in training. This guy doesn’t matter. I’ll give you someone though…. Cillian Murphy. Whose brilliant, but not talked about. He’s Irish, not messed up, and married. That’s why. Cant to great work, gotta be a nut to be mentioned. Meyers is no loss to the stock of actors coming and going through the revolving door. Nothing special. Oh and well read your site without you having to mention Lohan in each post. I hope she gets herself sober. I’ve liked her cute teen movies, but I hope she pulls it together.

  37. AbbeyRoad says:

    I don’t think comparing him to HoHan is fair at all. He’s been around for a while. Lohan had two hits (all I can think of are Parent Trap and Mean Girls) early on, hit the party circuit as soon as she could, and has refused to listen to any voice of reason in her life, if she even has one.

    Not saying JRM doesn’t struggle with addition, but he’s at least got a decent resume and seems to have something above a room temperature IQ.

    This is opposed to Lohan, who wasn’t by any means terrible in her breakout roles, but seems to have benefited greatly from being in the right place, at the right time, with the right handlers, right directors, and right costars.

    Then she got legal and pissed it all away, so there’s that.

    JRM keeps getting hired even with all of his off-screen drama, so that seems to indicate that there’s something in him that makes working with him worth it. I don’t think he’s the greatest actor of his generation, but I think he’s good.

    And — this is the shallow coming out — my friend and I think of him and reference the Wonkavator. Up and down, sideways, upside down — we would hit that any which way you can.

    It’s Hollywood. Bangabillity counts. Does anybody seriously want that from Lohan these days? Is anybody fantasizing about her? I’m sure someone does, and I don’t really want to know about it, I’m just saying.

  38. Angie says:

    “That’s a funny thing, fame,’ he says. ‘People definitely do treat you differently. When you begin to be successful, people say, “Don’t go changing.” Well, that’s easy to say, but the fact is, you don’t change at all – other people do.

    Gave me chills. You hear these people say this so much and it’s so sad. It must be hard.

  39. Lemondrop says:

    It’s not fair to compare people. Whatever it is that is causing his substance use, it is all his own,in the end he will either rise or fall it is his choice. He is an extremely talented actor and singer so lets hope he gets all the help he needs to work things out. If you want to see some great movies he made watch the following. Gormanghast, Velvet Goldmine,The Magnificent Ambersons, Elvis series, The Tudors,The Children of Huang Shi.

    Concerning his girlfriend I agree with Chris “How can she be a good influence if she’s been around for all of his problems. Sounds like she’s more of an enabler, or maybe part of the problem” besides she LOVES the camera far to much to leave his side.

  40. Kelly says:

    LOL yes. This is what comes of taking yourself too seriously and just being too great an artist for the mortal world. What a dickhead. Someone smuggle him another bottle into rehab.

  41. Kelly says:

    Oh and BTW, you dont really learn anything from being with someone ’5 or 6 years’- that’s still toilet-door-closed-land for most people, literally and figuratively.
    5 years flick by while you’re still deciding if you really actually like the person! Try 10, or hey 15 years! Now that’s hardcore :-)

  42. sauvage says:

    His eyes scare me.

  43. Eleonor -from Italy- says:

    I think he’s hot, and reasonably talented.

  44. lambchops says:

    What the heck is up with losers dropping the ‘n’ word everywhere? What century do we live in? Why is this a go-to word for such loser actors?

  45. Kitten says:

    I’ve always found him to be a mediocre talent…

  46. nani says:

    I think he’s a great actor and extremely gorgeous. He clearly has a problem with alcohol but I doubt he has done/said most of what appears on these gossip sites. We know most of it is made up anyway.

  47. pingsterdoo says:

    It doesn’t help that he dates a 24 year old…um…if you want to grow up you need to act and surround yourself with grown ups..

  48. meme says:

    oh puhleeze people comparing him to Richard Burton? Richard Burton was a brilliant actor, drunk or not and a legend.

    @greg “Burton had a great voice but his acting wouldn’t hold up today.” Have you seen Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Beckett, Spy Who Came In From The Cold? Burton’s in a whole other universe that JRM.

  49. nani says:

    I know what the poster meant meme. Actors of Burton’s generation sometimes lack realism although he was great in the films you mention.
    I think JRM is a great actor. I’ve seen a lot of what he’s done, including lesser known stuff. He has been great in most of what he’s done with a few misfires. I agree he’s shown a lot of range and for such a young guy.

  50. insidescoop says:

    ooo, he’s got the telltale signs of meth face on that header pic. say it ain’t so Jonathan!

  51. Aspie says:


  52. janitt dott says:

    Rhys Meyers IS the Burton of his generation and, not to judge any of these comments, but at least let’s base them on a few facts…omitted in the blog.

    After months in a hellish mideastern prison, on appeal, the boy’s case against him fell apart and Christopher Croft was CLEARED of all charges. Chris continues to live in Morocco as a free gay man in a country where it is illegal to be one.

    Since the inference will certainly be made, there’s also NO evidence that Jonathan, who was taken into the Croft home as a member of the family and refers to Croft’s grown children as his siblings, was abused in ANY way there. He dedicated his Golden Globe for Elvis (he was THAT good in it) to Croft’s son (jonny called him brother) who was dying of brain cancer. Jonathan’s time on the Croft farm was the only stable period of his life and his most creative accomplishments (as in world class model and first three dozen films through Match Point) occurred while he lived there.

    It was only when he moved into his supposed savior Reena Hammer’s London flat that Jonathan’s addictive difficulties surfaced. Doesn’t surprise me. By both their accounts, the first thing Reena ever gave Jonny was…a drink.

  53. Aspen says:

    He’s 33 dating a 24 year-old. That’s your first clue that somebody hasn’t decided to leave Neverland and be a man. Though I don’t buy the racist bit (people say and do horrible things they sincerely don’t mean and don’t believe when intoxicated), he’s a punk in public with his substance abuse. He’s super uber skinny which screams “coke” or “meth.”

    He’s talented, sure, but no more so than his co-workers (have you seen Henry Cavill, lately). He needs to grow the hell up. If he weren’t a pretty face on television, we’d all think he was a loser waste of oxygen.

  54. crista says:

    Ya I don’t buy the racist bit. But he does need to get it together. Very good actor, and the camera loves him.

    He is much more than a pretty face. That Cavill is a joke on that show. Wooden as they come. So are a lot of the others in Rhys Meyers age group.

    He has a bright future if he can clean up.

  55. Janis- Italy says:

    I think it’s highly unprofessional (if not irresponsible) for a journalist to give “partial” news:
    i.e. write that a person, C. Croft, has been arrested but not specify that after few months he’s been DECLARED COMPLETELY INNOCENT.
    I wrote a comment to Daily Mail to protest, but they didn’t publish it. I think this is unprofessional too.

    As for the comparison to Richard Burton, not only his fans think this way, I’ve read the same association also from movie critics. I don’t know Burton enough to judge, but for sure JRM is one of the most talented actors of the new generations .

  56. Carol says:

    I think that Jonathan is a brilliant actor. One of the finest of his generation. I also believe that he is a decent human being. He has his demons which I hope and pray that he can overcome. He is also a gorgeous looking man, with the most beautiful expressive
    eyes. I think that he makes everything he appears in more special.

  57. green crowe says:

    think he is walleyed like manson but closely alikens to a tee elvis he was great in the part thing is he needs a really great rehab he keeps repeating at a poor one could be the biggest mistake of his life get thee to a well run one like betty ford center or the one that staightened liz and all the jet set musicians england just aint set up for that hope he is reading this cause england is enabling this one in a century talent what a face!common henery